Kimi ga Hoshii

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“Hmm…” she took a deep breath, enjoying the warmth that enveloped her, the softness that overpowered her, that at times made her want to remain like this for all eternity. Absentmindedly, she wondered if this was how babes felt in the comfort of their mothers’ arms. She didn’t want to open her eyes, but the irritable alarm clock was going off dementedly: “Waa…! Wake up, Kaname! Waaa… you’re going to be late! Waa…!”

“Maaaann…!” she moaned, thoroughly aggravated, and smacked the snooze button.

Satisfied with the once again reigning silence, she smiled a small smile and shifted around in her comfort cocoon until she found just the right spot. With another deep breath she began to drift off.

He only watched her. He was used to it, after all. Yet, somehow, it never failed to surprise him. Additionally, he actually enjoyed watching this spectacle every morning. He had smiled, watching her as she slammed her hand on the clock, took his arms and wrapped them around herself securely, and pressed her back against his chest snuggly, spooning, and drift off into slumber.

He had been awake for at least an hour already. When they had first started sleeping together, he would get up the moment he woke up, alarm or not. This had not sat very well with Kaname.

“Sousuke?” she had called, at first curiously.

He remembered it so well.

“Sousuke…?” Then with worry. She had looked about her only to realize she was by herself in the bedroom.

“Sousuke…!” Then there was panic in her voice.

He had blazed into the room, weapon on the ready, looking about, and stealthily moving to the window to ensure that nothing would threaten their newly discovered sanctuary: their bedroom.

“Sousuke…” Her shoulders had slumped and she put her face on her hands.

“Is there a problem, Kaname?” he had asked with concern.

“No, Stupid… there’s not a problem!” she voiced sarcastically, and rather peeved.

He kept peering out through a small crack in the curtain, now scanning the neighborhood. She only rolled her eyes.

“What are you doing, you moron?”

He had frowned and looked at her. “Uhh… scanning the perimeter, of course,” he had said with a matter-of-fact tone. “The security measures I had set up around the apartment did not go off, so I was thinking our fiend might be a lot more skilled than usual.”

“That’s not what I mean, idiot; I meant why are you out of bed at this hour?”

He moved away from the window after determining that the threat was nonexistent. “I’m used to rising at 0430 hours everyday. Staying in bed after waking is unreasonable and unproductive,” he had explained.

She had closed her eyes, but the annoyed expression in her face and the way her eyebrow twitched proved that she was likely counting in her head to calm her nerves. After spending many years with Kaname, he knew this was exactly what she had been doing. More importantly, he had also known that something was coming.

“Sousuke?” she had voiced quietly.

“Yes, Kaname?”

“You’re not allowed to get out of bed until I get up, are we clear?” she had said, quietly, but with complete seriousness.

He had frowned in curiosity. “Why, Kaname? I can effectively use this time to my advantage and look through my weapons’ inventory, write my reports, call de Danaan—”


A full minute later he had come out of his haze and gotten off the floor to look at Kaname who wore an aggravated expression on her face, her arms crossed, and her trustworthy harisen in one of her hands.

“Kaname, that hurt…”

“You are not getting out of bed until I get up, do we understand each other now?”

The grave face she had on had him holding his breath, genuinely scared for his wellbeing. To avoid getting her more upset than she already was, he had quickly and obediently nodded his head.

At the speed of lightning, she had brightened and smiled happily. “Good!” she had said. “Now come back to bed, Sousuke. We don’t have to get up for another two hours.”

“But, Kaname, my weapons are all over the place and—”

Watching her tighten her grip on the harisen and her threatening expression had stopped him mid-sentence. He knew better! The flame in her eyes never lied!

“Very well, Kaname.” He had walked to the bed, taken off his shoes and everything he had been wearing until he was left in a white undershirt and boxers. Again, she had smiled brightly and happily set the harisen on the nightstand.

“Good boy…”

Sousuke smiled at the memory. As time went by, he had found a loophole in the whole business with getting out of bed only when she allowed it, by literally pulling her out of bed immediately after the alarm clock would go off.

“Sousuke!” she had stomped, still half-asleep and swaying from side to side like a drunken sailor. She had caught on rather quickly to his scheme and was not too happy about it. After, when she was wide awake, she had added an amendment to her morning constitution and specified that he was allowed to get up only when she got out of bed on her own terms, and not when she was kicked out of bed by him. Of course he knew this was a double-edged sword. He knew that if she hit the snooze button on her alarm clock, as she was prone to, she would then blame him for not waking her up in time to go to class every weekday morning. He was doomed if he did, doomed if he didn’t. They had been late to class several times at the beginning, but over time, she had gotten better.

Sousuke looked down when he heard his lover sigh with a blissful hum. At first he was completely bewildered as to why Kaname had reacted in that manner. It truly puzzled him the way she panicked and feared waking up by herself, when she knew the night before she had fallen asleep in the comfort of his arms. The more he thought about it, the more it confused him. It wasn’t until much later that he remembered Kaname’s dreadful fear of abandonment, and realized what was happening. While he wasn’t one to harbor or encourage people’s negative reactions to traumatic experiences, deep down he thrived in the fact that Kaname needed him that much. After all, he had been alone his entire life, until he met Kaname. Back then, no one needed him, unless it was to use his war fighting and assassination skills. And even Mithril… although he had acquired a handful lifetime friends from the organization, the fact remained that in the end he was nothing more than an asset… a tool… a weapon… a killing machine.

Then, she came along… the fact that someone needed him simply for who he was, and not for what he could do gave purpose to his life. The fact that this someone was no other than Kaname Chidori elated him even more. He consulted with himself about this many mornings while holding her in his arms as she slept, waiting for her to wake, but he had always reached the same conclusion, no matter how many times he tried telling himself otherwise. It wasn’t right; he knew this. It wasn’t healthy; he also knew this. He shouldn’t be allowing it; he knew this most of all, and he also knew that instead of letting it slide, he should’ve been helping her to overcome it. But… was it wrong to love her this way? Yes, his rational mind replied; not really replied his heart. But… was it a crime to love her just the way she was, and accept her as she was? No, his mind, body, and soul all answered defensively. In the end, he conveniently reasoned with himself that he had no right to dictate how Kaname lived her life… conveniently, he thought with an almost disappointed smirk.

“Platheodium…. Reactor is-is… a cu-cube… nucleon electro-magnetic force is… ca-… camouflage….”

Tugged away from his own thoughts, Sousuke looked down to the sleeping form in his arms curiously. He sighed. Kaname was off to faraway land in one of her Whispered trances.

“Failure of the Lambda… Dr-Driver is c-caused… heat overload… a result of damaged co-cooling… system, or… overloading th-the… output of-of the… sys-system…” she mumbled lethargically.

He pulled her tightly against him. At first he hadn’t the slightest idea what she had been babbling about, but he understood what she had said afterwards. He remembered clearly that this knowledge was what saved his life during the battle with the Behemoth… his life and everyone else’s in Tokyo, for that matter! It was only with this knowledge that he was able to defeat that crazed child. He also remembered that if it hadn’t been for Tessa, they would have prevented all that chaos had he simply been allowed to shoot the bastard in the head and get it over with. He grudgingly recognized that as difficult his life had been as a guerrilla soldier, things had been a lot simpler in life-and-death situations.

“Mmm…Sousuke…” she moaned deeply… full of longing.

That caught his attention! He shifted a bit until he was able to look at her face. What he found truly shocked him. Apparently, her Whispered state was long gone, only to be replaced with thoughts of him instead. What surprised him the most was the small smile on her face and how flushed she had suddenly become.

He gasped quietly when he felt her hands take hold of his arms and press them tightly against herself, very much in the vicinity of her breasts.


Sousuke’s eyes almost popped out of their sockets. He had never heard her use those kinds of words before! While they had been dating for more than a year, and living together for just as long, terms of endearment weren’t really their forte—well unless Kaname’s name calling arsenal for Sousuke were considered endearing. He would’ve given anything to find out exactly what she was dreaming about. He then heard her giggle like a small, innocent child, and squirmed against him.

Sousuke…no…” she said with a small, squeaky voice, still giggling, and now wearing a deeper shade of red on her cheeks. “We can’t do that in public…”


It was all he could say. The truth was, nothing was more fitting than that for the occasion.

Do what! His mind screamed. He lifted his head higher to get a better look at her, only to be blown away. Her burgundy-tinted cheeks drove him near madness, and the way her parted lips had taken a deeper shade of red had his inner desires driving him insane.

