Hellish Attraction

BY : Ketsurui
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AN: This is a work in progress. There is no smut in it, or at least I don't have plans for any. That may or may not change.

Hellish Attraction

Emerald eyes darted across the room to narrow on the front door. The brunette’s entire body stiffened on the sofa, readying his reflexes to act with deadly accuracy. Despite his readiness when the door bell rang he still hesitated. He managed to pull his weakened body from the cushions and open the door. Purple eyes bored into those mysterious emeralds. Though those eyes looked livid and the pale lips were twisted into a sneer of disgust the brunette couldn’t help but relax. This angry face was familiar and harmless… well, harmless so long as he was on the blonde’s good side. And judging by the irate disposition things weren’t looking good.

“Oi… I know you’ve been feeling like shit lately but you do have a job. And you’re bouts of depression aren’t covered as legitimate absent days. Your ass had better be in tomorrow or the boss is going to fire you.” The blonde spat then just continued glaring.

The brunette nodded. “Hai, hai Kouryuu. I apologize. I assume Ukoku-san sent you to ‘order’ me back to work?”

“Tch!” The blonde identified as Kouryuu tapped a cigarette out of his pack of Marlboros, stuck it between his lips and lit it. He took a deep breath of smoke before looking back at the slightly taller brunette. “As if I’d go out of my way to do something I was ordered to do by him. But don’t get the wrong idea. I didn’t do it because I care about you. I just didn’t want that idiot Gojyo one-uping me by bringing you back. That’s all.” He said with one eye closed, the other looking at the brunette.

Emerald eyes closed with a smile and he nodded. “Of course not. I would never suggest such a thing.” The brunette’s cheery attitude was nothing but a façade. And, of course, the blonde could see right through it. Though neither of them questioned it. Just as he didn’t question the motive of the blonde. “Would… you like to come in? I was going to make tea but instead ended up heating up some sake.”

It seemed ‘sake’ was all he had to say to win the blonde over. “Why the hell not? It’s not like I have anything better to be doing right now anyway.” He said then stepped inside.


Several hours later the brunette was back to sitting on the couch feeling like he was dying. In a way he was… Perhaps ‘dying’ wasn’t the right word. But then… what would one call this? He was ‘starving’ but did that count anymore? Emerald eyes closed tightly. He could feel it. The ‘hunger’ clawing at him. His eyes blinked open and the left one had flashed to a golden color. The pupil had been squeezed into a sharp slit. His hand immediately moved to cover the false right eye and he grunted in pain.

A voice from across the room jolted him from his moment of agony. “Hakkai… You need to feed.” The voice was somehow thick with a unique little accent that was barely noticeable making it… exotic. Much like the owner of the voice.

“Ah—Gojyo!” Came the surprised voice of the man known as Hakkai. His eyes had faded back to normal as he’d turned to meet the crimson eyes of his friend. “When did you…?”

“A few minutes ago. You were so wrapped up in thought you didn’t notice, I guess.” He paused and looked pointedly at Hakkai. “That’s why you’ve been absent isn’t it? You can only stay in the sunlight if you’ve fed recently. Your powers grow weak after extended starvation and in turn your body grows weak. You will eventually get bad enough that you will start to burn. And I don’t mean a human sunburn. I mean flames and all. You know that. Feeding isn’t a luxury Hakkai! It’s mandatory for so many reasons!”

Hakkai looked down. He felt like a child being scolded for doing something stupid. As if he didn’t know the consequences. It had happened before… and he’d nearly died.

It was apparent to Gojyo that the air was starting to grow thick again and he’d need to temporarily change the subject. The crimson haired man sniffed the air. “Smells like the All Mighty Dick beat me here though. When did he leave?”

The emerald eyed young man sighed and shook his head. “An hour ago? I don’t know. If I didn’t know better I’d say he was trying to cheer me up.”

“That prick? Oh please. You’re reading too deeply into him again. Now, answer me this; how long has it been since you’ve fed?” Those deep red eyes held that ‘don’t lie to me and don’t you dare avoid the question’ expression.

