Trust and Loyalty

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Trust and Loyalty

Tota Matsuda struggled awake with a yell, the pounding in his head matching the hectic thud of his heart. Where am I? The room was shadowed with the evening coming through the nearby window, the city lights bright enough for him to see everything clearly. He was on a bed that wasn't his own, in a room that was unknown to him.

The last thing he could remember was the others dying all around him, and he wondering if it would hurt to die as he shuddered and waited for his heart to seize like the rest. After all this time...L had been right from the very beginning. Light was Kira. He shook, grabbing his head with a soft groan. He worked to remember what happened after the others fell. Images were quick and confused. Why wasn't he dead too? Was it a game. Was he about to die now?

He eased off the bed, and sat back down quickly when a wave of dizziness blurred his vision. "Dammit," he muttered, head in his hands. Confusion. Fear. Sadness. So much he had felt in that moment when they all dropped around him like flies, clutching their chests, eyes wide with terror and pain. Near had been so confident that nothing would happen. Oh, how wrong he had been. And now, here he was. Alone.

He looked at the door that was closed, a trickle of fear running up his spine. Was Light outside that door right now, holding back the psychotic laughter that he had let loose in the warehouse? He could see bright light under the door, but no shadow of a person standing beside it, but that gave him little comfort. He had yelled when he awoke. Surely someone had to hear it.

Gun. My gun. He touched the holster, but the cold steel of the firearm was not there. Of course it wouldn't be there. He sighed, unsure of what he should do next. He couldn't just sit there and do nothing. He took a breath, and again stood from the bed, the task easier this time. At least the pain in his head was finally lessening. He walked softly over to the window, taking glances at the bedroom door as he went. He cursed silently when he looked out. They we're in a high-rise as he suspected. No chance of sneaking out the window then.

The floor creaked outside the door and he spun, seeing the imposing sight of a shadow on the floor. Please don't come in, please don't come in, he thought hysterically. His hand again went for his sidearm that was no longer there. His throat was suddenly too dry, and his heart was hammering again, the sound of it filling his own ears like a drum. His eyes were locked on the knob, waiting to see its slow turn, but it wasn't happening. Just the shadow, and a deep quiet that was making him even more nervous.

Light could kill him anytime he wanted to, whether he entered the room or not, so what difference did it make if he did. Yet, he still didn't want that door to open. Facing Light was not what he wanted to do. To see the total evil he had witnessed....Light claimed he wasn't evil though. He was ridding the world of evil instead. The savior. The God who would judge.

Madness. That's the word that came to mind. Matsuda thought back on the entire time the Kira investigation had went on, and he remembered, more than once, that he had thought maybe Kira was doing good. He would shove it aside as a stupid thing to think, but he had thought about it. What did that matter now? He was probably going to be killed any moment.

Another creak, the dark form moving very slightly outside, but still, he did not enter. He's playing with me. Matsuda's eyes broke away from the knob to search the room. Maybe there was a weapon he could use. The only furniture was the bed he was on before. On the right end of the room there looked to be a closet, but he feared to even move to look in it. His eyes went back to the door, and he stiffened when he saw the shadow was no longer there. He hadn't even heard him move away.

Matsuda took a deep breath and steeled himself, forcing his feet to move toward the closet to have a look. He couldn't take his eyes off the bedroom door as he went, waiting for Light to come back and walk in at any moment. He grasped the cool knob in his hand, slowly turning it, praying the door wouldn't squeak as it opened.

"ELIMINATE!" Matsuda stumbled back and fell down with a yell when he saw the man from the warehouse hidden in the closet, his freakish death cry sending a shiver through his entire body.

I'm going to die now! Matsuda braced for the agony to begin, shuddering on the floor, avoiding the gaze of the psychopath above him, his maniacal laughing filling his ears.

"I told you watch him, Mikami, not scare him to death." Matsuda gasped, turning his head to look up at Light who was standing in the now open doorway.

"I am sorry, God. I could not resist." Mikami continued to chuckle, walking around the trembling man on the floor like he was no more than a stray dog. "I will leave you with him now, God." He bowed deeply with respect to Light who gave a short nod in return, then turned his gaze to Matsuda as he left the room, even giving him a friendly wave on the way out.

Light looked back down at him, his eyes searching his terrified face. "Are you alright, Matsuda?"

What kind of question is that to ask? He couldn't speak it aloud as he looked up, mouth hanging open. Light's eyes narrowed, his gaze boring into him coldly. Why had he never noticed how cold those eyes were before? Just that look was enough to freeze your heart.