Not being able to contain himself much longer, he released her from his embrace as gently as possible and sat looking at her as. Still deep in her slumber, she rolled onto her back and took another deep breath, completely unaware that she was no longer in his arms. He noticed the way her breathing then quickened, and he was utterly captivated with the way her perfect breasts rose and fell at the beat of her breathing. The thinness of her pajama top did not help matters, as the cool air threaded through the fabric to make her nipples stand up on ends and harden. Yet, he somehow knew that this wasn’t only the result of the cold temperature.

He pushed his hair away from his line of sight, thinking absentmindedly to later remind Kaname to give him a haircut. Quietly and carefully, he moved to straddle her, careful not put any weight on her so as to not wake her. Once he found the desired position, he could not contain himself any longer and brought one of his hands to gently caress her cheek and trace her jaw line with calloused fingers.

He watched as she happily provided him with another small smile and a blissful sigh, unknowingly bringing her own hand up to hold his hand in place. He smiled and moved up to nuzzle her neck, teasingly nipping her pulse point only to have her react by squirming, pressing her ear to her shoulder in order to prevent him from further tickling her.

“I said ‘no’, Sousuke… we can’t… not here…” she complained, which had him smiling almost arrogantly. He shook his head and pushed her collar apart, exposing her collarbone, and placing an open-mouthed kiss against it. She was certainly not very convincing with her commands, and he reveled in each and every one of her reactions to his ministrations.

He then moved his face up her neck again, stopping to teasingly and softly blow a little air on her ear, which had her squirming and giggling again.

Sousuke…!” she whined playfully in a mock-reprimanding tone.

He had to fight the urge to laugh and settled for a mischievous grin. He always marveled at how she had managed to change his almost-eternal stoic expression, and his somber outlook of life, exposing him to the wonderful things life had to offer and showing him how to smile, ensuring him that it was okay to do so.

Pulling away from her ear, not wanting to risk waking her up, he looked at her fair skin with admiration, enamored with the ways each and every curve went about, combined to form the most beautiful face he had ever encountered. Her lips, still slightly parted, were so inviting to him he felt as if they were coyly calling out to him, asking him to kiss them. But, he was content for her to keep sleeping, to enjoy her wholeheartedly without her knowledge. He settled for placing a quick kiss against her lips, and brushing away her own bangs away from her face, he traced the line where her mane met with her forehead and temples.

His gaze then drifted down to her chest again, and he couldn’t help but to acknowledge the tingling sensation at the pit of his stomach. Shifting down until his face was lined up with her chest, he carefully reached with one hand and started unbuttoning her top, and once he was done, he pushed the fabric away from her heavenly skin.

To this day, it never failed to amaze him that his breath was taken away every time he beheld this sight. As carefully as possible he grabbed the elastic band of her pajamas bottom and pulled down, centimeter by centimeter, taking as long as he had to in order to not wake her. He mentally reminded himself as well of the alarm clock about to go off any minute, and paused his very involving activity to turn it off. The second she hit the snooze button he knew they were going to be late for class, so he saw no use in fussing over it.

Refocusing on the task at hand, he returned to her pants and began pulling down again. He was thankful of Kaname’s low blood pressure. Had it been someone else, they might’ve probably been done by now with their messing around and been on their way to class. He was happy and eager to take his time. Finally, pushing the pants aside after they had come off, he moved on to his next task, which was to follow the same procedure with her frilly underwear. Once done with this task, he leaned back in a wide crouching position, resting his elbows on his knees. It was his first time trying such a stunt, and he was amazed that she had not even stirred after all he had done. Frowning, he sniffed the air and blushed. Her arousal invaded his nostril and he looked down at her core only to be pleasantly surprised. She almost puts Niagara Falls to shame!


He couldn’t believe he had actually thought something like that! Cursing himself for being so damn vocal, he hoped she wouldn’t stir. After waiting a few seconds, and noticing no sign of her waking, he reached between her thighs and carefully spread her legs apart. He looked up when he heard her sigh, fearing that his wicked plan would come crashing down if she woke. Again, it was another false alarm, and instead of waking, she had actually begun giving him better access, spreading her legs even more. Again, he grinned and allowed her to make his life easier. Once he had enough room, he moved in and breathed in her scent, basking in it shamelessly.

“Hmm…” he hummed in approval with a satisfied smile. With his middle finger he gently traced her clitoris, and pressed with just the right amount of pressure. Hearing her moan and buck automatically against his finger thrilled him all the more. Not being able to hold himself back any longer, he brought his mouth over her pleasure center, and felt her hands reach down and grab hold of his mop of hair and pull at it helplessly with another moan and quickening breath.

“I…told you…” she whispered with abandon, “not here… why do you have to be so stubborn...?”

He only grunted, and did the things he had learned over time, and that he knew would get her going more aggressively. His grunt was also a result of her pulling his hair, which surprisingly was a painful pleasure to him. Strange as it was, he enjoyed having his hair follicles pulled and stretched.

“Sousuke… pleaaaase…!” he heard her beg, watching her back arch and feeling her tug his hair as if her life depended on it.

To anyone who didn’t know better, these pleas might’ve sounded like someone was in desperate need of help, but to Sousuke, it was better than music to his ears.


On another dimension, very far away, yet uncomplicatedly near—though not to her knowledge—Kaname found herself cramped away in the back of a subway, where the body heat being emitted made things practically unbearable. In her case, however, the reasons for her own emissions were completely different. If anything, she was the one blowing off the most steam! Hemmed in by the many commuters riding the cart, she had placed her school bag in front of her to protect herself from the occasional perverts who would cop a feel every now and then. However, to her shock, the one playing the pervert role was someone who was a lot closer to home. Sousuke stood behind her… uncharacteristically too bold for his nature. She knew this had to be a dream, but that didn’t stop her from being way past the point of embarrassment and self-consciousness. However… what was even more uncharacteristic was the fact that she found herself strangely enjoying herself… perhaps it was the thrill of doing something so… vulgar—for the lack of a better word—in front of so many people without their knowledge! Or… maybe it was because it was Sousuke!—Mr. Straight Arrow!

Initially, they had gotten into the train, already packed with people. They had moved around, holding hands so as to not lose each other in the sea of bodies, until they had found a spot at the very back where they had some breathing room. However, this didn’t last long as the train stopped and more people squeezed in. With her bag in front, Kaname was pushed back against Sousuke who had ended up standing there somehow. Her back pressed tightly against his front, she couldn’t help but to blush briefly, and more so when she felt him move his face closer to her neck and breathe in her scent, nuzzling her almost seductively.

She had closed her eyes, enjoying the feel of his face so near her neck, his warm breath caressing nerve endings teasingly. With the noise of the train, and random conversations going about, she dared to whisper to herself “Mmm… Baby…” hoping no one would hear her, since she and Sousuke weren’t big with nicknames. It’s just a dream, she reminded herself defensively, I can get away with pet names.

However, she shivered involuntarily when she heard him growl almost playfully. Apparently he had heard her! His hands moved to hold her waist and pull her against him tightly, as if that were possible! One of his hands then dug under her blouse and stroked her skin teasingly and sensuously, slightly tickling her.

She squirmed around, making her rump press tightly against his growing erection. Her eyes widened.

Sousuke… no…!” she said with a small and squeaky voice, loud enough for only him to hear, giggling shyly. “We can’t do that in public…”

He only pressed his face against her neck again so that she could feel his wicked smile, thus letting her know that he was enjoying himself completely.

“I said ‘no’, Sousuke… we can’t… not here…!” she complained, breathing deeply to control her arousal. She knew that if it weren’t for all these damn people, she’d take him right there and then! But he did not heed her words, and continued with his agonizing teasing, blowing air against her ear, playing with her hair, caressing the curves of her face softly.

Sousuke…!” she whined, though truth be told, as much as she was complaining, she was thoroughly enjoying herself.

She heard a low, almost malevolent chuckle deep in his throat as he licked her neck briefly. His hands then moved down and slid underneath both her skirt and underwear, and her skin to fondle her most intimate and sensitive area. That was when she lost it. People and dignity be damned!

“I…told you…” she whispered helplessly, rotating her hips in such a way that forced her ass to rub teasingly against his now full erection. If he wasn’t stopping, she figured she might as well tease him back!

“Not here… why do you have to be so stubborn…!” she demanded, not really giving a damn if he actually bothered to answer.

His hand only worked her more diligently, magically almost… as if it was able to suckle her and lick her. As insane as that idea was, that was exactly what it felt like to her. She marveled at how his hand could feel like lips and tongue; somehow it felt too real, even for her.

She gripped the backpack she carried in front of her tightly, wanting to hold on to something—anything, really—for dear life. This was too much… his hand felt like that of a sex god against her core, and she knew that if he weren’t gripping her with his other hand by the waist, she would’ve turned into a puddle in the ground long ago.

