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Seres walked into her dark, plain room, dropping the many bags that she had in her hands onto the cold stone floor.

“Oh my god! I am so tired how did I manage to buy so much stuff? I’ll go through this later.” Seres said out loud to herself.

“Talking to yourself again, Police Girl?” Alucard stated while emerging through the stone wall.” This has become a new habit of yours as of late.”

“Master,” Seres nearly screamed, “You nearly scared me to death!”

“Police Girl, need I remind you that you are already dead in the mortal sense of the word?” Alucard stated, grinning madly.

“Oh,” Seres blushed” Is there an emergency, do you or Sir Integra need me for something, Master?”

“No, no, I just wanted to see what you had bought.” grinned Alucard.

“Master, I’m kind of tired right now, I was going to go through them tonight.” Seres yawned widely.

“Still not strong enough to fight the dawn yet, Police Girl?” Alucard chuckled.

“No, Master.” Seres stated crossly. ‘I don’t need him pointing out my flaws to me I know them well enough’ she thought.

“Very well, I will be patient, but remember, Police Girl, patience is not one of my few virtues.” Alucard’s voice stated as his head slowly disappeared though the wall.

‘I can’t believe him. I think he does this just to get me agitated. Oh well no time to bloody dwell on this now I feel the dawn approaching.’

Seres stripped down to her white underwear and pulled a clean white t-shirt over her head. Climbing into her coffin bed slowly she pulled her covers up to her chin. ‘This feels like a cocoon, safe from the world’ Seres thought. Seres could feel the dawn swiftly approaching and felt the death sleep slowly pulling her into the world of dreams. She reached out and hit the small button on the bed post. As the top of the bed came closing down she gave up her small fight and let the death sleep fall over her.

‘You are still so weak, Police Girl, but getting so much stronger. You will make worthy bride yet, Alucard thought. He found himself pacing his room, about to go insane, if that was possible. He wanted to know what his precious Police Girl had bought with his old world money. Alucard sat in his throne-like chair and carefully poured himself a glass of his blood wine. Sipping the wine always relaxed him. He let his mind wander to Seres diary wondering what she would write next. What secrets will she disclose in that little book? Well this was not working. He was going to have to find out soon, the suspense was killing him! Alucard laughed softly at his own little play of words.

Meanwhile Seres opened her eyes slowly to find herself sitting cross-legged across from the rusty cage. For a moment she felt a great fear, thinking that the monster had escaped and she was in the cage. Seres released a small sigh of relief when she saw the monster walking up to the bars of the cage.

‘So you came to visit me, little one.’ The monster stated.

‘Not by my choice’ replied Seres.

‘Are you so sure of that?’

‘And why would I bloody not be?’ Questioned Seres crossly.

‘Perhaps you have questions about a certain master of yours.You are extremely protective of him and you never even in your darkest thoughts wish to be separated from him. This thought alone scares you. You are actually afraid of becoming separated from him, are you not, little one?’ the monster stated grinning.

‘I have no idea what you are talking about.’ Seres stubbornly replied.

‘Little one, you cannot keep lying to yourself or to me about your hidden feelings’ the monster said.’ Let me out of this cage and I can help you to win his heart.’

‘NEVER, I have no feelings for him other than that of a master and his servant. Even if I did it would not matter, he does not care for me or my feelings and I will never tell him about you.’

The monster having finally become tired of Seres childish denials, jumped up and ran to the bars of the rusty cage. Her eyes were deep blood red and filled with anger.

‘Stupid girl, you will soon have to realize that you are me and I am you. You will have to acknowledge me or risk tearing yourself apart. Admit to your feelings for your master and acknowledge that you and I are one or risk going insane. The choice is yours foolish girl. ‘

Seres could feel herself coming awake the dawn of the night pulling her away from the land of dreams. She hated to admit that she was taking the coward’s way out like she did when Alucard offred his gift to her in that dark church, but she let herself be taken. As she felt herself drift further away she heard the monster in the cage scream at her

‘Coward! Stupid Little Girl! Run, run for now, but you will not keep me here forever!’

As Seres awakened she could still hear the rattle of the cage and prayed to whatever god was listening that the cage and the little fragile lock would hold. Seres feared this monster that looked like her in so many ways and knew about her innermost secrets. Secrets kept hidden from everyone including herself. She awoke quickly and sat up forgetting in her haste that her bed was a coffin. She smacked her head hard and fell back down on her pillow. Rubbing her forehead she pushed the button to raise the lid. Feeling around under her mattress for her diary and pen she pulled them out and reached for her candle. Seres was greatly relived to find her diary in the same place she had left it. Lighting her candle with her newfound mind powers she opened the small book carefully ‘He was right, she thought ‘drinking blood does make you stronger, not that I would tell him that. He already has an ego problem.’ She stopped for a moment trying to set her thoughts straight before starting to write, then slowly picked up her pen and began to write.

