I want Chocolate Covered...

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Ok. Konnichuwa mina-san. This will hopefully be a one shot but if you guys want I'll try to make more chapters.
This is a Shuichi x Yuki pairing.

Rating: NC-17

RATED FOR LEMONS AND YAOI (male/male) Really bad stuff for innocent little eyes. (I don't count I'm 15^^)
sex, blow job, etc., dirty words, an OOC Yuki, and chocolate covered strawberries^^.

Disclaimer: Maki Murakami owns Gravitation, I do not. So if you sue me you'll get , let's see....
5 little lint balls and some out off date vanilla pudding. ^^ I really need to get rid of that. ^^; Now go read.

I want, Chocolate covered...

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

'Next time K points his gun at me I'll tell him go ahead. Yuki never spends any time with me. He is always on that damned laptop of his. So he won't miss me. Ryuichi will miss me and so will Hiro, but some times sacrifices must be made. My fans will miss me only for what three months? They have Nittle Grasper to keep them entertained.' Shuichi opened the door to his and Yuki's apartment. Every thing was dark and quiet.
'Good he's sleeping, maybe he made dinner and put the left overs away. If not I'll just eat the rest of my chocolate bars.'
He opened the refrigerator door to face to face with Yuki's Bud Wiser Beer. "Nothin... Hey where's my chocolate? I'm sure I put them in here so they wouldn't melt." Shuichi looked like he was gonna cry. Quietly he walked down the hall to their bedroom. Opening the door the smell of chocolate, strawberries and roses, attacked his nose. The sight he saw made him go hard as a rock in less then a second. Yuki was laying there staring at him with a entertained expression.

"Bout time you came home. Now you hungry?" lust filled Yuki's eyes. A smirk spread across his face as his lover awkwardly

Shuichi stood rooted to his spot in the door way. There was his Yuki, the only thing on him was a very thin sheet, he could
see every line of Yuki's body from under it, it was so thin. His manhood was throbbing so much it hurt, and the cocky little
smile Yuki had on his face didn't help it any.

"You just gonna stand there, Shuichi?" the way Yuki said his name sent shivers down Shuichi's back. Walking slowly, closer
to the bed he noticed the roses and petals on the floor. When he got in to arms reach, Yuki grabbed the hem of his pants,
pulling him closer.

Shuichi's eyes roamed all over his lovers body. Though the thin sheet he could make out that Yuki was as turned on as he was.
Dragging his eyes up the body to Yuki's face. He felt a little tug on his pants then the cold air hit him.

"We can't eat if you're still dressed. This room has a little dress code. 'No Clothing Allowed', can't you read?" he pointed to the
open door.

"I didn't see it. Gomen-nasai Yuki sir.' Yuki smiled. Stepping out of his pants, Shuichi took of his shirt. Yuki through them
somewhere else once they where of.

"Please, lay down." Yuki moved over to the other side of the bed. Shuichi did as told. As soon as his back touched the warm
mattress, his lover reached over to a little bowl full of large strawberries. Yuki picked one up and moved it over to a large
steaming bowl. He dipped the red fruit into the container and pulled it back out. The strawberry was now a chocolate brown
color. Chocolate dripped as the fruit was moved closer to Shuichi's mouth. "Open." was the husky command that came from
Yuki. Shuichi's mouth opened a little. Yuki pushed the berry past the small opening the pale pink lips made. Yuki slide the
berry in and out if Shuichi's mouth then paused to let the boy eat it. He licked up the pink juce and melted chocolate that ran
down his lovers chin and neck. They did this 19 more times untill they ran out of strawberries.

"Did you enjoy your apitiser?" Shuichi nodded, wanting to know what else his older lover had in store for him. "Good. Now
wait here I have to get more chocolate and more berries."

Yuki was taking so long, Shuichi's erection couldn't wait. His right hand slowly travled down touching all his weak spots. His
left hand toying with the pink nipples making them hard. The right hand found it's destination. Just by touching the tip of his
cock streaks of pleasurable lighing coarsed through him. Runing his hand down to the base, he let out a small wimper. He went
lower and fondled the sac. His left hand found its way down to the manhood. Stroking and sqeezing it, his hips started bucking
up wards. Precum glistened on the tip, running down the shaft.

"You just can't keep still for ten minutes, can you?" Yuki's breathing was shallow. He sat the bowls of food down and crawled
back into bed. "Now what to do we'll save that stuff for desert but what do you want for the main course?" his hand was
already pumping Shuichi lightly. Shuichi smiled a small queer small and looked over at the blonde man with lust filled eyes.

"I want ..." a moan covered the last few words.

"What was Shu-babe? I didn't hear."

"Chocolate covered Yuki." the lust in Shuichi's voice made Yuki's sex twitch. The pink haired boy took this as an opportunity
to get the bowl of chocolate. Shuichi moved in between Yuki's legs and sat the dish next to his stomach. Dipping four fingers
into the gooey brown chocolate and took it up to Yuki's face. He Pushed is first finger into the writers mouth. Yuki sucked on
the finger, twirling his tounge around it. Shuichi pulled back and the his other three fingers glide down the blonde's chin and
neck, then pulled it back to bowl. This time he cupped the hot brown goo in his hand and went back up to Yuki's chest. He
poured it onto the pale skin and rubbed it all around all the way down his stomach and inside his navel. He dipped his hand
back into the chocolate, this time bringing it up to his own mouth. Yuki watched the little pink tounge lapped up the chocolate
off of the hand. He wimpered as Shuichi let out a moan.

