The Youma Nightclub

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This is going to be my last fic. Unless I become Krusty the Klown from the Simpsons and have a 6th comeback special. This was a culmination of requests from my yahoo group. For those that didn't request, well, it's your loss. I just did the inner senshi because that fit all the requests.

This turned out much less sexual. I guess I wasn't in the mood- it's more sensual and focuses on the hypno. Again, a little different style, but I hope you like it. It's long (7000 words) and has a decent amount of seductions, not so much on the resistance side. It was meant to be an overkill fic.

Well, it's been fun. Enjoy!


Usagi, Minako, Rei, Lita, and Ami were up a little bit later than usual.

Minako's heels clicked on the Tokyo sidewalk as the occasional salaryman, returning from a bar late, glanced a lustful glare. She was certainly the most scantily dressed of the lot, sporting a tight black minidress and provocatively high heels. Her hair was done up, and her ruby lips glistened in the lamplight.

The others wore clubwear as well, for that was where they were headed. The other scouts took upon slightly more conservative outfits. However, they were all certainly very sexy.

"I think it's really fun that we're doing this," giggled Minako.

"I hope our parents don't find out. Sneaking into a club- that's not good news," replied the cautious Rei.

"It will be fine. This is a nice break from spending a Friday night reading books," said Ami.

"I'm sure we'll meet some CUTE guys too!" said Lita.

"Oh, I bet!!!! I'm so excited! BOYS!" cried Usagi.


"Let me get you some drinks," said Ami. Granted, they were a bit scared, after coming to this club- getting past the bouncer was almost too easy. Perhaps the rumors of going to clubs with large groups of pretty girls were true. And the whole nightlife atmosphere was something completely new.

"Alright, we'll meet you back here. I can't wait to find more boys!!!!" yelled Usagi to her. A foxy-eyed girl cast her a luscious glance as her yell brought more attention than she wanted.

"Um... Usagi?" started Lita, "I don't think we've actually SEEN any boys yet."


"Yeah, maybe this is an all-girls floor or something," observed Rei, "At least, not a boy in sight since that bouncer. And even he seemed a bit... effeminate. Could have been a girl, like Haruka."

"Hm... well, maybe we can dance until Ami comes back?"

"Sounds fun!"

Ami plowed her way to the bar. She was surprised at how she didn't see any men. To top it off, because the place was so crowded, she had to deal with forcing her body up close against all the girls, and occasionally she would feel a slight grope or touch where she didn't want it. Even though the inner senshi had rather provocative outfits and boasted a bit more estrogen than one's average heroines, they didn't have many lesbian inclinations. Not yet, at least.

It was so hot and humid, being a summer night in Tokyo. Ami slipped off her jacket, revealing a blue spaghetti strap dress that ended around her knees. Still, the neckline that showed would have made her fanboys at school drool.

She sat down at the bar, finally, and ordered a few pina coladas for all of the girls.

"You like pina coladas, don't you?" said the most sensual voice Ami ever heard.

"Huh? Um... yeah, they're good, I guess," Ami was instantly taken aback. Seduction and nightclub conversation were new to her... especially from girls. This girl was something else. She had long, shiny black hair, more voluptuous than even Rei's. Her only covering was a velvet black dancer's bra with red trim, and a shiny, feathery skirt. Long, thigh-high latex boots adorned her legs, and a purple cape and black latex gloves completed her look. But what stood out most were her eyes- confident, lustful, commanding, and assuredly mesmerizing. She was truly the foil to the inexperienced, naive Ami. And this was the danger, since Ami was completely vulnerable to a woman like this.

"Here, try my drink. I think you'll like it better."

Before Ami realized it, the girl's drink and straw were right in front of her lips. She hesitated, but slowly sipped the drink, just to be nice.

"Just suck..." suggested the girl, twirling a strand of her hair seductively.

"Mmmm..." said Ami, closing her eyes. She had never tasted a drink like that before.

"I knew you'd like it... are you getting drinks for your friends?"

"Yeah," said Ami, looking around, and looking back at the drink, slightly buzzed and amazed at how tantalizing it was, "But I don't know where they are. You can't see them through the crowd."

"Why the hurry? Do you want to sit and talk?" they locked eyes, and the girl's glimmer was irresistible.

"Um..." that hesitation, again.

"Yes, I think you do. Why don't you cancel that order?"


"Don't worry, it will be ok. Just for a little while. We can share this drink, and get to know each other." She never broke eye contact. Not for the whole time. With every suggestion, every command, she kept her eyes locked on Ami.

"Are you... sure...?"

