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She lay silent she was on her stomach, new scars still bleed from where the whips had marked her. She opened her eyes only to see darkness that filled the room. She had taken the cat's place in the cage after graduation not saying a word to the other members of the zodiac about her deal with Akito.

Sitting calmly on the veranda outside his room, he watched the sun set over the walls of the large estate. Blinking his deep, jet eyes slowly his mind wandered to the subject of his captive. So far she had been there for nearly a month and provided amusement when there was nothing better to do. Still, Akito was fickle, and when he'd get bored he would leave her alone in darkness for days on end. But this evening was more still and dead than most. Nothing but the scratch of Kureno's pen back in the room made very much noise. Standing up slowly he wandered off the veranda and without a word to the other and slipped off to the special place reserved for the cat. Or in this case Tohru. The night deepened by the time Akito stood at the entrance... Sliding the door opening slowly, he peered inside, blocking most of pale light that remained of the sky. Then spotting a small person heaped on the floor he stepped in and shut the door behind himself. Wandering over quietly he crouched next to her before whispering. "Are you awake...? Are you alive?" He was honestly wondering since he didn't recall ordering any food to be left for her this week.

Her eyes slowly opened as she looked to to the evil boy. Her head slowly nodded her lips her chapped and her throat dry from the lack of liquid. "... I'm alive Akito-sama... I have to... So Kyou-kun will be safe..." It was so much of a struggle now to talk to him she had little contact from anyone, but him even then he barely spoke to her. Her cries always went unanswered when Akito was around when he would beat or whip her. She pushed herself up careful not to pull any of her fresh wounds open once more as she looked into the cold navy blue eyes.

Raising his eyebrows slightly he was surprised at the response. With his eyes adjusted to the complete darkness now he could see that he had forgotten to order anything. It was probably better that way. There would be trouble if any of those loud-mouthed young servants let this little secret spill out. Even worse of how injured she was. Apparently he'd gone a little overboard the last time. Hearing the name of the cursed zodiac ignited a little fire in his heart. Narrowing his eyes he knelt over the girl who was sitting up with much trouble. Taking her face in a hand he forced her to look up and not avoid his piercing gaze as he spoke, in a cold matter-of-fact tone. "You still think that disgusting creature is worth caring about? Look where you are. He doesn't even know... He hasn't even looked. You're forgotten. Even by the servants around here that should have known on their own to feed you... You're a fool." A grin played upon his lips as he gazed down at the helpless form. The smell of dried blood slightly sickening him, yet exciting the darkest part of his heart.

Her eyes lowered halfway as a few dry tears slipped out smearing the crimson elixir on her rough cheeks. "... Your lying... He would never forget me... I know why he's not looking..." She smirked a bit her eyes feeling with a slight bit of joy. "... I left him a note... saying where I went... He thinks I went to college aboard..." She pulled her face from his cold hand. "... Your just mad because everyone enjoys having me around..." She new she would be punished for speaking out like this, but she needed to make him feel hated and hurt.

"Is that so..?" Akito muttered while he listened to her. He made no effort to hold onto her and allowed the girl to pull away. Leaning back and letting his hand drop he looked around the dark room, idling wiping the tears and whatever other filth hand gotten onto his hand by touching her on the sleeve of his white yukata. Then hearing the last statement his jaw tightened in a scowl. "Tch... What do you know? You've been here the whole time... With you out of the picture, we've all been fairly happy." As soon as the last cruel yet softly spoken syllable passed his lips, a claw of a hand whipped out to grab the girl by the hair. He had stood up and pulled her along the floor not waiting or giving a chance for her feet to follow. Then throwing her into a corner he retreated to some shadows to look for the whip he had been using. "Where... Where... Do you remember where it was, Tohru?" He whispered almost to himself as he looked around.

She stayed quiet as she held the back of her head where he had grabbed her. Her knees were scuffed and started to bleed from him dragging her to the corner. As she shifted she felt it beneath her a faint smile slide across her dry parched lips as she picked the whip up off the floor her eyes focused on him as she started to move toward the door using the whip as a shield if he moved close to her.

He's just finished checking the chair he usually sat in during the time he spent there before he noticed her moving. Blinking curiously he tilting his head as he watched her. His eyes widened slightly when he noticed the whip in her hands. "What are you doing...?" Luckily he was closer to the door than she was. Moving slowly and calmly to cute her off he blocked her path then walked towards her. "Are you going to use that? Hit me? Cause someone else harm? No matter what the circumstances may be, that's not like you is it?" He wasn't fond of the idea of being hurt, but hoped his guess was right about her. Walking towards her more quickly he reached out to grab the arm holding the whip.

