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Matsuda + L + shower

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Matsuda knows, somewhere deep inside, that everything about this moment, these motions, and the fine layer of sweat beading on his forehead is wrong. But also, for the first time in his life, the sweat and the pleasure and the reckless abandon are enough to wash away all thought and self-consciousness. For the first time in his life, he doesn’t care.

He was always wary of the communal showers in this building… only thin stalls, much like the ones housing the toilets, separated him from the other, rapidly decreasing members of the investigation. But here, now, at three in the morning, the other stalls are unoccupied, and the only person near them is the security camera whose eye he can feel piercing him from above, making him feel dreadfully exposed in his nakedness. Ryuuzaki was never considerate when it came to the placing of those cameras. Ryuuzaki was adamant in making sure there wasn’t an ounce of privacy.

Of course, that professional, thorough Ryuuzaki is nothing like the one here with him now, his back pressed against the damp wall, his wet ebony hair plastered in a fringe to his forehead. His breath comes in low, short gasps, and Matsuda knows that just being in so close proximity to that lean, pale body is a feat in itself, especially when he’s the one who’s managed to make Ryuuzaki gasp like that, shake like that, sweat like that with his desperate arousal evident between his legs, his pale skin flushed to a delicate shade of pink like strawberry ice cream.

“What about Light-kun?” Matsuda asks him, the first question that pops into mind. Since the frantic tangle of their tongues broke a few seconds ago, he has been struggling to find something to say to justify or stop this somehow… not that he wants to stop it.

“I left him asleep, handcuffed to the bed for the time being,” Ryuuzaki raises those infinitely dark eyes to Matsuda’s, and he gives him his usual, unyielding stare. “I had a feeling he wouldn’t want to participate in this…”

So he had planned this…? “Isn’t that a bit reckless?” Matsuda asks softly, feeling the soft heat of the water as it cascades down his back, the light billow of the steam it gives off caressing his back. Because it is reckless. Reckless and nothing like Ryuuzaki. And Matsuda can’t help but wonder when Ryuuzaki became so careless and so horny. He has never seen any other side of him but coldness and professionalism.

“I took the liberty of placing a mild sedative in his coffee several hours ago. For the time being, I do not think Light-kun will be much of a problem.” there is something infinitely seductive about the detective’s face as he says this, and Matsuda finds himself stepping back toward him.

‘He saved my life…’ He can’t help but think. ‘He saved my life and he put the lives of others at risk to save me, when I’m practically useless to him. No one’s ever done anything like that before for me. I never realized that anyone would go to that extent for me.’ And before he knows what’s happening, his lips are absentmindedly exploring the curve of Ryuuzaki’s face, earning him Ryuuzaki’s usual response of tensing and trembling as he’s touched unexpectedly.

“Why… why did you do that for me the other day? Why did you take such risks to save me? And why do you want to do this with me now?” the questions that’ve been spiraling through his brain come out in one jumbled mess, a single whisper in the younger man‘s ear.

“You shouldn’t talk so much,” Ryuuzaki mumbles, his composure mostly recovered as he speaks in that normal, even tone. “It ruins the mood.”

“S-sorry,” Matsuda stammers, but all conscious thought is knocked out of him as Ryuuzaki’s slander hand slides abruptly up the back of his neck and embeds itself in his hair.

“Don’t…” Ryuuzaki’s voice hums in his ear. And Matsuda can’t help it, can’t resist pressing his body up against Ryuuzaki’s and earning a gasp in response, feeling the bare, wet skin of their bodies collide as he finds a pale, cool earlobe and nibbles gingerly on it. And Ryuuzaki squirms, moves in a way he never thought possible, a way that is somehow ridiculously appealing. A way that sends even more heat to Matsuda’s groin.

As though afraid to show weakness, Ryuuzaki’s mouth finds his, capturing him in that frantic kiss once more. Their teeth collide a bit too hard, Ryuuzaki pulls a bit too fiercely on his bottom lip, Matsuda gasps a bit too loud. There are a million things about this that aren’t perfect. But then again, Matsuda knows there are even more things about himself that aren’t perfect, and being close to the enigmatic detective is as close to perfect as his life is ever going to get. This wet, frantic entanglement of their bodies is the closest he will ever come to heaven.

The warm, wet cavern of Ryuuzaki’s mouth tastes like sugar, as does that nimble tongue that pushes insistently against his and makes his knees threaten to give out. Everything about Ryuuzaki makes his body threaten to crumble. This crush… these stupid, irresponsible feelings for Ryuuzaki… he wonders briefly if the detective knows about them as their mouths collide again and again and Ryuuzaki’s hands begin to unconsciously slide across Matsuda’s wet skin. They trace the curve of his hips and slide down his thighs, and Matsuda is conscious of his breath quickening, his face flushing as Ryuuzaki’s nimble fingers touch him.