"Yessss..." she brought out her hand, and stroked Ami's cheek, making her blush in embarassment and sparking a jump in her heart that wasn't helped by the loud, throbbing music in the club, "Cancel the order."

Amy hesitated once more, looked down at the delicious drink, and looked to the bartender.

"Excuse me, bartender? Just... cancel that order, actually. She has it taken care of... she..."

She turned to the girl. "What was your name?"


"Relena... has it taken care of."

Relena placed her hand on Ami's knee and smiled. Those eyes...

"You know my name, but I don't know yours..."

"Oh... I'm... Ami."

"That's a lovely name. Have some more to drink, Ami."

Ami sipped a bit more of the drink. She didn't want to be rude, so she didn't refuse it, but she knew better than to down a whole drink from a stranger. But it was just so delicious. She sipped it a bit more. What would this woman do to her? She seemed so nice.

Relena smiled wickedly as Ami sat with her eyes closed, finishing off the drink, as she continued to rub her leg. Ami moaned and whispered, "Thank you," as she set it down on the counter. She was definitely buzzed.

The two hadn't talked for very long, but Ami really, really liked Relena. She was sweet, gave her good drinks, and seemed to be really fun. Time and the whole club seemed to be in a blur. The only thing that were in focus were Relena's eyes. The only thing that made sense were her eyes.

"Ami... Ami... shall we go somewhere... more private?"

Ami nodded as Relena took her hand and led her away from the bar, through the crowd, and to one of the side alleys in the bathroom area. The Sailor Mercury asked,

"What did you want to do together...?"

With no hesitation, Relena pressed Ami's body against the wall with her own, cupped Ami's face, and passionately locked lips with her. With a surprised moan, the girl had no clue what to do. The buzz from the drink, the flashing lights, those eyes- everything made her mind a haze. And in the theme of the night out- a relaxing break from all the stresses of school and youma-fighting, she decided to adhere to the point of the night. Trying something new.

She flicked up her heel as she wrapped her arms around Relena and kissed her back deeply. The kiss was the most delicious thing she had ever experienced- more tantalizing, for sure, than the drink. Ami closed her eyes and let everything go, drowning in the moment. Too bad, since she missed the cute bat-like wings materialize on the back on Relena. She also missed the deep purple aura that began to surround them both.

"Oh Sailor Mercury, kissing a youma is quite nice, isn't it?" she teased, as her thrall purred and met her lips once more. Ami wasn't sure what she said. All her conscious barriers were broken. And unfortunately that's where are all resistances were too.

"Give me all of your energy..." she whispered, breaking the kiss and running her tongue along and in her ear.


"Where's Ami?" cried Lita.

"I don't know, but dancing is so much fun!" the scouts were dancing, morphed from being a circle of their own to a part of the giant blob of all-female dancers.

"That dress is really elegant..." said a voice behind Minako.

"Huh, Usagi?"

"No. My name it Satsi..."

"Satsi! Nice to meet you."

"A beautiful girl like you doesn't deserve to be in a club like this. You should be a princess."

"Oh, thank you! You're quite beautiful yourself..."

"Would you like to dance?"

"Sure... wait..." Minako looked back. She couldn't see her friends.

"Don't worry, we'll stay right here."


This girl looked like a princess. She had long, shimmering white hair, an elegant black evening dress with a slit up to her thigh, black gloves, a glimmering necklace, and silky sheer black pantyhose. Every article about her looked soft and luxurious, either of satin or silk. Her compliments about beauty had so much more weight and relevance because she seemed so... classy.

Satsi began to dance with Minako, but because of the congestion of people, they were pushed closer... and closer together. The music didn't help, either, a slow grinding rhythm. Still, Minako tried to remain somewhat conservative, despite the fact that her high heels clicked on the ground and her mini left more exposed than her parents would have ever allowed.

Satsi said below her breath, "I love your taste in fashion. I've never met a girl that also wears black so well." But Minako couldn't hear her, so she yelled, "What?" This was part of Satsi's little trick- because things whispered are much sexier than things spoken. She leaned in close, rubbing her satin gloves on Minako's neckline, bringing her lips to her ear. The beat of the club forced other dancers into them, and the bump "accidentally" made Satsi brush her lips and tongue against Minako's ear. She whispered, her breath tingly and warm on the Sailor's senses, "You look nice in black. Darkness suits you well."

"Thank you!" she said, naively, "I love the material of your dress. What is it made of?"

"Satin, and silk, blended together. It's very soft, would you like a feel?"

"What?" Again, under Satsi's breath. She leaned in, brushing her lips once more, and whispered, long and beckoningly, "Feel..."

