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A Digimon, Taito fic.

Chapter: 1

Tai was taking up the couch, gleefully greedy.
Yama wasn’t too put out. He’d managed to wrestle a cushion away and was seated on it on the floor in front of the couch, resting against it.
Every now and then, Tai would poke him in the head, but he ignored him, gluing his eyes to the TV screen rather then glare at the genki brunette who just would not quit.
They had been sitting there for an hour or so, Yama not particularly interested in what had screen time, when Tai sighed, loud.
“Bored? You picked this movie.” Yama reminded him.
“Not bored.” He answered petulantly. “I just wanna watch something else.”
Yama snorted.
“Fine, what?” He turned a little to look at Tai, who was laying on his stomach on the couch, head leaning on the armrest.
“Umm,” He thought for a moment, chewing on his lip. It was fake of course. He knew exactly what he wanted to watch, he was just pretending to seem innocent. But Tai was far from innocent. “Well, how about porn?” He asked in a rush.
Yama was expecting this and was already scowling at him.
They had only watched porn together once; it had been an awkward experience and one Yama wasn’t eager to repeat, heightened by the fact that it was Tai’s porn and it ran along themes that made Yama itch.
“Oh come on Yama, don’t tell me that watching all those skimpily clad woman prance about,” He gestured at the movie playing. “Didn’t make you just a little hot?” He argued.
Rather then lie about that, Yama chose to lie about something else.
“I don’t have any porn in the house.” Tai opened his mouth to argue. “After the incident with the watermelon, dad regularly rummages through my room. I would rather he not find anything incriminating so there is nothing incriminating.” Matt explained, glaring pointedly at Tai. He was the one who hid the watermelon, apparently as a joke, and then forgot about it. Matt had had to sleep on the couch for a week while his dad had professionals clean his carpet.
Tai had the decency to look sheepish.
“Well, sorry about that, but if you’d just done as I’d said and–”
“Don’t start Tai.” Matt cut him off, but Tai was grinning a little at the memory.
Matt turned back to the film, but Tai didn’t drop the subject.
“Well, maybe your dad has some.”
Matt froze.
“Whilst the thought itself is traumatic, the suggestion of watching something that my dad has…well…to, would likely scar me for the rest of my life. And remove all pleasure from the viewing.” Matt said, feeling a little disgusted.
“Hmm, kinky.” Tai muttered.
“Tai!” Matt turned and punched in the shoulder, but Tai just laughed, rolling a little onto his side to cradle his arm.
“You’re sick, you know that?” Matt demanded angrily.
“Yama, you know all my kinks.” Tai shook his head.
“I didn’t ask for them to be listed.” Yama said hotly, ready to smack Tai again.
“Oh come on Yama, it’s one of the tamer ones.” Tai persisted.
“You should see someone about that. Sexual deviances will damn you.”
“Heh, my soul's golden, what with saving the world so many times. I figure I can get away with anything. Sexually deviant at least.” Tai grinned, waggling his eyebrows.
Yama just stared.
“You know, you’re in the same boat…” Tai trailed off suggestively.
“I think I’ll save my slate-cleaning privileges for something more important than getting off.”
“Suit yourself.”
Matt turned back to the film but Tai was now fully into the porn idea.
He leaned toward Yamato’s ear, knowing a stubborn you-cannot-affect-me-attitude would keep Matt in place as he spoke.
“Think about it Yama, all the fun you could have…all the pretty young things you could touch and not have to worry about damnation.” He purred, his voice dropping lower as Matt shifted uncomfortably. “All those willing bodies, with hot mouths and hotter thighs…” Tai trailed off.
He could tell the effect he was having on Yamato from the way his pulse jumped in his throat. There were no other outward signs that Yamato was getting turned on.
“Come on, don’t you wanna indulge? Just for a moment?”
“Why can’t you just wait till you go home?”
“I’m spending the night, remember? That’s a whole day too long.”
“So go into the bathroom or something.”
“No Tai, it was bad enough the first time, I can’t believe I let you talk me into that but not again okay never again.”
