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1 year after Light is defeated and killed by the Shinigami, Ryuuk. Witnessed by the SPK and the very investigators of the Kira case.

One. Full. Year.

Neil, better and only know as Near, was exhausted. No, not from exercise, a difficult case, or even playing excessively with his toys. No, no. Near has not slept for more than 4 hours in exactly one year. One. Full. Year.

It had been a year, and he still couldn't sleep. One year since himself, the SPK and the Kira Investigators witnessed as the truth unfolded before them. The day he finally had solid evidence that Yagami Light was in fact, Kira.

One year since he expected that wonderful feeling of triumph as millions of lives were avenged, most importantly, L's.

One year since that feeling never came, but only emptiness.

One year since he watched the once mighty, powerful Light Yagami become mad with the need to murder, with the need to murder him. Since he saw that horrible, mad, desperate face, a horrible one it was.

And that face never left him for one moment. That Terrified face of the realization that his life's work, was going to backfire. The realization that he was going to die. The realization that he, Light Yagami, had failed.

Oh, what a horrible look it was, and poor Near could never forgot it.

Some of the nights were spent, sobbing over the look in Lights eyes as he died. Some were spent, thinking of what would have happened if Light went to prison, and had not died. some were even thought of what would have happened if he had not replaced the notebook, and he and the SPK and the other Kira investigators would have died.

He spent his time thinking because if he didn't there would be no way to calm his body down and manage a little sleep.

he just couldn't think of anything now though, all he could do was lie on his bed, with the covers kicked off of his sweaty body, looking through that window with the transparent at the starless sky and the red moon.

How ironic that, on the very anniversary of Kira's death, the moon would be having its yearly eclipse, turning it the very color of the blood of his thousands, maybe even millions of victims.

Including; Mello, his rival, Matt, a highly respected friend, and his father figure, L.

God, how he missed them. How he wished for their existence, how he begged every and any god he could think of to find it in their hearts to bring them back. God, he loved them.

A sudden gut churning feeling was telling him to go, go to their graves.



And L's.

God, he hadn't visited their graves since the funeral. He was terrified that he would somehow they would blame him. Blame him for not finding evidence sooner. L wouldn't be vengeful for him because at the time of his death, Near was only 13 and wasn't even on the case. But maybe he would be disappointed that he let the others down, and that would be just as bad.

The feeling soon spread through his entire body, making him hot all over then suddenly cold. It felt like he was going to turn inside out if he didn't find release soon. Stopping his squirming, Near lifted the comforter and suddenly he had no control over himself. His legs seemed not to care what his mind said, but were more preoccupied with listening to his heart.

He heard the dull padding of his clammy moisten feet against the hard oak wood of the floorboards. Down the stairs and past the kitchen and through the dining room and to the back door is when Near realized his arms had betrayed him too as they reached for the double doorhandles, grabbed them, then swung the two doors with enough force to open them fully, but not enough to damage to make make any alarming noises.

He exited the large white patio doors and walked the reasonable distance out in the yard to the three graves.

"Hello." Came out his timid, hoarse tone. Near felt like an imbecile, talking to headstones? Whats next, a tree?

Near shook the ridiculous thoughts from his mind, there was nothing wrong with this. He missed them and its not like someone was eavesdropping on him.

"I-I've missed you. All of you." Near still felt rather foolish, but it was getting better.

"It hurts that i never got to say goodbye to any of you. Just in case you didn't know, i really wish i could have. I mean you all mean so much to me." Near felt a little better, getting this off his chest felt good, and he doubted his fear of never coming here after the funeral for reasons that puzzle him now.

"Mello, even though we're, or WERE rivals in everything, i want you to know that you were always so special to me. I loved you, and thinking about it, i still kinda do. You were the only one who didn't praise me, who showed me that passion in something DOES matter. That even if something comes easy to you, Your never going to succeed if you can't show any want to, you have to want it so bad it hurts. You used to beat me up, jealous that I got everything, and even though you tried 110% more than I ever did, you still only became second. i know its weired, but thank you. You actually inspired me, Mello. And i regret never telling you so." Near inhaled, even though it felt good, it was still sad. He could feel the bottom eyelids begin to fill with tears, and his chest swell, but he ignored it for the time being- he still had to 'talk' with Matt and L.