Minako brushed her hands over Satsi's dress. It felt absolutely heavenly, like petting a newborn kitten. Satsi brought her gloves down and held Minako's hands, wrapping them around her. They locked bodies, locked eyes, then danced in silence for several minutes. It was Minako's favorite pop song.

"You really want to be beautiful and elegant, don't you?"


Satsi brought her hand down and rubbed it on Minako's exposed thigh.

"We have a lot in common, you know. We both love elegance. We are both very passionate about beautiful, lovely things."

She continued to stroke Minako's thigh. Venus ignored it, in wonder at the opportunities before her.

"It's so nice to meet you, Satsi. I love your fashion..."

"It's more than fashion... it's a lifestyle... it's a way of living."

"Yes, you speak like a supermodel!"

"You can be one, too."


"Yes... the most elegant one..."

"I work for a... company. We are looking for new, glamorous girls. At the least, I could give you some connections. Do you want to have clothes like mine?"

"Yes, where did you get them?"

Satsi broke eye contact for the first time in five minutes, looking about cautiously.

"I'm not sure if it's safe to reveal these stores out loud. Can we go somewhere more private?"


Rei, Usagi, and Lita danced together. Rei was getting slightly concerned as she hadn't seen Ami or Minako in a while. But as long as they were all in the club, they would be alright.


"Wh...?" Lita spun around. A butterfly landed on her nose, then fluttered away as a dazzling girl appeared in front of her. She caught the attention of Usagi and Rei, as well. She had knee-high green boots, long green gloves with white trim at the end, flowing green hair like Sailor Pluto's, and a short, tight green dress, and a pair of dazzling translucent butterfly wings. She almost looked like Esmeraude, if it weren't for her kind complexion and the fluttering butterfly wings sprouting from her back.

"How do you know my name?"

"Oh, I'm so sorry," she giggled, "Ami and Minako are at the bar. I've been talking with them, a group of us came out too and we were a bit scared since it was our first night clubbing too. They are very sweet! Minako has a killer taste in fashion, too!"

Rei nodded. She should stop being so paranoid.

"Are... are those... part of a costume?"

"Teehee," she giggled, looking back and flapping her shoulders, moving the wings a bit, "These aren't real, unfortunately, but I LOOOVE wearing them clubbing! They are so much fun!"

"They LOOK fun!"

"Hehe. Anyway, they wanted you to come by and say hi. Said it was a secret surprise for Usagi, or something."

"WHAT???" cried Usagi.

"Alright, should I just go with you?"

"Yes... come with me..." Mira said, holding out her hand. Lita took it, and turning back to smile to Rei and Usagi, gave a wink wink goodbye and within moments vanished into the crowd.

As the two walked through the crowd, every little bump seemed to move Mira's wings, shedding little bits of shiny dust from them. Because they were so close due to the crowd, Lita breathed them in every now and then. They smelled lovely- like the most intoxicating scents at the mall that she could only hope to afford. Every time Mira moved, they seemed to beat in the light... and to the music. They shimmered and dazzled, reflecting and refracting the light. The club lights put on a dazzling light show which Lita fell in love with earlier, but these wings were something else. Coupled with that, she was holding on to her gloved hand being led through the crowd, and didn't need to focus on where she was going. So she just focused on the wings. Flapping... flapping... shedding... flapping... breathing... a lovely pattern... flapping... flapping... she was getting pretty sleepy. She couldn't believe those were fake. So sleepy. Such... nice wings. Nice music. Flappy flappy. Mmmm... the way they shimmered. Left and right. Left and right... they kept waving... made her relax... so hard to walk... sleepy... wings... flapping... flapping... breathing... a lovely pattern. Smelled so nice... felt so nice to breathe, smelled so nice... was that a pair of lips kissing hers? Exhaling the heavenly scent into her... breathing... flashing... touching her... she didn't know... her eyes were closed... closed... sleepy... time to sleep...


"Are you tired?" asked Mira, caressing her temples. They were up against a wall, in the back alley.

"Wh.. what? Where..."

"You almost blacked out. I was worried about you, so I took you outside for some fresh air."

"Thank you..."

"Just breathe deeply. Try to clear your mind, you'll be reunited with Ami and Minako soon. Breathe..."

She began to flap her wings, spreading the shiny pollen over Lita, who slumped to the ground and breathed in deeply.

"You like to cook, don't you?"

"Yesss... I looove cooking..." it was so hard to think.

"I love cooking too. Maybe we can cook together sometime? Keep breathing... deeply, it will clear your mind. You need the fresh air."