Sousuke…!” she wailed in abandonment when the inevitable torrent of pleasure washed through her and her legs gave out. She gripped the fabric of the backpack tighter, almost ripping it apart. Her breathing was ragged as she leaned back into his embrace, glad he was there to support her when all coherent thought left her, only to be replaced with the utter bliss that always overtook her after climax.

“God, I love you SO much…” was the last thing she was able to whisper before everything around her had become a blur.


Sousuke raised his head with a very triumphant smile, watching as her breathing slowed progressively. Hearing the last words she whispered to him made him the luckiest man alive.

He moved off her and settled next to her, pulling her against him, showering her face and neck with tender kisses and nibbles. Slowly but surely she began to move, responding to his ministrations. She opened her eyes and squirmed away when he nibbled her ears.

“Hey…!” she complained, a hint of playfulness in her voice. “That tickles…!” she protested.

Sousuke smiled and wantonly pressed his face against her neck as he pulled her closer to himself. “Good morning, Kaname,” he mumbled against her skin.

Kaname smiled and sighed deeply. But then she frowned. She knew that Sousuke was very loving before going to bed and when waking every morning, innocently loving sometimes—much like a child in desperate need of love and attention—which usually made her heart soar; but this morning he had been exceeding loving. She turned to look at him only to have his lips pressed against hers in a deep searching kiss. Feeling that tickling sensation at the pit of her stomach, she simply surrendered to his intoxicating lips. Suddenly, not only after smelling his face, but also tasting his mouth she pulled away abruptly to frown at him quizzically. She was quite familiar with that taste, for his mouth only tasted that way after he….

Her eyes widening at the thought, and realizing this, she looked down at herself only to find she was utterly naked. She sat up with a start, gasping in surprise, and then looked at him with shock. No wonder his hands felt like lips and tongue in her dream….

Suddenly, another thought occurred to her. “Sousuke… I wasn’t talking in my sleep, was I…?” Her eyes narrowed as she looked at him suspiciously.




“And why am I naked?”

“Um… well… you see… some of the things you were saying…”

“So I wasn’t just dreaming up all these feelings, was I…?” she remarked, slightly annoyed.

“Uhh… no?” It was more a question than an answer.

“Then why didn’t you wake me up, you moron!” she demanded.

Sousuke blinked repeatedly. “Huh…?”

Kaname giggled and leaned forward, planting a quick kiss on his nose. “That was a wonderful dream, Sousuke… thanks for helping…”

She giggled again when she saw his mouth work like that of a fish out of water where no words came out, and winked at him as she got out of bed and strolled away, unashamed of her nakedness, with that irresistible sway of her hips that always blew him away. He would certainly need a very cold shower after that!


With linked hands, Sousuke and Kaname walked towards the train station. It was a bitterly cold morning, and they had both bundled up as much as possible. Kaname, however, still opted for a stylish skirt with knee high winter boots, which kept most of her legs warm and cozy, and which Sousuke secretly thought looked incredible on her. It still embarrassed him to compliment her on such things, but Kaname knew exactly what he had been thinking when she had emerged from the room ready to go by the way he had looked at her. Had it been Kurz or even Shinji, they would still be at the apartment cleaning the blood from a massive nosebleed!

They had hoped that despite their outrageous tardiness they would at least be able to catch the last class or two.

As they neared the train, Kaname couldn’t help but to turn her face away from his line of sight with a small smile and a deep blush.Trains… they were too symbolic for her liking, she realized. Sousuke noticed how she turned away and frowned slightly. He gently squeezed her gloved hand.

“Is everything alright, Kaname?”

“Huh! What…?” she looked back at him, snapping out of it, and then scratching the back of her head to play it off. “Yeah, I’m fine.”

He looked at her closely, full aware that she had something to hide, but decided not to press for details. “Very well…”

She only moved closer to him and leaned her head against his shoulder, and instead of only holding his hand, she wrapped her arm around his and pressed it against herself.

The little things she did like these were the ones that reinforced his reasons for staying in Tokyo with her. He gave in to her physical demands gladly, nuzzling her temple briefly.

“The trains shouldn’t be too crowded right now,” he commented casually as they both released each other momentarily to swipe their train passes.

Kaname only flinched at the mention of trains and crowds being used in the same sentence.

“Ahahahaha… right, yeah… they shouldn’t,” she uttered, kicking herself for sounding like such a moron. Get your mind out the gutter, girl! she reprimanded herself.

Sousuke only looked at her quizzically and then looked ahead. “Hmm…” he knew that Kaname was acting a lot stranger than usual.

They were silent until they reached the terminal and hopped on board. As they had predicted, the train was almost deserted, with only a few people scattered here and there. Kaname left the decision as to where they would sit to Sousuke, for if she randomly picked a place to sit, he would go off on a tangent about safety procedures, and evacuation in case of an accident, or if an evildoer were to get on board and attack them. The first time she had argued with him about that, he had gone into one of his lengthy speeches with a train full of people. Kaname, mortified, had wished that she could disappear, watching the terrified looks of travelers, and more so when a crippled old lady had passed out from shock after hearing Sousuke rambling on about train-hijack stories.

They finally settled in a bench near one of the emergency exits, still holding hands. Kaname took off her winter hat and removed Sousuke’s as well playfully. He only smiled and removed his gloves. She did the same. The train was surprisingly toasty inside.

“Kaname?” Sousuke broke the silence.

“Yeah?” she replied, looking at him.

She watched as he fidgeted a little and then took a deep breath, gathering his courage. “Um… what was your dream about…?”

Before she knew it, she was blushing up a storm and looked away. “Umm…” Now she was the one fidgeting. He couldn’t have picked a more ideal place to ask that, she thought to herself with slight dread. “Why do you ask…?” she said quietly.

He noticed her blushing and two red tints stained his cheeks as well. “Uhh… well…”

She smiled like a shy little schoolgirl. “Umm… well… it’s… well, if you heard me talking in my sleep, I’m pretty sure you were able to draw conclusions, especially after I noticed how you were when I woke up…” she said rather hastily.

Sousuke tried to suppress a smile and looked at his own boots. “I—“ his voice squeaked. He brought his fist to his mouth and cleared his throat, and tried again. “I-… I suppose so…”

Kaname smirked at his reaction and patted his lap in mock understanding. Then a thought occurred to her and she couldn’t help but to blush fiercely.

Sousuke noticed. “What?”

She shook her head with a smirk.

But for once, Sousuke put his foot down. “Tell me,” he pressed.

She looked at him with surprise but then succumbed. Too embarrassed to say it out loud she pressed against him and whispered in his ear. When she was done she sat back with a satisfied smile, watching as he stiffened and broke into an immediate sweat. He looked as if he had finished running a marathon!

“Uhh…” was all he was able to say.

Kaname couldn’t help but giggle. How she loved that utterance of his. Of course, that wasn’t something she was about to tell him! To disconcert him further, she caressed the inside of his thigh, even if it was over the fabric of his cargo pants.

Sousuke was actually sweating buckets, not because of what she had whispered in his ear, but because of what he had thought. She had whispered “you should wake me up like that more often…” in a seductive tone, but the only thought that came to mind was: if only you had actually been awake for half the things I did to you….

Of course, that wasn’t something he was about to tell her!

As payback, he placed his own hand on one of her exposed knees and kneaded gingerly. Kaname’s legs tensed in response as she gasped quietly and looked at him in shock. He smirked, with obvious mischief. Damn military maniac… she thought to herself, always memorizing all my weaknesses!

Before actually giving herself the chance to consider letting him continue with his teasing, she slapped his hand away with a playful smile.

He smiled as well and leaned back with a blissful deep breath. He closed his eyes momentarily, thinking about the events that had taken place that morning. Thinking of the way she smelled, the taste of her lips, her flawless naked body, and so many other things that made her so incredibly sexy and desirable had flared such an intense lust and arousal he felt himself shiver. Taking another deep, calming breath, he opened his eyes. He then realized there was no way to calm down knowing she was right there, sitting next to him, holding his hand. He then turned his head and looked at Kaname pointedly.

Sensing that he was watching her, Kaname looked only to feel her heart skip a very painful beat. What she encountered in his own eyes took her breath away and left her mouth hanging open. His eyes bored into hers deeply with such an unadulterated and fierce desire she had to clench her legs tightly to contain herself, and ease the sudden throbbing between her legs. If he kept looking at her that way, her panties would be soaked in no time. His eyes wandered all over her, displaying such a raw and intense need for her, with complete disregard for the other passengers around them. His eyes roved all about her, from her mouth to her neck, from her neck to her perfectly shaped breasts, from her breast to her groin and immediate vicinities, and from her groin to the exposed skin of her thigh. When his eyes landed there, another mischievous smile appeared on his lips and Kaname whimpered, painfully aware at what he was looking at.

