Deliver Us

BY : Absolute-Ruination
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Deliver Us

By Absolute-Ruination

Rating: M
Pairing: L x Raito
Summary: Many have wondered but few comprehend… what is the true meaning of God? Some say divinity is in the eye of the beholder.


Prologue - Reinvention

There are three basic characteristics that encompass the majority of any God, or, at least, any real God. Though perhaps characteristics is too physical a description. In truth, they are more abilities than anything, powers, if you should be inclined to such “divine” vocabulary.

The first is this; the power to destroy. To completely annihilate, to desecrate, to smite and leave not a trace. It is commonly associated with death, and the power over it. It is the ability that humans can most relate to, that made them more similar to God than any other creature on the face of the planet. Their capability to knowingly and ruthlessly condemn and devour that around them. It is the face of fire, the mystery and danger of shadows. It is also the most unimpressive of the godly abilities, despite the fear humans associated with the death aspect of it.

The second is thus; the power to change. To transform, morph, mutate, distort in such a way as to be unrecognizable. The power to shape the world around oneself. The lesser of the two traits humans shared, despite all their creativity and innovation. For, even with their molding of what they were given, more often than not they destroyed in the name of change. They burnt wood in fire to change the temperature, they cut down forests to make lumber to construct shelter, they killed and maimed their own kin in the name of revolution. For humans, change and destruction walked hand and hand, but a God was hindered by no such connection. They may choose to change without consequence, without reason, without law.

The third and final is only; the power to create. To take nothing, and out of the void, call something into existence. The trait humans could never wish to match, even through birth. For a child is made from the parents, as the parents are made from their parents before them. The living each own both a sire and dame. But the first living being? Created by a God, who may call their being out of the emptiness with nothing but a strong voice and an omnipotent will.

Creation, true creation, is what truly marks a God. And that was why he was the king of the Shinigami, nameless, yet all knowing and all powerful. Because, though they had been marked by the lesser mortals as “Gods of Death,” they could no more create than a human could live forever.

However, there was one flaw shared by all Gods, that often led to the chaos and discord within their realms. All too often, Gods fell in love with that which they created. And that always led to… unnecessary complications. To maintain its place a God had to be harsh, firm and disciplined, ready to go to any length to maintain order in its subjects. But love was the haven for emotions such as mercy, grace, forgiveness. It allowed the creations to control the creator, for the lowly to do as they desired without regards to the high.

He himself had fallen into the trap.

His Shinigami, each was unique, each had thought put into its grotesque form and personality. He had given them, not eternal life, but the choice and ability to have it. He had been smart. Give them a mortal life or an everlasting one, and eventually they will come to resent you for either dictation. But give them a choice and they will love you forever. That had been his smart choice. His mistake had been taking that love into his being, and eventually finding himself capable of returning it.

But as was always the case, his precious children had gotten out of hand. In such a way that he had almost wished for the chaotic degeneration of the human world. But no, instead, his children had gotten lazy, and succumbed to the pit of boredom. They did nothing but sit, maybe gamble, only writing down as many names in their Deathnotes (his greatest gift to them) as needed to sustain their life of endless monotony. It was disgusting, and he was well aware there was no cure for such an infected state of being as his children had fallen in. If he were wise, he would destroy them, begin anew, and detach himself from his remade offspring.

But love held him back from such a course of action, as, in the end, they were his beloved children. He could not bear to willingly part with them, to have nothing left to begin with but an empty, desolate world and the dust marking the death around him. Dust, that which some said the humans were created from. It wouldn’t surprise him. But he thought dust was a kinder course of passing than any other, as it was as painless as sleep, and left no body behind to mourn.

It allowed those that remained to forget.

Just because he did not actively seek to kill them, however, did not mean he prevented the death f his children. No, death was either their choice, or the result of their actions.

Still, it had become dull, and sometimes he truly cursed his existence as a God. Through the years, his children’s lesser minds had allowed them to forget all he done for them, their hearts shriveling and forgetting to care, for him, each other, or anything else. They became murderous fools, who no longer understood life, emotion, or the wonder of existence. And he had thought, perhaps, mortality was the wisest choice of all.

The God who had created humans must have understood this, he supposed. But, for all their pomposity and cruelty towards one another, he was not impressed with the humans. Few were truly bloodthirsty in a way he could appreciate, and they were either insane or foolish. Either way, they were captured by other humans soon enough, and then he lost all interest in him.

So he had made the rules, the new rules for the Deathnote, and orchestrated the first fall of one into the human realm. In the beginning, it had been fascinating to watch the behavior of a human with the power to kill others with a simple flick of the wrist, though he quickly became frustrated with their difficulties in discovering names. Thus he had orchestrated the eye deal, explaining it to the Shinigami, and allowing humans even more of what they would call devilish powers.