Those hands ignite a fire within as they move, so slow it’s painful. It’s everything he can do to keep from squirming, moving just to get those hands quicker across every inch of his body. He kisses Ryuuzaki harder, forgetting his nervousness and plunging his tongue deep into that sugary mouth, ravaging every precious, moist inch. Their bodies are pressed so tightly together that Matsuda wonders for a moment if it’s possible to meld together and form one single person. If it’s possible, it’s certainly happening. And oh god, Ryuuzaki is moving now, causing warm friction between their soaked bodies, water and sweat indistinguishable from each other as he begins to move to match Ryuuzaki’s gliding motion, and there, their manhoods brush and Matsuda cries out, barely able to stay on his feet at the sudden pleasure that rockets through him. And there are Ryuuzaki’s hands on his hips as they move together once more, harder this time, more insistent. They gasp together, and Matsuda breaks the kiss, unable to get enough air for his frenzied state with his mouth entangled with Ryuuzaki’s.

Another collision, more beautiful friction, and Matsuda swears he might come from just this, with his erection grazing Ryuuzaki’s and Ryuuzaki’s mouth latched onto his earlobe, his warm tongue tracing circles on the soft flesh. His fingernails tighten on Ryuuzaki’s back, digging into the smooth flesh as he feels fingers pinch his nipple, sending wicked pleasure across him in a heated wave.

He runs his hands down Ryuuzaki’s back, and is surprised by the barely audible hum of contentment that rises in the shorter man’s throat. His face is flushed, his wet hair dripping crystalline beads down his cheeks, his dark eyes closed as he thrusts against Matsuda with rhythm. And for just a single moment, Matsuda almost forgets the sensations bombarding his body and gets lost in the illusion of beauty that overtakes Ryuuzaki’s features. Ryuuzaki has never been beautiful. Enticing, darkly enigmatic, yes. But at that moment, to Matsuda, he is beautiful, exquisite, and he almost feels fragile against him, as though he could break in Matsuda’s hands.

“Ryuu…zaki…” he gasps, breathless and ridiculously aroused and in way too deep, aware that the emotion in his voice is far too heavy and far too obvious. Ryuuzaki doesn’t answer, doesn’t open his eyes. Instead, his tongue traces Matsuda’s lips, leaving a trace of sweetness there as his hand slides between their tightly compacted bodies and wraps around Matsuda’s cock. He is sure the unrestrained moan that passes his lips is the result Ryuuzaki had desired, and his breathing comes hard and fast as that warm hand on his member begins to stroke, slow at first, building up its steady rhythm. He moans the detective’s name again and slams their mouths together, kissing him wholeheartedly and meeting Ryuuzaki’s tongue with ferocity. The heat and friction on his cock and the wet warmth of Ryuuzaki’s saliva mixing with his own are too much, and he gives a moan of pleasure, frustration, and need and clutches the other man tightly, digging his fingernails in once more, sure that he’s drawing blood.

Ryuuzaki stiffens slightly at the pain but moves his hand faster in response, and Matsuda trembles, sweat beading on his forehead as he moans in earnest and feels as though his entire body is going to erupt in a whirlwind of flame. That hand is moving impossibly fast now, slick with the water that rains down on them from the showerhead above, and Matsuda can barely stand it. He wants to come needs to come is going to come and oh god how long has he waited for this feeling? He is close, so close oh god please. He can barely breathe, his entire body is exploding, and then suddenly it all stops and Ryuuzaki’s hand has dropped and he nearly cries. Oh god why?

Ryuuzaki is moving now, turning to face the wall and exposing to Matsuda that flawless, impossibly pale back that is as curvy as a woman’s and that smooth, perfect ass, inches away, heightening his arousal to the point where he can barely breathe. He leans against the wall, stiff with resignation, and speaks in a surprisingly even tone for someone wracked with such desperate need.

“Please, Matsuda-san,” are the only words he says, but they’re more than enough to make Matsuda shake uncontrollably. And suddenly his hand is moving, down that unblemished back, slick and warm with water, down the cheeks of that soft, smooth ass. His knees nearly give out, and he is barely thinking as his hand creeps between the cheeks and one finger pushes against Ryuuzaki’s entrance. The other man’s hiss is enough to nearly send him over the edge, and he presses harder, allowing his fingertip to enter him slightly. And Ryuuzaki shakes, stiffens, and all his usual composure, his essential calm and businesslike manner dissolves completely under the touch. “Matsuda!” his voice is raw, uneven, and Matsuda pulls his finger away and turns him to face him, pulling his body against his.