She let out a horrid scream as she moved her arm back striking him across his legs to force him down and to keep from moving toward her. She felt like a cornered animal ready to strike. "... I've learned one thing in here Akito-sama... I've learned to strike back at the hand that feeds me these lies..." She was trying her best to keep her composer in front of him as she moved along the wall away from him making sure to never keep her eyes off the frail boy. Before her hand found the doorknob. "... How long do you think it'll take the others... To come look for you Akito-sama...?" She spoke coldly toward him now her voice had changed and her attitude toward him as well.

At first he couldn't get over the shock of it to actually feel any pain, but in the following moment the sting hit him. Gasping loudly he managed to keep himself quiet and only emitted a low groan as he sunk to the ground. "You... How could you!" His hands trembled slightly as he supported himself until he stood up again. Noticing she's reached the door he froze for a moment, his mind working to figure out anything that would keep her put. "Wait... Don't... If you do that nothing will be solved. Kyou will end up here..." This time moving a little more slowly and seemingly unthreatingly he stepped closer slowly. With his eyes softening in a sad innocent look he spoke softly. "It's okay.. I'll forget about you hurting me if you come here."

Her hand slid from the door once she heard Akito talk about Kyou ending up in the same agony she was. Her head lowered as tears fell to the ground. "... I want to see them... I want to see my friends... I want to see Kyou-kun..." She spoke sadly before she moved toward him slowly kneeling in front of him dropping the whip in front of him. "... Youíre going to beat me... For doing this... arenít you...?" She was trying her best to keep from crying in front of him, but she couldn't help it now she could have had freedom, but she stayed for Kyou's freedom her hands covered her face now as she kept her head down.

Her pleads were barely heard, his eyes were more focused on the whip. Once the device was dropped he was able to relax and took a breath he wasn't aware he'd been holding. Picking up the whip and wrapping the excess length around his hand, his expression turned from innocent to cold once more. Walking past her he corrected the mistake of leaving the door unlocked. Looking back and raising an eyebrow at the question he answered plainly and honestly. "Yes..." Walking over to stand beside her he looked down on her. "It's unforgivable that you would go back on your word of staying her obediently. But what's more unforgivable is that you hurt me. Look..." Reaching down with his free hand he lifted his yukata enough for her to see the abrasion marring his formerly perfect pale skin.

She looked to the wound shaking her head as she looked down away from him. "... I wanted to see Kyou-kun..." She spoke sadly as she stayed on her knees before speaking up again. "... Are you going to kill me this time or leave me to die a slow death... That's what youíre doing to me now..."

He twitches slightly and let's the clothing fall back into place. "Kyou-kun... Kyou-kun... That's all you ever say. I'm sick of hearing his name!" Letting the whip uncoil from his hand he took a step back before laying one clean across her back. Tearing a slash into whatever she had on and through to her skin. Then stepping forward he kicked her once. "You deserve to die slowly for trying to take them away from me..."

She screamed feeling the whip hit her tattered flesh. She fell to her side feeling him kick her to her side she looked to him sadly as she tried to push herself up off the cold damp floor. "... I gave them all they ever wanted... What kind of God our you to hurt your own people...!" She was struggling for air in the musty room her eyes were starting to lose their focus on the male's slender figure in front of her as she fell back to the cold ground.

Clenching his hands into tight fists her paced around her. Not impressed with her continued defiance. "I don't understand. What more could they want than my love? All I asked for was their love in return. It would have been perfect..." Blinking he noticed the girl starting to grow weaker. Kneeling by her back he slipped the whip into one side of his roomy yukata as he touched her should gently. "If you really don't want to die slowly all you have to do is ask for a quick death.." He wasn't sure if he was able to truly kill her. Torturing was a totally different thing. But minds games were also a part of what he did best. Pressing her shoulder to shift her until her back was exposed to him he crouched beside her. Lowering his head he closed his eyes, touching his tongue to the fresh wound. He'd never done something like it before. Whether it was some strange compulsion or curious whim he didn't know.

She didn't even flinch her body was to far gone now her eyes lowered halfway as she tried to keep them open. "... If you kill me... will you hurt Kyou-kun like this..." Her voice was barely above a whisper she could barely stay conscious fear was the only thing keeping her focused on staying awake.

