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A girl sat at her vanity, frowning at her reflection. She had combed her hair a million times, but that is not why she had frowned. Her long golden blond hair flowed loosely to the floor. She grabbed her hair and flung it over her shoulder, letting it fall all around her. She stared at her reflection, at her ocean blue eyes that were red from crying. She slammed down her hair brush and stood up from her vanity. She turned away so that she could not see her own reflection. She closed her eyes tightly, trying to hold back the tears that were coming… She then looked up at the ceiling with despair. “Why, why me?” She yelled. Suddenly, her door flung open. She gasped in shock as her head guard ran in to make sure she was alright. She turned her back to him quickly, not wanting him to see her face. She lowered her head.

“Princess Serenity! Are you alright?!” He asked, after seeing that there was no one in the room with her. He shut the door behind him, and walked slowly to the princess. He had long black waist length hair that was tied back. He had on a dark blue uniform, with gold buttons and gold lining. He stared at his princess, his deep blue eyes flashing with concern. She had on a long flowing pink dress that spread out past the length of her hair, giving a place for her hair to rest.

“Yes, Seiya-san, I am fine.” Her voice was strong, but he knew better.
“Princess,” he whispered. He took a step towards her. He started to reach out for her, but stopped himself. He bit his lip and withdrew his arm.

“Please go, I wish to be alone at this time. I will summon you if I need you.” The Princess said, once again in a strong voice… yet, he heard a sad tone to it.

“As you wish, Princess.” He bowed and the turned to leave. He pulled open the door a little, just enough to look out into the hall. He made sure the hall was empty and shut the door, staying in the Princess’s room. He knew that this would make her mad, but… he wanted to comfort her.

She relaxed her shoulders, believing that he had left her room. She lifted up her arm and whipped her tears off of her face. She then fell onto her bed, and she burst out crying harder then she was crying before. “Why,” she mumbled into her blanket. “Why must I be betrothed to a man I do not love?”

Seiya bit his lip. He knew that this would happen. The wedding was the next day, the people of the moon only wanted to talk about the wedding. They were thrilled that the wedding would bring earth and the moon into peace. For years, the people of earth and the people of the moon were enemies. However, when Princess Serenity was born, the people of the Moon agreed to give her hand in marriage to the Prince of Earth. This would insure peace. Prince Endymion was her betrothed. They had never met.

Seiya took a couple of steps towards the crying Princess. That is when he heard what she mumbled next.

“Seiya… Oh Seiya…”

This burned into his chest. He grabbed his chest. Tears were starting to form in his dark blue eyes. He had always been by her side, ever since he was old enough to be her guard. He quickly had made it to being her head guard. However, he had done the unthinkable… something that he should have never done… something he was sworn to never do… he fell in love, with Princess Serenity. At first, he just held in his feelings… knowing what would happen if he ever showed them. However, one stormy day… he slipped up.


Princess Serenity looked out the palace window and pouted. “It’s raining, how will I ever get to go to the garden now?”

Seiya bowed to the princess. “If I may interrupt, Princess, I may have something that you may enjoy.” The other guards looked at one another, but didn’t do any thing else.

Princess Serenity turned her head slowly to look upon Seiya, who was still bowing. “Rise, Seiya-san.” She then turned her whole body to face him. He stood up and gazed at her for a moment. She was wearing a golden dress that hung to her ankles, showing off her beautiful ballerina type shoes, which were also gold. Her hair was done up in one single bun on the top of her head, where her princess crown sat. Her eyes glistened with happiness at what he had said. “Please, let me know what it is that you have?” She took a step towards Seiya.

“It is down the hall, may I ta-“ Seiya began. The princess held out her hand, as if to ask him to take it. He slowly took a hold of her hand. The other guards stepped closer, but the princess held up her hand to stop them. “I wish to be with my head guard alone. I trust him.” Her eyes never leaving Seiya’s face.

Seiya cleared his throat. “It is down this hall, will you please guard this hall?” He ordered the guards. The guards saluted Seiya as their way of saying yes. Seiya then guided the princess down the hall. He stopped in front of a door. He turned his attention to the Princess. “I hope you will enjoy this as much as I believe you will.” The Princess smiled as he opened the door to the room. She gasped with delight as she saw what was inside. Thousands of beautiful white roses glistened in the room. She stepped in side the warm room and felt like she had gone to heaven. She turned her attention to a rose bush that had pink roses, that was in the center of the room. Next to it was a beautiful red rose bush. She put her hand to her lips in surprise. “This is so beautiful! Why have I never known of this room?” She then turned to Seiya who looked down and blushed a little.

“This is one of my hobbies. This is a nursery, and I have been taking care of all of the bushes that were not considered well enough for the garden.” Seiya didn’t allow himself to look up. He didn’t want the princess to see him blush. However, he heard her step towards him and then he saw the toes of her petit shoes. She touched his chin and then brought his face so that she may see his face. “And the two in the center… what do they represent?”

