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Tohru sat looking out across the wave-ridden waters of the lake. Life had changed over the last two years with everyone free from the curse. Perhaps the biggest shock was when Ayame announced that he would be marrying Mine or perhaps it was when Arisa and Kureno had started to live together. It didn’t really matter what the biggest change was, as it seemed that no one had time for each other or her.

Tohru’s life in general had not changed all that much. She still lived with Shigure as a maid, but now she was attending college. She no longer worked her night job as the Sohma family had decided that they would pay for her college. She had tried to argue, but they wouldn’t take no for an answer saying that she was a part of their family now. She found school easier not having to juggle two jobs and a cursed family.

Yuki was also attending college, but had decided that he wanted to attend in the United States to test his new freedom. From the letters that she received he was well and happier than she had ever heard him. His girlfriend Machi was patiently waiting for him to return. He had promised to come home for Ayame’s wedding in a few weeks.

Her own relationship had not worked out the way that she had wished it to. Kyo had disappeared six months ago saying that he felt trapped, but Tohru didn’t know if he meant in the house or in the relationship. The first week he was gone she did nothing, but cry. She slowing came back to herself when Haru and Momiji moved into Shigure’s house. Momiji had always made her laugh while Haru had always made her stomach flutter.

Haru, he was her current issue, for some reason she could never shake him from her mind. She would steal looks at him when she thought that no one was watching and blushed like an idiot if caught. He was a guilty little pleasure she had become obsessed with when she tripped upon him training one morning. Her obsession grew into wild fantasies that she could lose herself in for hours.

Brushing the hair from her eyes as the winds whipped it here and there; her mind was skipping over a scenario that she knew would never happen. Even in her daydreams her cheeks would tinge a lovely scarlet. Her finger touched her lip as she wondered what his kisses would taste like. She nearly jumped from her skin when she looked slightly to her left and noticed a familiar form also staring out in thought.

“Hatsuharu?” She asked, but already knew that it was he. Stormy gray eyes turned to look at her. As usual the blush rose and her tummy tickled.

“Are you lost?” She asked getting up from her spot and walking over to his.

“No, I am thinking. Why are you here?” He asked looking at her from his seated position.

“The same. I am sorry for bothering you then.” She said and went to leave.

“You can stay. You aren’t bothering me.” He said as she smiled sat beside him.

A few minutes past in silence, but nether seemed to mind. Tohru’s heart nervously fluttered sitting next to him inhaling his scent as she picked at her nails. A mental picture of Kyo invader her mind and she couldn’t help, but feel guilty over lusting after his younger cousin. Then again he had not cared about her feelings when he skipped out on her. Tohru decided it was time to speak about him and finally move on. What better person to console in than your secret desire.

“I thought that everything would be perfect after the curse was lifted. I thought that we would finally be able to be happy and have a normal relationship.” Tohru said softly not really expecting him to respond to what she had said.

“Life is not perfect for anyone curse or not, but it has become more easier to deal with. Kyo will always run, because that is what he has always done. He likes his freedom.” Haru replied surprising her that he knew whom she was talking about.

“What about Rin and you? How are things now that you are free to be together?” She asked. It was her way of telling her mind that he in fact already had someone.

“Rin left. I feel that she only wanted to be with me, because she was not supposed to be. She had said something about needing to find herself.” Haru sighed

“Well at least Ayame is happy.” She said not knowing what else to say.

A chuckle from him caught her attention. “I never would have imagined.” He muttered.

“I know. Can you picture those two with kids?” She laughed.

“The ceremony is really going to be something. I actually am looking forward to it. Everything is always over the top with him and Mine.” Haru said forgetting all about Rin for the first time in so many weeks. He noticed that her shoulder slumped slightly.

“I just hate to show up by myself and have everyone feel sorry for me. Everyone had thought that we were meant to be, but I guess they were just as wrong as I thinking I could or should change him.” Tohru said sadly realizing it for the truth.

“Would you like to go with me?” He asked as she gasped in surprise.

“I would like that.” Tohru said feeling a little better about things.

“You know it is weird, but I miss not being needed. Everyone is so busy with his or her lives now and it has become somewhat lonely. I guess I got use to the chaos.” Tohru said.

“I have been feeling lost lately myself and not in the physical sense. I kind of liked being the protector of my cousins and the one they could turn to.” He said.

They sat at the lake for hours. They would have long conversations about the changes in their lives only to have it followed by complete silence for long periods of time. The sun had set and it was starting to grow cold as both started to shiver a little. The realization that they had not eaten was creeping into their thoughts as their stomachs started to grumble.

“Would you like something to eat? I don’t think that the others will be home, but that is no reason for us to starve.” She asked rising from the ground.

