My Life

BY : Jez Morgan
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Hey all, this is my first fanfiction, and I hope I'm doing this right. I've had this idea for a while and I thought 'why not'. So here is the first chapter. It's not a big story and will only have between 8 - 10 chapters. And the story will go by quite quickly. Anyway, hope you like it and feedback is welcome and any advice.

Oh and please try and ignore any spelling and grammer mistakes.


My Life

Chapter One

It was not by accident that Shuichi met Yuki in the park a year ago. He was ordered to worm his way into the authors life, so he could get information out of Yuki about his brother-in-law Tohma. The president of NG had made an enemy. A man who was Shuichiís real lover, the Yakuza boss, Akira.

It was not by his choice though. His father owed Akira a lot of money, but was unable to pay it back when the time came. So Akira took Shuichi, and that was eight years ago. Shuichi was only eleven years old, eight years of being made to be Akiraís lover. The older man didnít make him lose his virginity until he was fourteen, the man didnít rape him, but it wasnít like Shuichi had a choice, he belonged to the man, he was his property.

Shuichi had no control over his life. Akira allowed him to finish school, even though he hated it, he made the most of it. Akira kept him on a pretty tight leash. He lived at the compound the Yakuza lived at and he began to train himself in everything. Fighting, hand to hand and weapons. He also began to train himself in using guns, hoping one day he would be able to use one on Akira. He became especially good with sniper rifles. When Akira found out, he was made to go on assignments and assassinate people who had got on the wrong side of the Yakuza boss, or owned him money. Shuichi found it as being the worst thing in his life, having to take a persons life. But, life he knew, he had no choice. He was living in a world where it was killed, or be killed.

Shuichi really did hate his life, and he would have killed himself a long time ago, if he didnít want to get his revenge. He was planning on taking Akira out as soon as he could, but it was hard, as he was never alone. He was always surrounded by Akiraís goons. He hadnít heard from his father since he was taken and he had a feeling Akira had him killed, just another reason why he wanted to get his revenge.

Shuichi was thankful to Akira for one thing and one thing only. The man had taught him everything he knew, something the man would one day come to regret. Shuichi knew Akira loved him, the man liked to tell him all the time. But through all this, Shuichi was biding his time, waiting for the perfect opportunity to take the bastard down.

Anyway, back to the story. It was not by accident that he got himself a contract with NG Records. He and his best friend Hiro - who doesnít know about his secret life - formed a band when they were still in high school. It was one of the things he didnít let Akira take away from him. He told the older man, who reluctantly agreed. When he and Hiro had gigs at clubs, he was followed by his bodyguards, another thing that made it hard for him to take out Akira, he was always being watched.

Seguchi Tohma gave them a record deal when they had graduated from school. They had become very successful and Shuichi loved singing. With Hiro playing the guitar and himself doing the vocals, Tohma assigned his cousin Fujisaki Suguru as their keyboardist.

So, his assignment from Akira was to see who Tohma associated with. Akira thinks thereís a traitor among his group, who had been secretly meeting with the president of NG and had been feeding the man information. A couple of years ago, Tohma was the one who got Akira sent to jail for a few years. Shuichi didnít know what for, but now Akira wanted to payback.

As soon as he unearthed the traitor, it was his job to kill Tohma, but he wasnít actually going to go through with it. His main assignment, which was to take out Akira. He knew it would probably get himself killed, but if that was the price he had to pay, then so be it.

Anyway, before he landed himself a recording contract, Akira made him change his image. He had dyed his black hair to a hideous bright pink. Akira said it made him look cure, he thought it made him look like an idiot. His stylish, smart clothes were replaced by sluttish leather. He looked like a rock star, which was Akiraís aim. Even though he loved singing, he also loved fighting, and guns. The adrenalin rush as he stalked his prey. The only thing he didnít like was the killing itself.