She kept flapping rhythmically, the shiny butterfly wings keeping Lita under. She had flapped so much that there was no more fresh air left. Only the magical, mesmerizing pollen, heavily concentrated.

"Where are your friends...?"

"I... don't know..."

"That's because I'm the only one taking care of you right now..."


"Here, I'm going to bring my wings very close to you, and it's going to make you feel nice..."

She brought her wings up to Lita's face, and began to discharge a heavy plume of pollen that coated her completely. Lita fell asleep in Mira's palms, and was lovingly kissed by her captor's ruby lips. Before, she had taught her why she loves girls more than guys. Now, she was going to teach her why the Moon Kingdom was too much work to pursue. Then, the next sleepy time, she would fill her mind with glamorous, sensual images of serving the Negaverse. Each deep sleep, each time a new awakening. And Mira had plenty of pollen.


Rei really had to use the restroom. She didn't want to leave Usagi alone. For some reason, she didn't trust the girl to take care of herself. But, she supposed, there wasn't an option. Rei didn't want to have to put up with Usagi yappering away in the lady's room. So she poked her companion on the shoulder and gave the motion that she would be right back.

Usagi continued to dance, looking around the hall, hoping to see some guys but coming short. Instead, she quickly found herself in the middle of a circle of three sexy girls with fans, fanning themselves sexily as Usagi felt the cool breeze in the hot club. With the makeshift air conditioner, she didn't mind staying where she was, even if they were grinding down and occasionally rubbing their butts against her.

One of the girls had long, black hair. She looked like the most mature of the lot. Black latex thigh-high boots over a pair of sexy fishnets, and a pink dance one-piece. She had long red gloves, and a bright red choker. The other girl was a redhead with a sexy ponytail, deep blue lipstick, and pale skin. She was quite voluptuous and moved as if she were a regular. She had a fan of her own, like the third girl. That girl had exotic green hair and green eyes that contrasted her bright red fan. Her hair fluttered whenever she danced, caressing the dark-tanned skin.

"Meres" the redhead purred. "Suze," said the green-haired beauty. "Valerie," said the girl in pink, "I'm their teacher..."

"Usagi," replied Moon. She was a bit curious what "teacher" meant, with the sexiness of their moves.

"You were here with a big group earlier," observed Valerie, waving her fan around, gazing Usagi deep in the eyes as the others grinded up against her.

"Yeah, they'll be back soon, and you can meet them."

"You don't look like you go clubbing very often. Any of you," said Meres, lost in the dance.

"No, it's actually our first time..."

"Then let me show you some moves."

The trio danced with Usagi for about 10 minutes to various songs. They showed her different moves. To gain her trust, they taught her some pop dance moves that just involved waving her hands and shaking her body, but soon they taught more... sexy and sinister moves. Like how to shake her booty, how to flick her head and blow kisses, how to run her hands over her body and thighs. She didn't know moves like this, and thought to herself that the theme of the night was trying new things, anyway. So she was just trying something new. It was actually kind of fun, and she convinced herself that this would help her attract boys when she found them later on in the club. So she was grateful.

"You're a wonderful dancer, Usagi," said Suze.

"Thank you... thanks to a wonderful teacher!" she said, looking at Valerie, who smirked.

"You must be awfully warm after all of that dancing. Let's help you cool down.


Valerie flapped open her bright red fan. Usagi had never seen anything like it before. It was brilliant, ornate, and fluffy. It looked like it would cost more than a fancy dress, for the fan alone. Valerie cast a sexy glare and moved her hips before beginning to fan Usagi, as the Moon soldier tilted her head back and prepared for a nice, cool breeze.

Of course, her eyes closed, she didn't see that every time the dance lights illuminated the light between them, tendrils of deep purple pheromones were flowing from the fan. Normally they would be invisible, and the dance lights proved Usagi's only defense- if she were at least paying attention. The pheromones hit her nostrils and overwhelmed her in a sweet, sweet scent that had a cooling effect, like a nice mint. Valerie cupped Usagi's chin as the sailor scout opened her eyes. "Dancing with fans is so wonderful. With a nice fan, you not only mesmerize your dance partners, but you can cool yourself. Plus this one comes with a sweet perfume that just smells SOOO nice!"

Usagi could only smile and nod as Valerie fanned her some more, staring deeply into her eyes. Suze and Meres hypnotically danced at their sides, fanning them both, spreading more of the thick purple haze as their hands waved back and forth... back and forth like hula dancers, in and out, rotating to and fro with their fans. It was a dance they had performed hundreds of times before, after researching the fragile human mind. The three youma had practiced every part of it on a mannequin of Usagi. Every detail- down to each touch and fan, the movements were researched to have the most irresistible psychological and hypnotic effect on their thrall. And everything was going to plan. Even Usagi, their thrall, was playing her part- standing there helplessly, just like the mannequin.

