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Disclaimer: I do not own Death Note, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Title: Arcadia

Disclaimer: Death Note is not mine.

Pairings: Eventual LxLight; at least one other pairing will have a prominent plot point, but I won't be giving that away.

Warnings: Cross-dressing, yaoi, S&M in later chapters. I'll add more warnings later as I need them. I believe I'll need them.

Summary: AU. Light is a detective moon-lighting as a vigilante serial killer, but when a hard case leads to L's involvement, will his luck run out...?

Comments: I have no idea. Honestly I just hit a plot snag in Tear You Apart and wanted to get my mind off it, and I have a secret kink for P.I. novels and Law and Order, so... There ya go. This was supposed to be a little spin-off of no consequence, but it's probably gonna be multi-chapter now, and I have the entire plot planned out bar about three puzzle pieces. It's seriously a relief to write though-- this is little-complicated, not bad, and I only need to focus on the motives of a few chars, not like... twenty. It's like going home and making cookies after being a sous-chef.

I'm not stopping on TYA, this is just something I'll work on when I have problems with TYA's plottage or when the mood strikes. Story was originally called SNAFU, but ended up being much more serious than I intended, so it got a name change.


The client was a mess. High-strung, with pale eyes that focused on everything with a disturbing intensity. She also had a seemingly compulsive need for chocolate. I would have assumed that her purse held nothing but candybars if I hadn't seen the dull gleam of metal among the wrappers. Chocolate and a gun.

I reflected that the purse couldn't be the most effective sort of holster-- even without the candy, the time required to dig a weapon out of that black monstrosity would be inconvenient at best. Lethal in the right situation.

Then again, there wasn't really a more convenient place for her to carry. Pleather and lace clung tightly in what could loosely be called a skirt and halter top if one weren't picky about the amount of material actually needed to define either article. Thigh-high black stockings covered lithely muscled legs and led into knee-high boots. Her hair was kept chin-length and the blonde looked natural.

Mello was a tranny who'd made a name for herself in a high-end S&M club. She'd informed me that she was here because a friend was in danger. In her words: "I'll kill any fucker that touches him, but I've gotta work. I can't protect him all the time."

I'd inquired as to why she'd come to a P.I. and not a bodyguard. She'd wanted someone with a brain who could go on the offense and not just a shield to watch passively over her friend.

This wasn't the sort of work I was usually hired for. Aside from the difficulty of predicting a crime that hadn't yet occurred and determining the assaulter when even Mello wasn't certain of the suspect... I wasn't entirely convinced the client wasn't more than a little insane herself.

She wouldn't tell me any real details until I'd agreed to take her on, said stipulation being the reason for our impromptu contest of wills.

Common sense told me I should drop the case, but I was getting bored with my job. I really didn't want my night-time hobby to be the only thing keeping me going in life.

I needed a thrill.

If that required signing up with an armed dominatrix transvestite, well... that sort of opportunity just doesn't come along twice in a lifetime. Even in my line of work.

Leaning back in my office chair, I crossed my legs regally and gave Mello my full attention. "All right, I'm in. Now, who am I really protecting...?"


I suppose I should introduce myself, now that you've read this far.

My name is Light Yagami. I have the dubious pleasure of being known as the most attractive Private Investigator on the west side.

That made it a little difficult to find serious clients, so I hired Ryuk. He can barely spell and has the most bizarre sense of humor I've ever known. I hired him for his looks.

At 6'6" and with a lanky muscle, the man can barely fit through the office door and had to have a desk and chair specially designed for him. He has a face like a monster and his eyes never stare in the same direction. His teeth have been filed to points.

Ryuk is the perfect secretary. Unlike the stream of attractive girls I'd tried before, he's never attempted to flirt with me-- the thought is terrifying, actually-- and my past doesn't bother him. It doesn't even interest him. He makes jokes, but life to Ryuk is little more than a situational comedy with a revolving cast.

Any client that can make it past Ryuk has to have a will of stone or be so desperate that terror can't drive them out the door.

This seems like a strange way to run a business. Surprisingly enough, I generally have a solid supply of cases anyway. Ryuk weeds out any frivolous teenagers or paranoid housewives that would otherwise bother me, and I get to focus on the real work. It's an ideal situation.

I suppose the main reason I still have clients is my reputation.

I used to be the star officer at the NPA in Japan-- a certified genius with a strong drive for justice. Unfortunately, the NPA and I had a falling out.

Apparently I kill too easily.

When the body count got high enough, the higher ups got nervous. I always had good reason for the murders, but eventually excuses begin to seem like just that when criminals keep turning up dead around you.

It was finally suggested that I take a voluntary leave for a few years while my trail cooled down. Where's the fairness in that?

So I quit, moved to America, got my own license and began investigating independently. Of course, not having a badge made killing the low-lifes of the city a little harder.

For one thing, I had to dispose of the bodies now. Couldn't just leave them for the police to stumble over. I think of it as taking out the trash. Sometimes you get your hands messy, but it's necessary dirty-work to keep the place you live in clean. Ryuk thinks it's hilarious.

I told you his sense of humor is unusual.

As of yet, no one has noticed my crimes. When criminals disappear, people don't look too deeply into it. It's seen as a blessing, and to use a common idiom for this country, you don't want to look the gift horse in the mouth.

I'm very good at what I do, be it killing criminals or merely apprehending them. This is simple fact. My skills are on a level that almost imitates intuition.

With Mello, my instinct told me to leave the case alone. My pride won.

Now, I can only hope it doesn't kill me...


So what do you think? Light isn't exactly in character, but I rather like the voice nonetheless. I'm playing about with having the characters almost exactly as they are in the real series but with at least one major flaw or difference to see how things go. For Mello, cross-dressing, among a few other tweaks. For Light, no Death Note, but he's still a serial killer. Apparently most of the story's past-tense, with moments of him present-tense and talking to the reader, eh?

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