The Sound Of A Bell

BY : ShouraiChan
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(A/N: Hello all! Sho-Chan here! I know I initially said this story was going to be called "Like Lithium", but I wanted something sweet and cute for the title. I wanted to play off the fact that 'Isuzu' means 'Little bell' and 'Rin' is the sound a bell makes. It's a pretty, happy and clear sound. Lol. Anyway, enjoy and review!)


Once again, it was that time of year. The Sohma family New Year’s Banquet. Various cars pulled up, carrying different members of the family. One of the final cars to pull up belonged to that of the young, Hatsuharu Sohma. The driver opened the door for him and he exited, wearing his favorite, white coat with the ruffled, fur collar.

”Enjoy your time, Master Sohma.”

Hatsuharu looked at the large estate where the dinner was being held. Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed several maids escorting Isuzu ‘Rin’ Sohma to a separate room. Hatsuharu could only chuckle a little. This year, Rin was the selected Zodiac chosen to do the ceremonial dance. From where she was, Rin could feel his eyes on her. She turned, looking at him, before quickly turning her head and hurried off. Hatsuharu looked at the driver and smiled.

”I will. Thank you.”

Hatsuharu headed inside the warm banquet hall, giving his white coat to a maid, revealing his apparel for the evening; a long-sleeved black turtleneck and a pair of black pants with his favorite chain belt around his waist. He refused to remove any of his jewelry or piercings just because Akito didn’t allow them at the banquets. Kisa was the first to find him and hugged him happily. Hatsuharu picked her up with a soft smile.

“Haru-Nii!” she giggled.

“Hello, Kisa. Have you been good?” he inquired.

”What a silly question to ask her,” a voice chuckled.

Hatsuharu looked up, seeing Yuki walking towards them. Hatsuharu was always happy to see ‘Prince Yuki’.

“Happy Holidays, Yuki.” Hatsuharu smiled.

”Hello, Haru.”

”What is Kyo doing this holiday?”

Yuki sighed a little as if it pained him to say what he was about to.

“He’s spending the Holiday with Miss Honda.”

”All alone? In that house by themselves? During the season of romance?”

Oddly enough, Yuki sighed, Hatsuharu wasn’t even purposely trying to get his goat. Simple, honest questions. Yuki tried not to think about the budding romance between Tohru and the Cat. Not right now atleast. As the three walked into the beautifully decorated banquet hall, Haru greeted the family of Sohma’s and took his place at the table. Akito said the usual greeting as she tended to do, offering food and drinks. Haru honestly cared less about the food or anything else. The only reason he’d come at all was…

“And now, for this year’s Ceremonial Dancer; Isuzu Sohma.”

The two doors to the banquet hall opened, revealing Rin in all her dolled-up glory. Because Haru was the closest to the floor where she’d do her dance, he felt, as she bowed, she was offering herself to him. She was dressed in the traditional, heavy kimono one might see on a princess in Feudal Japan. The kimono itself was a vibrant red color, decorated with black roses. Because of the run in with Akito’s mother, Rin’s drastically shorter hair revealed the two, silver hoops in her ear. Her entire face was painted; from her ruby-red lips to the dark eye shadow on her eyelids. The music started, a soft beat at first and Rin stood up, flowing with the rhythm of the music she’d be taught to dance to when she was six. She never missed a step, twirling beautifully. Despite the fact Haru just sat there, the look in his eyes was meant for Rin. She turned once more, all of time seeming to slow down when she finally locked her eyes with Hatsuharu’s. Hatsuharu knew one thing and one thing only in that moment; she was dancing for HIM. No one else. Her dance was just as graceful, as beautiful and as wild as the animal she represented; the horse. Moments later when the dance ended and everyone cheered, Rin exited out of the room. One, the damn kimono was too heavy and she seriously thought she was going to pass out in it.