"Matt, it's weired because we talked not enough for us to be considered good friends, but what we talked about seemed to be enough to be considered old friends. I had a crush on you, for the longest time. You are..WERE very beautiful, and your mind was so interesting, it's as if you came up with a philosophy for everything, and were not the least bit bothered by that fact you became third in everything. Its as if you were content with Mello as your friend and those videogames you were so fixated upon. God, you were so intelligent and mentally well equipt, it made me want to just be with you always, to be protected by your strong mind. Yeah, I HAD a crush on you, but when i heard about you and Mello having "relations" I didn't think it was true, just some gossip the other kids came up with for some entertainment. But when I was walking down the hall at night to go to the toilets, I passed by Mello's room and I heard you guys, i didn't become disgusted or even jealous. Instead I wanted to be a part of it,It's when I realized I loved you, Matt. I wanted you AND Mello to love me the way I loved you both, and I still do, with every fiber of my being." Near had streams of tears rolling down his cheeks now, and he felt his heart go wild with uneven, erratic beats, his chest seemed like air was being forced into it and it was hard to breath. But he still needed to say his final words for that night.

And finally, he faced L's grave.

He took a shaky inhale as he began his confession. "L, we only met the few times a year you'd visit, but in those short visits, I became emotionally attached to you. Not like I love Mello and Matt, but like a small child is to their father. Nobody in the orphanage had ever had any memories of their parents, and I never desired any, until I met you, you were so weired, you sat funny, you always ate sweets and you called Roger by his name instead of "sir" or something more formal. But the first time we met, I was 8. It was recess and I was on the swings and Mello had sent a few heavy built children to beat me up. I was being pulled off the swing by the collar of my pajamas and already starting to cry, just out of fright. They were about to sock me in the face when you stepped behind them and grabbed their heads and made them face you. I can't remember what you said, because i was busy staring at you while wiping my eyes.But whatever you did say scarred them because they ran off once you let them go and I saw Mello smack them on the head, glare at me, then walk away. You asked me if I was alright, if I needed anything or if I wanted to report those 'little thugs of Mello's', but I said no, I was ok. You took me inside anyway and offered me tea witch i deeply regret accepting seeing as you put over 15 cubes of sugar in mine. But we had a good time, and when you left, i knew that since you were a former Wammy student, theres no way I'd find a photograph of you, so I drew one. I kept it under my mattress for as long as I can remember from that point on and always said 'goodnight, L'. The more you visited, the more I seemed to grow attached to you. The last time you visited Wammy's, I..I remember saying.. 'Goodnight, Dad.'" Near began to sob, he dropped onto L's grave and wept.

It seemed to go on for hours, Near cursing Kira, begging for them to come back, saying he couldn't do this alone, he needed them. On it went until Near could cry no more, but only blindly shake as the blood red moon began to tint the world its evil color.

Soon Near found himself unable to bear the thought of L, Mello or Matt so he, once again, thought of the case.

He remembered clearly that Light's body was abducted by the Shinigami after the heart attack had killed him, He remembered even more clearly what he had said as he lifted into the air, holding Lights forum delicately in bridal style. He said "Don't worry, I'm only going to fix him." The Death God began to cackle a mischievous and knowing laugh as he exited the world and went onto the next.

Whatever that meant.

He looked up at the reddening moon as the hour of midnight creped up upon the land, he couldn't hear anything. Not even the classic cricket and frogs melody every forest seemed to play at night.

Near had been there for about 2 hours, slowly drowning in the red, welcoming it on the chilly October night.

Near leaned his head back, as if relishing in the now sinister moon, but was caught short in the moment when something caught his eye.

A slowly descending figure began circling around the area Near was in, Near fixated his gaze upon it and as it finally stopped circling overhead but instead began a straight path downwards. Eventually the features were readable, even in the red light. It was tall, and was apparently something human like because it had 2 legs and arms. As it descended lower, Near saw that it was clothed in a ruddy old cloak, ripped in many places and awfully worn out in others. Suddenly, Near was very aware of exactly what the figure was. It was a Shinigami.

