The Four Kings

BY : SeanWright
Category: Sailor Moon > AU - Alternate Universe
Dragon prints: 1838
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The Four Kings


He had spent another night at Mamoru’s side, changing the bandages that bound the young man’s waist, feeding him pain killers for the myriad of bruises that decorated his rib cage, feeding him broth that Makoto prepared earlier in the evening. Mamoru wouldn’t be having solid food until that bruised organs healed. Thankfully Mamoru was a quick healer.

Dr. Mizuno, Ami’s mother had stopped by while Rei and Minako had been there that morning. She left a prescription and instructions. Yuuichirou had been conscripted by Rei to help care for the Mamoru while him and the girls where in school. When he returned in the early evening Ami was waiting for him with her study partner when showed up after from his own tutoring session.

“Motoki,” Mamoru was trying to raise himself on his pillows. Motoki was at his side. He helped Mamoru sit up then piled a few move pillows behind his back.

“You should be in a hospital.”

Character List
Terra (the Golden Kingdom)
Chiba Mamoru-Endymion, Prince of the Golden Kingdom
Furuhata Motoki –Gabriel, Lord Kunzite
Urawa Ryo –Raphael, Lord Zoicite
Kumada Yuuichirou –Samael, Lord Jadeite
Isoka Ken-Michael, Lord Nephrite
Silver Millennium and the Solar Alliance
Tsukino Usagi- Serenity, Princess of Silver Millennium and the Solar Alliance
Aino Minako-Inanna, Princess of Venus and Mars
Hino Rei-Astarte, Princess of Mars and Venus
Mizuno Ami-Sophia, Princess of Mercury
Kino Makoto-Demeter, Princess of Jupiter
Tomoe Hotaru-Hella, Princess of Saturn
Kaiou Michiru-Hator, Princess of Neptune
Tenou Haruka-Atalanta, Princess of Uranus
Meiou Setsuna-Saga, Princess of Pluto

Osaka Naru
Furuhata Unazuki
Gurio Umino
Sakurada Haruna

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