"Well, are you alright, or aren't you?"

His crisp tone made him flinch, but Matsuda summoned up his voice as well as he could. "Why didn't I die?" he asked in a whisper.

Light smiled and put his hand out. "Come on, get up off the floor, Matsuda." Matsuda crawled frantically away from him to the other side of the room, bounding off the floor to stand my the window that gave him no hope for escape. "You haven't changed this whole time, Matsuda. Still so timid and unsure," Light said, his eyes bright with amusement.

Matsuda didn't know what this new game was, but he didn't like it. There had to be some reason why he was still alive, but what was it? He kept still, watching the man that he had so much trust in through the whole Kira investigation. Light. Young, intelligent, filled with an intense sense of justice, and....handsome. He looked away at that last thought. It wasn't the first time he had thought about Light's looks, but at a time like this, after knowing the truth.

"Matsuda." His name came from his lips like silk, and his shivered.

"WHY?! Why am I still alive when you killed the others?!" Matsuda was shocked with the strength of his own voice, and bit back anymore with wide eyes, expecting anger from Light, or something worse.

"I want you alive." He smirked and stepped closer, but kept a distance when Matsuda eased along the wall like a trapped animal. "Are you afraid of me?"

"....Yes." Why is he tormenting me? What did I do to deserve this? A tremor was taking control of his entire body, leaving him feeling weak and useless. It wasn't the first time he had felt this way. He had went through his whole life being called air-headed and soft. He had gained a little strength after he joined the police force, but his curse of lacking self-confidence had continued. Even what he thought was a brave and selfless act when he had snuck into the Yotsuba building had been labeled stupidity by L.

"Don't fear me, Matsuda." His voice continued to be soft and soothing as he took another step closer. "You would have died with the others in that dank warehouse if I didn't want you here."

"I don't understand." His head shook as he slide further along the wall. He was only putting himself in a corner, but he had nowhere else to go. Running would do no good. Even if he got past Light, Mikami was out there, probably keeping guard for his God. His head throbbed again, and he grabbed it with a soft gasp.

"Ah, I am sorry about that. The drug is still making your head ache I see. That should clear up soon."

Drug? He looked at Light with confusion.

"Oh, you don't remember?" Another step closer.

Matsuda swallowed, his throat still dry, but this time he noticed a strange aftertaste. He forced his mind to think back. He was cowering on his knees, hearing pained screams from the people around him, their voices echoing off the metal walls of the warehouse, making the sounds even more terrifying. He had stayed there, waiting for his turn to die when he felt strong arms wrap around him, and the wet rag being put over his mouth and nose, the strong vapors of the drug making him instantly hazy. He had struggled weakly, screaming against the wave of darkness taking him. Lips had touched his ear, whispering three words. You will live.

He looked at Light who had inched closer without his notice. "Please..Stay back!"

Light sighed, but stayed where he stood, not making any more moves to come forward. "Matsuda, I kept you alive because I believe that you think what I am doing is right. Like me, you think this world needs cleansing."

"No...You killed L. Your father.....He died because of this." He shook his head venomously. "Aizawa, Mogi, Near......So many innocent people, Light."

"Sacrifices had to be made, Matsuda. It was unavoidable. I think, deep down, you know this."

"But...It's wrong," he whispered with insistence.

"You'll come around," Light said simply with a shrug, then smiled slow. "Are you going to stop cowering from me? There is no need to, Matsuda. I have no intention of harming you."

Matsuda continued to feel unsure, but relaxed slightly, trusting in his words for now. "Where are we?"

"One of my apartments."

"One of?"

He smirked. "I got this one secretly with an alias a few months ago." He moved closer. "I knew it would come in handy at some point."

"Where's, Misa?" Matsuda squeaked and moved away until his back was against the far corner of the room. Stop coming closer.

"Oh, she's dead." He said it with no emotion, watching him with calculating eyes. "She outgrew her usefulness, and lets face it, Matsuda, she was menace that killed innocents just to get in contact with me.

"But you.."

"Not the same. I've only done what has been necessary to continue my work on cleaning this mess of a world." Another step closer.

Why does he keep trying to get so close? Just keep talking, maybe he'll stop. "And...Kiyomi Takada? Did you kill her too?"

Light froze his steps and chuckled. "Why are you talking so much, Matsuda? Am I making you uncomfortable?"


Light smirked. "That excites me." He moved in quick, pressing so close that all Matsuda could do was look at him in shock, his back straight as a board against the wall.