“I would like that.” Haru said getting to his feet and walking beside her.

Haru watched her while leaning against the wall as she moved around the kitchen effortlessly. He had been so restless lately a feeling that something was calling out for help. A feeling that someone needed him, but his cousins had never been happier. It was when he reached the lake that the calling had stopped when he saw her sitting there. The pull became a tug when she called his name in what seemed like longing.

A lazy smile crossed his lips as she started to serve them the dinner that she had worked so hard on. She had been so easy to speak with and never once criticized him in his views or thinking. He had lost hours before, but none had flown by like today. It seemed as if she was the one that needed him, but he wasn’t sure for what. Then again the way that he would catch her looking at him sometimes gave him a good idea.
‘Nah, this is Tohru.” He mentally scoffed.

“This is very good perhaps you should think about becoming a chef.” Haru said as a blush rose on her cheeks. He knew her need for reassurance and it didn’t really bother him.

“Thank you.” She whispered avoiding his gaze till she could clear her mind.

A very full stomach later had them washing dishes and laughing at the strange times that had seen transformations happened. She had told the story of when here friends had first come to visit her here and he almost rolled on the floor. After finishing the dishes both had fallen onto the couch and flipped on the television. Eyes growing heavy and yawns escaping their mouths. Neither realized that they had fallen asleep or cuddled up seeking warmth in each other’s arms.

The warm glow of sunlight flooded through the window and onto their faces. Slowly blinking awake the realization that they were close enough for their noses to touch had them jumping off the couch. The sound of a cough behind them informed the couple that they had been caught. Their eyes darted to the sound only to realize that it had been Shigure and Momiji who looked like they were about to break into laughter.

“I should really get breakfast ready.” Tohru said rushing from the room and leaving Haru to explain what had happened yesterday before she burst into embarrassment.

She listened as the chuckles filtered in from the other room. She inhaled deeply thinking about the fact that she had waked up with his lips almost brushing hers. Casting a little glance at her reflection she had never felt plainer. She wondered if Ayame had finished the project that he had said that he was going to do for her. Perhaps a new look would have him see her different, but then again she didn’t know if she could pull off the attitude that came with the look.

Coming back into the room she served breakfast and was thankful when no one brought up that morning’s surprise. It seemed that they had their own wild tales of what they had been up to and she had to admit she was a little jealous. She would like to go dancing or just run around mindless. She had always acted to old for her age and soon the outside would reflect the inside.

“Tohru?” Haru asked getting her attention.

“UH, huh what?” She asked tossing herself back into reality.

“Ayame needs us at his shop. He needs me for some alterations on the outfit and apparently he has a gift for you.” Haru said.

“Oh, okay. I better go get cleaned up.” She said blushing and dashing off up the stairs.

“I better go get dressed myself.” Haru said blankly wondering why she had blushed.

It was after Haru explained what had happened yesterday that Shigure and Momiji noticed that Haru followed Tohru with his eyes that morning. Shigure had tapped Momiji on the leg and mouthed a silent agreement that they should wait to talk about this when the two had left. He would needed to call Ayame to let him in on his latest plan to rid the two of their demons.

Better known as Kyo and Rin.

“Do you really think nothing happened yesterday?” Momiji asked Shigure

“It isn’t like Tohru to lie, but I think that both wouldn’t have cared if something did happen yesterday. The way that they were holding each other when we came in said much. Subconsciously I think they are drawn to each, but we need to focus on the conscious.” Shigure said

Walking into the shop both Haru and Tohru had been quickly ushered into dressing rooms. Haru had been the first to step out and be assessed by Ayame. Looking in the mirror at the black Victorian style coat with tail, a ruffled shirt and top hat with black pants he decided that he didn’t look that bad actually he looked pretty good.

The sound of Tohru pleading to have her clothes back drew his attention to the female being dragged out for Ayame to see. Haru’s eyes widened at her new look, a red leather corset dress that flared from waist to mid thigh. Red leather high-heeled boots that climbed just above her knee and a black leather choker that sat around her thin neck. Mine had pulled her hair into a high ponytail, but left her bangs hang. A crimson red stained her lips with dark liner on her eyes.

“I can’t wear this!” She screeched blushing like crazy when she saw Haru’s eyes on her.

“That’s her. That’s the inner devil in the angel I had to see before I died. I may now leave this world in peace having seen it all.” Ayame swooned and congratulated himself inwardly when he noticed the look in Haru’s eyes. ‘Shigure will be happy about this.’ Ayame winked at Mine who was clapping happily at the dazed couple.

“It calls out to the darker part of ones soul.” Haru whispered eyes darkening at her form.

“Really, Fabulous that was exactly what I was going for.” Ayame smiled.

