Lonely Together

BY : haruha_raharu
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"Majiru-kun, hey, Majiru-kun, let's play that guessing game again."

Kiri said, hiding her face in her hair and spinning round again.

"No, I don't want to. It's stupid."

Majiru looked back from the window, visibly annoyed.

"Oh, come on, Majiru-kun! It'll be fun! This time, if you get it right, I'll give you a prize!"

He begrudgingly made his way back next to Kiri. If he didn't humor her, she was probably gonna annoy him with talks of cornets and pastry again.

He walked around the heap of brown hair, a little messy and dry due to the fact that she washed with only soap if at all.

Majiru got closer to her than before, goal set on beating her this time. He brought his face closer to her face... or at least, where her face might be, and looked carefully. In this proximity, he could smell her aforementioned messy hair. Her hair that provided the visual obstacle for him.

While his concentration was centered on looking through her jungle-like hair, he could also hear the sounds of her breaths coming through her shield. As he went round and round Kiri, he suddenly realized how simple it was for him to tell where her face was by isolating this sound. As if Kiri had also realized this, her breathing quieted to below a whisper. But already, he had figured out the location of her breathing and confirmed it by the small back-and-forth movements of her hair localized at that place.

"I got it! There you are!"

"Oh my.."

As before, Kiri's hands came up from either side to part her hair to reveal... her eyes.

"Yes! I did it! I found you, Komori-nee-chan!"

Despite his previous display of ambivalence, Majiru was ecstatic and clapped his hands in celebration.

"Yes, you figured me out, Majiru-kun."

Kiri said in her usual voice. Her now-revealed face also held a delighted smile.

"And here's your prize."

She said calmly. And before he could respond, she wiped the smile off his face by placing a light peck on his lips.

Majiru took a step back after waiting perhaps a little too long. He looked at her suspiciously now, with shocked eyes. His face was beet red.

"Well, did you like your prize?"

She said playfully.

"Wha-!? N-no!"

Majiru was at a loss for words.

"No? Then maybe I should've done this?"

And again, before he could get away, she kissed him. This one was different, though, as she took hold of his head and prevented him from getting away. She grabbed his lower lip with her own for a bit before opening her mouth to let her tongue snake out and into his mouth. She could feel his cheeks getting hotter and hotter in her hands. But Majiru did not fight back, and, with his mouth hanging slightly open, perhaps from shock, allowed her entry to play with his tongue.

When Kiri felt that it had been enough, she pulled out and back slowly before looking at him with a warm smile. Her palms could've been getting burnt now from the heat of Majiru's cheeks.

Abruptly, he snapped his body away from her and silently returned to his seat on the floor, facing the window.

"What's wrong, Majiru-kun?"

Kiri waited a moment before shuffling over behind him while still in her blanket.

"...you're making fun of me, aren't you."

"No, of course not. I like you, Majiru-kun. I wish you'd like me too."

Kiri moved closer to him, placing her head right on top of his shoulder. From this distance, she could feel the heat radiating from his cheek. Slowly, her arms came around him, grabbing his body, and along came her blanket, becoming wrapped around him as well.

This forced her breasts into his back, allowing him to feel both the beats of her heart and the expansions and contractions of her lungs as she breathed. Kiri noted that he shifted around a bit uncomfortably when she tried to clasp her hands around his front.

"Did I upset you, Majiru-kun? Maybe you don't like me?"

She asked in her usual soothing, soft voice.

"No, tha-that's not it..."

He continued to fidget while in her embrace.

"You do like me, then, Majiru-kun! That makes me happy!"

She hugged him even tighter, squishing her breasts against his back. While her hands came together at his waist, they rubbed against... that.

Majiru flinched inside her blanket. And a smile of understanding crept into her face.

"Oh... I see. Are you embarrassed, Majiru-kun?"

She whispered to him in a light-hearted tone, trying to make him feel comfortable. Majiru just lowered his eyes and didn't answer. His face became even redder, although some of that was from being in the warm blanket.

"Don't be embarrassed, Majiru-kun. It's perfectly normal. You don't have to act so ashamed in front of me."

And with those words, her hands returned to that place once again, but this time reached under his hakama to touch that thing directly.

"Wha- What are you doing, Komori-nee-chan!?"

Majiru shouted, trying to get out of the blanket. However, Kiri's long legs had already entangled themselves around his, and her arms that were wrapped around him held him like a cage.

"You call me nee-chan because I take care of you all the time, right? Well, let me do that here."

She whispered in his ear in that same melodious voice, but with a bit of a playful tone.

"No, you don't have to- Ko-Komori-nee-chan, stop this! I- ah!"

Majiru stopped talking when he felt her start to gently stroke his erection. Not yet full developed, the child's member was small enough that she could grasp it fully with one hand.