Reflexively, she tugged at the hem of her skirt and pulled down, covering as much skin as possible. Sousuke leaned against her, nipping her neck sensuously and growling like a feral animal in heat. His hand went to take hers away from the hem of her skirt.

Stop…!” she begged, barely able to breathe or to keep her eyes open.

Under different circumstances she would have allowed him to do as he pleased, but this train was very much real, and she was sure that they were putting on quite a show for the passengers.

His lips then moved up to her earlobe and nipped teasingly; the air he exhaled through his nostrils tickling her ear mercilessly, making her squirm.

I want you…” he rasped with a low tone against her ear only loud enough for her to hear, and then gently bit on her ear. He thrilled even more when he heard her whimper like a weak helpless child.

Kaname did not know where or how she had managed to regain consciousness of her surroundings, and when she finally opened her eyes, she looked about her—with Sousuke still latched on to her ear—as the passengers looked at the two of them with their eyes bugging out in utter shock. Blushing something fierce, she whipped out her harisen and smacked him so hard she was surprised she didn’t break one of her fingers in the process. The passengers who had been watching the whole spectacle laughed and looked away, figuring the action was over and that there was no reason to continue observing.

“Humph!” Kaname tossed her head to the side and crossed her arms, unreservedly vexed. “Pervert!” Still blushing up a storm, she looked out the window, not giving the onlookers the satisfaction of watching her soak in her own embarrassment.

Sousuke, on the other hand, was out cold after being smacked so hard, and banging the back of his head on a metal tube behind him.


Kaname Chidori was beyond bewildered. She had absolutely no idea what had taken hold of her usually stoic boyfriend. Everything had been fine after she shook him out of his unconscious state and they had gotten off the train to walk to the university. Though a little wobbly at first, he had walked next to her like an obedient puppy. Sadly, little did she know that a few minutes later after he had regained his coordination, this obedient puppy would turn into a raving and frenzied watchdog! Kaname was not the type to brag, but she knew that she often turned male heads while walking out in public, and it wasn’t because she wore scandalous outfits or anything of the sort, but because there was a unique beauty and rare grace to her that—truth be told—she unconsciously overlooked. Sousuke, on the other hand, was well aware of his girlfriend’s charms. He wasn’t one to brag either, but he also knew that ever since they had become a couple, his girlfriend’s attributes had been sharply accentuated in his eyes—and all his male counterparts, for that matter. There was an endless happy sparkle in her eyes, and the bouncy and chirpy way she carried herself was literally intoxicating. He never knew that happiness could do that to people.

However, all this did not go unnoticed to all other males who happened to lay eyes on her. As if using heat-seeking devices, the masculine sex took note of this beautiful female gracing their presence, even if it was briefly as she walked by them in the streets. This had always bothered Sousuke, and he made it a point to hold her hand or put his arm around her when they were out in public. Today, however, unbeknown to him, this bothersome reality had turned into a full-blown jealousy whirl that had him clutching to her selfishly and staring daggers, swords, axes, bullets, and even Rocket-Propelled Grenades (RPG’s) at any man or even boy who dared to spare the smallest glance at his precious.

She’s mine, his mind grounded with this thought, openly sending this message with his eyes to the men who noticed him next to her.

Kaname was not crazy. She had immediately sensed the change in him… the way he held her almost protectively. At first she thought that he had noticed something suspicious, and that perhaps she was in danger, but when this continued even after they had entered one of the campus’ buildings, she had came to an abrupt stop.

“What is wrong with you, Sousuke?” she asked. She wasn’t angry; she simply wanted to know.

“Nothing,” he replied immediately.

“Yeah, right! You’re being so overbearing; you’re acting as if my life’s in danger of something…” she remarked.

It’s in danger from all those ogling bastards, his irrational mind countered. “It is not a problem,” he assured. “There is no danger.”

She frowned and looked at him pointedly and suspiciously. He was a lousy liar, after all. He only broke into a sweat. She then sighed helplessly and took a couple of steps towards him until she was pressed against him and reached up to caress his face tenderly. “Please, Sousuke… tell me, what’s gotten you so riled up…?”

His silver eyes bored deeply into her brown ones, making her heart skip a heavy beat.

“Nothing that should worry you, Kaname,” was his cryptic reply.

Kaname pouted after her hand dropped. She knew she wasn’t going to get too much out of him. “Fine… don’t tell me anything and be like that!”

When Sousuke opened his mouth to reply, he was interrupted by another male voice that called out to her. His blood immediately began boiling.

“Miss Chidori! Glad to have caught up with you! Here’s the book you had mentioned you needed for that project—“

It all happened at the speed of lightning. Kaname was about to reach out for the book, but Sousuke had flashed in front of her, twisted her classmate’s wrist—the book dropping to the ground with a flap—and slammed him against the nearest wall.

“There is no need for you to state your reasons for speaking to Kaname. I know your ulterior motives… you all have ulterior motiv—”

The smack of the harisen echoed down the corridor, impeccably amplified by the hallway’s structure.

SOUSUKE!” Her shout echoed just as crisply.

“Aah…!” was the classmate’s strangled and fearful cry. In his whole lifetime, he never imagined he'd meet a couple so violent. He had taken off as soon as he saw the opportunity, leaving the book on the ground.

Kaname sighed in exasperation and picked up the book.

“Was that really necessary, Sousuke…?” she asked, openly annoyed. “You’re acting worse than on your first day of high school!”

“My apologies, Kaname,” he stated, standing up carefully.

“What is your malfunction, anyway? Did you have a screw snap in half in that thick skull of yours?”

Sousuke only crossed his arms, and looked away defiantly. “Negative, Kaname. I have my reasons.”

Not willing to waste her energy on her favorite moron, she took a deep breath and headed towards class, not caring if he followed. “Argh! Whatever! If you’re going to be flipping out every time someone walks up to me, pretend we don’t know each other.”

Sousuke followed a couple paces behind. “I’m afraid that’s impossible, Kaname.”

Kaname simply pretended she didn’t hear him and walked into the classroom. Thankfully, they walked in a few minutes before class was due to start. Other students would trickle in by themselves or at least in pairs. Kaname was not paying attention to this, and Sousuke was much too busy studying the irritated expression Kaname wore on her face. Even angry she looks beautiful, he thought to himself, smiling.

Kaname plopped into a chair, nearer to the back of the auditorium-looking-classroom than to the front. She was much too confused at this point to put her whole attention into the lecture. Sousuke automatically settled next to her. Kaname only frowned with slight annoyance, not having the patience to tell him to sit somewhere else. She sensed him watching and risked a brief glance at him. This quick glance turned into an open stare, a curious one at that.

“What are you smiling at, you stupid jerk?”

Sousuke tried to suppress his smile but had an unusually difficult time doing that. “It’s nothing, Kaname,” he assured. He moved to retrieve his notebook and book, and grinned—unbeknown to her—when he heard her growl.

“Nothing-my ass!” she grumbled under her breath and went in search of the necessary items for the class as well.

Sousuke heard her crystal clear and smirked quietly. After she had retrieved her school materials, she sank back into her chair, still wearing that irritated frown. Her fingers randomly drummed on top of the book as she waited for class to begin. Sousuke, who always enjoyed watching her and all her little quirks, placed his hand on top of the drumming fingers. Kaname’s eyes narrowed even more in annoyance as she tried to move her hand away but was unable to as his own hand wrapped around it. She took an exasperated breath, and looked at Sousuke expectantly. He smiled, and taking her hand away from the book, he brought it to his lips and placed a moist, lingering kiss on her knuckles. This had Kaname’s spine feeling a quick electric jolt running up and down her spine and, against her will, her expression softened. She could never stay mad at that stupid jerk for too long, anyway…

Stupid moron… she thought to herself.

He softly pulled away while looking into her eyes deeply, with such an affectionate and intense desire that if Kaname weren’t already used to his intense personality, she would’ve turned into a puddle long ago! His face moved towards hers, completely disregarding the other students around. He briefly placed a gentle kiss on her lips and pulled back with an almost pleading smile. She knew this was his wordless plea for forgiveness, and she gave a small smile, communicating that his apology had been accepted. He gently traced her cheek briefly and settled back into his own seat.

“Thank you,” he whispered quietly.

She simply nodded and looked to the front of the class when the professor walked in, balancing a stack of books, loose papers, and notebooks. Everyone quieted down, and the professor immediately took roll and began his lecture.