Tohru looked at him and smiled forgetting that she was half-naked standing in the store. Walking over to a mirror she looked at the girl staring back at her and bit her lip. Well she certainly didn’t look like a plain little girl in this outfit. She didn’t notice that Haru had come up behind staring at the lacing running up back and wanting to tug on it.

“Where would I even wear this?” She breathed almost to silently.

“I can think of a few places.” Haru whispered in her ear making her whip around to face him. His face a breath away from hers, she swore that she saw lightening brewing in the swirling storms in his eyes. Ayame and Mine smiled, but knew it best if they didn’t start making out in the middle of the store. While some customers may not mind others may.

“Okay lets get you two back to dressing rooms so I can make the necessary changes.” The voice rang in their ear. This caused Tohru to jump back only to have Haru grabbed hold of her hand to pull her back to the dressing rooms area. She was half stumbling in her heels when he stopped having reached his destination. He turned to stare into her eyes again and began to walk her back into the wall of one of the dressing rooms trapping her between his arms.

“Haru?” She asked as he pulled the ponytail back and crushed his mouth onto hers. Her body was pressing tightly between his and the wall. He waited for her to push him off, but was pleasantly surprised when she wrapped her arm around his waist to hold him closer.

Her eyes and mouth open in shock when she felt his other hand drift up her inner thigh. However, when he deepened the kiss she moaned into his mouth as her eyes drifted shut once more. Soft teasing brushes against her sex that made her wet and somewhere in the abyss of her mind was a voice trying to tell her to stop, but when he slipped his finger inside and started to thumb her clit even that voice started to moan in pleasure.

Haru was lost to the temptress before him as his ache started to spread through him like fire. Her moans pushing him to become bolder, but when she started to undo his pants he had to hold back from throwing her on the floor that second. Sliding his pants down she realized that he was neither a boxer nor a brief guy. Her hand reacted without consulting her brain when she wrapped hand around him and brushed her thumb across the top of his length causing him to shutter and attack her neck.

“Haru, you feel so good.” She whispered stroking him as her body started to shutter.
‘Where the hell did that come from? That’s it tomorrow I go for an exorcism, but if I am going to be naughty today then why not go all the way?’ She thought.

Slipping from his grasp he almost thought she fell until he felt her swirl her tongue around the tip of his length. He steadied his arms on the wall as she licked and stroked the painfully hard member. His knees felt weak when she finally started to suck upon his burning need. Leaning off the wall to stare down as she worked her magic. His breathing was heavy and ragged as he bucked into her mouth. Her ponytail wrapped around his hand as he forced her to speed up and take more.

“Fuck Tohru.” He gritted as she took his full length down her throat. He couldn’t stop it as he came collapsed on the floor next to Tohru. He looked over to her catching his breath knowing that they would have to talk about what had just happened. Her blush came back as the devil receded and the angel reappeared. To his surprise she suddenly jumped up and dashed out of the dressing room.

Walking from the dressing rooms to the front of the store he couldn’t find Tohru anywhere. Ayame walked over to him and plucked the clothes from his hands.

“She left, Haru.” Ayame sighed knowing who he was looking for.

“She left?” Haru replied confused as to why she would just run out on him.

“She ran out saying that she was sorry. She looked confused, but from the sounds of it she had known just what she was doing.” Ayame said sweetly and smiled.

Tohru rushed down the street ignoring the looks on people’s faces when they saw what she was wearing. She couldn’t believe that she had done something like that in a store with Haru. She couldn’t imagine what he would think of her now after doing that. They had never even talked about going on a date and that was….well way more than a date. Tohru shot through the door and the stairs to her room.

Shocked, surprised and bewildered Shigure and Momiji watched as a red leather Tohru flew up the stairs. At the slamming of a door they shifted their eyes back to each other. Shigure rose from his seat and walked over to the phone to call Ayame and find out what had happened. Momiji watched as Shigure’s mouth opened in surprised to whatever Ayame had told him. Hanging up the phone Shigure walked back over to Momiji.

“Ayame has requested us over. We might stay late so Tohru and Haru can work out their …differences?” Shigure said walking toward the door as Momiji scratched his head and dashed out the door to follow him.

She hadn’t changed from the clothes yet. She found them to be oddly comfortable even after hours sitting in her room and berating her self. She mustered up the courage to leave the room after a long period of complete silence in the house. Walking down the hall she realized that they had left and Haru had not returned. Not like she thought she could face him anyway. She was leaning into the refrigerator looking for something to eat when she heard him.

“Why did you leave?” Haru asked and watched as she jumped about twenty feet.

“Jeez, Haru. You scared me.” Tohru sputtered out trying to calm her heart.

“Why did you leave?” He asked again walking up so they were only inches apart.