"What are you doing?" His voice cracked, and his body was back in a fit of trembling.

"I've decided to spare your life. Isn't that worth a thank you?" he purred softly, cupping Matsuda's cheek.

What is he doing? He turned his head away from the touch, feeling his face flush hot. His stomach was fluttering, his heart again pounding in his chest.

"You've always been so shy, Matsuda, but I didn't need to hear you tell me you were attracted to me. I knew by the looks I would catch you sneaking." His touch was insistent, and he grabbed Matsuda's chin to make him look him in the eyes.

"It's not true....I don't know what you're talking about." His tone was weak with his denial as he tried to avert his eyes from the piercing gaze boring into them.

"It's okay, Matsuda. You don't have to hide it anymore," he said softly. "We can do what we want, without hiding it."

"Light, I..." Light leaned in, brushing his lips over his cheek and along to the curve of his jawline until they were brushing his ear. Matsuda gasped with the intimate contact, feeling a heat rise in the pit of his stomach. I shouldn't be feeling this. He killed them all. His body wasn't listening. He felt lightheaded, but it had nothing to do with the drugs that had left his system long ago. Light's teeth nibbled his earlobe, sending shivers of excitement along his spine. I shouldn't be letting him.... "Stop." He pushed against his chest, but Light only got more aggressive, covering his mouth in a demanding kiss that shocked him out of his attempt to get away.

Light pulled slowly from the kiss with a smirk. "Matsuda, do you really want me to stop?"

"I...I'm confused. I don't know what's right." His breath caught in his throat when Light's hand went to his groin to feel the hardness there.

"Your body isn't confused," Light chuckled, working his palm over the growing bulge.

Matsuda squirmed with a soft whimper. "You're Kira....I can't." But it feels so good.

"You agree with what I am doing. I know you do. It is for the better of the world." His soft voice and teasing touch was drawing him in, making him lose his train of thought. He looked into Light's eyes and saw a world of promise, his gaze soft, yet with a cold edge and a fire of lust that made him tremble with longing.

I did. I did think Kira was doing good. I can not deny that fact. He can see right through me. Matsuda closed his eyes, the heat of his gaze still burning him, and his touch still bringing him to heights of arousal. "Yes." He opened his eyes to look into that inferno. "I agree with what you are doing."

Light smiled. "Yes, I knew you understood me, and now it's time for you to prove your loyalty." He took Matsuda's hand leading him over to the bed, and he tentatively followed.

Matsuda was lost. This was happening so fast. He had expected death, not this caring and seductive touch. Light pressed against his back, kissing the side of his neck as he worked his jacket off his shoulders and down his arms. Matsuda was nervous, his back stiff as his arms stayed by his sides, hands curling into fists.

Light chuckled low, nuzzling his nose in his hair. "Relax, you're too tense."

Matsuda took a deep breath. "I'm sorry. I've never.....with another man."

"It's alright. You'll get the idea." Matsuda felt him smile against his neck, his breath hot against his skin. Light's arms wrapped around him, his hands moving up to loosen the knot of his tie. His voice continued to be a caress of words. "I'll make you feel so good, you'll wonder why you had been so nervous in the first place."

He sighed, melting against Light as he slipped the tie off his neck and tossed it away. His hands were practiced as he went about unbuttoning his shirt, and his body slowly relaxed as the kisses along his neck became more lush. Matsuda moaned as he slid his hand down his chest to his stomach and back up again, rolling a thumb around a nipple achingly slow.

"See. You're already relaxing," Light purred, working his tongue along his earlobe. Matsuda was in such a state of arousal that he didn't notice the bedroom door cracked slightly open, or the eye looking through at the two of them. Light did notice, but only smirked and kept up his touches along his timid lover's body. "Take your pants off and get on the bed," he whispered in his ear, giving the lobe one last nibble before he took his arms away so Matsuda could do as told.

Matsuda stripped down nervously before he crawled on the bed, his body hot and aching for more of Light's attention. He never knew it could be this way. All his thoughts were only of Light now, the death of the others feeling like it had happened ages ago instead of only hours. He didn't have a chance to lay down before Light was behind him with his clothes still on, body pressed over him, his hand coming around to touch his shaft teasingly.