There was nothing funny about how the humans used the opportunities given to them though, as they wasted the Deathnote on stupid grudges or foolish undertakings. They were all so unimaginative, killing few and accomplishing little, till watching them was droll and the entertainment value minimal.

If only they viewed life more like his Shinigami, with casual disinterest, rather than madness or contempt. Then, he thought, then he would see some true sport.

So, breaking some unspoken rule, he was sure, he interfered within another Gods domain. He saw the baby boy, and the potential within that brilliant mind, and in an instant decided its fate. Stretching his intangible hand out and touching those eyes ever so briefly, he had gifted it with the sight of the Shinigami. The child would grow up seeing the names and lives of those around them, and one day, when he was satisfied with its growth, he would give it the Deathnote that was practically its birthright.

How was he to have foreseen the child’s future? He was not the only one to have witnessed the child’s brilliance, and he could do nothing but watch as it was shaped and taught to be an imitation of another being. A genius, yes, but a human.

It had ruined the child. Having the Shinigami eyes had already made it unstable, but being groomed in such a manner to be a clone, a cheap imitation - a backup - that had truly driven the wretched creature into insanity. Always to idolize but never become another.

Still, for a few weeks, it had managed to fulfill its purpose, setting out such a dastardly twisted case for its “original” to solve. He had been riveted, delighted, intrigued, for those few short weeks. But ultimately, he was to be disappointed. Either his little monster would win, which would mean its death, or it would lose, and be locked away for life. Such a waste of time and talent. An immeasurable disregard for potential and what could have been.

Maybe that’s all life was meant to be for a God. A terminal disappointment.

He had been thinking similar thoughts, he recalled, the day Ryuk had come to him. While he had initially been surprised and confused, Ryuk’s intentions had become all too clear soon enough. Really, what a rogue child, thinking it could trick its creator so easily… but, it had been different. A break in the pattern. Interesting. And so, he had given Ryuk the Deathnote Sidoh had so carelessly lost, and felt no pity for the creature. Anyone so flippant over the very object that controlled their continued existence… the creature deserved whatever it got.

He had watched as Ryuk dropped the note in the human realm, without much concern, for he knew how it would end. It would be the same story as it had ever been when a note was dropped in the human realm. Fleetingly amusing, but in the end, boring as hell.

Or, so he had thought.

But for the first time in his ageless life, he had been surprised. By a mere mortal at that. By what he firmly believed was the spirit of a true Shinigami trapped within a mortal’s body. A sly, calculating, manipulative creature who plotted and executed each death written within the dropped note. Who killed with no conscience and plotted with an intensity rarely seen within the bounds of any world.

A creature that aspired towards Godhood. Such a beautiful, defective being, Raito Yagami was.

With an intellect that had the king salivating. That mind, far too old for it’s years, that had toppled anything and everything standing in its path… He had been defeated, in the end, but by a pawn’s foolish mistake, not a miscalculation in that magnificent mind. And Ryuk had killed him, just as he’d promised he would, and brought Raito within the realms of the king’s grasp.

He decided then and there that Ryuk was his favorite Shinigami.

And Raito - now his Raito - was sent to neither heaven nor hell, as per the rules of the note concerning the human’s that used them. He was destroyed, eliminated, had become nothingness… and that was to be the end of it. The price of the power was nonexistence after one’s life was spent, and there was no way to escape that bleak fate.

But the king was a God.

God’s were the one’s who made the rules.

And God’s were the one’s that could unmake them.


“Ryuk, do you know the meaning of nothingness?”

Bulging eyes turned to look at him, blinking in slight puzzlement at the sudden question. Ryuk was silent for a few moments, before venturing a question in his direction.

“Does this have something to do with whatever you’ve been working on?”

Not terribly deferential, as he should be when speaking to his king, but he would let it slide. After all, it was Ryuk’s oddities and actions that had resulted in the… interesting situation set before him. Which gave him certain status in the king’s eyes, enough that he wasn’t going to get indignant over the less than awed worship Ryuk exhibited towards him.

“Of a sort.”

“Uh….” He watched as long, drawn out limbs of his own design twisted into odd angles as the Shinigami thought. It was a quirk that the king hadn’t orchestrated himself, and was therefore both interesting and amusing to observe. Of all his children, Ryuk was certainly the one with the most personality. And the one most like Raito.

In other words, likely the only one worthy of the title Shinigami anymore.