Rin felt as if she could breath a sigh of relief once she was back in the upstairs f room set aside for her to dress in. She closed the two, paper doors behind her with a small sigh. The banquet would probably go on long after midnight, but she’d done her part. Why bother staying there any longer? She sat down in front of large vanity mirror, wiping the make-up off of her face. As she undressed, she wondered what Haru was doing at the moment. He was probably entertaining Kisa. Rin stretched when she’d removed the entire damn kimono from her body, leaving her in nothing but a black, strapless bra and a matching pair of panties. She stood in front of the mirror, a blush cresting her cheeks. She closed her eyes, wondering how many times Haru had seen her this way and naked. Rin would always remember the first time they’d ever slept together. Despite the fact Haru was two years younger than she was, he was far more experienced for someone his age. Now, even after all the drama, including Akito’s psycho-bitch mother cutting her hair and shorting it to barely below her ears, they’d managed to keep their relationship a secret once more. Rin smiled a little at the thought of her new friend Tohru knowing, but never saying anything about it. Rin’s thoughts drifted to the secret meetings shared between her and Hatsuharu, and remembering how Hatsuharu went so far as to reserve a hotel room for them on a permanent basis, whenever they wanted to be alone. To Rin, that room had become their little, secret sanctuary. But it was no secret what Haru was thinking when their eyes had locked during her dance tonight. Rin couldn’t help but wonder when, and if at all, would he come to her? Would he wait until everyone was sleeping, or send for her at their secret room? Whatever the case, Rin knew they were playing a dangerous game, but she couldn’t help herself. She was addicted to Hatsuharu. She once read everyone had something or someone they couldn’t live without, almost like a drug. If that were the case, Hatsuharu Sohma was like Lithium to her.

When she heard the door to her room slowly slide open, she pressed the kimono to her bare chest, glaring at whoever would dare intrude on her when she was in this state of undress. When she saw Hatsuharu standing there, leaning against the doorway, staring at her darkly, her heart nearly stopped.

“Idiot,” she whispered. “What are you doing here?!”

She knew if they had gotten caught, it would be all over. Hatsuharu ignored her question in favor of closing the door back, slowly, with his foot. He walked over to her, bending over and putting his hand to her cheek. She almost melted under his warming touch.

“You did well, Rin,”

Rin blushed, turning her head away from him.

”Get out of here, you idiot! If someone walks past…”

“The door is closed and everyone is downstairs.”

Her eyes widened in startle. He had really meant to risk their relationship for something so dangerous? He kneeled down, pressing his lips to her throat, slowly licking the base of it. She shuddered under his touch and knew, like any drug, once she had started, there was no stopping herself or him. And she didn’t want to. Hatsuharu, her Lithium, would make her do the most dangerous, the most insane things. Just like any, other drug. Rin released her grip on the kimono she’d pressed to her chest, letting it fall. Hatsuharu took hold of her arms, pressing his lips to her own. He broke the kiss for a moment, turning off the light coming from the vanity. On that winter night, the moon was full, bright and reflecting it’s light off of the snow, sending the room into a mystic glow, but bright enough for them to be able to see one another. Rin blushed when Haru removed his shirt, ruffling his bi-colored hair a little. She always thought he was the sexiest when he wore his several necklaces and no shirt. She realized he’d gotten a new tattoo on his upper arm, blushing when she realized the symbolism behind the black bell with the small, wordless banner beneath it; her first name meant ‘Little bell’ and ‘Rin’ was the sound a bell made. She wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him down as she laid down on her back, kissing him deeply. She could easily feel the sting of tears, letting only her precious Hatsuharu see them. He pulled his mouth away from her own, moving his tongue to her earlobe, biting it gently before running his tongue the length of it. When Hatsuharu heard a heated whimper from the young woman beneath him, he smirked a little.

“It sounds like I’m doing this right…”

Rin hated his arrogance, knowing full-well Hatsuharu knew all of her ‘hot-spots’ to the point of being able to make her cum at his will. His tongue trailed down the side of her neck, while his hands began to massage her full breasts that fit perfectly in his hands. He’d once asked Shigure how did he know when a girl was the ‘one’ for him, him, being Hatsuharu. Shigure replied that when a girl’s breasts fit perfectly in his hands, no matter what size of the girl, then she was the ‘one’ for Hatsuharu. Then Shigure-Nii made a crack about Rin’s breasts being too small for his hands, which ultimately resulted in Shigure’s house being rampaged to the point of demolishment.

“H…Haru…” Rin moaned.