"You look good this way," Light whispered, and Matsuda gasped when his lips brushed up along his spine. His lips were so hot against his skin, soft and thorough in their journey up his back. He shivered with the pleasure, his body flushing with the vulnerability of being nude while Light was still dressed. His cock throbbed in his working hand, and his body began to move with the motion. "Be still," Light's voice cut in, and Matsuda whimpered, but made his aroused body cease it's eager thrusts. "I want to enjoy what it took so long for me to have," Light added, moving his other hand around to pinch a hard nipple.

"God," Matsuda moaned with the erotic pain.

"You don't have to call me God, Matsuda. Light will suffice." He smirked, rolling the nub between his fingers, the man beneath him shuddering.

"God," Mikami gasped low outside the door, his hand working over his own cock, keeping his eyes on the two on the bed. He hoped that God would allow him to play with the man, but until then he was just happy and honored to be able to watch. His God was so beautiful as he lay his now devoted lover back on the bed, kissing down his writhing body. He ached to feel the same pleasure, but did not know if God would want him for that. He was not jealous. His God was righteous. His God was all powerful. He would follow, and do whatever he wished without question. His other hand reached down to cup his sack, while his other worked faster over his organ.

Matsuda couldn't stop his hips from lifting when Light took the head of his cock in his mouth, moving his tongue around the head in slow circles. Strong hands pressed him back against the bed, Light's sharp eyes looking up at him with warning. That gaze froze him and he lay still with an agonized moan, voice breaking as he took his shaft further in, the wet heat of his mouth like nothing he had ever felt before.

"Please," Matsuda whispered with a sob when Light took his mouth away. His smile was cold for a moment as he gazed up at him, then got hot again as his tongue lapped at his balls, sucking one in, letting it go to suck in the other. Matsuda fought to keep his body still, the pleasure increasing the longer he was teased expertly. He closed his eyes, Light's intense gaze too much for him as he lavished his manhood. He couldn't see Light sticking a finger in his mouth now, getting it slick with warm saliva.

Another moan turned into a yelp when one leg was spread and lifted up suddenly. Matsuda snapped his eyes open when he felt to tip of Light's finger teasing his anal opening. "Wait!"

Light smirked, running his tongue along the underside of Matsuda's twitching cock. "Wait for what, Matsuda?" Just his voice was enough to make him stop the struggle that began in his stimulated body. "Feel it? Your body is already opening up to me," he said, his tone hushed with desire as his finger worked softly on his puckered anus. Matsuda gasped, panting with the new sensation. It felt so strange, but very gratifying as well. "Just enjoy it." With that he slid his finger in, making Matsuda yelp with the unexpected entry. "Yes, you're very tight," he praised him, thrusting the digit in and out slowly, curling and rolling it within his tense walls. "Relax your muscles, Matsuda. The pleasure will come."

Mikami smirked, beads of sweat rolling off his face as he kept his voyeuristic watch on them, his pace on his shaft speeding then easing off to tease himself. "Fuck him...fuck him," he chanted softly, as his eyes moved to the finger sliding in and out of Matsuda's ass, then to the flushed and shy expression on his face.

Matsuda gripped the bed covers, soft sounds of pleasure passing his lips with every thrust of his finger. He was slowly loosening up, breathing heavy with desire. His cock throbbed for attention, but he didn't beg, just letting Light do as he wished, and he was enjoying every single moment of it. A second finger slide inside, making his hips jerk as he yelled out. He was stretched further, the slight feeling of pain only evoking excitement and the need for more. Again he began to thrust, but Light was merciful this time, moving his hand with the motion, a soft smile on his lips.

"Does it feel good, Matsuda?" He scissored his fingers, grazing his prostate for the first time.

"YES!" Eyes widened with the bolt of pleasure, hips working faster with the incredible feeling.

"Touch your cock, Matsuda. Let me watch you." Light's voice had a breathless quality as he told him what to do, giving away his own needs. Matsuda's face burned with embarrassment, and his head shook back and forth on the pillow as his hips continued to pump. He couldn't do that. "Do you want me to stop?" Light teased, slowing his fingers to test him.

"No, don't stop! Please, Light."

"Then stroke yourself." Matsuda's body was a beautiful shade of dark pink and he eased his hand around his cock, moving slow, then speeding up. Light smiled with satisfaction and began thrusting his fingers deep again, watching the pleasure on his face, the sweat making his hair stick to his forehead. Matsuda moaned, feeling a little degraded for being made to touch himself in the presence of someone, but he couldn't deny the pleasure of it. It was so dirty, but arousing him even more, taking him to heights he had never known.