A shiver passed along his spine at the first taste. Pressing his forehead against her should gently he though about it. "Yes... I probably would. No... I know I would. That's actually a pretty smart reason to stay alive." so far there was little or no resistance to anything he'd done. Taking some of the girlís blood into his mouth, he turned her over onto her back not really concerned with the wounds anymore. Taking her jaw in his hand once more he pressed blood-flavored lips against hers for a few moments before withdrawing and watching her curiously. His mind knew it was completely wrong to make her taste her own blood but had done it anyway.

She coughed hard trying to keep the taste from entering her mouth her wounds were getting infected more from the dirt and mold that entered her wounds. "... How can you do this... This isn't love your nothing... but a cold monster... Youíre scared of people leaving... So you hurt them... You toy with their emotions..." Tears rolled down her face smearing the blood more. "... I don't want to die... I need to live for Kyou-kun..."

Leaning back he wiped at his lips with the back of his hand, trying to get rid of the taste of the girl from his lips but only ended up smearing the blood. Narrowing his eyes he cocked his head to the side. "How would you know what my love feels like? Everything I do... I do it for their own protection. An outsider like you doesn't know anything about it. They're special.. Different.. I can't allow them to simply live normally. You're doing them more harm than good..." Reaching out he smoothes some of the bangs away from her fevered forehead and whispered with a visible smirk. "...You're the cruel one."

Her eyes lowered sadly as she crawled toward him her head resting against his shoulder he was close enough and within reach. She did something none of the zodiac member's would do after being treated like this, but she was worse off then the other members. "... Your right I am cruel and I don't really understand the curse, but I don't want them to suffer anymore... If I didn't care about any of them... Why would I have taken Kyou-kun's place as the cat..." She slowly wrapped her arms around his neck almost hugging him blood soaking threw his kimono now. "... I care about them as much as you Akito-sama I would do anything for them..."

Blinking a bit he was quite surprised that she still had enough strength at this point to sit up or crawl. Shifting on his knees a bit he remained still when she first rested against him, figuring she just needed the support. Then listening to her his jaw tightened in a frown as his possessive nature kicked in. Then gasping at the embrace as well as being slightly horrified at the amount of blood staining him, he shook slightly. "Haa " Leaning back a bit on his knees he grabbed at her arms by her wrists. "... There is no way you care about them as much as I do. Never."

"... I would die for them Akito-san if it was worth breaking the curse..." She looked to him weakly her eyes filled with sadness. "... I could have run... I could have, but I stayed for Kyou-kun's freedom..." Her eyes lowered along with her head, as she sat still not even bothering to get free now. "... They took me in to their home and saved me from dieing in the woods... I'm an orphan if I died... They would miss meÖ But would they miss you...?" She was trying her best to stay conscious.

Everything she was saying he'd heard from her before. Holding her away from himself he rolled his eyes, more concerned with clothing. Silently wondering how he later sneak back into the house and change without being noticed. That is until he heard her last question. His face going expressionless for a moment then leering at her he hissed. "How dare you!" It hurt more since deep in his heart he knew the answer. Still, he wouldn't allow her to cause him pain, even if wasn't physical. Throwing her away from him by her arms he stood up, stepping away. "Shut up! You know nothing... They... They might.."

She lay almost motionless, but she continued to struggle trying to get up. A crimson elixir was dripping on the floor from her wounds as she looked to him sadly. "... Please get Hatori-san..." She spoke weakly as she looked to him sadly. "She was helpless now. "... Akito-sama please..." She could barely keep herself up. "... If you want them to remember you I'll help you..."

Looking off he stood there for a moment thinking it over. Then walking away towards the door he unlocked and opened it. Standing in the doorway he spoke tiredly in an empty voice. "I'm not doing it for anything... It would just be a pain to hide your body..." Stepping out and shutting the door behind him he made his way back to the main house. Making his way through the darkness he went through the still open door to his room. Kureno still sat there working and didn't even turn around when he wandered in a flopped on the bed, lying on his stomach. "Kureno... Get Hatori." He spoke quietly as he lay there.

"Why? Are you sick?" The other asked and finally turned around.

"No..." He said flipping over onto his back, exposing the large bloodstains on his clothes, which caused an obvious gasp from the other. "Don't worry. It's not mine. Tell Hatori to go see Tohru... She's in the cat's house." Closing his eyes he curled onto his side and listened. After a moment hesitation and uncertainty he heard the door to the hall slide open and heard the loud footsteps of Kureno rushing away. Hatori would soon he on his way to Tohru, if he was at his house instead of the office. Either way he was sure this would get him into some trouble.

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