“Argh.” Tai rejoined eloquently.
Silence fell for a while, but Yama didn’t expect it to last long.
“You know what would be great?”
“What?” He hissed.
“To have a girlfriend.” Tai said lightly.
“No kidding.”
“Someone you could fuck without having to worry about it, you’d just call ‘em up, get ‘em over and ravish them.” He spoke wistfully.
“Sounds more like a hooker than a girlfriend.” Yama noted dryly.
A pause.
“I can’t believe Rita dumped me.” Tai huffed, put out.
“Well if that’s how you were treating her, I’m not surprised.” Yama said offhandedly, trying to get back into the movie.
“I didn’t…okay maybe I did.” Yama was just glad Tai had given up on protesting.
“It’s your own fault Tai.”
“Girls are so much hassle.” Yama could hear the constrained frown. “I just want someone I can fuck when and where I want to.” Certainly sounded simple enough, but noooooo.
“And we’re back to the hooker.”
Tai didn’t reply, but Yama was feeling progressively more uncomfortable.
“Tai? Tai what are you thinking?”
Tai didn’t answer straight away, and that made Yama more anxious.
“Well…you don’t want to know.”
“If it’s more of your perversions, no I don’t.”
“Think about it Yama, don’t you want that too?”
“A hooker?” He had to stop bringing that up…..
“Someone you can sleep with, no hassle, no worries, just sex, good sex.” Tai spoke carefully.
“I don’t like where this is going…”
“Just think about it. You’d like that wouldn't you?”
“It doesn’t work like that Tai, there is no such thing as a hassle free, commitment free relationship.” He was slipping into lecture mode. Which happened a lot around Tai. “Sex is incredibly intimate, you can’t sleep with someone and expect there to be no changes in you, them, your relationship. Even one night stands have an effect.”
“You can be such a girl sometimes Yamato.”
Yama resisted the urge to smack the idiot brunette.
“Well you can.”
Shaking his head, Yama focussed his eyes steadily on the tv. He couldn’t remember what the film was about.
“You don’t even know what I’m gonna say.”
“I don’t care. NO.”
“Yama, look at me, this is serious okay?”
Gritting his teeth, Yamato turned his head a little to look at his friend.
“Fine, say it.”
“I, well…what about…you know…fuck buddies…” Tai had the decency to look sheepish.
Yama stared.
Yama stared, and gaped.
“Say something.”
Tai was fidgeting now.
The blonde swallowed, blinking.
“You’re talking about, us?” He felt something turning in his stomach, something suspiciously like nausea.
“Well…. I’d asked Mimi or Sora but they’d flatten me and what with my history with Sora… Miya might be up for it but she has a boyfriend right now and I don’t wanna screw that up. There’s no other close enough female friends left.” Tai explained, as if it were all perfectly logical.
“So you’d thought you’d ask a guy?” Maybe he’d fallen asleep. Yeah, that would make everything okay….
Tai shifted, looking away, before his face twisted a little and he turned back to Yama.
“Truth is Yamato, I would never have asked anyone but you.” He said, utterly serious. “You may not be the one most likely to say yes, but you’re the only one I could actually suggest it too.”
Yama’s brain blanked for a moment, before he replied.
“Whilst I feel flattered that this is a symbol of our deep friendship. NO fucking way.”
“Did you mean to say it like that?” Tai’s mind was still firmly stuck in the gutter, and he even managed a wry smile at the blonde.
“Tai. No.” Yama warned.
“I’m straight. You just don’t do it for me.” He stated flatly.
“Well duh. Yamato, sex doesn’t have to be about attraction.”
“It’s not like we spend time together and wait for the boners. We get the boners first. It’s just pleasure, sensation. That’s all. You close your eyes, fill your mind with beautiful woman and then just forget who it is touching you.” Tai once again explained as if he knew everything there was to know on the subject.
“You’re serious.” Yama was back to gaping.
“I said that earlier I think.”
“Tai, it was bad enough watching porn with you, the idea of doing…is horrific.”