Mikami watched Matsuda's hand, matching the motions on his own cock, the pleasure increasing much too quickly. "No," he breathed, slowing his hand. "Not yet." He eased to the floor, pushing the door open a little more to keep the view. He slid his pants and boxers off, kicking them away with an annoyed grunt and spread his legs, teasing his anal opening with one hand as his other went back to stroking the hot organ between his legs.

"You look incredible, Matsuda. Keep stroking." He slid his fingers free to Matsuda's disappointment. His lover moaned, his strokes increasing with the pressure of his fingers now gone. "I want you now," Light said softly, sitting up to strip out of his clothes. "Don't come yet," he warned, tossing his shirt away. Matsuda's eyes moves over his chest, his hand working slower as his gaze went lower to watch Light's hands unfastening his pants. Light's body was what he imagined it would be. Slim, and well defined with tight muscle. His hand worked faster in response when he saw his erection. He needed him so badly now. He watched Light reach under one of the pillows and he tensed up, his hand stopping it's erratic strokes.

"It's okay, Matsuda. Don't be afraid," he said, taking out a bottle of lube he had placed there earlier that evening. "Did you think I was about to write your name in my death note?" He smiled soft, lubing his cock. "I want you as my lover. You will not have the same fate as Misa and Takada."

Matsuda swallowed thickly, and gasped as Light spread his legs and eased between them, looking down on him dominantly. He guided his cock to his opening, playing around it with the head, not pushing through the tight ring of muscle. Matsuda found his body getting tense again as he was teased. Light was smirking again in the cold way of his. God, he needed him. Why is he toying with me now? He spread his legs more in invitation, humiliating whimpers of need coming forth from his throat.

"Please, I want you," Matsuda breathed.

Light leaned over and was mere inches from his face, his breath hot against Matsuda's parted lips. "Will you stay loyal to me, Matsuda?" he asked, eyes narrowed. "I need to know."

"Yes," he said without any hesitation or waver of conviction. Light smiled, pressing closer, guiding his cock inside his tight body. Matsuda groaned with the stretch, gripping Light's shoulders as he was filled by his lover's cock. He felt pain, but it was a hurt that made his stomach heat up with an increase of arousal and lust. He panted, closing his eyes, holding onto Light in a death grip. His cock throbbed between their stomachs, and when his lover began to thrust into him he yelped with the mixture of pleasures.

The pain began to ease into something like a dream. It felt so amazing. The thrust of his cock was getting deeper, and hitting against his prostate in a rhythmic pace. He couldn't look away from Light's eyes as they gazed into his. He was not just taking his body, but all his emotion as well. Pleasure radiated through his core, intensifying as Light shifted, lifting one on his thighs higher, fucking him harder with a low growl. The slow love making was becoming something animal in nature, sending a shiver of delight up Matsuda's spine.

Soft words of approval passed Matsuda's lips, but he was not really aware of them as he rocked his hips in time with Light's forceful thrusts. His cock was throbbing and aching between them, the sweat on their bodies making it slide lusciously between their stomachs. The sounds of his own pleasure filled his ear, along with the soft pants and occasional moan of Light above him. The bed creaked with the motion of their connected bodies, the headboard hitting the wall in a steady beat. So many sounds and sensations filled his entire being, but yet he still did not see or hear the man outside the door watching them with lust filled eyes.

"Closer....closer," Mikami's voice panted hotly as he worked his cock in a frenzy. He had not taken his eyes off the action in the bedroom, watching his God take the man as his own. He was squatting now, fingering his ass violently, working his cock with more pressure. His balls were tight and hard with the orgasm that was quickly approaching. His God was such a fantastic sight to behold, so beautiful in all his glory. How could anyone not want to be in his grace. Blood trickled from his lip as his teeth bit down with the building gratification. His hips jerked and a haunting moan let loose from his throat as his seed shot over his hand and on the floor in a thick gush. A smile that could be described as twisted crossed his lips as he slowly came down from the pleasure. He lapped at his fingers, taking in the taste of his own essence as he continued to watch them unwavering.

Matsuda was on the brink, edging closer to a wave of pleasure that he was working so hard to reach. Light licked teasingly at his lips, urging him to open up for him, and Matsuda did so freely, taking in the slick warmth of his tongue. Matsuda could only let Light's forceful tongue explore, glancing over his teeth, gums and the roof of his mouth. He weakly moaned into the lush kiss, desperately rocking his body with his lover.

"I'm so close," Matsuda gasped shakily against his lips.