As abruptly as near spotted it, it stopped descending and instead hung about 15 meters overhead. Near got up and moved slowly back as he kept his eye on it.

It did nothing, but just stayed still in the sky in a forum with his legs slightly bent, spine curved upwards and his arms freely dangling, reminding him of Ryuuk.

Frightened, confused and somewhat angry, Near shouted out "Oi! You, Shinigami!"

He knew it had to be one, what else could it be?

The cloaked figure seemed to fall this time but none the less, with utmost grace and with, what seemed to be, venomously before landing gracefully on his feet as he settled into a slumped position.

For a second, Near thought of L, with the same trademark crouch, but this was different. This wasn't L, this crouch was deadly and he could hear the loud, ragged breathing of the Shiniganmi. It was not laid back and lazy like the L Near missed so dearly.

And for only the reason that this complete stranger could stir up feelings that haven't been acknowledged since just a few moments ago, made Nears insides clench, blood boil, and at the same time, wrenched his heart.

"G-GET OUT OF HERE! YOU HAVE NO BUSINESS HERE, SHINIGAMI!" Near shouted at the crouching, hooded figure.

The figure stood up at its full height, nearing 7 feet.

"Forgive this sorrow filled soul, Neil Rivers, but my dues have long since passed and I come here now in debt and under influence of guilt. These three men, have put their lives in jeopardy for the sake of my downfall, and have succeeded with that belief. I, however, cannot accept that the innocent and pureness of their actions and beliefs should have to be one to die for, but one that should be know to all. So I am here, maybe not the same. But I shall grant the force of life through out these pure men as an apology to all those who all who have supported their true belief. Their belief of righteousness." Said the creature in, what he thought should have been, a scratchy, terrifying voice.

This one however, made Near feel like he was in a boat going about 5 mph with his hand in the water, it was relaxing, soothing and it made some of his anger cool.

The cloaked figure bent down again, in the same crouching position and drew out a long fingered, black hand to the soil.

Then it hit Near, "NO! I will NOT have these peoples graves tainted with the skin of a Shinigami! YOUR KIND HAS RUINED ENOUGH LIVES!"

Near pounced.

The Shinigami had not expected it, so was lurched forward as Nears small forum latched onto his upper body and ripped his hood off. The Shinigami, now aware of what was happening, pushed Near off him with ease, seeing as he had almost no muscle, but only flesh that, in its self, Near had very little of.

Near was about to attack again, regardless of his body type, when he caught the face of the Shinigami without the cloak.

What Near saw, he could not have prepared for in a thousand years.

He saw the face of Light Yaginimi, with much paler skin, and a lanky body, His hair had lost it's liveliness and was stringy and about 4 inches longer than what it was previously.

He drew back most of the chest of his cloak, that revealed that his former naked body was sewn together with what he'd assume to be Ryuuk's former self, in that same manor that that very same Shinigami's head was sewn onto its own body.

Despite the creepiness of his posture and the frightfulnesses of his sewn, and horrid forum, Near couldn't help but ponder the words he had just said to him.

"Wait... Yo-Your gonna bring them to life?" He questioned, not completely believing him.

"That is correct." The Shinigami/Light still hadn't moved from its position from where he threw Near off from.

"Why now? Why wait an entire YEAR!?" Near was becoming suddenly angry. But god dammit, a YEAR?

"I'm truly sorry, but you must know that it took this long just for the King of Shinigami's to approve of this plan, I assume you've realized Ryuuk has sacrificed himself for the sake of my attempt to untie this heavily tangled knot in witch I have created."

Near nodded.

"In hopes of bending this dream into the world you reside in, L, Matt, and Mello, are in crucial need to be alive."

"Shinigami's can grant life?" Near asked in question.

"No, that is in the hands of the God of the Netherworlds." Light/Shinigami replied.

"It took an exhausting, and vile amount of errands and waiting and bribing, but eventually I was granted their Contract of Life."

Light/Shinigami gave the impression that he was no longer going to talk, because he reached out and dug all five of his fingers into Matt's grave.

What seemed to be a creamy extremely light blue blanket was wrapping itself around an invisible figure, laying on the ground in front of Light and soon enough, Matt appeared, wrapped in the air soft blanket,suspended about 2 inches off the ground and apparently, sleeping.