Like the skillful lover he was, Hatsuharu placed one of his hands beneath her head, then took his other and wrapped it around her upper back where the bra clasp was. With just two fingers, he’d undone the lacy, strapless black garment. Hatsuharu grabbed the middle of the bra with his teeth, pulling it off of her. Rin blushed, gasping at the feeling of cool air against her bare flesh. Hatsuharu removed his hand from the back of her head gently, taking both hands and kneading her breasts in a good mixture of rough squeezes and gentle caresses. By the time he was done with her breasts, they were covered in his saliva, her nipples hard and aching for more contact, but wouldn’t oblige her, not just yet. He grabbed the sides of her panties and pulled them down, instantly smelling her strong arousal. Instead of pleasing her with his fingers first, he decided to not wait, and open the sky for her then and there. He lifted up her legs, burying his mouth between her thighs. It took Rin all the energy she had not to scream, for risk of being heard, but dammit, she cursed, it was too hard. Haru’s tongue was so skilled, drinking her wetness, moving inside of her and tantalizing her. With his hands around her thighs, he looked up at her, still working on her. She made the mistake of looking down for a brief moment, blushing terribly when he was looking up at her, simply for the pleasure of seeing the look on her face. When she came, she arched her hips upwards, as if forcing Haru to drink every last drop of it. Forced nothing. Hatsuharu lived for that sweet tasted that invaded his mouth. He lowered her thighs, looking at her. The usually proud and stubborn horse had been reduced to a submissive, panting mess, all thanks to the bull. She heard him take off his pants, looking at him in shock as he hovered over her, his cock pressing at the lips of her mouth. With his hands behind her head lifting her lips to meet his sex, she opened his mouth, gladly accepting as much as him as he could. The look of dark, pure passion on his face, mixed with his moans, was almost enough to make her have another orgasm. What did, however, was when Hatsuharu took one of his hands from behind her head and used it to stimulate her most sensitive area. She moaned, his sex in her mouth as he fingered her, bringing to orgasm once more. Hatsuharu withdrew himself from her mouth, smirking a little bit.

”Well, Rin?”

She knew the question he was asking her, touched by his consideration for how she wanted to have him. With a blush, she turned over on her stomach before raising herself on all fours. Haru looked at the vision of beauty, shedding her proud façade, submitting herself to him. In one, quick movement, he was buried deep inside of her. Rin cursed herself for not being able to stifle the moan of pleasure that escaped from her mouth. Haru moved his hips, thrusting back and forth inside of her. Rin’s arms slowly gave out on her from the force of his thrusts as she lowered herself, so more of her ass was in the air. At that angle, he went deeper, moaning his pleasure. Once Rin had come again, he withdrew from her, motioning her onto her back. She spread her legs wide for him and he quickly thrust into her, locking his hands with her own as they continued to move to more of a frenzied pace. Rin took great pride in knowing that no matter how many times she danced at the Banquet, there would always be one person she’d ever do this special dance with; her precious, precious Hatsuharu. Haru knew he was close, but he refused to cum without her. Rin moaned and Haru grit his teeth as he felt her clench around his cock, both subjecting their bodies to powerful orgasms. Haru locked his fingers tighter with Rin’s as his seed rushed into her, mixing with her own juices. Haru panted, hovering over her. He’d be damned if he just collapsed on her. She slowly opened her eyes, a bit glazed over and seeing the gentler side of Hatsuharu in his beautiful eyes. He kissed her softly, breaking the kiss only to ask if she was alright. She could only smile and reply she was more than alright.

Hatsuharu definitely startled Kisa, Momiji and Hiro when he descended the stairs, carrying what looked like a fainted Rin in his arms an hour later.

”Rin is feeling sick, so I’m going to take her home. Tell Shigure for me.”

The children hurried off, while two maids quickly grabbed their coats and phoned a driver to take them home. As Hatsuharu carried Rin out to the car, he smiled, as did the ‘fainted’ Rin in his arms. Rin erased her smile upon being placed in the car. Hatsuharu ordered the driver to take him to the hospital, but not to worry about picking him up. Once at the hospital, the driver let Rin and Hatsuharu out, and drove off. Hatsuharu waited until the man was out of sight before continuing to carry Rin to a familiar hotel just a block away. As he carried her, he could feel her clutch his coat gently. The snow was falling around them gently and he simply kissed the top of her forehead.