After about five minutes, Usagi's eyes were in a daze and she was completely lost, her mind confused and susceptible after inhaling so much of the sweet pheromones. Valerie winked to Suze and Meres, saying "It's time, my dolls," as they held each of her arms and restrained her, planting soft kisses on each of her cheeks, grinding against her. Valerie came close and teasingly held her fan open in front of Usagi's face. This was the best part- the coup de grace.

"Here is a gift for Usagi, for... Sailor Moon, from everyone in the Negaverse..." A steady stream of the purple pheromones, more concentrated than before, began to flow directly from the fan into Usagi's face. The leader of the sailor senshi relaxed, closing her eyes. She began to breathe deeply and rhythmically, as Valerie began the gift-giving ceremony. Each gift... more sensual and enticing than the last.


Relena wrapped her black wings, which had grown to human size, around Ami. Ami moaned as she was now enclosed in the wings with Relena, alone with the youma and her dark energy. They kissed- again and again. Ami was so hypnotized by each kiss, her eyes glazed over, that she didn't even register this girl as evil. Each sensation was so wonderful, so beautiful. She merely held on to her.

It was like a goldmine. Relena had drained others of powers, but those were normal humans. She had never touched a sailor senshi. Her full lust, her full allure were set at maximum energy as she devoured the scout and her energy. The purple aura slowly fed away on Ami, and with each kiss she drained away a bit of her power. But as a succubus youma, her kisses had the effect of inciting more desire, making it harder and harder to resist the more energy was drained, and the weaker Ami was. In other words, there was no hope for Mercury.

Sensing this, Relena slowed down, savoring her conquest as she continued to suck away the senshi's purity and energy. As Ami's being was slowly being drained to putty, she grew less and less inhibited, grinding herself against Relena and kissing her deeper and deeper. Relena ran her fingers through Ami's blue hair and kept gazing deep into her eyes between kisses. Usually she could drain somebody in 2 or 3 seconds of kisses. It had already been 15 minutes. But Ami was widdling down. She was about 2% energy... 1% energy. One more kiss.

"Oh... kiss me Sailor Mercury... give me all your energy..."

"Yes, Relena..."

Slowly, their hot lips met, as the bat wings burst open and Ami fell to the ground, Relena licking her lips and putting her hands on her hips in victory, her wings shrinking into her back. Ami quickly came to, and rose, bowing her head as the succubus youma ran her fingers through her hair and gave her a kiss on the forehead.

"Shall we go back out to meet your friends?"


"Be eternally mesmerized in my cocoon of silk and satin," said Satsi, in her new outfit. She had transformed into a lovely, butterfly-like being with a flowing gown of shimmering, pastel-colored sheer silk and almost hundreds of delicately thin silken scarves, billowing in air.

She continued to twirl strands and ribbons of billowly silk and satin around Minako, completely hypnotizing her and coaxing her with the seductive, unearthly materials. Minako was receiving her every wish. Satsi kept true to each of her words- she showed Minako the wonderful outfits and how to achieve them. She showed her the company she worked for.

"The wonderful thing about silk..." cooed Satsi, waving another scarf- of which she had a limitless supply- across Minako's face, as it clung to her, " that it feels so nice, but it doesn't block any view..."

She continued to gaze into Minako's eyes while saying this, as she wrapped another scarf around her, pulling the old one off...

"Every color feels different..."


"We could spend so much time trying them all..."


"But we have a lot of time, so why don't we? Ha ha ha..."

She rubbed against Minako as the scout closed her eyes. It just felt so nice.

"Venus in furs... more like... Venus in silk..." she teased, waving more scarves around her, brushing them around her body, constantly cocooning her and divesting her, teasing and giving. Venus' eyes were sparkling, she was so dazzled by Satsi.

"Our company needs glamorous models, Minako..."

"Really...?" droned the scout.

"Yes... glamorous, sexy models, like you. You would like to be a glamorous star, wouldn't you?"

"I... I would love it." More scarves, obstructing yet enhancing the view of Satsi.

"Excellent... so you will work for our company?"

"Yes... I would love that very much..." she continued to drone, completely fascinated by Satsi.

"Then, all you have to do is sign a little contract..." said the silky seductress, waving around one scarf that had a set of words on it. Minako could barely see it, but it said something about employment, servitude, commitment, energy... whatever, she was going to be a star!

