Secretly Bonded

BY : Kaira
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Disclaimer: I do not own the anime/manga that this fanfiction is written for, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

I'm really quite happy because this is my first fanfiction that I've ever written.. Please don't diss me too hard and read it before passing judgement. Thanks and enjoy! :)


Part 1

It’s late at night and there’s a boy sitting alone in an alleyway all by himself.

His name is Akame, he’s 15 years old, average height, short black hair and his left ear pierced. He’s in the alleyway because he had overheard his parents fighting and he didn’t want to be a part of it. The alleyway was dark and with the quietness around him he didn’t care, even if it smelled like garbage.

He decided that he should go home because he had wanted a bed to sleep in and there was no bed in the alleyway to help him fall asleep. He walked home and thought about climbing through his window, instead he decided to got to the front door so that he wouldn’t wake his mother up.

As he turned the door handle, his mother appeared in the doorway.

“Where were you? It’s 11:00pm at night! Do you realize how late it is?” she screamed.
“Well, if you and dad have not been yelling and fighting, then maybe I wouldn’t have run away like I did!” he yelled back.

His mother looked at him for a moment and then she slaps the side of his face. Akame looked up at her and he put his hand on his face where a red mark

appeared. Why was she doing this to him and did he deserve to be hurt because of her actions?

“It’s none of your concern what your father and I are going through!” she exclaimed.

Akame runs up the stairs to his bedroom and slams the door behind him. He’s lying on his bed hugging his pillow to help rid him of the pain.

He lies there staring at the pictures on the wall, they are of him and his parents having fun. As he is staring at them, his hand grips one of the photographs and it rips down the middle.

Just as this happens his mother begins knocking at his door. He ignores her knowing that she’ll only hurt him more and he buries his head into his pillow.

“What the hell do you want? Leave me alone!” he yelled.

His mother pushes the door open and walks in. She sits beside him on the bed.

“Akame I...” she pauses.

She reaches out to touch his head to tell him she’s sorry but he immediately pushes her away.

“Don’t touch me! I don’t want anymore pain!” he shouts at her

His mother is hurt by his words and she goes back downstairs to clean. Akame glances over at the wall and falls into a deep sleep.


Sorry for such a short chapter, but I promise it will get better and perhaps more lengthly.... See you in chapter 2! ^__^

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