Light walked over to Mellos grave, and the same exact thing happened, except Mello's blanket was a creamy chocolate color (i wonder why).

Then Light paused, before he began with the same thing he had done with Matt and Mellos graves to L's.

L's was a deep raven, with the night sky illuminating it to a beauty even Aphrodite could not surpass (Aphrodite is the Greek God of beauty and love).

As L's figure began to form, Light drew closer and would his spider like arms around the body, and when L's naked body was completed under the thin sheet, Light was holding him very close.

He soon began to pick up L bridal style while his head fell back, in his unconscious state.

"What about Mello and Matt?" Near asked as Light turned to leave into the house to lay L down upon a bed.

Light looked Near over. He knew that Near barely had enough energy and strength to carry one of them, and to carry them both would be out of the question.

He silently came back and picked up Mello and cradled him in one arm, with L in the other.

"Please carry Matt, as he should be the lightest of weights" Light said, as he was already annoyed about having to carry two people.

After a large grunt escaping from Nears lips as he lifted Matt to ride on him "Piggy-Back Style" Light was already making haste into the former Victorian Gothic house.

Why was he doing this? Near knew he shouldn't just let this new Light believe that he could do anything. Hell, he should still be mad at him, no, LOATHE him for what he did. But somehow, Near knew Light meant no harm. Maybe, Light had truly morned over their deaths, just as Near had.

He led them through the house, up the stairs where all the rooms were and showed Light where L would sleep, in a large white and creme colored room with a large bed, king sized, with a canopy in the middle of the room.

After Light laid L on the large bed under the silk comforter, he left with Near to bring Mello and Matt into another room.

They walked silently in the hall, Light not knowing if he should say anything and Near decided that, if this was a dream, he didn't want to wake up.

They entered the large, but smaller than the first room that Light figured to be Nears, seeing as there were Lego Lands in various places and other toys discarded all over the place.

In the corner of his eye, Light saw a set of toy dolls that seemed to not have been touched for a while. He saw that they looked awfully familiar to the SPK members and the Kira Investigators. He saw that one with wild black hair's ace was X'd out, as well as one with longish blond hair and bangs and two with auburn hair that seemed well combed. It didn't talk long to figure out that they were representing L, Mello, Matt and himself.

They approached the bed and Near lay Matt and L laid Mello on a simple queen sized bed with a canary yellow comforter. Light told Near that they needed a few hours rest before they were ready to wake.

Near was still overwhelmed by this entire "Back- To- Life" shit, but he knew that Light wanted to have a moment with L. Or, by the way he was looking off into space like that, the rest of the night.

Near was planning on sleeping/resting on the couch that resided in Mello and Matts room.

So he bid Light goodnight, knowing that he wouldn't hurt L. And took a blanket from the closet then laid on the small love seat that was placed at the foot of the bed and for once in one full year, fell asleep in a deep, dreamless sleep.

LIGHT'S POV................

'I can't remember ever seeing him this peaceful looking. It must be because there is no danger in the Netherworld, since their already dead, there was no longer a reason to stay alert.' Thought Light as he sat at the edge of the bed, gazing at the beautiful man in front of him.

Light began to wonder, 'He will most likely hate me, I did in fact cause his death, so I shouldn't even be offended if he chooses to yell, scream or try to hurt me.' Light wished so that L would love him, that L would accept him as his lover. He wishes that he was human again so he could lie next to L, and they could gaze into each others eyes all night. He wished he could grow old and die (of natural causes) with him. But it would never happen, L was already so far from the capability of love when he was alive before, and now for him to accept Light as his love, was blasphemous.

Light continued with his musings.

God, it had been years and he still could not get over L.

Light wondered what would happen to his self if L truly and deeply despised him. He was only brought to life to save them and now that the task was done he was free to do whatever. Why would he even continue living, would he kill himself? No, he couldn't do that to Ryuuk, the Shinigami had given Light his Life and body to repent for his horrible sins, he couldn't throw it away. Plus he still had to......

His thoughts were interrupted as a voice caught his ear.



Okay, so the first version of this was EXTREMELY sloppy, so I've re- written it all in hopes of fixing most of the mistakes and crappyness.

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