Purple Eyes

BY : Nao-chan
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The twenty year old sighed as he sat at his desk, scribbling down notes and things from a couple books that were laid open all around him. Currently, Akiyuki was doing research for his soon-to-be biology paper that counted for half of his grade. It was a good thing the brunette, green-eyed man was good at this subject. His major. His goal: to teach it when he graduated.

But right now, Akiyuki was stuck in his ten page paper. Releasing another breath, he got up and pushed light brown hair out of bright green eyes. He shook his head and went to the fridge for something to eat. Opening the dooor, he cursed himself. "Dammit," he murmured softly, shaking his head a little bit. It was empty, for the most part. His half carton of milk was half empty and there was something from a couple nights ago, but...it did not look tasty now. There were a couple pieces of turkey for sandwiches and a piece of moldy cheese. There were a few other items, but nothing he could eat, not really.

"I need to go shopping," he said, rubbing the back of his neck as he closed the fridge. He hated to shop. He never knew what he needed and what he could live without. It was just so difficult. But he had to now. There was nothing here. Not even in the pantry. Grumbling to himself, he grabbed his car keys and stepped outside.

Wearing jeans and a dark blue shirt, Akiyuki locked up his apartment door and walked downstairs to the apartment parking lot. He unlocked his luminescent dark blue 2004 BMW M3 Convertible. He had saved his entire life for this car, and it would explain why he was currently living in a small one room apartment.

As he walked to his car, he blinked and stopped, glancing over his shoulder. Unsurprisingly there was that cat. The black cat with the purple eyes. Those purple eyes always freaked him out a bit; eyes like that were unnatural. But that cat was always there, always following him to the car and then the cat would wait for him to come back and just follow him to his door. It was weird because Akiyuki never gave it anything, not attention, not food, not water. There was no reason for the cat to be attached to him like it was.

"I guess I'll see you when I get home," Akiyuki murmured, shaking his head at himself. Talking to it. Now he was talking to it. He released a breath and got in his car. Making sure the cat was out of the way, he pulled out and away. "Weird animal. I wonder why he won't leave..."

But the cat was gone from his thoughts when he arrived at the grocery store. He figured he would need a cart, but knew he couldn't afford to spend a lot. 'Just things I need...not things I want...' he thought to himself, pushing the cart inside.

About an hour later, and despite his best efforts, he had managed to spend about a hundred and fifty dollars on groceries and junk foods. But he did manage to get all the important, healthy stuff as well. Shaking his head, he loaded up his trunk with his groceries, paper bags in plastic. It was easier to carry up the stairs this way. Even though it annoyed the baggers.

Getting out of his car when he got home, Akiyuki glanced at the cat; it hadnít moved from where it sat when he left. He shook his head, popping his trunk open and grabbed a couple bags at a time and started up the stairs to his apartment. He had a bit of trouble, getting his keys out of his pocket and opening it, but when he did, he set everything on the counter and hurried back to the parking lot to get the rest and lock up his car.

He didn't even noticed the pair of purple eyes following him as he put away everything until he was finished. Then the kitten mewed at him and Akiyuki jumped a bit, looking over at it. "So, you dared to come inside this time, have you?" he asked, raising an eyebrow, but he didn't know if his apartment allowed pets, but he highly doubted it.

He watched it for a moment longer and shook his head again. What was he going to do? Kick it out? That was cruel. But he had that paper and he didn't think he had enough money to care for a pet. Not to mention he sucked at name giving. "Fine," he said, giving up. Now he had to go to the pet store...

Going to the fridge, he pulled out some milk and got a bowl. Filling it up a bit, he set it on the ground and the kitten went straight for it, lapping the liquid up greedily. "What am I getting myself into? You'll probably have to be a secret..." Akiyuki talked to himself as he fixed himself up some dinner, a roast beef and cheese sandwich, he watched the cat, occasionally giving it some of his roast beef.

"Okay. I have to finish this stupid thing," Akiyuki murmured under his breath, turning away from the cat and looked over all of his notes. Suddenly thinking of how to get past this block and he immediately wet to work. The cat sat silently behind him on the ground, grooming himself and curling up.

Akiyuki let out a contented breath when he finally finished his paper, printing it out and stapling it together. Turning around in his chair, he noticed the cat curled up in a ball on the ground. Carefully, he stepped around him and walked to his room. But as soon as he got in, the cat mewed at his heels. Blinking, Akiyuki looked down before picking it up. "Man, it's like I have a little stalker," he said, rolling his eyes and petting him, smiling at the soft purr.

Setting the cat on his small, twin-sized bed, Akiyuki pulled off his shirt as he walked into the small bathroom. It didn't even have a tub, just a square box shower. He was unaware of the kitten sitting at the door and looking at him. More like staring at him. Then the kitten mewed and Akiyuki looked over at him as he pulled down his boxers. "I don't think kittens like baths," he said, shaking his head as he stepped into the shower and turned on the water. He could see the outline of the cat sitting in the bathroom, watching.

Maybe the cat was already attached? Akiyuki shrugged his shoulders as he showered. What did it matter? It was only a cat that liked him, a lot. The staring and following was weird, but he was only a kitten after all.

He stepped out of the shower, grabbing a towel and dried off. Wrapping it securely around his waist, he went to his dresser and pulled out some boxers. Dropping his towel, he pulled on the dark red material and then picked up his pajama pants from the floor. He was so bad at keeping his place clean. His room was scattered with stuff. Clothes, notes, books, same as the other room.Ah, the live of a college student.

Getting into the cool covers, Akiyuki felt the kitten crawl over his legs and burrow under the covers. The kitten curled up against his stomach and purred, the sound soothing and Akiyuki felt himself snore off soundly.


Akiyuki woke with a start to the kneading of paws and claws into his side. He groaned and squeezed his eyes shut for a moment before opening them, reaching down to pet the kitten. "Okay, I'm up, I'm up," he whispered, smiling when the kitten licked at his fingers. "I still need to name you, don't I?" he murmured, stroking it's head. "I still need to think of a name for you."

The kitten continued mewing at him and Akiyuki blinked a few times. "Do you need to go outside?" he asked, cocking his head a bit and smiled when the kitten ran off the bed and sat in front of his door. "I'll take that as a yes. Smart kitty," he said with a small smile and got up.

He let the cat out and left his door cracked open so he could come back inside when he needed to. In the meantime, the college student started to make breakfast that consisted of bacon, eggs, and toast. He got milk and tuna for his new pet. Setting the kitten's food on the floor, Akiyuki sat at his desk and ate his small breakfast happily. It was small, but very yummy.

Akiyuki watched as the cat came back into the apartment and went for the food. "Poor thing...must have been a bit hard getting proper food often," he murmured under his breath, watching the kitten eat and drink. "Today we'll go to the pet store and get you some cat food and a litter box and fresheners," he said with a small laugh.

He set his plate in the kitchen sink when he was finished and went into his room. He pulled on some jeans and a green shirt that had Japanese Kanji scattered around it randomly. "Come on, let's go," he said, picking up the cat and hurried out of the house and into his car quickly before anyone could see.

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