"How do I sign it?" she asked, the scarf waving around.

"Oh, I forgot to say," Satsi giggled, "In this industry, we sign contracts with kisses." As she said that, the silk wrapped around Minako's face and Satsi's hand, bringing them together, as a signature line appeared on the thin silk between the two.

"Know, kneel and... sign away..."

Without a moment's hesitation, Minako kneeled on one knee and kissed Satsi's hand, closing her eyes as she pledged submission to her new mistress. She did not realize, but the scarf was actually a dark ritual, and by submitting to Satsi, she had bound herself as Satsi's thrall. This was not limited to giving up her sailor powers or sensual servitude, but even allowed for long-term brainwashing and youma conversion. But in a sense, she was going to become a model. That's what Satsi had in mind.

"Now, to give you your copy of the contract," said the victorious Satsi, giggling as she cupped Minako's chin and had her rise.

The same silk separated their lips as Satsi leaned in, saying "Pucker up, my buttercup," her hot, full lips consuming Minako's completely as they both closed their eyes. An imprint of energy from the silk entered Venus' mind as the contract was permanently delivered to her. They continued to caress each other, letting the moment last for as long as it could. Venus purred as Satsi stroked her with even more silk, until she finally broke the silk, sad that they had other things to attend to other than savoring that sweet submission.

"Shall we say goodbye to your friends before I show you your new job?"




Rei looked around after returning from the bathroom. She hadn't been gone THAT long, had she?

"Minako? Lita? Ami?"

She continued to look around. Maybe Usagi had gone off and danced somewhere else. She tried to trudge through the crowd.

A girl, shorter than she was, blocked her path. She was the cutest, most innocent (yet sexy) thing that Rei had ever seen. She had short green hair, short blue gloves, thigh-high purple stockings, and a light pink negligee covered in a thin, satiney robe.

"Hi big sister."

"Hi, I'm sorry, I'm looking for my friends, I cannot chat."

"That's ok, maybe I can help you find them?"

"I'm pretty sure..."

"No, I can help you. I want to help you! You look very kind, big sister."

"Why do you keep calling me that?"

"Because you look so nice, so caring. I'm surprised to see you in a club. You look like a girl that likes being with her family, likes taking care of family. I'm Nana."


"Yes. What's your name?"

"Rei, nice to..."

"Meet you! *giggle*"

The girl acted about 10 years younger than she was. But there was something a bit attractive about it. Rei supposed that was the case with everybody in the club. Nana grabbed Rei's hand with one of her light blue gloves and said, "Here, I saw you with your friends earlier. Some of them are at the bar. I can lead you there!"

Rei looked back at the spot of the dancefloor where the five senshi once stood. It was now empty. She turned and followed Nana.


Lita lay against the corner. Mira had led a total of five hypnosis sessions on her. The first two were how to love girls and what is bad about the Moon Kingdom. She then learned how to serve the Negaverse, how to seduce the outer senshi, and how to erase memories of her past. She looked on with sinister eyes as her butterfly mistress held out her hand for the scout to kiss. Lita promptly obeyed, and was rewarded with more pollen. When the two locked bodies, it was literally a sea of green.

"Butterflies are such beautiful creatures..."

"Yes they are..."

"Covering their prey in pheromones..."


"Shhh... you're thinking too much again," Mira said, putting her finger to Lita's lip.


"It's ok. Let's just talk about really simple topics. Like how beautiful butterflies are..." More pollen continued to flow down. Lita was completely consumed. Mira was just savoring her victory with overkill, teasing her.

"Yes... butterflies are so beautiful..."

"Very beautiful..."

"So relaxing, so beautiful..."

"So relaxing..."

"You're such a beautiful butterfly..."

"You're such an obedient butterfly..." Flap flap...

"It smells so sweet..."

"It's so hypnotic, Lita..."

"I'm so hypnotized by you..."

"So enslaved by me..."

"Always... I just want to breathe..."

"Yes, just breathe, darling..."

"As you wish, Mira," obeyed Jupiter, leaning her head back and breathing in as deep as she could. The butterfly giggled.

"We can cook together..."


"Yes... but naughty things. Sweets for you to lick off my body..."

"Yes, I would love that..."

"Yes... then just continue to relax. It will all happen in due time."

"I will relax. Always..."

The next few minutes were spent in silence. Silence, and pollen, and gentle stroking. Such a wonderful, irresistible cycle. Soon, they would be ready to go inside and meet everyone else.


Nana rubbed Rei's temples as she whispered sexy suggestions to her. Rei felt very relaxed, and this girl was helping her find her friends.