Dear Diary,

I have to admit my night started off pretty normal. Kill a few ghouls, Master killing a vampire (who I must say, did not put up much of a fight)..... I have yet to meet someone my master cannot defeat; this is not including Sir Integra, of course. When I got back to the mansion I got a pleasant surprise: I was given wages by Sir Integra and told to spend them however I wished. I ,of course, bought clothes and some accessories for my room. I do have to admit that my taste have become more darker and a bit more risque. I have a feeling that the monster inside my head had a little bit to do with my choices. She still whispers to me. As my power grows from drinking blood hers grow as well. I think of the dream I just awoke from and wonder, what did she mean? She is not me and I am not her, I could never hope to be her. The monster is beautiful and dangerous. She is like a lioness and I am nothing but a small kitten. I do have to be honest with myself, we do agree on one point: I do love Alucard and not as a brother, father, or master. I often find myself wishing that he was my lover. I am not silly enough to believe that he would ever be interested or attracted to me in that way. I am nothing to him other than an embarrassment. I have disappointed him too much for him to feel anything for me other than loathe and disgust. How could the monster know that I felt this way? There is no way that we are alike. I will try to capture his attention tonight. I hold out hope that he will find interest in me, but I do not hold out much. If I am turned away then I will have to find another way to get over this ill fated love of mine. She still pleads with me to let her out; she is getting stronger and smarter, and I do not know how long the cage will hold. I am afraid of going insane and losing myself if I let her out. I do not know what to do. I hear my master coming I must finish this and get changed before he finds this little book of secrets. Again he must never know of this monster or of my feelings for him. Wish me luck, little book.


Seres quickly shut her diary and locked it. Replacing it quickly under the mattress of the bed she swong her long, shapely legs off the side of the bed. Walking to the bags on the floor Seres quickly striped off her underwear and t-shirt. She reached into the bag and pulled out a pair of blood red bikini panties that tied on the sides with black silk ribbons and a black silk gown that was held together with blood red ribbons going down the sides. She hurriedly put these items on and bent over the bags again. Seres wanted Alucard to think that she had been busy going though her purchases and not know about her secret little book. ‘God, it is bloody hard to keep a secret from a vampire.’ Seres mused. Alucard was now at Seres door. He paused just long enough to knock once before walking right on in. ’She should have heard me coming, I gave plenty of warning’ Alucard thought.

“Ready or not here I come, Police Girl” Alucard said in a sing-song voice.

The site that greeted Alucard when he entered Seres room nearly brought him to his knees. Alucard made a mental note not to let his jaw gap open and start drooling like his summoned Hell-Hounds. With Seres bent over in that dress Alucard could see the underwear she was wearing and every curve of her body. Seres straightened when Alucard walked in and he had to wonder to himself how her breasts did not fall out of that dress.

“Master! You startled me! Master are you alright?”

‘If she only knew’ Alucard thought. ”Sir Integra wished me to tell you that we have tonight off. I also came to see what you bought last night.” Alucard said looking like a cat that ate the cream. ‘If this is part of what she bought I can not wait to see the others’ Alucard thought unaware that his look had just turned predatory.

‘I wonder if this was a good idea’ Seres thought ‘well its too late to back out now I just wish he would quit looking like he was going to eat me.’

Just then a knock was heard at Seres door.

“Ms. Victoria, I have your supper.” Walter droned.

Alucard leaned over and opened the door. Walter jumped a little at the elder vampire being in the room then quickly schooled his face back to the passive look he was famous for.

“Alucard, would you like your supper and wine here as well?” Walter asked.

“Yes, Walter, that would be fine” Alucard answered.

Walters jaw just about hit the ground when he finally saw Seres. Alucard could feel the hair on his neck starting to stand on end. He and Walter had been partners and almost friends if you could call a mad vampire a friend, but he could not help but want to rip Walters’s eyes out of his skull for the way that he was looking at his bride. His bride, well, he had been thinking about this for a long time; maybe tonight was the night to make Seres his. Walter, feeling the hatred rolling off Alucard carefully schooled his features again. Alucard was no one he wanted to make an enemy out of. He wasn't scared of him, but he knew enough to respect the formidable vampire. If Alucard had laid claim to Seres then he would step down, but he just hoped that the little kitten knew what she was getting into. Walter walked to the table and sat down the brass tray and turned to leave.