He was torn from his thoughts by Ryuk’s tentative answer. “Uh… it’s like, not existing anymore?”

“In a sense, yes. Nonexistence, a lack of being, utter emptiness and insignificance. These are the definitions of nothingness. Yet, it is still a term often misunderstood.”

“How so?” He could hear curiosity in that tone, that mischievous curiosity that drove Ryuk to seek out entertainment, rather than sit passively by the wayside. He felt almost a camaraderie with the creature before him, though he maintained his air of omnipotent distance. Couldn’t have Ryuk getting more brash and uppity than he already was, after all.

“It would be easiest to explain it in human terms, that is, in one of their theories. Have you ever heard, per chance, of the law of conservation of matter? It means that energy and matter can neither be created nor destroyed. So, if that is the case, how can one become nothing?”

Ryuk stuttered and stumbled for a bit, not that the king had expected anything else. It was a difficult concept and question for most to comprehend, let alone a Shinigami that had no use of learning such things. Well, at least before now.

“It is relatively simple. The one I am speaking of, namely a human being, is made up of many tiny parts. All these parts form a whole, and without even one of them, the reality of ‘them’ before would not exist. So, to make one nothing, one must be split into many. Each individual part is its own, and they no longer combine to make up the complete whole. Do you see where I’m going with this?”

Ryuk was silent, and he allowed him to contemplate for a few minutes. Finally, the Shinigami spoke, his voice hesitant.

“So… you’re saying when Raito died… he was just, um, broken apart? Into lots of little pieces?”

“And effectively scattered to the far ends of space, so that the pieces may never fit together once more.”

Ryuk’s head bobbed down, his arms crossing over his chest in a strangely human gesture. “So… what’s that got to do with anything?”

He felt a smile curl his lips. “Ah, but if someone were to gather those pieces, Ryuk… whose to say they couldn’t be put back together?”

Ryuk’s only reply was a stunned sort of silence.


He observed the female in front of him critically, checking for any flaw, any detail that may have been out of place. She had to be just like the original, if he was to be satisfied. After all, if she wasn’t perfect, he would have to resurrect another useless pawn. He wouldn’t put Raito back together till he was positive he could do so without a single difference from the original.

Thus the need for a prototype, so to speak, a guinea pig to test whether or not the feat was possible. But no matter how hard he looked, he could see no deviance in the form before him from her initial being on Earth. What had she called herself again? Oh yes, Misa.

Now all that was left was to return her consciousness to the shell he had constructed for her. The consciousness it had taken so long to piece together, after finding the tiny components that made it up from their scattered destinations. But it was whole once more, and though the soul had not yet been placed within the body, he could feel her warm, bubbly presence. He was even considering keeping her around, after he concluded the experiment as a success, so Raito would have some company.

Perhaps. He would think more on it later.

One fast motion, and the consciousness and shell were combined into one, the stiff frame suddenly shuddering and falling to the floor. He heard a variety of whimpers and groans as muscles moved on their own for the first time, the creature thrashing weakly in an attempt to rise. He hadn’t thought about the physical condition thoroughly when he had created the body… he would have to make note of it. The body needed time to gain strength and lose sensitivity after it’s creation, or initial movement would be quite painful…

It took him a few moments to notice the dark brown eyes, currently locked on his face and wide with something akin to terror. But she didn’t cry out, which was in her favor, he supposed. The girl had some courage in her, it seemed.

“W-w-who are y-you?”

He voice came out weakly, not from fear, but from never having been used before. About to answer, Ryuk’s rolling chuckles cut him off, while drawing the girl’s attention over to his spindly form.

“R-ryuk? W-what are you d-d-doing here?”

“I live here.”

She was silent for a moment, the furrow between her brow smoothing as her eyes lit with understanding. “S-so this is the S-S-Shinigami r-realm?”

It was the king that confirmed her statement. “Indeed.”

He eyes refocused, not nearly so confused or fearful. “So y-you’re another Shinigami?”

Ryuk cut in again. “Nope, that’s the king of the Shinigami, Misa-Misa. He’s the one that made us, and the one that put you back together.” Ryuk’s laughter spilled out again, almost condescending in its tone.

The girl was quiet for a while, absorbing the information, her weak from still sprawled against the ground. Taking a deep breath, she finally turned her eyes to the king once more, he expression and gaze intense.

“You w-were the one that p-put Misa-Misa b-back together?”


Another pause, shorter than before, and then, “Than d-does that mean you c-can put Raito back together again t-too?”

He was slightly taken aback. Yes, he had known the girl was devoted, but this… this went beyond death. Perhaps… she really had been in love with the boy after all. He could use that to his benefit, he was sure. After all, Raito’s continued existence was the most important thing to both of them.

