White Roses In Bloom

BY : Radiant_Watcher
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((I wrote this a looooonnnngggg time ago, so I apologize in advance... Anyway I figured it'd be a good starter anyway. This is obviously a Maria Sama Ga Miteru/Miramite story))

White Roses in Bloom

Toudou Shimako sat on a bench in the Lillian High School gardens petting Goronta. Finally, she was able to relax. Sachiko was feeling better, mostly due to the constant presence of her petite soeur Yumi. Rei and Yoshino's club activities had finally died down enough so they could help out more often as well. Shimako's own petite soeur was off looking at yet another shrine today, so Shimako had the afternoon completely and totally to herself. She felt strange not having something to do, the past few months had been a blur of paperwork and planning; now that that was over she was at a loss.

Suddenly Goronta hopped off the bench and ran off. Shimako watched the cat dart away. He was an odd one really, one second tame and the next he was behaving every bit a stray. He had only ever been perfectly tame with Sei.

I haven't seen Sei since graduation... Shimako looked over at the brick building that was Lillian College, she's probably busy. Shimako stood. It couldn't hurt to go over and ask, could it?


Shimako sat in the cafeteria, a cup of tea on the table in front, Sei sitting across from her smiling.

"So you finally came over to see me, eh?" Sei grinned wider, "I was beginning to think you didn't like me."

Shimako gave a small smile, "I could never dislike you Sei-san, you know that... I just wanted to make sure I could do things on my own first, without you. Then with Sachiko and Rei gone often I was very busy. Today's the first chance I've had to really take time and breathe in a while."

"Aww, and you came to see me? I'm flattered," Sei winked, "I should take you out for dinner as a treat. A celebration of you finally settling into your newfound wings!"

Shimako sighed, "You don't have to do that Sei-san, really."

Sei stood and grabbed the hand of her ex-souer, "No, but I'm going to anyway," she yanked Shimako up and whispered into her ear, "Besides, I've missed you."

"All right," Shimako bowed her head in defeat, "You win, as always."

"I'd prefer to think of it as if we'd both won," Sei chuckled and led Shimako out the door.


Shimako paled slightly when she saw Sei's car; she had heard from Yumi that Sei was a terror on the road, although the girl had later added that Masaru was much, much worse. Still, she got in without complaint when Sei opened the door for her; maybe Yumi had been exaggerating. That didn't mean she wasn't a bit worried, "So, will we be driving far?"

Sei got in and grinned, "Nope, not far at all. Don't worry. I'd never let anything hurt my Shimako, not even me." She laughed and slammed her foot on the gas, tearing out of the parking lot at full speed.

True to her word, they didn't have to drive far, only a few blocks. Sei still had to help Shimako out of the car though.

Shimako looked at where they were, "A bakery isn't dinner, Sei-san... it's dessert."

"I'm insulted that you would think that I only came here for their delicious triple-layer chocolate cakes that have those cute little mint chocolate spirals on the top," Sei raised her hand to her chest in mock horror, "Don't worry, my pretty; they have sandwiches and soups too."

Sei lead Shimako inside. The hostess obviously knew Sei, which did nothing to ease Shimako's worries that her onee-sama had not been eating properly. It was a nice place though; Sei probably came here to study because it was so quiet. They sat down in a little booth in the back.

"This is my favorite spot," Sei explained, "no one likes sitting in the back so I'm hardly ever bothered. Plus, I don't have to feel guilty about taking someone else's favorite place if I have to be here for a while studying."

Shimako smiled. So she had guessed right. She looked at the menu a moment, "What do you like to get here? Besides the cake I mean..."

"Hmm... How about you let me order for you, then it will be a surprise," Sei called the waitress over and whispered something in her ear; the waitress wrote down the order and left.

"You make it sound like we're on a date," Shimako sighed.

"And what's so wrong about that?" Sei winked, "From now on, this is officially a date!"

"Don't say such things, "Shimako suddenly found her water very interesting, "it doesn't have the same meaning as when we were both in high school and you were my Onee-sama..."

Sei reached out and laid her hand over Shimako's, suddenly serious, "And what's so wrong about that?"

Shimako looked down at Sei's hand, "And what about Shiori? I won't just be a replacement for her, you know that..." She looked up into Sei's eyes, "I can't do that for you..."

Sei's grip on Shimako's hand tightened slightly, "Shiori was... an angel... An angel that I had the privilege of being with for a short while... You Shimako, are human like me, and I could never replace an angel with a human. But you know, God made us humans, and the legend says that he loved us more than the angels... that is why angels fall... and why even a human can rise to be better than one... I care for you much more than I did for my angel, and while she probably won't fall wherever she is, you have already risen beyond her."