She had begun taking notes fairly diligently, but had slowed down once she noticed that Sousuke hadn’t even grabbed a pencil. She frowned and looked at him, ready to ask him why he wasn’t paying attention to the teacher, or jotting down notes for that matter. When her eyes met his, her unconscious reaction was to whimper quietly like a helpless child. Her breathing and heartbeat quickened as well, and she only wished he’d stop looking at her like that! She would have never imagined that Sousuke Sagara, Sergeant of Mithril, would ever lose control of his urges and make it so obvious for, not only her to understand, but also anyone around who knew a thing or two about the birds and the bees.

With her eyes, she asked him what the heck was he doing, but he completely ignored her unspoken demand, his eyes still intense with lust, displaying a want so primitive it shook her from top to bottom. Reaching over to her notebook and pen, he briefly wrote a few characters on it, and then returned it to her, looking into her eyes intently. What she read made her gasp in surprise and astonishment.

With his sloppy handwriting, he had written, exactly at the center of her paper, the bold characters that read, “I still want you.”

Unable to react properly in the given environment, Kaname had done what she only hoped would temporarily hold her boyfriend at bay with his unbound intensity, which she was rather unaccustomed to. She moved a few chairs over.

Once settled, Kaname looked over and showed him a glare that threatened very painful repercussions if he dared move to where she was.

Sousuke had been on the process of packing up his materials to follow, like a lost little puppy, but had stopped dead on his tracks when he noticed Kaname’s deadly stare. Nonetheless, he settled for returning her gaze, but only with a frown that expressed absolute longing and desire. This had Kaname blushing, making her turn her gaze away from his and pretend to pay attention to the lecture.

Kaname closed her eyes momentarily, breathing deeply to calm herself, and tried to focus on what the teacher was saying. Unfortunately, she had no such luck. The deep and piercing lustful stares that Sousuke continued sending her way had her too discombobulated to pay attention to anything, much less the monotone tone of the professor. She seriously could not comprehend what it was that had Sousuke acting so strangely. She asked herself if maybe she had done something that had triggered such a bizarre reaction. Deep down she was flattered for the overbearing attention, but the fact remained that it was a little too excessive to allow it free reign in public. She had always known him as the type who would only speak when it was strictly necessary.

Suddenly, at this precise thought, her eyes widened in realization. Indeed… Sousuke was one who would only speak—and act, for that matter—explicitly under the necessary circumstances. Could it be that this was the same case? Was Sousuke so uncontrollably horny that he had been driven to act exclusively on instinct in order to satiate such an emotional and physical need?

She briefly glanced over to where he was, only to find him still staring with that intense gaze of his! She blushed and turned away. Damn you, Sousuke! her mind chided. Perhaps that was the only and simplest way his actions could be explained, she reasoned with herself. After all, this had never happened before. And his protectiveness while walking in the street! Sure, she was used to him doing his thing when walking from one place to another, but never to the extent where he had held her tightly against him and was spreading evil glances to anyone who looked their way, particularly other men! Was it really a jealousy attack, she asked herself with a frown. Was that why he was reluctant to tell her why he was acting up? What other reason could there be?

Not finding any other possibilities, Kaname settled for that explanation. Now, it was simply a matter of dealing with her newly discovered jealous and horny beast. But, then she asked herself… was Sousuke wanting her that bad such a terrible thing? She knew that Sousuke had an intense personality, but when it came down to it, that was one of the things that she treasured the most about him. The fact that he never hid who and what he was; the fact that he was honest to a fault; and the fact that, despite all this, she was the only one able to look through his soul. She smiled secretly to herself. Thinking of the possibilities—this newfound change in him—had her feeling giddy inside. Oh, I’m SO gonna nail you when we get home, you idiot, she thought to herself with an evil smirk. If there was anything Kaname Chidori was, it was patient, especially when a certain military maniac was concerned.

She knew it didn’t have to be right away; in fact, she really had no urgency to jump his bones. She knew that in due time, she would get plenty of opportunities. Furthermore, she found it rather amusing he was such a horny wreck and that he had to wait and suck it up in the meantime. Nevertheless, knowing exactly what she would be dealing with, she had to admit that deep within her, there was a sense of urgency, a fury that made her blood boil with desire, and she could only wonder why.

It doesn’t have to be fast, she predetermined in her mind. Yet, she couldn’t ignore her own urges. Thinking these things made it very hard for her not to look at him. She wanted to hold him in her arms; she wanted to lose herself in his smile. She wanted him to guide her towards heaven at the pace of an eternal slow, soothing beat. She wanted him to love her as if she was the only one for him; she wanted him to trap her in the most intimate corner, entangled with his own body; she simply wanted him to take her breath away.

It didn’t have to necessarily be perfect, she concurred with herself. She simply wanted his mind to wander in that paradise between love and sexual desires. It didn’t need to be legitimate either; she simply wanted to give herself to him completely, and she wanted this action to be reciprocal. She simply wanted her soul to tremble in the comfort and safety of his arms, between the fury and calm, again, and again, and again….

“Kaname…?” she heard faintly.

“Kaname?” Someone shook her shoulder.

Descending from cloud nine surprised, Kaname found Sousuke gently shaking her shoulder. With a distracted look, she looked at him quizzically.

“Class is over, Kaname,” he informed her.

Her eyes widened with surprise. I guess my daydreaming got the better of me, she realized.

“Oh…” she uttered, still slightly disoriented.

“Shall we go?” he asked, sneaking a gentle stroke of her cheek.

She simply nodded, not trusting her mouth.

After putting her books away in her school bag, they both left quietly. She flinched slightly when Sousuke reached for her hand and took it in his shyly, hoping she wouldn’t throw a fit. She didn’t. In fact, she gave his hand a reassuring squeeze in return. Truth be told, she had longed for that physical connection all throughout class. Even if it was as minimal as holding hands, she was glad that he was now close to her again.

They walked along the hallway, but Kaname was too engrossed in her thoughts to take notice of their surroundings; she trusted Sousuke to lead her and find their way home while she walked aimlessly and thought of a few creative ways to molest him when they got home. Yes, she would take care of her emerging horny beast and do whatever it took to tame him; this she swore. After all, Kaname Chidori never backed down from a challenge!

What Kaname didn’t realize was that she would be given this opportunity a lot sooner than she had hoped or expected. At first they had been walking quietly and peacefully, like a normal couple, but, before she knew it, she had been tugged almost roughly to a narrow door along the hallway.

Sousuke…!” she had protested, but he totally ignored her.

Taking out a pocketknife, he put his soldier skills to good use, and forced the door open after jamming the small knife’s blade this way and that. She only stood and watched in total disbelief.

“That is private property you’re messing with right there, mister!” she reprimanded.

“It is not a problem,” he voiced after the door popped open. He gave her a small satisfied smile. “There’s no damage. They won’t notice the difference,” he stated and took her hand in his again, and pulled her along with him into what seemed to be a small janitor closet. Within in the small room were hanging mops, dustpans, and brooms on one side of the wall and opposite to it was a shelf containing cleaning supplies, and stacks of paper rolls. Luckily, the wall across the door was bare. Sousuke grabbed Kaname by the shoulders and slammed her against it, still a little rough. Kaname was too shocked to protest his forcible treatment. She was even more at a loss for words—literally speaking—when he pressed himself against her, almost squeezing her tightly against the wall with his own body, and kissed her fiercely.

She could only moan helplessly, her knees going weak and making her slide down the wall like a clumsy drunkard. Sousuke grunted impatiently and took her by the shoulders again, and lifted her up, wordlessly telling her to stand up straight so he could kiss her with more ease. She couldn’t comply, however, as she was too intoxicated by his kiss, by the intensity even his pores seemed to be emanating. Thus began sliding down once again when his hands had released her shoulders. Sousuke almost roared irascibly at his girlfriend’s gelatinous state, and simply cupped her butt-cheeks in both his hands and completely lifted her off the ground. This time, Kaname somehow wrapped her legs around his hips tightly and finally returned his kiss with abandon, fiercely tugging and threading her fingers through his hair. Sousuke growled in approval and darted his tongue into her mouth, not really asking permission for entrance. In any case, Kaname was simply too enthralled to scold him for taking the kinds of liberties he had suddenly began taking since that morning. He pushed her even further against the wall to balance her weight with his body and the wall itself, thus giving him the freedom to release his right hand grip, and explore her body with the newly unoccupied hand.

With his free hand, he reached up and threaded his own fingers through her long silky hair, making her whimper in pure delight. His hand then traveled down and curved his hand around the back of her neck tenderly, giving him even more control and giving her less access, or free range of motion. He concluded he thoroughly enjoyed having this much control over her, as he also concluded that she was happy to oblige him, and succumb to all his physical and emotional demands.

“Sousuke…” she moaned quietly against his lips, her voice full of longing.