When Akira found out Yuki Eiri, the famous romance novelist was Tohmaís brother-in-law, he gave Shuichi another assignment. He had to seduce Yuki, to get to now the man and make him his lover. That way, he could worm his way into Yukiís family and spy on Tohma. And he did, he had accomplished what he was asked to do, the only thing he didnít anticipate was falling in love, he knew it was love at first sight when he met Yuki in the park.

Shuichi had to admit, it was hard getting himself into Yukiís life, and even though he had done it, the man was still a cold hearted bastard. He wondered what his lover would think of the real him. He didnít usually act like the way he did now. He wasnít whiny, loud or annoying.

It hadnít been all great, as Bad Luck began to get famous, he had a little trouble with Aizawa Taki, the lead singer of ASK. The man had been jealous of their fame and had managed to lure Shuichi back to his place, after being chased by fangirls. As they sat drinking together, Taki had turned nasty, threatening Yuki, and he his smile turned nasty when the door had opened and three men stood in the doorway. Shuichi knew what they were going to do. He didnít have any guns on him and he knew he couldnít take on all four men on his own.

Shuichi didnít have no choice, he had taken out a small black box that Akira made him carry. He pressed the button and his bodyguards came rushing into the room. The men had sized up the situation and acted swiftly, eliminating the men, along with Taki before he could even blink, then they had escorted Shuichi back to the compound.

Tohma had been furious when he found out Taki had been killed. Shuichi didnít think it was because the man like Taki, it was because of the money he would lose. He knew Tohma had his minions looked into the matter, but he never found anything. The Yakuza always covered their tracks, and any trace of him was erased.

As soon as he had reached Akiraís place, the man had fretted over him, which he detested, but he gritted his teeth and just let the man do what he wanted. Akira fucked him softly. He calls it making love, but Shuichi didnít. you only made love to someone you loved. After they were finished, Shuichi was escorted to Hiroís house, he didnít tell anyone that Yuki had broken up with him. He didnít want to face Akiraís wrath.

He and Yuki got back together a couple of days later, and everything was going according to plan. He almost wished that Yuki hadnít taken him back, he hated lying to the man, as he really did love him. As soon as eliminated Akira, he knew he would have to leave the country. He would have a lot of enemies if the Yakuza found out it was him. He just hoped he was strong enough to do it when the time came.

Akira called him every week for an update, and he told the man the same thing: Ďno news yetí. He hoped the man didnít suspect him of lying, he didnít like the idea of being killed by him, and Akira would kill him, lover of not.

Anyway, the last year had gone by quickly, and he was falling deeper in love with Yuki. He thinks Yuki loved him too, though the blonde had never told him, or didnít ever show him affection. So, maybe he was wrong, and Yuki didnít love him at all. But then again, that would be okay and for the best, as it would make leaving easier.

At the moment Bad Luck were in NG, finishing off their album. Shuichi couldnít believe how much work there is to do, but itís very rewarding in the end. Shuichi looked up as Tohma walked into the recoding room as they were just finishing. The man congratulated them and told them they had the next few days off, which was a relief, as Shuichi had a few things he had to organise. He said goodbye as he left the room.

He went into a bathroom and made sure it was unoccupied, before opening his bag and taking out his supplies. Twenty minutes later, he checked his appearance in the mirror and nodded in satisfaction. He was wearing a long black skirt, with a baggy red sweater to hide the fact he didnít have any breasts. A long black wig covered his pink hair and fell forwards into his face, and a pair of sunglasses completed his disguise. He smiled, he looked like a freaking idiot, but he should have no problem with getting passed his bodyguards. Leaving the bathroom, he confidently walked out of NG and walked to the estate agents, which was only about a ten minute walk from where he was.

While he was walking, he took out a mirror and pretended to look at himself, but he was really looking behind him to check he wasnít being followed. Satisfied that his bodyguards were not following him, he put the mirror away. He bit his lip, once his bodyguards found out he had given them the slip, Akira would be told and that would mean a visit to the compound. He cringed at what the man would want from him. He knew he had thought this over and over, but he was thinking again of how much he despised the bastard.