At that moment their food arrived, Shimako yanked her hand back quickly, turning her gaze away from Sei's. I wasn't like her to be so serious...

Shimako took a bite out of her sandwich; Sei had chosen well, after all, she knew her better than anyone.

When they were done, Sei paid the bill and walked with her outside. She opened the door for Shimako, then walked around and got in the driver's side, "I'm sorry, maybe I shouldn't have said anything... You still live in the same place right?"

Shimako nodded quietly... Sei started the car and drove off; for some reason she was driving more carefully now. Shimako sat, thinking about what Sei had said. Another girl would have been insulted by listening to Sei describe Shiori as an angel and herself as a human, but Shimako knew that it was Sei's way of saying they belonged together. She did love Sei, it was just such a shock to hear her speak so seriously... but she did love her...

Sei stopped the car suddenly, pulling off the road. She looked over at Shimako, "If I were a guy, would you still not care for me as I do for you???"

Shimako shook her head, "It's not that Sei, you should know me better than that. It's just... I didn't expect this, and I never would have expected you to be so serious about this. I love you very much Sei, I just-"

Sei closed the distance between them and kissed her. Shimako's eyes widened, then closed, and she kissed her back. When Sei pulled away to look at her, there were tears in her eyes, "If you love me then why is there a problem?" She stroked her hand along Shimako's cheek, then pulled her close for another kiss, this one deeper.

Shimako was lost in her own world, the feel of Sei caressing her face, kissing her lips... It was a dream, it had to be. She reached up to tangle her fingers in Sei's hair, pulling her closer. When Sei's lips parted hers, she greeted her fully, allowing her to explore to her heart's content. Sei's hands traveled along the curves of her body, as if memorizing her body by touch alone. When they pulled apart for air, Sei's lips traveled down to her neck. She heard herself moan as Sei kissed and nipped at her flesh lightly, she was being careful, she didn't want to leave any marks.

Sei pulled back again, looking flustered, "I.. I'm sorry, I don't know what came over me... I'll take you home now..." She turned the key to start the car.

Shimako's face was flushed, her breath heavy, her uniform rumpled. She tried her best to straighten herself out; her father would've wondered what had happened. When Sei pulled up alongside the shrine Shimako was a neat as she was going to possibly be.

Sei looked positively ashamed of herself; what in the world had come over her? It wasn't like her to loose control like that...

Shimako laid her hand on Sei's arm, "You didn't do anything wrong. I was as much a part of that as you were."

"But I started it," Sei looked down at the steering wheel.

"Then I should be thanking you," She smiled when Sei looked up at her in surprise, "Stay here, I'll be right back." Shimako got out of the car and went inside her house, leaving a very confused Sei in the car. When she returned she had a bag with her, "I told my father I was going to stay with you tonight, he'd been asking about you for weeks now so he was rather happy about it."

Sei looked at Shimako in disbelief. Shimako... HER Shimako, had just said she was coming over to her home. Not only that, she had invited herself there... That wasn't like Shimako at all...

"I'm sorry if I was too forward," Shimako said, as if reading Sei's thoughts, "but there are some things we should discuss, and I'd rather not do them in front of my family's shrine or in a restaurant..."

Sei nodded, "I understand, I'm just worried that we'll end up continuing our earlier... discussion..."

"If I don't want it, then I won't allow it, but if we don't leave now, my father's sure to notice," she laughed, "And please be yourself Sei, that's who I love..."


By the time they had arrived at Sei's home, Sei had relaxed considerably. Her parents were out on business, but that wasn't really a surprise. She showed Shimako the guest room, and answered her questioning look with a comment about "resisting temptation".

"So..." Sei looked around, "Do you want to watch a movie or something? I have some video games, but somehow I can't imagine my reserved little Shimako playing games." She gave a wink, she was obviously challenging the girl.

"I'll try anything once," Shimako picked up a controller, "some things even twice."

"Hmm... Anything?," Sei let her eyes roam Shimako's body suggestively.

"I thought you were going to try to resist temptation," Shimako blushed.

"You never said I couldn't look," Sei switched on the game.

"I never said you had to resist," Shimako said matter-of-factly; if Sei wanted to tease then two could play that game.

Sei coughed, "The only two person games I have are the fighting ones, is that all right with you?"

Shimako nodded, and five minutes later was looking at her character laying dead on the screen, "You... killed... me..."