Shuichi dipped his hand back in the goo, slowly moved down to Yuki's lengh. As his hand moved up and down on the shaft,
he started lap up the chocolate from the writers chin, neck, and chest, paying extra attention to the chocolate covered buds.
Moving lower to Yuki's bellybutton, Shuichi licked and lapped around and in teasing the author.

"Shuichi can't take any more. Please. Shu-babe." Yuki lifted his hips up off the bed. The pink haired boy smiled evily and
teased the blonde man more, purposly avoiding the driping organ. Finaly Yuki had enough teasing and fliped the pink haired
boy under neith him.

"Never toy with me. I am gonna take you so hard you won't be able to walk in the morrning." Yuki dipped three fingers on the
chocolate lubricating them. With his knee, he pried his lovers legs apart and wide.

Shuichi squrimed about when he felt the tips of Yuki's finger at his puckered entrance. Moaning slightly as the chocolate covers
finger slid in him. He felt another finger and then another pulling in and out. when he started thrusting his hips to meet the hand
the fingers disappeared. The pink hair was matted to his face by persperation, he wimpered lightly, wanting to feel the fingers
back in side him. Something big and hot pressed against his entrance. Yuki's cock pushed in slowly, letting Shuichi adjust.
The Pink haired singer moaned softly, panting. Sweat trickled down his brow.

"Y-Yuki, Please m-more. Mmmmm." passion filled violet eyes stared at lust filled golden ones. Yuki payed no mind to the
smaller one still going slow enjoying the tight squeez of the anal passage of his lover. "Please Yuki," pant "faster." the blonde
god smiled and reached over into the warm chocolete.

"No. I'm still hungry." the sindister smile made Shuichi even more harder if possible. He felt the warm liquid sprade over his face. The smell of chocolete filled his nostrils. His chest and stomach was warmed by the goo. Yuki filled the singers belly button with chocolete. He put his fingers near his lovers mouth and instantly the were sucked in and being sucked on. Yuki moaned, he pulled the fingers out of Shuichis mouth and started to lap up the chocolete on his face. He then moved to the chest and as much of the stomach as he could. "Umm, chocolete covered Shuichi."

Shuichi moaned. He felt the warm snake slide across his face, down his neck, all over his chest, and half the chocolete covered stomach. He pushed his body toward the inturding hot member. For some reason the movement stoped and it drove him crazy. In some spot in his mind he heard Yuki moan. He felt the pace start up again. "More, please." the pace quicken, but not much.
Yuki pushed Shuichi's legs closer to his chest so he could get a better angle. 'Yes much better.' He picked the pace even more. The passage squeezed more harder around him. Then his ears picked up his favorit sound. Just as he hit that sweet spot Shuichi screamed very very loud.Stars painted his vision. The pink hair was matted down to his forhead, his eyes glazed over, and pre cum driping down the length. Shuichi moved his hips in a circle bringing forth a load moan from the usual quiet writer.
"Yu-ki...... Unnnnnnnnnmmmmmmmmm More more." he pleaded. The pleasure was getting to much for yuki so he desided to end it soon. Takeing Shuichi's manhood in his hand he pumped it hard and fast, as he picked up his past slaming into the boy under him. Shuichi couldn't hold back any longer. With a load half moan half scream he came long and hard. Semen went every where, on yuki's stomach, and Shuichi's face, chest, and abdomen. Darkness covered his vision as Yuki pulled out of him.Shuichi could hear movement around him as he fell asleep.Yuki pulled out of the boy and sat up. He noticed the breathing of his lover evening out, he picked up the two bowls and took them into the kitchen and placeing them in the frige knowing that Shuichi will eat them tomorrow. As he walked out to the living room the very distaint stars in the sky. He smiled and woundered what he did to get Shuichi. Of course the wineing and crying does get on his nerves from time to time but the boy he really is, is so fragile but no one see's it. Moving back toward the bedroom he can hear the soft snores from the kid. A small smile finds it's way to his lips as he lay down beside the singer. Shuichi then snuggled up into his lover and let out a soft snore and wispered Yuki's name. Yuki then slowly fell asleep.The morning sun shown in his eyes as the telephone rang. Yuki's voice was heard answering the phone.

"No, he's not coming into day K. He had a long night and he needs a break any way. Fine you do that. I already talked to Tohma bout this Shuichi is haveing a week off. Good day." the phone slamed down hard, and movement was felt on the bed. The sunlight faded away as Yuki closed the blinds then a kiss was placed ontop Shuichi's head. "Love you Shuichi."

The pink haired boy forgot to breath but came unnotice by the blone haired man. Yuki got up and left the room. Shuichi sat up so fast he was dizzy. 'He said that or was I in lala land? No he Said it but he thought i was asleep. Yuki Loves me.' a smile spread his face. He laid back down and slowly drifted into a world where he and Yuki could be together.


I made this when I was 13 o.o I am 18 now and I just found it on my PC xD I thought it had gotten deleted xD
It is un Beta-ed as far as I can remember >.> it was made by a 13 year old me 5 YEARS AGO xD


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