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Light could hardly believe it. ‘Oh my god,’ he thought, ‘I

just belched!’ He looked quickly to his left to see if L had heard it.

No reaction. That was good. He slowly gave a small sigh of relief and

began to go back to the monotonous computer tasks at hand

“It is customary to say excuse me after one burps. Or is that

not an eastern custom?”

Light felt his face flush slightly. Damn it, he HAD heard.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t think you heard”

L set down his freshly skewed strawberry and turned to look at

the rude teen.

“You do realize it’s impolite to just hope no one heard and

refrain from excusing yourself?”

Now this was just ridiculous. Since when did L give a damn

about being polite? He was starting to feel like a child being

reprimanded by their father. This would just not do. But, for the sake

of his own sanity he decided to swallow his pride.

“I apologize for my rudeness then. Excuse me.”

Light started typing once more before L decided to add more to

this ridiculous conversation.

“Also, Light, that was the most pathetic belch I’ve ever

heard. You burp like a girly boy.”


“You heard me.”

“Oh, and I suppose you think you are the superior belcher?”

“Well, yes. I am a man.”

“Yeah, whatever.”

“ I will prove it to you”

And with that said, L proceeded to hop from his chair and drag

Light with him to the small refrigerator. After searching within the

deep recesses of the mini-fridge he finally emerged. In his hand was a

bottle of...

“What the hell, L? Why is there beer in there?”

“Because adults do tend to enjoy alcoholic beverages on

occasion. I am an adult and this is an alcoholic beverage that I will

be enjoying. One day, when you are a man, you too may enjoy one of


“I AM a man.”


L then tugged the chain connecting them back to their work

stations. Light couldn’t believe what he was seeing. There he was, the

so-called great detective L doing what could only be described as

CHUGGING a beer. The contents emptied, L carefully placed the glass

bottle next to his computer and proceeded to wait. Suddenly, the

unthinkable happened.


Light could have sworn he saw lips flapping. L then turned to

look at Light. He took great joy in the dumbstruck look on the boys

face. He would be willing to bet that Light’s eyes rivaled his own in

size at that moment.

“And that, Light-kun, is how a REAL man belches.”

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