“It’s… been a while. Gojyo… I can’t go around feeding on innocent people just to sustain my miserable existence.” Hakkai protested.

“Then take some of my blood again. If it helps that’s all that matters. It worked last time right? I mean, I’m only half but that’s all it takes, granted I probably don’t taste good.”

“Gojyo… I can’t keep feeding on you every time I feel weak. It can’t possibly be good for your body. You may be half vampire but you’re still half human. What if I lose control and drink too much? What if I kill you? I won’t risk that.” The brunette was beginning to feel dizzy now that he was being worked up. It really had been a long time since he’d actually fed. He’d noticed several days ago that when the sunlight touched his skin he felt a sudden searing pain. He had to quickly retreat back into his house. It was a good thing he couldn’t starve to death. He only had to endure burning hunger along with other little nuisances such as inability to control his ‘appearance’.

“Does he know?” Gojyo asked casually.

It took Hakkai a moment to realize who Gojyo was talking about. “Oh, Kouryuu…? No. I… I couldn’t tell him. After what happened to his stepfather, Koumyou… He’s still very upset over it. I’m sure he’d never speak to me again if not point me out to a hunter.”

Gojyo growled. “If he ever did something like that I swear I’d tear his head off!” Gojyo snarled.

“Gojyo, please…” Hakkai said with a soft smile. It was comforting to know he had at least one friend loyal enough to him to want to protect him.

The redhead grumbled a few times then nodded. “You should get some rest. I’ll be back in a few hours. I’m going to pick up a few things.” He said before he vanished. Closing the door behind him he was oblivious to the second set of red eyes observing the house from afar.

Hakkai curled up on the couch and fell fast asleep…

Blood… everywhere… nothing but blood… His eyes opened to see a deathly pale man with eyes as red as blood fitted with pupil slits sharp as blades. Razor sharp fangs were buried in a woman’s neck. She was crying and trying to fight him off but losing strength. He tried to cry out and save her but his body wouldn’t move…

Hakkai woke with a startled gasp. He was covered in a sheen of sweat and his body was temporarily numb with fear. He tried his best to bite back an agonized cry that welled up in his throat. The brunette curled up into a tight ball. “Oh Kanan… I’m so sorry Kanan…”

“You were a fool to think you could save her…” A voice broke the silence of the room though it seemed the owner of this sinister voice wasn’t actually there with him. The presence faded away with a soft chuckle.

Emerald eyes darted about the room looking for the owner of such a murderous aura only to find nothing out of the ordinary. Had he finally lost his mind? That could only be the case… The door opened with a click and Hakkai nearly jumped out of his skin. Terrified panicked eyes focused on the opening door. The sight he saw caused him to relax with a sigh.

The redhead had returned with several bags in his arms. He set them on the table then quickly moved to the terrified man’s side. “Hakkai, what’s wrong? Did something happen?”

Hakkai sat up shaking his head and trying to collect himself. “No, nothing happened. I’m sorry, I just had a… bad dream.”

“About ‘her’?” Gojyo asked softly, holding his friend in a light hug. He felt the brunette nod and continued to hold him. After a few moments he pressed a warm bag into Hakkai’s hands. “Drink it.”

Hakkai looked down at the IV-ready bag of blood in his hands and felt his stomach churn, but also felt that clawing hunger get even stronger. His left eye faded gold and the pupil squeezed to a slit once more. His vampiric fangs grew in his mouth of what felt like their own accord. It took every ounce of strength he had left to keep from plunging them into the bag. “G-Gojyo…” He protested but the redhead took the bag from him and pressed it against his lips. His fangs sunk in, puncturing the plastic and he suckled the blood from the ‘wounds’ ravenously until the bag was empty. He felt the warm life’s blood settling in his body and already started to feel and look ten times better.

“See? And no one was hurt.” Gojyo said softly as Hakkai looked up from the bag, a small amount of blood stained his lower lip. The redhead leaned in slowly and drew his tongue gently over the brunette’s lip collecting the droplets of blood from his friend’s skin. Slowly he pulled away, leaving Hakkai’s lips clean and smirking at Hakkai’s slightly dazed expression.


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