“I will collect that a little later; it is time for Sir Integra’s tea.” Walter said “I take my leave.”

As he was walking out Walter whispered to Alucard “Try not to break her I am extremely fond of Miss Victoria, Alucard”

‘I will not harm my bride, Walter, at least not in a way she will not enjoy’ Alucard relayed to Walter mentally so as not to be heard by Seres.

Walter bowed and softly closed the door on the pair. Alucard walked to the table and removed his hat and coat. Sitting in the chair he poured himself some of the blood wine. Picking up the glass he looked at Seres

“Come and eat, Police Girl.” Alucard grinned.

“Yes Master.” Seres replied. She carefully took the bowl and a blood pack. She pierced the blood pack and carefully poured it into the bowl. Picking up her spoon, she walked to the bed and sat down drawing one leg up under herself. Alucard watched all of her movements closely. From the flash of leg to the slight glimpse of her underwear to the spoon making its way to her mouth and the long slender throat that was swallowing the bitter sweet liquid of life.


Sir Integra was sitting at her large mahogany desk going over the latest paper work. She took her fingers and pinched the bridge of her nose.

‘This is all I need’ she thought ’Alucard acting weird and a new unknown slayer in London.’ There was a soft knock on her door.

“Sir Integra your tea is ready” Walter stated.

“Thank you, bring it in Walter.” She was still looking down at her paperwork when she hear a tea cup fall. She quickly glanced up and saw Walter staring at the picture on the open folder she had been working on. Walter could not believe it. This could not be true, but there it was in color. Integra glanced at Walter sharply

“Walter what the bloody hell is wrong with you? Do you know this slayer?”

“Yes Sir Integra and so does Alucard. You may want to call him for this, I only have the energy to tell this story once and he may have more to add.” Walter stated somewhat in a daze. ’This could not be. This could not be’

Alucard could feel the presence of his master calling him. ‘Why does she choose to interfere now’ he thought irritably.

“Police Girl, finish your supper. My master is calling me I will return to you shortly” Alucard stated while rising from the chair.

“Yes Master.” Seres answered. ‘I wonder what could have happened. Oh well, so much for a day off.’

Alucard opened his portal and stepped in and in a few seconds was in Integra’s office.

“You summoned my master.” Alucard stated, a little pissed to have been drawn away from his plans for the evening.

“Tell me what you know of this slayer.” Integra said “Walter has been a bit shaken up every since he saw the photograph.”

“Oh, what could have shaken up the Angel of Death?” Alucard asked grinning. He was a little worried though, it was unlike the Angel of Death to be afraid of anything. He was not even afraid of Alucard, so what could have shaken him so badly?

Alucard opened the file and did not even read it, just stared at the picture inside. ”She looks like Alexis.” Alucard stated staring with disbelief.

“Alexis?” Integra asked.

“Master, this is a picture of Walters’s niece.” Alucard stated with surprise.

“Walter’s niece you say.” Integra said “Alucard this is a new slayer from America that just showed up in London. Brief Seres on your new mission. Starting tomorrow night you and she will be tracking and keeping a eye on this hunter I want to know who she is working for and if she is a threat. Also find out if she really is Walter’s niece. Oh, and Alucard you are not allowed to eat anyone including the slayer unless she threatens your life. You will report to me all your findings. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes, my master.” Alucard stated still in disbelief.

“Very well, you are dismissed” Integra finished. As Alucard slipped though his void Integra turned to Walter and stated with a little understanding in her voice “You are not to have any interaction with her until we know all the facts. I hope you understand Walter.”

“Yes, Sir Integra, as you wish” Walter stated.

“Walter, you are dismissed, I need to think on this” Integra said already deep in thought.

Walter walked slowly out the door. How can this be true? Where has she been this whole time? Will she remember me? Alexis. Alexis. Walter slowly walked to his room, his head full of the thoughts of his favorite niece the one that was suppose to become as good a slayer as her uncle.

Meanwhile, Alucard had returned to Seres room. Seres was waiting on him.

“May I speak to your mind ,Police Girl? There is something that we must talk about that I do not wish others to hear of just yet” Alucard asked.

‘Yes, Master’ Seres answered, quite curious to know what was going on.

‘We start a new mission tomorrow. We will be tracking this slayer and finding out where her loyalties lie. The thing that I did not want to be over heard is that this slayer looks just like Walters niece.’ Alucard stated softly and she could feel his confusion at this prospect.

‘What is so odd about that, Master?’ Seres asked.

‘She is supposed to be dead’ Alucard stated flatly.

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