Seiya looked out towards the two bushes. “They symbolize a couple in love… the pink one is the girl… the red one is the guy.”

Princess Serenity’s eyes never left his face, even though he refused to meet her eyes. “Who is it that the bushes represent?” Seiya’s blush deepened.

“Um… why do you think it…” His voice trailed off as he finally let his eyes look into hers. His heart raced as he realized she was only inches from him.

“Seiya-san, do I know who the couple is?” She looked innocently at him. “Does the red bush symbolize – you.”

Seiya glanced over to a bush near by and then returned his eyes to hers. “Look, would you like to take some roses?” He smiled as he scooted away. He picked up a pair of clippers and handed them to the Princes. “Take any that you want.”

She walked over to him and put the clippers back down on the table that he had picked them up from. She closed her eyes and stood there for a minute. She then looked at him. “There’s only one that I see worth taking.”

Seiya looked around. Only one?

She then took his hand and stepped closer to him. “…and, I do not need clippers for him.” She then leaned forward and brushed her lips on his.

His face turned crimson, and his heart was going out of control. He knew that she was betrothed… he knew that she was his Princess… and he knew this wasn’t aloud. However… He wrapped his arms around the Princess and kissed her back. He wanted her… no, he needed her. She wrapped her arms around his neck. He deepened his kiss, knowing it was what she wanted. She finally pulled away and rested her head on his shoulder. “You have no idea how long I waited to do that,” she sighed. He held her tighter. Holding the girl who had won his heart a long time ago, not wanting to ever let her go.

“Prin-“ he began but she put her finger upon his lips.

“Shhh… call me Serenity when we are alone.” She then kissed him once more.


He never meant to hurt her so… he was stupid. He finally crept over to her and kneeled by her side. She finally sensed his presence. She looked up, her face streaked with tears. She gasped. “Seiya… I didn’t want you to see me like this!” She grabbed him though and buried her head into his uniform, sobbing uncontrollable. “Seiya!”

Seiya wrapped his arms around her, comporting her. “I am so sor-“

She broke away from him and placed her index finger gently upon his lip. “Shhh..” She whispered. “Seiya, I need something from you…”

He looked into her eyes and nodded her on. She removed her finger from his lips. “Love me, Seiya. In all ways imaginable.” She whispered her pleads.

His eyes widened. He knew what she meant, and he wanted to as well… but… the same thing that has stopped him from loving her for all of those years still stopped him that night. “Serenity, you know that you must be untouched when you marry the Prince!”

Her eyes filled once again, she knew that if she was found to be impure when she was wedded to the Prince, they would put her to death. “It is death to not be with you!” She pleaded.

He shook his head. “No Princess, I can not allow anything to happen to you.”

Her heart shattered once again. “Tonight is my last night on the moon. Tomorrow, I will be on Earth, with him.”

Seiya knew that. He knew that all too well. “Serenity…”

She also knew that he loved her too much to ever allow her to be punished for something he did.


The Palace guards stood guard in the teleporter room as the princesses from the other planets teleported in with their own guards. The first one to arrive was a blue haired princess. Her hair was shorter then shoulder length and it framed her lovely face. She had sea blue eyes. She wore a blue dress that was old-fashioned, but beautiful. Her guard stood beside her, he was only a little taller then the princess and he had short black hair. His uniform was red with black lining, and brass buttons.

One of the moon’s palace guards stepped forward. He bowed and when he stood up, everyone noted how he towered over the princess and her guard. He had waist length brown hair that was tied back. He was in his palace uniform, which was blue with gold buttons and lining. “You must be Princess Ami, of the planet Mercury. Please follow me.” He said in a dull tone.

Princess Ami and her guard followed the guard till he took them to a door, which led them to their quarters. The guard opened the door and stood to the side. The Princess’s guard started to go in, but Princess Ami looked at the Moon’s palace guard with concern. “What is your name?”

The palace’s guard did a double, and then, in the same dull tone, replied; “My name is Taiki, loyal guard to the Moon Kingdom.”

Princess Ami lowered her head, and did not say anything else. She walked into her quarters and her guard shut the door behind her.


Back in the teleporter room: One of the Palace guards that was showing how board and tired he was. He began to yawn but another guard jabbed him in the ribs with his elbow. “Yaten, please.” The other guard whispered to the white headed guard. Yaten had long silky white hair that he kept tied back. He wore the same uniform as all of the other palace guards. Yaten tried to stand up a little straighter, but couldn’t. He wanted to be doing something more exciting… like sleeping. Yaten watched as a beautiful raven haired Princes appeared with her guard by her side. The guard who stood beside Yaten was the one who was assigned to this Princess. Yaten breathed a sigh of relief. This princess had her head held high and she looked a little stubborn.

Yaten looked down at the paper which the general had given him. The Princess who he was assigned was Princess Minako, of Venus. He only seen her when she was younger, but she was very happy and cheerful.