He only growled arrogantly and lowered his mouth to her pulse point to gently bite and nibble. She could only squeak helplessly and tightened her legs’ grip on his hips, as if that would somehow help ease the uncontrollable throbbing at a certain point. She marveled at this whole situation; Sousuke’s desire was certainly contagious! She found she completely enjoyed being overpowered by him, as she was usually the aggressor every time they got physical or made love. This was very much a very welcome change of roles. It was different and intriguing at the same time, and she had to admit that she was a complete sucker for Sousuke’s sudden change. If she thought he was a great lover before, this had utterly vaporized any prior opinions of her lover’s abilities and techniques. And we’re not even making love, yet! she thought amazed.

Suddenly she suppressed a scream of pure pleasure by covering her mouth with her hand when she felt him cup one of her breasts with his free hand, kneading expertly. This was just too much for her, and she knew she wouldn’t be able to keep quiet for much longer if they continued on this route. She really dreaded the whole campus hearing her throes of passion in the middle of the day.

“Sousuke… stop…!” she begged with ragged breaths as she unhooked her legs around him and tried pushing him away.

“Kaname…!” he only gushed, burying his face at the crook of her neck when he felt she was able to stand on her own, and pulled her to him tightly by the waist, grinding against her.

She was able to acutely feel his erection rubbing against her pubic bone and suppressed the urge to let her legs to give out on her again. She wished they were at home so she could have free reign as she struggled to keep her composure. She also hated having some sense, for if she had been someone else, she wouldn’t have given a damn about anything and ripped his clothes right then and there. But… she wasn’t Melissa Mao… she still had some dignity left in her bones, and she just had to make use of it.

“Sousuke… no…” she insisted, and began pushing him back. He began to back away stubbornly, looking at her face with hurt and begging puppy eyes.

Kaname’s heart skipped a beat in pain at the look he was giving her, and if she hadn’t known any better, she would’ve felt inexplicably guilty.

She moved in towards him and gave him a tender hug. Sometimes she felt like she truly was taking care of a child; it was at times like these where she took out her kid gloves and handled him with care. Knowing the way his past had been, she knew she couldn’t be too rough with his intricate and delicate feelings and emotions. Even though he was so strong, and had done so many things that he wouldn’t have been able to live with himself, deep down, if he were a normal man. She knew that there were many areas of his life where he was never given the chance to grow; he was still a child trying to figure out his way through life. She knew this was why he was so honest, for example, perhaps even to a fault; but things like these were what made her love him even more.

“We can’t…” she whispered, threading her fingers through his hair lovingly. “Not here…”

She knew that he was only trying to satisfy and overcome this urge, this overwhelming desire, and he was dealing with it, the same way he had dealt with pretty much anything else in his life: solve the problem point blank and effectively.

He took a deep breath and she felt him nod. Thinking about it, she seriously felt as if she had snatched a lollipop away from an innocent child; but she told herself that if he was ever to grow up emotionally, at some point he had to learn to control his urges. She sighed wistfully. Whoever thought that dating Sousuke Sagara was an easy task was seriously mistaken! She then smirked to herself, as she thought what a considerate person she was for saving Tessa the trouble! The klutzy captain had enough to worry about with her fancy submarine and her lack of coordination to be fretting about a certain clueless sergeant.

Kaname released him and straightened his clothes thoughtfully. The last thing she wanted to do was give anyone any ideas that she was messing around with her boyfriend in a janitor’s closet! She then made her own appearance as civilized as possible. With a resolute sigh, she looked at him and indicated that she was ready to go. He simply nodded and linking hands, they went into the hallway, thankful that it had been free of nosy bypassers.


The sky was quickly weaving a grayish shawl as Sousuke and Kaname hurried home after leaving the train station. Kaname had been thankful that Sousuke did nothing more than hold her hand while riding the train, likewise as they walked to their home.

However, she knew it was too good to last. The second they stepped into the elevator, Sousuke had pulled her into a fierce embrace, all restraint evaporated. Kaname had let this slide, since they were alone in the elevator, and because, as much as she hated to admit—though she was thankful at the same time—Sousuke was just too good a kisser to turn down.

They finally heard the ping of the elevator, indicating that they had reached the desired floor. Kaname, being the sensible one of the pair, had pulled away reluctantly, and slid out of his arms to the point where she could take hold of his hand and tug him out into the hallway.

The way Sousuke looked at Kaname made her feel as if she were a drug that he was helplessly addicted to. It also made her feel as if it would take her a long time to calm him, much to her dismay. When they finally reached the door to their home, Kaname struggled to put the key inside the hole, as Sousuke stood behind her and wrapped his arms around her, nuzzling her neck and hairline, tickling her mercilessly. After five whole minutes, she had finally managed to open the door, and they both stumbled in, Sousuke kicking the door shut with his foot.

He had then turned her around, kissing her hungrily. Fumbling with each other’s thick jackets, they both tried kicking their shoes off at the same time, but as they were both wearing boots, this was a futile attempt. Breathless, Kaname pushed him away almost roughly, deeply flushed, not only because of the cold they had just come from, but because of all the things she was feeling inside.

“Shoes off,” she ordered, watching him as he looked at her with a frown, wondering why she had pushed him away.

He then took the opportunity to catch his breath by sighing deeply and bend down to undo his shoelaces and loosen them up.

As anxious as he was, Kaname wanted him to take his time. She wanted him to see that she wasn’t going anywhere, and that he could have her as many time as she was able to handle, which to her knowledge, was plenty!

His shoes finally off, he straightened and looked at her straight in the eyes. She had also finished taking off hers and stared back shyly. After all the times they made love, and after all they shared, that intense look always melted her resolve, it always made her knees weak. In the end, she only admitted to herself that she was irrationally, madly, and helplessly in love with her military maniac.

He began slowly moving towards her, and she simply held her breath, waiting. Unlike their frenzied entry, this time he carefully placed one hand on her cheek and stroked lovingly, while the other landed on her waist to pull her to him. She only closed her eyes and leaned into the hand caressing her cheek. She wrapped her arms around his torso, loving its firmness, treasuring the way this body made her feel safe, loved, and secure. She only held him to her. There were no ardent or heavy kisses as there was a while ago. She simply wanted to hold him, and she was thankful that he understood that that was what she wanted to do at that very moment and nothing else.

“I love you, Sousuke…” she said quietly, her voice filled with a great deal of emotion. He felt his whole body shiver uncontrollably.

“I love you, too, Kaname…” he whispered in return, feeling her tighten her embrace as he nuzzled her silky mane.

They stood like that for what seemed an eternity, until Kaname pulled back gently to look at his eyes and softly brush her lips against his briefly. He had followed her lips after she had pulled away briefly, wanting the contact to continue. She gave him a small smile and, so as to not disappoint him too severely, provided him with a quick chaste kiss.

“I want to go take a shower,” she stated. “Will you be around when I get back?”

“Affirmative,” he replied with conviction. He was positive he was not going anywhere, especially after she was going to leave him hanging in lustful pain. She would pay severely for her inattentiveness.

She smiled and slipped out of his arms to walk towards the bedroom. The truth was her panties had become so uncomfortably sticky throughout the day that at this point, they had become unbearable to wear any longer.

Sousuke had remained where she had left him, standing by the door. He stood like a stone for a few minutes, and watched as she re-emerged wrapped around a frilly little towel and hopped to the bathroom with a happy hum. As he watched, his eyes narrowed with slight annoyance. Somehow he felt she was doing it all on purpose. He knew she knew what he wanted. He had made his point quite clear all throughout the day! Well, he wasn’t about to give her that satisfaction.

He heard the shower begin running as he walked towards the bedroom. He took off all his clothes and threw them aside carelessly. If she got mad because of that later on, he would endure a few harisen slaps and move on. He was used to it. That wasn’t something he couldn’t handle.

He smiled when he found the bathroom door unlocked and slipped into the bathroom unnoticed by her. She was still humming away happily as the water ran down her flawless skin. Watching this made a low growl escape his throat in sheer anticipation.

Kaname had started the shower a few minutes prior, making the water as hot as she could stand. She allowed the water to hit her face and head freely, basking in the warm feeling, and allowing it to massage away all the tight knots in her muscles. It had been a long day, after all. Yet, she knew it was far from over. She slicked her now wet hair away from her face and rubbed her neck gingerly, thinking that perhaps she should’ve invited him to the shower with her. She smiled shyly at the thought.