"I'm so sorry we couldn't find them here," said Nana, as they sat the bar.

"That's ok, I know you mean well."

"No, I'm sorry. I want to be good to big sister."


She continued to rub Rei's temples.

"No, but maybe you can help me?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well, I call you big sister, because I never had a big sister. Do you think you could stay with me, take care of me tonight while we are in the club?"

How could Rei resist that? It was such an innocent request, from such a lovely girl. Of course she could. She was so... wonderful.

"Yes, I will stay with you..."

"Thank you, and I will help you find your friends."

"Thank you, Nana."

"But... can we go freshen up first? I think I have a little rip on my dress."


They went together to the rest area, near where Rei had gone to the restroom earlier. Nana turned around and asked Rei to zip up one of the pieces of her negligee, which she promptly did. They then turned around, and Nana held onto Rei, holding her close.

"Rei..." she gazed deep into her eyes, never letting go, "I don't know how to say this, but I really, really care about you."

Rei wanted to ask what she was talking about, but she couldn't look away from those eyes. She didn't know what to say. She could tell by those eyes. Nana was serious. They gazed at each other... for 30 seconds... a minute... those large, beady eyes, peering into Mar's soul, the strong, wise senshi, never looking away. Something was amiss.

Nana stroked her cheek, never breaking that gaze. She brought herself closer, her sweet perfume, her gentle blue gloves mesmerizing her.

"I love you," said Nana, leaning in and kissing Mars on the cheek. Mars was stunned for a moment, and then Nana kissed her on the lips, whispering again, "I love you." They locked eyes again. Mars was speechless, confused, as Nana whispered again, "I care about you sooo much... let me care for you, big sister." She was so loving. It was so honest, so real. They gazed longer. Those beady eyes. Nana leaned in again, and kissed her, "I love you..." she breathed tenderly. One more kiss. "I love you." And another. "I love you." She breathed out, caressing her, lovingly, soothingly. "There's nothing that love can't conquer." She then began to remove Rei's dress, pulling it down from the top first.

Rei held out her hand to Nana's arm. Nana was frightened, thinking the senshi resisted and was pushing her back. But Rei instead caressed Nana's shoulder, beckoning her to continue, saying, "There's nothing that love can't conquer." Mars gave into the loving caresses of Nana as she allowed her to remove her dress, exposing her lingerie.

"When we sleep at night together, I'll love you deeper and deeper. But now, I want you to kneel..."

Mars complied, kneeling down in her bra and panties, completely exposed to Nana, who affixed a black collar to her neck. "Please, protect me, big sister."

"I will always protect you, Nana."

"I love you, Rei."

"I love you too, Nana."

"Confess your love to me, sister..." Those eyes penetrated her, removing all hopes of resistance.

"Yes... I love you more than anything in this world. I will protect you from anything and anyone. I will always be at your side, forever..."

"Say it again... sister. I want to hear it again." Now she was just savoring the victory.

"I will always be at your side, forever..."

"Now, rise, let's go out... and meet your friends."

They embraced once more, held hands, and went out to the club once more.


"Drink, Usagi."

"Yesss..." said the leader of the senshi, inhaling deeply from Valerie's red fan. Suze and Meres let go of her, since she wasn't going anywhere. She slumped to her knees, still drinking deeply from the purple pheromones.

"Shall we triple her delight?" asked Suze.

"Yes, that sounds wonderful, Suze," said Valerie, as the three extended their fans and began waving them in her face, brushing the gentle, pheromone-emitting cloth at the end against her cheeks, lips and face. Usagi knelt before Valerie, her eyes closed, moaning softly. Every cell in her body now carried some trace of the Negaverse's gift.

"Drink... deeeeeeply..."

They also danced while fanning her, making a sensual ritual out of it, circling her and waving their other hands in the air, gyrating their hips to the music as they fanned her. It was rather ironic, the ceremonial way in which they mesmerized her. It was almost as if they were worshipping Sailor Moon, although instead she was really the one worshipping them. But their seduction was certainly a gift, and a most welcome one judging by the look on Usagi's blank face. Seduction as a gift is the most sensual, sexy form of seduction. They served her- they heightened her every sensation, and as a result, they had power over her.

"Usagi, Suze and Meres were once Sailors like you, from a looong, long time ago."


"Yes, and they are having soooo much fun."

"Yessss, this is a garden of heavenly delights, Usagi. Why don't you join us?"


"Being a sailor is hard. All you do is fight, right?"


"But here, all you do is dance and breathe wonderful pheromones... isn't that nice?"

"It's... wonderful..."

"Then join us..."

"It all makes so much sense... that sounds... so wonderful..."