Yaten looked towards the teleporter as yet another princess arrived. His green eyes widened at the sight.

“You are stepping on my foot!!” A beautiful princess with golden hair yelled at the guard that was entangled with her.

The guard blushed and it was very apparent that he was new. The Princess pushed herself away from him. Her hair was messed up and her golden dress was wrinkled. When she went to step out of the transporter, everyone heard a loud rip. The princess’s face turned crimson. She slowly turned around to see the damages. Her guard had stepped on her dress and when she stepped off of the teleporter, caused her dress to tear almost all of the way up to her waist. Her face turned evil. The palace guards all backed away and watched as the princess’s guard stepped off of her dress and she whipped the dress off of the teleporter. She the walked up to the teleporter and hit the big red button. Her personal guard then vanished with out having the chance to apologize. She then turned to the Palace guards. She looked relieved, yet embarrassed. “I need to speak with the queen, which of you is my escort?” Her eyes looked one by one to each of the guards until they fell on Yaten. “I am Princess Minako, of the Planet Venus.”

Yaten sighed. ‘Great’ he thought. ‘I got the worst of them all.’ He bowed to the Princess and offered his arm. “I am the guard assigned to you. My name is Yaten.”

She took his arm and smiled up at him. “I am terribly sorry about the scene that I caused with my new guard.” She said to everyone, but was staring into Yaten’s green eyes.

The guards all bowed as Yaten led Princess Minako to the queen’s thrown room door. He let go of the princess and bowed to her. “I will be right back out.”

The princess nodded as Yaten disappeared into the queen’s room.

The queen sat in her thrown, deep into thought. Her hair was in two buns, one per side of her head, and the hair from her buns flowed loosely onto the floor. She wore a tight white dress that showed off her beautiful slim figure.

“Your majesty, one of our guests, Princess Minako has requested your presence.” Yaten said to the queen.

The queen nodded, letting him know it was alright. Yaten then opened the door, revealing the messed up princess who had tried to regain some of her composure. The Princess stood tall and straight as she walked into the thrown room. She curtsied to the queen.

“I am honored that you and your daughter Serenity have requested my presents for Princess Serenity’s wedding.” She started off when she got up from her curtsy. “However, I need to request something. One of my guards had to be sent back to Venus do to some unforeseen events. Unfortunately, there are no other guards to replace him.” Princess Minako looked up at the queen.

The queen nodded her understandings. Her eyes then fell onto Yaten. “Yaten, please for this princess’s visit, guard this princess with your life.”

Yaten’s eyes widened. He could not believe this, sure it only made sense, he was the escort assigned to her, and yet, he had other duties. However, if the queen requested this, then he must do this. He bowed and replied, “Yes your majesty.”

The queen smiled. “Your normal duties will be assigned to another guard. Please make Princess Minako feel welcomed, and safe. You will honor her wishes as if you were truly her head guard.”

Yaten stood up strait and felt a little uncomfortable. He looked over to the Princes and walked over to her. “I will do my very best to make you feel safe, and right at home.”

The princess smiled a beautiful smile as Yaten took in her beauty… even though she was a mess. Her hair fell just past her waist. Her hair was loose; even though it did look that her hair was up in some sort of hair do. Her eyes were a light blue and they sparkled in the light. Yaten did feel a little drawn to her. However, he knew the rules. He would ignore the feeling. He once again offered the princess his arm and led her to her quarters.


Seiya walked down the hall to the queen’s thrown room. He knocked on the door, and then entered. The queen looked over at him.

“The Princess is in her quarters with the door being guarded by the palaces 1st guard.” Seiya said, letting her know that the princess was alright.

The queen nodded her head and sighed. “Tonight, after 8 long years, you will be relieved of watching over the princess.” She said slowly. “You have done a outstanding job as she has never been harmed in any way since you took over the duty.” The queen smiled at Seiya. “Sadly, you will not be permitted to go to earth when she is wedded as earth’s guards are the ones taking over your position. You will report to the general tomorrow morning to receive your new duty.”

Seiya’s heart sank with the queen’s words. He had thought that he will always be with the Princess. However, this did make sense. He was a guard for the Moon, not earth. Serenity was moving to earth. Seiya said in a strong voice. “Yes, My Queen.”

The queen looked away. Seiya stood there for a moment, and realized, the queen was crying. She was trying to hide it though. He then left the thrown room.


The Queen looked back to where Seiya had stood. He had spent the majority of his life protecting the princess, and much more. The queen knew, as a mother, that Seiya had fallen in love with Serenity. She knew that Seiya would die for her daughter. The queen had chosen Seiya for that reason to be her daughter’s head guard. She also knew that because he knew of all the issues and punishments, he would never love her beyond he was aloud. The queen looked up at the lights. She wanted her daughter to have the one thing that the queen never had… true love. However, now was the time that her mother never wanted to happen. However, Serenity was strong…

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