“Ryuuzaki…” those dark, tired eyes are wide, staring up at him with something almost akin to innocence. His pale face is flushed a dark scarlet like the cherry glaze on the ice cream he had eaten this morning. He looks, if it can be said, like a completely different person. Matsuda places a damp kiss on the pale forehead, and Ryuuzaki flushes deeper crimson. “Do you… want me to do that again?”

Ryuuzaki nods mutely, still not taking his eyes off of Matsuda’s face, that characteristic, penetrating stare. And so, Matsuda holds him with one arm, feeling both of their desperation building, evident in their heavy, ragged breathing that matches each other’s almost perfectly. Matsuda’s hand finds Ryuuzaki’s ass once more, and he tentatively strokes his entrance with his fingertip.

Ryuuzaki shudders, and Matsuda presses again, his finger slick enough with moisture to slide in and make the other male gasp softly, his wide eyes closing, his brow furrowing as his breathing quickens even more. Matsuda moves the finger tentatively. It is impossibly hot inside Ryuuzaki, his muscles tight around the single finger, and Matsuda breathes deeply to calm himself down. He waits until the muscles begin to relax, and then slowly adds another finger. Ryuuzaki hisses softly as Matsuda scissors his fingers inside of him several times and presses farther.

Matsuda’s fingertips hit something soft, and Ryuuzaki actually moans, squirming against him in pleasure, his teeth clenched tightly. Matsuda has never seen him like this before, and he finds the odd transformation in his colleague unspeakably erotic. He pushes against that spot once more, and Ryuuzaki clutches him, moaning in that impossibly sexy way of his again. It’s all Matsuda can to not to lose it completely. When he pushes a third time, he’s sure Ryuuzaki’s fingernails make him bleed too as he clutches him and moans wantonly.

“Do it now…” Ryuuzaki growls raggedly, his breath hot against Matsuda’s ear. “Please…” the ache in his voice is painfully evident, and suddenly Ryuuzaki is facing the wall, his hands pressing against it to give him balance. “Please…” he moans again. Matsuda pauses for a minute, his doubt returning momentarily. Matsuda, aroused as he is, suddenly even sure if he can do this. Though he’s had his doubts, he’s fairly sure that he isn’t gay… and fucking Ryuuzaki would definitely make him gay, wouldn’t it? But it’s so hard to think this way when that tempting little ass is facing him once more and the throbbing arousal between his legs is doing little to help the situation.

He moves behind Ryuuzaki, placing his own hands against the wall as well for support. His body presses against Ryuuzaki’s from behind, and his wet warmth makes it even more difficult to think of anything but fucking him senseless. Matsuda is trembling, and he’s aware that Ryuuzaki is no calmer. They stand together in a vortex of blinding need, inevitably bound, if only for this brief time, by this mutual need for what each other have to offer. And there is no more time for thought, no more time for doubt as Matsuda tentatively moves forward.

Ryuuzaki trembles even harder as Matsuda’s head brushes his entrance, and they both tense slightly. Ryuuzaki’s carefully measured breathing grows faster. Matsuda shakes slightly and squeezes his eyes shut, wondering again how exactly he got into this situation.

Ryuuzaki is shaking against him and he moans in a harsh whisper. “Matsuda… do it.” Matsuda has never seen this sense of desperation in him before, and it makes it impossible to resist. Without pausing to think, he thrusts forward, the mixture of precum and water giving him enough lubrication to enter Ryuuzaki in one smooth motion. As he slides into him, Ryuuzaki gives a small whimper before regaining his composure. The ring of muscle tightens around Matsuda’s cock, and he stays still, trying to give Ryuuzaki time to relax. It’s so hot inside of him, hot and tight. Almost too tight. Almost a sense of discomfort, but not quite. Only a sense of undeniable pleasure, and it strikes him that he has never even thought of having sex with another man, let alone of it being pleasurable.

Oh, but it is pleasurable. Being inside of Ryuuzaki is arguably the most pleasurable thing he can remember. As he waits for him to relax, Matsuda rests his cheek tentatively against Ryuuzaki’s back. The skin is warm against his cheek, and he feels Ryuuzaki’s back rising and falling with ragged breaths as he struggles to relax enough for motion. There is something soft and intimate about this moment, though Matsuda knows it will have no effect on the future and in Ryuuzaki’s mind it will lay forgotten with the rest of the small interactions the two have shared. He wonders, for a brief moment, who else has been inside of him? He knows almost for a fact that Light-kun is one of them, if there are indeed more than one. But now is not the time for bitterness. Now is the time for finally doing the one thing he never dreamed he would do.