"Then you will join us?"

"Join us Usagi..."

"Join us Usagi..."


"Join us Usagi..."

"Join us Usagi..."

As they chanted "Join us..." to the music, they brought the fans one more time and let her drink deeply, tilting her head back as she took a 10-second long breath from two fans. She closed her eyes, which were already glazed bright pink, as the pheromones convinced her completely. Usagi Tsukino was to become a handmaiden of the Negaverse.

"Valerie... let me... become your handmaiden..."

"Join us Usagi..."

"Join us Usagi..."

"Ha ha ha... yes, my love..." she fanned Usagi some more, savoring the moment.

"Yess... join you, my mistress..."

"Kiss my feet, Sailor Moon," commanded Valerie.

"Yes, Mistress," as she held the seductress' boot in her hand, bringing her face down to kiss it. The three smiled.

"Now, pledge yourself to me..."

"Yes, Valerie."

"Join us Usagi..."

"Join us Usagi..."

"I, Usagi, also known as Sailor Moon, accept the gifts of the Negaverse."

"Join us Usagi..."

"Join us Usagi..."

"I will repay these gifts with my service and servitude."

"Join us Usagi..."

"Join us Usagi..."

Valerie began to stroke Usagi lovingly. "Go on, darling..."

"I will become a handmaiden of the Negaverse- a handmaiden of Valerie. I want to be a fan dancer, and mesmerize others with my dance and pheromones..."

"Join us Usagi..."

"Join us Usagi..."

"*giggle* You're almost there..."

"I understand that I was once Sailor Moon. I relinquish that title to serve Valerie. I will use my pheromones to give the gifts of the Negaverse to the other senshi."

"Join us Usagi..."

"Join us Usagi..."

"I seal this eternally with this kiss..."


And then, somehow, the scouts all managed to resist their captors, save the day, and continue fighting evil and the Negaverse as the Sailor Scouts!



Haha, just kidding.

The five scouts stood with their thralls, their eyes completely gazed over. Valerie wiped her lips clean. They all made their introductions and became acquainted with the new friends they all made that night.

"That's such a glamorous fan, Usagi!" said Minako, as Satsi massaged her with silken scarves.

"Thank you," she giggled, fanning herself. More of the purple pheromones were emitted. The fact that Usagi kept fanning herself removed all hopes of her breaking free from Valerie's spell. Meres, Suze, and Valerie stood by her, fanning the other scouts as well, exposing them to the wonderful pheromones. It didn't have much point now, but it was nice to reward their new thralls for joining them.

"See, big sister? I told you I would find your friends for you. See, I truly love you..."

"I think I'm going to stay with..." Nana kissed Rei's cheek, "Nana. I love you, Nana."

Jupiter was held by Mira who gently stroked her. "See? We thought we all got separated, and we thought we were in danger. But everything was alright." She leaned over and kissed Mira on the lips, winking to her.

Mercury stood next to Relena. She was virtually zombified. All she could think of was how she could give Relena more of her energy, to satisfy her more.

As the five senshi stood in the arms of the youma, they had yearning smiles on their faces. They yearned to return with them to the dark kingdom. There was a general consensus that the senshi had found friends and would spend the night with each of their new... acquaintances. After all, the night was still young. And the celebrations of the youma were only... just beginning.

"See you in the morning?"


"Hold on..."

"Yeah, we should kiss each other goodbye!"

Of course, no happy ending would be complete without the goodbye kisses. Smiles were painted on the youma's faces as the senshi seemed to have come further than they expected. Without even a nudge, they all embraced each other and one by one began to passionately kiss each other goodbye. Each senshi kissed each other senshi deeply, gazing in each other's eyes- of course, most of them were completely glazed over, but the loving effect was still there. Then the orgy of kisses was completed. They weren't aware that they had just been conquered, forever, and that's what makes the hypnosis all the more fun.

Then, each of the scouts returned to their youma. Mercury to Relina, Venus to Satsi, Jupiter to Mira, Mars to Nana, and Moon to Meres, Suze, and Valerie. Once they were in their arms, they waves and blew kisses goodnight to one another. The sexy youma began to giggle and laugh fiendishly... "Ha ha ha ha ha..." they laughed victoriously, as they each held their conquest close, and one by one, black portals opened up and absorbed the pairs. First Mercury, then Venus, Jupiter, then Mars, and lastly, Usagi and her mistresses all disappeared into the black portals that closed around them. Absorbed them to a faraway dimension, where they could finally be alone and be ravished and consumed by the darkness.

Their lives changed forever- but by morning, none of them ever regretted it.

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