She stood directly under the water, closing her eyes, all outside noise blocked by the one provide by the water, when she suddenly felt a pair of arms snake around her mid-section from behind her. She looked at these arms and saw large hands; male hands with an almost cinnamon tan, gliding around her stomach to then climb to her breasts and cup them tenderly. Sousuke, Kaname smiled and closed her eyes as she felt him press himself closer to her, placing his full naked length against hers, in total contact with her body. For a moment, they stood there, enjoying each other’s quiet company. However, she couldn’t help but to break that silence when Sousuke pinched her nipple just the right way, forcing her to moan contentedly. Sousuke smiled almost arrogantly as he turned her around so she could face him. Her breath was taken away at the view she beheld. She usually thought Sousuke Sagara was an extremely sexy beast, regardless how clueless he was, but the way he looked now, wet, strong, horny, and with his hair slicked back, simply reminded her that she was a VERYlucky girl. His deep lustful gaze bore into hers, and she bit her lower lip in anticipation. He pulled her against himself wantonly and kissed her deeply, his hands molding on her rear attributes. Kaname shivered pleasantly when she felt his erection poking her pubic bone aimlessly.

“You can’t escape now…” he whispered hoarsely against her lips. “There’s no one around this time,” he pointed out. “We have this whole apartment to ourselves…”

Kaname only whimpered at his remarks. Somehow, at that moment, she found him seductively frightening and intriguing all at the same time. She had never come across this side of Sousuke Sagara. She imagined this was the kind of determination he relied on when he had to fight powerful enemies to make sure he came out of it alive.

“Fine…” she said mockingly, succumbing gladly, yet pushing him away. She grinned when she watched his almost annoyed frown. She was pushing him around a little too much for his liking. She rotated them until his back was facing the showerhead, and pushed him even further until he was up against the wall.

“I’m not going anywhere…” she purred seductively against his ear. “I’m all yours…”

She was delighted when she heard him growl again while nibbling and biting her neck with abandon. She giggled and slid down, ensuring that her breasts remained in contact with his skin. She was rewarded by hearing him gasp, feeling his body shiver uncontrollably, despite the hot water. When she reached the desired height, she knelt before him and was thrilled at watching the wild expression on his face.

“Now relax…” she commanded with a mischievous gleam in her eyes before her mouth closed over his manhood, creating a gentle suction with each movement.

“Aaahh…. Kaname…!” Sousuke breathed out desperately. He had been sexually frustrated throughout the day, but now that she was taking care of him, he didn’t know what to do with himself or the sensations. She used her experience with him to drive him completely mad with ecstasy, kissing and licking at times, nibbling at others. She looked up to his face and thrilled at the sight of his every excited and helpless reaction. He was biting his lower lip, his expression that of someone struggling for control. Kaname stood up and kissed his lips. He returned the kiss passionately and used the opportunity to switch places with her, and pin her back to the wall.

He looked at her. She was now frowning herself with slight annoyance and he was the one with the devilish spark in his eyes. He kissed her teasingly and against her lips he whispered: “My turn…”

He gripped her wrists and pinned them against the wall before beginning. He nibbled his way down her throat, torturously slow, moving ever lower. She only sighed softly, closing her eyes. His mouth closed over one of her nipples, and she moaned softly as he moved from one breast to the other. He then began moving even lower, drinking the water that ran down her skin until he paused in front of that patch of curls that hid what always drove him near madness. He eased her legs apart for better access, but grinned when he noticed Kaname looking down at him, biting her lower lip with a smile as she opened her legs wider to give him that desired room. Looking back at her with that incredibly sexy gaze of his he gently bit and licked the inside of her thigh in thanks. But what he did next made her knees almost buckle. His tongue found her and she was completely lost.

Oh… SOUSUKE…!” was her strangled cry.

Unconsciously, her hips started bucking in response to the sensations Sousuke was making her feel. And just when she thought she could take no more, his lips moved away and began trailing back up, over her breasts, throat and then finally lips.

“Sousuke…” she breathed against his lips, her tone openly begging.

He kissed her deeply, smiling arrogantly as his hands slid down to grip her perfectly round buttocks, suddenly supporting her weight. Then, with one quick thrust, he impaled himself in her deeply. His knees threatened to buckle due to the intensity of the sensations. Kaname only moaned in pure, immaculate pleasure as he dropped his head on her shoulder blade.

“Kaname…!” he sighed as his hips began to move.

He matched the rhythm she had established with his own rocking, swallowing her cries before they came. Her legs had wrapped tightly around his hips, her back still to the wall. She couldn’t speak anymore, only yowling, moaning, whimpering, and making incoherent cries. This had only motivated him to move faster, racing her to nirvana as he was reaching his own peak. Suddenly, he was there, and she was right there with him. She arched away from the wall, her legs tightening around his hips even more, clinging to him for dear life. Silken muscles tightened around his manhood frantically and rhythmically as his essence spilled deeply into her. When he couldn’t take it anymore, his knees buckled slightly and he descended into the shower floor with her on top. They were both breathless and shivering under the steam of the shower.

“Oh… my… God…” Kaname gushed, still trying to catch her breath.

Breathless as well, he looked at her, smiling lovingly. “Affirmative…” he heaved.

Kaname’s eyes widened in surprise before she broke out into a fit of laughter. Even during their most intimate moments, his otakuness never deserted him.

“Oh… Sousuke… you idiot…!” she managed between throes of laughter. “I love you so much...!”

Sousuke only frowned, wondering what could possibly be so amusing. “Uhh… I love you, too,” he replied in kind, realizing that he would never find out what had her laughing so hard.


Kaname moaned with irritation. It was middle of the night; she was exhausted and wanted nothing more than to sleep. A certain otaku, however, had other plans.

Sousuke…!” she whined, squirming when he nibbled her earlobe teasingly.

“Hmm…?” he mumbled with a smirk on his face as his hand traced her side from her ribcage all the way down to her thigh.

“Leave me alone, Sousuke! God…!” she grumbled sullenly.

Sousuke smirked and forced her to lay on her back so he could straddle her and suckle one of her nipples, thriving in the fact that this made her shiver helplessly each and every time.

“No…” he whispered defiantly.

Sousuke…!” she whined, her breathing already ragged after feeling his breath blowing on her nipple. “We’ve done it eight times already! In ONE day! I’m already sore, and not just down there!”

Sousuke smiled. “Is that right…?” he asked nonchalantly.

Kaname averted her eyes. “Yes, that’s right! I need some sleep! I’m tired!”

“Hmm…” Sousuke hummed, still smiling. He traced the bare skin of her stomach, barely touching her, thus tickling her and making her squirm and whimper. “Somehow I gather you don’t want me to stop,” he remarked seductively as he moved up and kissed her lips teasingly after getting that reaction from her.

She couldn’t help but to moan into his kiss and grab a handful of his hair and tug at it wantonly.

He only chuckled deep in his throat, releasing her lips as his hand slid down, briefly stopping on one of her breasts to knead softly before traveling all the way down to the junction between her legs. Kaname only sighed deeply, shutting her eyes tightly and biting her bottom lip as she cursed herself for being so impotent against his ministrations, and cursed him for knowing exactly where to touch her to get her going. She especially cursed him for being so damn horny. His fingers probed her tenderly, making her squeak deep in her throat. With his other hand, his fingers threaded through her hair, which rested on the pillow.

“I want you,” he whispered into her mouth. “Again…”

Kaname felt that strange tingle at the pit of her stomach hearing these words. “Tell me something I don’t know…!” she nonetheless protested. She only hoped that his stamina would wear out soon!

“Hmm…” Sousuke released her lips and dragged his own down her jaw line to her neck and nibbled away. “There isn’t much you don’t know,” he mumbled, taking his hand away from her womanhood when he decided she was prepared for the next step. However, he decided not to jump her bones right then and there. He liked to think of himself as a kind and thoughtful lover. He lifted her head off the pillow with both hands to place them underneath her neck and knead her taut muscles, relaxing her to the point she was moaning blissfully.

“Do you enjoy that…?” he asked quietly, hearing her calm breathing.

“Mmm hmm…” she hummed in acknowledgment. “It’s different for a change,” she breathed out, partially sarcastic, loving the feel of his warm fingertips against her nape.

“Hmm…” he hummed again and lowered his head to kiss her pulse point. His hands then moved away from her neck, and he moved off her gingerly. He then rolled her over onto her stomach and then straddled the back of her thighs. He then began to efficiently massage her shoulder muscles. He was rewarded by hearing her groan happily.

He smiled. He was happy to do this for her… at least for now, until his urges got the better of him again. He efficiently moved from her shoulders to her arms, and even fingertips to later move to her back, occasionally popping bones and then moving to her buttocks. These he kneaded with interest, and Kaname only giggled. He then moved to her thighs, making her gasp when his hand would glide about sensitive areas of her skin. Her calves he massaged firmly, hoping to release as much stress from her body as possible. Her continuous deep breathing told him she was quite relaxed. When he tried massaging her feet, she had snatched them away from his hands with a giggle, claiming he was tickling her on purpose. Bewildered, he only shrugged and then ordered her to roll onto her back so he could take care of the front.