"Are you?" Light rasped with a smirk. "Not yet, Matsuda." He pulled from him, and Matsuda moaned with displeasure, yelping when Light made him roll his body over on his stomach. "Get on your hands and knees," he breathed, kissing his sweat covered back, dragging his tongue up along his spine. Matsuda weakly grabbed the headboard, getting up on his knees in a submissive position. He needed release badly, and he whimpered as his cock pulsed with it. "Yes, that's what I want," Light said with breathy approval, sliding back into his ass with a hard thrust.

"God!" Matsuda's eyes widened, and he held onto the headboard in a death grip as Light took him violently from behind.

Light chuckled, breathing hard against his ear as he covered Matsuda's back with his body. "There you go calling me God again. You sound like Mikami. I like that."

Matsuda shivered with his words, moaning as Light's hand came around him to stroke his cock that was slowly pearling pre-cum. Please, don't stop this time, Light....Please. His whole body was a blaze of heat, his muscles straining and burning as he worked ever closer to the orgasm that his lover had denied him to have. Light seemed to be all over his body at once. His thrusting cock pounded wildly inside him, hitting home with each stroke, his hand glancing over his cock in a fast rhythm. His other hand worked a nipple, and his mouth...., oh his mouth was leaving a delicious sting on the side of his neck as he sucked and nibbled his flesh. He's devouring me, and I need it. I want it.

"Now, Matsuda," Light whispered in his ear, and Matsuda felt the throb of his cock and the hot pleasure of his climax follow, his whole body feeling the wave.

"Light!" It was the only word he could force out as he rode through the release, moaning and gasping with the indescribable feeling. He was too lost to even notice that Light was spilling inside him, his own moans of gratification mingled with his own. Their bodies slowed together, both covered in sweat and taking in deep breaths from the exertion.

"Mmn," Light purred against his ear as his cock softened inside his tunnel that was still gripping around him with the aftershock of his climax. "I knew you would be good."

Matsuda hissed as Light slowly pulled from him, and he felt the slow trickle of his seed seeping out of his orifice as he collapsed on the bed with a weak moan. He was exhausted now, the afterglow of the sex taking him over. "Tired," he muttered, curling on his side, trusting in his decision to stay with Light after the heat of their coupling. He was completely his now.

"Sleep then," Light said gently, smoothing Matsuda's sweat soaked hair back from his brow as he watched him close his eyes. Only when he was sure his lover had drifted did he get off the bed to cross the room and open the bedroom door all the way. He chuckled, looking down at Mikami who was laying on the floor, his clothes scattered around the hallway. "I see you enjoyed the show, Mikami. You're a mess," he said with amusement.

"Yes, God." He grinned up at Light, still breathless from his self pleasure, the traces of it on the floor and his body. His cock twitched, coming back to life as his God knelt down beside him, tracing his finger through the seed that was left on his stomach. "You were glorious to watch, God." He shivered as he watched God lick his spent seed from his finger. Oh, the elation he felt at that moment.

"You are a faithful worshiper, Mikami. I will share Matsuda with you. It is only right."

"Oh, thank you, God. Thank you." He sat up, getting on his knees to bow deeply to Light in respect.

"You are very welcome," he said gently, lifting Mikami's chin to kiss him deeply, pulling back only after he had thoroughly tasted his mouth. "I will thank you properly later, but right now we have more work to do. Go get cleaned up." He stood, and watched Mikami rise and bow once again before he went to the bathroom to shower.

"You humans have strange rituals," Ryuk grunted as he floated through the wall in front of Light.

Light chuckled. "There is nothing ritualistic about sex, Ryuk. It's just a human urge that is fun and very rewarding to give into.

Ryuk grunted in response. "Anyway, Light. You sure you can trust Matsuda? He was part of the group hunting you down all this time after all."

Light looked back to the sleeping man with a soft smile. "I know I can trust him, Ryuk. From the very beginning I knew I could. I have no doubts. That's why I got the message to Mikami not to write his name along with the others."

"If you say so, Light. You've been right about everything so far."

"Yes, I have," he smirked at the Shinigami. "Go get yourself some apples, Ryuk. There is a whole bowl in the kitchen for you."

"Oh?!" Ryuk perked up and was down the hallway toward the kitchen without another word.

Light shook his head with a smile, and looked back toward the bed at Matsuda who was sleeping soundly. He could hear the shower running down the hall and made his decision. Rest, Matsuda. Right now I have to thank someone for all his hard work. He walked down the hall to join Mikami for a long shower. Work could wait. They had all the time in the world now that he had won.


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