When he reached the estate agents, he entered the building and looked at the boards, looking for a suitable location. He needed a property that was secluded, which he knew was going to be difficult. He knew he had the money. Akira had paid him for each of the assassinations he had carried out and the money from Bad Luck.

He found what he was looking for on the second board. A big house on the outskirts of Tokyo. He went over to the man behind the desk to arrange a viewing, which the man offered to take him today. Shuichi suppressed the frown that wanted to cross his face, the man was flirting with him. Leaving the building with the agent, he got into the mans car and they drove off.

When they reached the house, Shuichi nodded. It was perfect, the property was surrounded by a sturdy iron fence and a gated entrance. Shuichi didnít bother with the details of the house, all he cared about was making sure he had a good view of the surroundings, keeping a check list of things he would need to do make this a safe house. A couple of hours later, he was back at the estate agents, telling the agent he wanted to purchase the property.

The man phoned the owners and made the offer, and Shuichi was surprised to find the offer accepted straight away. Shuichi told the agent his Ďfiancťeí would send a check as soon as possible. Checking his watch, he ran back to Yukiís apartment, feeling a weight had been lifted off his shoulders. When he got back, he remembered his lover had a meeting with his editor, so he was able to change without Yuki wondering why the hell he was dressed as a woman.

As soon as he had changed, his cell phone rang and he groaned. He answered it, only to have Akira fretting over him.

ďWhere have you been? Why did you ditch your bodyguards? Are you hurt?Ē Akira fired question after question at him.

Shuichi pulled the phone away from his ear and sighed. ďAkira.Ē He snapped a moment later and the man shut up. ďLook, Iím sorry. I was annoyed at always having my bodyguards following me and I wanted to be left alone for once. I donít want bodyguards anymore.Ē

ďShuichi.Ē Akiraís voice hardened. ďYou need them for your protection. No arguments. Your guards will arrive shortly to pick you up, I want to see you.Ē

Shuichi rolled his eyes as the man hang up and he grit his teeth. He was not in the mood to see the man today, but he didnít have a choice. Leaving a note for Yuki, he left the apartment and waited on the sidewalk, which wasnít for very long as a black car pulled up alongside him. He got into the back, and waved at the man who was turned towards him, his mouth open, but closed after Shuichi glared.

ďIíve already had it from Akira, I donít need it from you too.Ē he snapped.

The man turned around and sighed. Shuichi was a little runt, he thought affectionately., as he put the car in gear and drove away. When they reached the compound, the back door was pulled open and Akira hauled Shuichi from the seat and pulled the smaller man into his arms.

Shuichi allowed himself to be hugged. He didnít know what Akira saw in him. The man was tall and very handsome, he was in his late twenties and had shoulder length black hair, which he kept tied back in a low ponytail. The mans eyes were a startling green and those eyes were now looking at him intently, before pulling him into the large house and in the direction of the bedroom that they always used.

Relaxing his hands from where they were fisted at his sides, he relaxed as Akira undressed him. He responded to the kisses and moaned at the touches, all forced as he pretended to feel and pretended to love what was happening. It didnít last long, Akira fucked him and then allowed him to shower before sending him away.

Shuichiís bodyguards drove him back to Yukiís and retook their position opposite the apartment block.

When Shuichi entered the apartment, he found his blonde haired lover sat on the couch, which was unusual, as Yuki was always in his study. The younger man really hoped his lover hadnít found out about him. He was always worried about that. When he sat next the man, Yuki pulled him into his arms and kissed him.

Shuichi knew what the man wanted and this time he was going to enjoy it. It was so different with Yuki, as the man caressed his body in a way no one ever had. The mans hands sliding over his skin leaving him, with shivering in pleasure. As they made love, it started gentle, before turning a little rougher, though the older man always made sure he was never hurt. When they were finished, they lay beside each other, Yukiís arms holding him securely.


Well, that's the first chapter. Hope it was alright. Let me know what you thought and see you soon with the next chapter.

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