"Well, that is the point of the game you know," Sei laughed, "So do I get a prize for winning?"

"For beating someone who's only playing for the first time today? Now that would hardly be fair."

"Spoil-sport," Sei gave her a peck on the cheek, "Care to try again?"

Before they realized it, they had been playing for an hour. Shimako still hadn't beaten Sei, but she was getting much better.

"So," Sei switched off the game, "You wanted to talk about some stuff right?"

"Yes I do," Shimako sat on the couch with her hands folded in her lap, "we have it out in the open now, I love you, and you... love me. We need to decide what this means for us. I mean, I could make things very difficult."

"How? It means what it means; love is love," Sei sat beside her, "Why does it have to mean anything else? Why does it have to make things difficult?"

"Because we're both girls," Shimako said, "My father runs a very famous buddist shrine and we both go to very prestigious CHRISTIAN schools."

Sei leaned back against a pillow, "If they threatened to kick us out of school, would your feelings change? If it got out that you were a lesbian and it affected your father's shrine, would your feelings change? If our friends said they would never speak to us again, even though I know they would never say that, would your feelings change?"

Shimako shook her head.

"Then it doesn't matter; if any of those problems occurs we'll deal with them," Sei reached for Shimako and pulled her into her arms, "I'd rather not go looking for trouble, but... if it finds us... I won't leave your side.

Shimako nodded, wrapping her arms around Sei in return. They sat there for a while, neither one wanting to end the moment. When they finally pulled apart, Shimako found Sei's eyes searching hers, questioningly. She leaned back, pulling Sei down with her. She met her kiss eagerly, welcoming her to explore as the kiss deepened. Sei's hands roamed her body, eager to continue the journey they had traveled before. Shimako's own hands were not idle, and when one of her hand slipped under the back of Sei's shirt Sei broke off in a moan.

Sei looked down at the girl laying underneath her, "If this continues..."

"Didn't I tell you," Shimako smiled, "if I didn't want it, I wouldn't allow it."

Sei nodded, sat up and climbed off the couch, pulling Shimako up with her. She lead her down the hallway to her room, opening the door and leading the younger girl in.

When the door closed, Shimako found herself pressed up against it, Sei's lips on her neck. The hands that had been content only to roam just moments before, were now working furiously at her clothes. Shimako could only cling to Sei's shoulders as those lips moved lower. Her shirt was pulled over her head and the lips returned to travel over newly-exposed skin. Sei's teeth opened the front clasp of her bra and she dimly wondered where her Onee-sama had learned such a skill, but the thought quickly fled as teeth nipped softly at her brests.

Shimako pulled Sei's head up from her task, kissing her while walking forward until they tumbled onto the bed. Sei quickly rolled so she was on top, kissing Shimako deeply once more before returning her attention to her breasts. Shimako's moans filled the room; they were music to Sei's ears, filling her with pleasure. Sei's left hand aided her mouth while her right one traveled down to undo Shimako's skirt. When Shimako felt air touch her bare flesh she shivered.

"Are you cold?" Sei lifted her head and looked up at her, concerned.

"A little," Shimako smiled.

Sei pulled a blanket over them, and resumed her task. Shimako reached to pull Sei's shirt off, shivering by the cause of a very different reason when the newly exposed flesh met her own. Enjoying it, she reached to unzip Sei's jeans.

Sei now had Shimako's skirt and panties completely off. Sei pulled off her own jeans and threw them somewhere. Her mouth traveled further down, hands lightly tracing her sides. Shimako arched off the bed when Sei kissed the inside of her thigh, her hands fisted in the sheets.

Sei slid back up along Shimako's body, "Shimako, are you sure you want this? Once we cross this line, there's no going back. We won't be sisters anymore, we'll be far more than that..."

Shimako kissed her softly, she had given her answer.

Sei nodded and kissed her neck, hand travelling downward. When her finger slid up inside her, Shimako whimpered in pleasure. Sei traveled back down, licking and nipping her way there, fingers busy. She then reached her destination, her tongue took over her fingers work. Shimako could not believe that the moans she were hearing were her own; did she sound like that? When Sei sucked on the little bundle of nerves Shimako cried out and found herself whirling out of control.

When Shimako came back down to earth, Sei was there, looking into her eyes. Shimako wrapped her arms around her lover and nuzzled into her neck. Sei smiled down at her, wrapping the blanket around both of them.

Shimako reached her hand to cup Sei's cheek and Sei kissed the inside of her palm. They didn't speak, the didn't whisper sweet nothings as some couples might have. They just laid there until they both drifted off to sleep.

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