He never thought that he would have something in common with this little slip of a girl.

It was only a few second before he answered. “Yes, I have the ability to ‘put Raito back together too.’”

“Will you?”

This time, he did smile.

“I plan on it.”


He frowned at the human body in front of him, aggravated with himself. He didn’t bother looking over his work again, he had already done so a million times, and he knew the form was just as it had been before. But his irritation had nothing to do with the body’s outward appearance. No, it had to do with what the body was in the first place.

Human. Mortal. Killable.

He snarled to himself, a habit he had picked up the last few days since he had encountered this little hitch in his plans. It had scared Ryuk off the first day, and he was now reaching the fourth. But, no matter how simple the problem, he was having difficulty finding an adequate solution.

The problem was that, as long as Raito’s body was human, he would be forced to live on Earth. The Shinigami realm did not have adequate living conditions to support such a fragile body. Continuing on that line of thought, humans were mortal, and as one, Raito would eventually die. Which the king definitely did not wish to happen any time in the next few centuries. Perhaps when the boy got boring, but until such a time… no.

But he was wary of making him a Shinigami. Perhaps he was acting a bit jaded, but he was under the dogged impression that, if he were to give the boy the same existence of his other children, he would fall into the same pit of boredom and laziness as the others. Which was a thought he absolutely could not stand.

But now, it seemed he had no choice. And with a single finger, piercing to the heart of the form in front of him, he spread the immortal venom in the husk. He then touched the eyes, giving them the dark ability to see the name and lifespan of any mortal they should look upon. He leaned back, and watched the poison spread with interest. He had never gone all the way with a human, so to speak, and changed them into a full fledged Shinigami. The liquid slowly coursing through the body’s veins seemed to suck the life out of it, paling the skin into a clear, frosty white, pulling the skin tighter, giving the body more angles. Last, he watched the hair darken to a bloody auburn shade, to match the red Shinigami eyes below.

Well, he certainly didn’t look quite human now. He could pass, when in a spot, but there was no mistaking him for anything other than something unnatural, in any case. He reached out a palm, a Deathnote materializing in his grasp. He laid it before the still doll in front of him without ceremony, though somehow it felt like a… terribly important occasion, this being once more possessing the very item that had brought it greatness. That had caught the attention of a God.

Enough thought, he had work to do.

Now, all that was left was to fit the brilliant mind back within the now immortal body. It had taken much longer to find all the unique pieces that, fitted together, made up the most fascinating being the king had ever seen. He had sifted through, identifying each piece carefully, though it hadn’t been nearly so hard as he had expected. The pieces had a unique air about them, that strange charisma their owner had possessed, one that drew the attention like none other.

And the piecing together had gone so much faster than with the girl. It wasn’t until about halfway through that he had realized the pieces were gravitating towards the correct areas on their own, almost impatient to be sealed and whole once more.

The boy wanted to be put back together again.

But he hesitated. He could feel the soul in his hand practically straining towards the body he had made for it, just waiting to be unleashed on the world, or rather, worlds, once more. But that ambition… well, it would make things difficult. He didn’t know what the boy would do, with his memories in tact and high on the power of the immortality he had so striven for. While that made him interesting, it was also troubling. Troubling to think that, should he wish to, he may be unable to control the being now clutched between his fingers.

He had a sudden moment of insight, realizing that, perhaps, there might be a way to fix that. Looking down at the soul once more, he reached down, his hand coming in contact with a small, but integral area of the insubstantial being.

Namely, the memories.

He felt it still, then struggle, somehow, though it was simply a soul with no shell to maintain control over. But he paid it no mind, carefully and methodically cutting the memories away and setting them delicately aside, making sure to leave everything else untouched. The now complacent spirit laid weakly in his arms, no memories driving it to fight the removal of such.

Without further ado, he gave the body the soul it would host for eternity, should it so choose.


“W-wha-? W-where?”

“Hello, Raito.”


“Yes, child. That is your name.”

“W-who are y-you?”

“I am your father, my son. No more questions now. Sleep and regain your strength.”

“Y-yes… father.”


Author's Note - To whoever may be reading this, thanks for giving my fic a look, and sticking through the prologue till the end. It's my first fic, so I'm pretty nervous, but I'm hoping for the best. Anyway, I would love reviews if people want to give them, if not, well, it's not like I can make anyone. But I enjoy constructive critasism, as it's there to help writers, but don't especially appreciate flames. Just to tell everyone. That's all I can really think to type here, so till next time. Once again, thank you!

- Absolute Ruination

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