”Tomorrow, let’s go up to the Sohma Onsen,” he suggested.

Rin agreed after wondering what she was going to tell everyone. Certainly someone would notice their absence in favor of being at the luxurious Sohma family Hot Spring Inn, but he didn’t give her anymore time to think about it as he carried he upstairs to their personal suite. Hatsuharu had already planned to tell people he was ‘ringing in the New Year’ with Rin. By the time the clock had struck midnight, Hatsuharu was holding a naked Rin, sleeping peacefully, in his arms as they laid in the middle of the large, white bed. Without disturbing Rin, he reached off to the side of the bed, grabbing his pants, thankful that in their heated moment, they’d fallen closest to the bed. He reached into his pocket, opened the velvet box and placed the glittering diamond ring on her left hand as she slept. He kissed her forehead gently and whispered,

”Happy New Year, Rin.”

When Rin awoke the next morning, Haru was already up, preparing coffee. Rin laid there for a moment before heading to the bathroom. She was fixing her hair when she noticed the ring on her finger and turned around in time to see Hatsuharu smiling gently at her.

“Well, Rin?”

Tears started flowing down her face as she held her left hand in her right. She wrapped her arms around his neck, hugging him tightly, calling him stupid and fool for doing something so risky and while they were still young. Haru took all of her words as a ‘yes’. When the checked out of the hotel, they walked back to the hospital, Hatsuharu calling his driver. Haru had the driver take them to the family resort, threatening death if he’d told anyone where they were…All in the name of Rin’s ‘feeble’ health of course.

A month later, Rin visited Tohru at Shigure’s house. Rin sat down at the heated table while Tohru prepared the tea. Rin had called Tohru a few days ago, making sure she could get the three men out of the house while she visted. Tohru returned with the tea and sat down. Rin looked more and more like a woman than before.

”To what do I owe the pleasure, Isuzu-San?” she smiled.

Rin could only smile. Tohru was very polite. Wasting no time, Rin reached into her purse and pulled out two pieces of white paper, putting them face down and slid it across the table to Tohru. When Tohru picked up the first of the pieces of paper and read it, her eyes widened to the side of saucers before he jumped up, hugging Rin happily as tears of joy poured down her face. Rin smiled, hugging Tohru back.

“You’re the first person I told about this.” Rin smiled.

“Thank you…! I feel so honored! I won’t tell a soul! When?”

“Just a few days ago. That’s our official…well, certificate. We can’t wear the rings when we’re around family, but we plan on telling everyone one day. I just…thought you deserved to know now.” Rin smiled.

Tohru nodded, wiping a few tears away from her eyes with a smile.

“Thank you, Isuzu-San.”

“I hope I can trust you for what’s on the second piece of paper…”

“Of course!”

Rin knew she meant it. Tohru read the other piece of her paper and nearly went into a dead faint.

“ISUZU-SAN!!!!” Tohru squealed happily.

Once again, Tohru’s arms were around Rin, hugging her happily, but not too tightly this time around.

“I’m so happy!!! What has Hatsuharu-San said about it?”

“He couldn’t be happier. We were scared at first, because of this family’s insanity and because we’re so young, but…We won’t let this family curse stop us from accomplishing our dreams.”

Tohru knew what Rin’s greatest dream was and now, it was finally coming true. The thought brought tears to Tohru’s eyes.

”I’ll help protect them as well! I won’t say a word!” Tohru said, balling up her fists.

Rin stared at Tohru for a moment before giggling. Shigure, Yuki and Kyo walked in, announcing their presence at the door. Rin quickly tucked the pieces of paper away in her purse once more. Rin excused herself, saying she had to meet with someone today when Shigure asked why she couldn’t stay. Tohru walked her to the door, smiling brightly. Rin only returned the smile. Tohru noticed a familiar Sohma leaning against a nearby tree down the path that led from Shigure’s house. Hatsuharu extended his hand to Rin’s as the two walked home; Tohru certainly didn’t miss the silver band on Hatsuharu’s left ring finger. Tohru headed back inside to prepare dinner for her family, just as she was certain Rin would be for her new husband later on that night and nine months from now, when Rin would have a little family of her own. But that, of course, was a secret Tohru was going to keep to herself.

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