“You’ve taken care of the front plenty of times already,” Kaname remarked sarcastically, but rolled over nonetheless.

Sousuke straddled her with a smile and began by caressing her throat and collarbones. “And I’m not stopping now,” he commented, his eyes shining with a slightly mischievous glint.

Kaname smirked. “I figured as much,” she retorted. She closed her eyes and breathed deeply. Deep down she was truly enjoying his touch.

“Well, that’s good,” he stated. “I’ve always admired your intelligence, objectivity, and your skills of deduction.”

Kaname chuckled. “Whatever… idiot…”

Sousuke grinned. Just for calling him that, his hands traveled down to her bosoms and cupped them, sliding the middle joints of his fingers over her nipples playfully.

“Pervert…!” she breathed out, biting her lower lip and shutting her eyes tightly.

Sousuke bent over and placed a brief kiss on her lips. “Hmm… if you say so, Kaname…” he whispered after he left her lips.

His hands then moved away from her breasts to wrap themselves around her ribcage to glide back and forth firmly, more stimulating her skin than massaging. His hand then moved to her stomach and did the same. Her hips he handled firmly, sliding his thumbs like windshield wipers over her pubic bone and later her groin. He then glided his hands down to the front and sides of her thighs, marveling at how he had always found them so incredibly delectable. He smiled wickedly when he breathed in the musky smell of her sex, invading his nostrils carelessly. In no time he felt his own sex throb in protest, wanting a piece of the action as well. But Sousuke endured, moving down to her knees and caressing them to the point he had her whimpering and calling his name helplessly.

Sousuke decided with a final gentle stroke of her shins that he was finished with this task and climbed back up to face her and kiss her lips amorously. She wrapped her arms around his neck tightly, as well as her legs around his hips. He then pulled away far enough to look into her eyes deeply.

She smiled. “Thank you… that was very nice and very relaxing.”

He returned her smile. “I’m pleased to find it had the desired effect.”

“Moron,” she called. She then caressed his face softly. “You should do that more often…”

He brushed his lips against her briefly. “Hmm… very well, Kaname.”

They looked at each other quietly, both wincing when his member rubbed against her overflowing moisture. Not being able to endure that kind of teasing, his head dropped to the crook of her neck and he began to put forth his own kind of teasing, moving his hips this way and that against her sex, making her moan. He did this for a while until he heard Kaname sigh exasperatedly. He lifted his head and looked at her curiously.

“Are you getting in sometime today or what?” she demanded impatiently.

“Affirmative,” he replied and immediately buried himself deep within her.

Her cry of pleasure washed through his whole body, making him shiver delightfully.

“Sousuke…!” she pleaded, moving her hips back and forth, from side to side and in circles, inciting him to start moving as well.

He was pleased to oblige and began rocking at a very slow torturous pace. This had her pulling his hair with abandon, making him grit his teeth. He seriously needed to get that haircut!

“Don’t tease me…” she ordered, the pace he had set driving her wild.

He only covered her mouth with his in a deep, scorching kiss. This only made her roar, knowing full well that he was just tormenting her, testing her patience. She had a way to take care of that. She lifted her hips, catching him off balance and right when he looked at her with surprise, she giggled and flipped them over so that now he was the one underneath. She smirked triumphantly, sitting up and straddling his hips, his rod still deep inside her, even more so, now that she was on top.

She traced his jaw line teasingly and began moving, her other hand resting on his chest for support. “I told you not to tease me,” she reprimanded breathlessly, going at a speed twice as fast as he had set.

His head pushed back into the pillow as he groaned deep in his throat. She smiled, loving the way he reacted to her and only her. She was truly obsessed with the way he would lose his inhibitions when making love to her.

She quickened her pace, trying to appease the sensations that were washing through her. That was when he pushed her hands away from his chest and sat up, Kaname still riding him, now wrapping her legs around his lower back. He wrapped his arms around her torso, her breasts pressed against his chest tightly, yet she still found a way to move her hips, moaning in pure ecstasy.

“Kaname…!” he groaned, moving his face up to kiss her deeply, hoping this would distract her to the point she’d slow down a bit. Sadly, it had the opposite results. She only whimpered into his kiss and sped up even more. She was, after all, a slave to her emotions, sensations, and him especially during these intimate moments. A defiant one, but still a slave to his body. She was still sore, and the pleasure she was feeling from him was inevitably tainted with pain, but she didn’t care. She took it upon herself to wear him out so dearly… to the point where he would leave her alone and pass out for good so she could finally get some rest. He should’ve known better, she thought wickedly. If anything, Kaname Chidori’s stamina could do wonders when she was in his arms.

“Kaname…!” he called again helplessly, begging with his tone for her to slow down. As she moaned and whimpered incoherently, she had began feeling his body stiffen and shudder with every stroke she took. She smiled and kissed his lips teasingly but briefly. She had him exactly where she wanted him.

Sousuke was going literally insane underneath her, almost beginning to feel pain from so much pleasure and the effort of containing himself. He knew she was doing it on purpose. Deep down however, he was thrilled, watching her aggressiveness and stubbornness. Just like his otakuness never left him, neither did her notorious personality when they made love. She was a control freak, and nothing turned him on more than watching her enjoy herself with his body. Right now, however, she wasn’t helping him where lasting a long time was concerned, but he figured she was doing that on purpose as well.

Kaname started moaning, nearing her peak and nearing madness as well. He had taken hold of her hips to try to slow her down, but the sensations he was feeling cut through him so deeply that his muscles were going through spasms instead of following his brain’s commands. Furthermore, she was fighting against his grip by pulling his hair even more, making his head bend back involuntarily. She was also ramming her hips against him forcibly, nullifying his attempts at slowing her down. This was also intensifying the sensations flowing through them.

“Sousuke…!” she whispered, her strokes speeding up to what seemed the speed of light as her silken muscles began to tighten around him. His breathing ragged uncontrollably and he buried his face between her breasts, his eyes shut tightly.

Sousuke!” she moaned, louder this time, getting closer and closer.

“Kaname!” he called, his voice catching with emotion as he held on to her for dear life.

That was all it took for Kaname. Her whole body leaped over the edge and everything came rushing to a violent, shuddering crescendo. Sousuke felt her climax and was happy for it. He gladly let himself go… at last… kissing her deeply, each swallowing the other’s cries as they climaxed.

Panting after reaching such an intense zenith, Sousuke collapsed backwards, taking her with him and weakly massaging the sweat that had accumulated on her back. She felt heavy on him, but it was a weight the he cherished more than anything. How he loved her.

As if reading his mind, she said: “I love you, Sousuke…”

“I love you,” he said quietly and almost timidly.

Kaname raised her head from the crook of his neck and looked at him lovingly.

“Though…” he continued, making her frown. “I don’t know…” he paused.

She looked at him curiously and a little worried. “What?” she asked concerned.

He smiled, noticing her uncertainty. “Uhh… I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to get enough of you…” he admitted. In a way, he had learned to love pushing her buttons.

Kaname’s eyes widened in utter shock. “NO!” she exclaimed with unyielding determination.

“Bu-But… Kaname…!” he mock pleaded. “I still want you…”

No way, Mister!” she stated firmly. “You’ve gotten more than enough for one day!” She suddenly blushed at a thought that crossed her mind, and though it was quite uncharacteristic of her, she would say it just to prove her point. “Or what do you expect? Do you seriously want to fuck me ‘till I disappear!”

Sousuke’s eyes widened at her words, but then he smiled wickedly and flipped her over, still inside her, his member rubbing in a particularly sensitive spot as they rolled, making her squirm.

“Negative, Kaname,” he said. “I simply plan to love you for the rest of my days and I will seize every opportunity to prove this to you, making love to you, E-V-E-R-Y chance I get...”

Kaname only whimpered in dismay.

Sousuke smiled and covered her jaw with an open-mouthed kiss, biting teasingly.

“Ready for round 10, Kaname?” he inquired sultrily. Though he didn’t have a clue, he sounded unbelievably seductive and sexy when he spoke to her like that.

Kaname winced, still sensitive after climaxing moments ago, when she felt him begin to move excruciatingly slow. In the end, she simply couldn’t resist him. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she succumbed. “Fine! But make it quick!” she ordered.

Sousuke only grinned triumphantly and bent his head momentarily to brush his lips against hers passionately. After all that she had done to him a few moments ago, he doubted he would last a long time, anyway.

“That is not a problem, Kaname…”

The End

Author's Note: By the way, if you haven't figured by now, Kimi ga Hoshii means “I Want You.” Heh... but, as I'm pretty sure, you already knew that!

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