“Are you… ready then, Ryuuzaki?” he asks timidly, his voice trembling as he tries to fight the desperate urge to thrust right then and there. Ryuuzaki doesn’t speak… his only reply is a slight nod, but Matsuda sees it. And then, carefully, he begins to move. Slowly at first, then steadily gaining momentum until he is moving in and out at the perfect speed and oh, it feels so good. It’s everything he can do not to lose all control. Instead, he moves faster. With each thrust, there is a small slapping sound as Ryuuzaki collides with the wall. It’s all sweat and pleasure and mingled groans and sighs from the both of them until Matsuda isn’t even sure which are coming from Ryuuzaki and which are coming from him. All he knows is the sweet madness that is this wet, mindless sex and the uncontrollable urge to keep moving inside of Ryuuzaki so he will never stop making those delicious sounds.

An odd scraping sound forces him to look up, and he realizes that it’s Ryuuzaki… that he’s digging his nails into the shower wall in front of him as he gasps and moans softly in a way that is completely unlike him but is so unbearably sexy that Matsuda can’t process much else. The desperation, the hunger that he can sense in Ryuuzaki makes him thrust even harder, desperate to satisfy him, completely oblivious to anything else. He’s sure he hit that spot again when Ryuuzaki whimpers, gasps desperately, and thrusts back against him, his breathing becoming even more erratic as he scrapes his nails once more down the wall.

Matsuda can’t stand it anymore, and he takes his hands away from the wall to wrap his arms tightly around the slim body. Immediately Ryuuzaki’s hands clutch his arms, digging into the flesh, drawing more blood. Matsuda can’t find it in himself to care as he holds that gasping, sweaty body in his arms and thrusts into it again and again, each thrust met by Ryuuzaki pushing back against him and making strangled noises that it’s obvious he can’t hold back. Ryuuzaki begins to pant even harder and almost without thinking, Matsuda lets one arm slide down to wrap his hand around the gasping man’s cock. Desperately, he begins to stoke it in time to his thrusts, and Ryuuzaki clutches the arm that’s still around him even tighter, squirming slightly as though he can’t contain himself.

It’s this fast, desperate rhythm that builds between them that Matsuda has no power to resist, and as Ryuuzaki moves against him, the sweat and water from their bodies mingling, he feels as though every inch of his body is on fire, on the verge of exploding, imploding, falling to rest in an endless oblivious of pleasure. His hand continues to move on Ryuuzaki’s cock, stroking as fast as possible, and as their groans and gasps continue to mingle, Matsuda is completely sure. This is heaven.

A few more thrusts and then it’s finally there. Ryuuzaki lets out a garbled cry and throws his head back, hitting Matsuda in the shoulder, his seed hitting the wall in front of them. Matsuda feels the internal muscles tighten around his cock, and it’s just too much. It’s almost as though he stands on the verge of something far too big to grasp as the force of the orgasm rockets through his body, and he feels a ragged moan tear out of him as his cum pours into Ryuuzaki in that final moment of pleasure. He clutches Ryuuzaki tightly against him in those last mind-melting seconds, moaning his name far too many times as he finally finishes and it’s done, it’s over, and he’s left sweating and gasping inside of the young detective, trying desperately to catch his breathing.

As their bodies begin to cool, Matsuda pulls himself slowly out of Ryuuzaki, struggling still to contain his rapid breathing. Ryuuzaki turns away from the wall, and he’s flushed and beautiful and avoiding Matsuda’s eyes. His usual sense of professionalism and awkwardness seems to be returning rapidly, and he keeps those dark eyes turned toward the tile floor. Matsuda watches him, blushing heavily as scenes from the previous few minutes flash through his memory. He pauses, staring intently at the silent figure before him, his usually pale body flushed with the heat of their sex and his dull eyes glittering slightly.

“Ryuuzaki?” Matsuda asks him coyly, and in response the shadowy eyes rise to meet his. It’s enough, and suddenly Matsuda is being far bolder than normal, he has Ryuuzaki up against the wall and he’s holding him in his arms like a lover, he’s covering the glowing face and trembling mouth with kisses, no thought, no logic, just pure emotion that he never thought he could be so horrible at concealing. And when it’s all over, Ryuuzaki’s face is pure white, his eyes wide, his body shaking. Matsuda’s is shaking too, both from the shock at his own actions and the cold of the wetness as his body cools, even under the spray of warm water.

Those wide eyes are staring straight at him, and he blanches. “R-Ryuuzaki! I’m so sorry… I… I just…” but when he looks back, he sees no anger. Instead, Ryuuzaki looks straight into his eyes. And he smiles. And right then, Matsuda knows for sure.

This is heaven.

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