BY : Steph Ow.
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Dragon prints: 2002
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The problem with fighting in the bedroom, is thereís no one there to stop them.

The investigation team has gone home, and the only person looking at the cameras is Watari (oh God, Light hopes heís turned away) and since L probably isnít going to be the one getting hurt here, Watari isnít going to do anything.

Light has no help coming to him. Knowing this is almost as intoxicating as the rest of it, in and of itself.

ďIs this what it feels like?Ē Lís forearm is crushed against Lightís throat, and his bony fingers are digging into Lightís wrists, keeping them stretched above his head, and his hips stutter and slam into him and Light makes another in a long series of embarrassing, hurt, aroused sounds.


Yes, he wants to yell, God yes, but he canít breathe.

Black spots spin in front of his eyes, and he knows Ryuk isnít here but he swears he can hear him laughing at how the great Kira has fallen.

Yes, this is what it feels like. Itís a tide of something greater than you, swallowing you up and dragging you with it. He canít breathe, and his body is screaming at him to run, and his wrists are trapped, and no help is coming.

And L might very well kill him.

Sex and death, and death and sex, and Light wonders (again) if the detective is actually going to kill him this time. How hard is too hard, and how far is too far, and whether or not this time the explosions of lights behind his eyes and Lís dark hair, hanging over him, are going to be the last thing he ever sees.

Is this what it feels like? To hold someoneís life in your hands?

L feels momentarily curious, and watches closely. Light is trying to say something, and all L knows is that it isnít ĎIím not Kira,í because Light never remembers to lie when heís like this. L doesnít think he knows how, which suits Lís purpose to a tee.

Is this what being Kira is? Ideals and your arm at the throat of the world?

L watches Yagami Light, red faced and crying soundlessly, all limp and open, and lifts him up so he can breathe again, so L can hear his rasp of a scream and heaving sobs for air while he comes, and he watch the naked euphoria in his face.

The pretty, lucky, ruined boy passes out in his arms and L likes the feeling of it so much he can almost forgive him.


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