“I was embarrassed. I shouldn’t have done that. I don’t know what got into me. I don’t want you to think that I run around doing stuff like that.” She stopped when he started to laugh at her, which only made her more embarrassed. Finding an out she took it and ran from the kitchen back up the stairs to her room again locking it.

“Tohru, open up.” Haru knocked gently on the door.

“Please, go away. I don’t want to see right now.” She mumbled.

“Tohru, please open the door so we can talk.” He said leaning his head against her door.

“Haru, lets just forget about what happened. It won’t happen again.” She said firmly.

“TOHRU OPEN THE DAMN DOOR OR I WILL BREAK IT DOWN.” Haru yelled making her jump off the bed and run over throwing the door open. She trembled a little and backed up as he walked in front of her. He frowned and grabbed her into his arms as shock made her mouth open slightly, but it was just enough for him. Placing his hands on the sides of her face he stared at those lips and before he knew it he was devouring them.

When Haru first arrived at the house he was set on finding out what had made her take off without a word to him. However when he saw her leaning into the refrigerator that dark feeling crept back into him. It faded when her words hit his ears, as if he would ever think that Tohru was that type of girl. He knew that she had only been with Kyo and he couldn’t help the laugh that fell from his lips. He didn’t know why she was so upset.

He had sighed and followed her up the stairs to apologize. He had taken it with ease when she told him to leave the first time. It was her next words that pissed him off to high hell. He didn’t want to forget it and it sure as hell would happen again if he had anything to say about it. It all faded from his mind when he looked at her and grabbed her into his arms. She was soft, warm, sweet and innocent in her own way.

He wanted her.

Her mind shut down with that kiss and she decided that she wanted to know what it felt like to be with him. If just for this time only, but would it make things strange. Not like they weren’t strange already, but this could seriously complicate their not perfect lives.

“Haru, please talk to me.” She gasped sucking in air. He leaned his head against hers.

“I don’t want to forget what happened to day. We should give whatever this is a try.”

“Things could be strange for us when or if the others find out. I can’t even get a hold of Kyo to officially break it off with him.” She said starting to back away, but he caught her in his grasps and pulled her over to the bed.

“Tohru, lets stop living our lives for everyone else. Kyo, we will deal with him if he even comes back, but you can’t deny that you don’t want this.” Haru said softly

She smiled at his moonlit face. “I do want this, but I don’t know why.”

He smiled back at her brushing the hair behind her ear. “Doesn’t matter why.”

Haru pulled Tohru to him and began a heated kiss on her lips. Instantly she sighed as he dove his tongue into her mouth to taste her once more. He traced his hand over the swell of her breast as Tohru moaned softly in his mouth. Releasing her mouth to place kisses licks and nips on her neck as his hand moved to sneak under her dress into her panties. She stiffened, but didn’t object as he dipped his finger inside her.

“Haru.” Whispered lustfully making him harden when she brushed her fingers across him.

He pulled back to remove her clothing that was getting in his way, but decided to leave on her boots. Tohru had the same idea as she started to rip away his clothing. She slid up the bed and grew nervous as she felt his eyes taking her in. He licked his lips and then looked into her eyes. Even in the dark he could see her blush as he began to slid between her legs and pressed her thighs apart to reveal her folds that hid her secret place. Haru slipped his tongue out and slid it up her slit to tease and circle the sensitive nub. He repeated his action as she began to beg for more grabbing his hair. A quick thrust of his tongue into her core had her swoon when he wiggled his tongue inside her. Her folds quickly becoming slick with need from his actions.

“I want you…I want you, Haru.” She began to pant pulling him up to her by his hair.

He made his way up her body positioning his cock between her legs and capturing her lips in another hungry kiss as he buried his length deep inside of her. She cried out into his mouth as he started to move swiftly inside her. Her hands traced over his hard muscles, and he groaned as her hot moisture wrapped his throbbing member. He pulled out and rammed back into her loving they way she screamed his name.

“You…are so …fucking tight.” He said reveling in the feeling of her body. His thrusting hips pushed his hard cock deeper. Their rhythm steady as they slid against each other forgetting about anyone or anything else. Her muscles started squeezing him hard and trying to milk him as she screamed ear piercingly high. It didn’t bother him as a matter of fact it was exactly what he wanted and with one last push spilled out into her.

Both trying to catch their breath as he moved out of her and fell to her side. She went to say something, but he placed a finger on her lips and pulled her into his arms. She snuggled close to him as her eyes drifted shut. A small kiss to her head as he followed her. They could talk tomorrow after they had rested.

Okay so I already know that there are going to be people that say that it didn’t end that way. I know this, but in order for my fic to work this is how I am swinging it. If you like it I am glad and if you hate well you can’t please everyone.

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