“Well, I’d be doing…too.”
“That’s not the point.”
“What is the point?”
“Tai, like I said earlier, any kind of sex will affect the relationship. I mean, we’re close, but that close?”
“Like you say Yama, we’re close. Really close. I mean, I’ve seen you naked on so many occasions, and you’ve seen me; I’ve touched you so much I know what you feel like.”
“But that was through cloth.” Yama said defiantly.
“Not always, we’ve had fights in the nude and semi-nude.”
Yama almost choked.
“And that makes everything okay?”
“It’s just sex. We’re already close right? It’s just getting a little closer. We’ll still be best friends.”
“You don’t know that alright? You think you’re the first person to suggest stuff like that? I’m sure plenty of relationships, even ones closer than ours, have fallen apart because of one night stands. Hell, even full out romantic liaisons fall apart from sex.”
“I’m not talking abut one night stands, I’m talking about full out sex when we need it.”
“That just makes it worse! If doing it once screws everything up, doing more is hardly gonna make everything okay!”
“But we know that, right, we know it’s just sex, we know we just want to get off, so we won’t let that happen.”
“No Taichi, it doesn’t work like that. We could still screw it up.”
“Come on, share.” Tai coaxed.
“I don’t know! But there are plenty of ways. What if one of us says something…during the, uh, sex, and it upsets the other, or if you let out that sadistic side of yours and decide you want to make it really, really rough?”
“So we have an agreement, we only do what the other agrees to. You know, like bdsm, safe words that if they get said, everything stops.”
“And what if you decide you wanna gag me?”
“Geeze Yama, for someone rejecting the idea of casual sex, you sure are letting your imagination run away with you.”
“Shut up! I’m just saying that there are too many variables.”
“Now you sound like Izzy.”
“No Taichi. Just no.”
“Yamato, our relationship has lasted through some serious shit, hasn’t it? I mean, we’ve fought and argued so often that you can trace the scars we’ve given each other for a perfect time line. We’ve betrayed each other and let each other down, we’ve been on opposite sides, worst enemies. Hell, we’ve even tried to kill each other. And we’re still best friends. We can do this.” Tai encouraged.
“Why should we? I’m the lead signer of an up and coming band, by general consensus an Adonis, with a heroic past under my belt and almost unlimited freedom. I don’t need to screw you. I have enough fangirls to get laid with a different one each night for a year.” He barked back huffily.
“So why don’t you?” Tai asked simply.
Yama just stared.
Why didn’t he?
“You’re right Yama, and I’m in a similar boat,” Yama repressed a snort at that. “But you don’t take advantage of your position. You hardly ever have a girlfriend, and those you do date, leave you after a month or so. Why? Because girls are too much hassle! I’m offering you every guy’s dream! Well…every gay guys dream….but a dream none the less. And besides, it’ll just be sex. You can still go out and get a girlfriend and play happy hetero. Okay? It’s a win-win situation. You get sex on demand, guilt and responsibility free, and a girl you can lavish all your sexual-tension-free attention on. It makes perfect sense.” Tai finished.
Yamato was just stunned. Had all of this come to Tai just now, or had he been thinking about it for a while?
When Yamato failed to answer after several minutes, Tai coaxed again.
“Come on Yama, I’m almost hurting here…”
“Tai…NO FRICKIN’ WAY! You wanna get off, go in the bathroom. And we are never talking about this again. Understand?”
Tai glared.
“Fine!” The brunette stood, narrowly missing smacking Yama around the head with his legs, before storming to the bathroom. In the doorway, he paused and looking back added.
“Oh, and Yamato, I noticed the vocab change.” He sniped before disappearing into the almost porcelain room and locking the door behind.
Yamato, left on the floor, shuddered.
That was one of the most disturbing conversations of his life.
He shifted, rearranging the cushion in his lap.
Even after the heated words, the ache Tai had given him from before was still there.
Stupid fuc– frickin’ hormones.

A/N: This is the only chapter without sex, in case you were wondering.

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