"Ooh, you're getting even harder! Don't you like this, Majiru-kun?"

One hand embraced his shaft, while the other cupped his small testicles, massaging them. Majiru was helpless to do anything but to sit back onto Kiri's bosom and let her have her way.

Her hands felt... incredible. Having grown up in a household both traditional and insane, Majiru had never learned about masturbation. And although he had found pleasure here and there from accidentally rubbing it, even his own hands had never gone down there expressly for that purpose. But now, there were Kiri's hands, her smooth, white fingers, stroking up and down so gently on... that.

"Well, does it feel good, Majiru-kun?"

He didn't answer. His mouth was wide open, but the only thing coming out of it was a strand of drool from one of the corners. She could hear his breathing quicken. His eyes started to roll up into the back of his head.


"Ye-ye-yes, Komori-nee-chan, it feels good... Oh god, it's AMAZING!"

With that last word, Kiri felt his body lock up in her embrace. She saw his eyes and mouth clench tightly when she felt the first load of semen shoot out. She continued to stroke him, but more slowly, pumping as more and more came.

Then he relaxed again, using her as a chair that she was more than glad to be. His breathing slowed down and became deeper. She could feel his heart still racing through her chest. Her own heart was beating quite quickly as well.

"Was I good, Majiru-kun?"

Kiri took her hands back out of his pants and wiped it off against it. She looked at the small bits left over in her hand for a few moments before deciding to lick it up.


Majiru just stared at her with his head turned around and his mouth agape.

"Hehe, you taste good, Majiru-kun. But it looks like we got your pants dirty."


Majiru stood up from her then and looked down at the rather noticeable stains on his pants. It wasn't particularly comfortable, either.

"I... How will I get home..."

His face cringed into a frown.

"Hey, I know, let me wash it, Majiru-kun. I did it for you when I was living at your house, after all."

She reached out her hand, asking him for his pants. Majiru reached for his waist, ready to pull it down, when he suddenly hesitated. He looked back at her, fidgeting uncomfortably.

"What's the matter?"

Kiri stared right back for a moment before it dawned on her.

"Oh, still so shy, Majiru-kun?"

She brought her hand to her mouth and giggled, causing him to blush.

"Well, here's something we can do."

Kiri scuttled over to where she used to be sitting and grabbed her spandex sports shorts.

"Here, you can wear this until your pants are washed, how about that?"


Majiru considered her proposal for a few seconds before accepting her shorts. He turned around before changing over to them. The shorts were tight in some areas, but despite Kiri's slim build, he found them comfortable enough.

"Alright, this is just one piece of clothing, so it shouldn't take long. I'll be right back."

And Kiri was gone from the room, off to wherever she went in the school to do her laundry. Majiru, still unbelieving of what had just happened, returned to his place in front of the window, watching the stars outside. His mind was in a daze; he couldn't think of anything clearly. Except... of Kiri. The warmth of her embrace, softness of her lips, the taste of her tongue, the slightly sweaty scent of her body...

Before he knew it or could control it, his erection had returned. And due to the tightness of the shorts, it would have been obvious to anyone looking at his front. And these were Komori-nee-chan's shorts... And he wasn't wearing any underwear... For some reason, these thoughts made his heart beat faster and his erection grow harder.

"I'm back!"

Majiru nearly jumped off the floor when he heard Kiri's voice behind him.

"It's hanging to dry right now."

He turned around and was about to thank her, when his breath got caught in his throat.

"Tada! What do you think? Now that you're wearing your glasses, you can see me in my swimsuit!"

Indeed, Kiri had come back wearing nothing over her new white bikini again. And this time, with his glasses in his possession and being worn, he could see all of her quite clearly.

His blush wasn't going to go away.

"How does it look? How about this? ... Or maybe this would be better?"

Kiri again put on a show for Majiru, holding a variety of poses she had seen in magazines. Or in that minute-by-minute timetable Chiri had composed for that field trip a while back.


Majiru was awestruck, unable to speak or even to move.


Well, there was one part that was moving, something Kiri noticed immediately.

"Huhuhu, so Majiru-kun thinks Komori-nee-chan's body is pretty?"

Kiri said with a sly smile.

"Um... Er... Uh... yeah..."

Majiru stared at the ground before stammering a weak reply.

"Hehehe, that makes me happy, Majiru-kun."

She gave him a tight hug, squeezing his face into her ample breasts. Still a little unreactive, Majiru put his arms around her awkwardly. But then he quickly pushed himself back off of her.

"Why are you doing this, Komori-nee-chan!? Are... Is it fun? Are you making fun of me!?"

His face was tomato red.

"Wh-what? Didn't you ask me that before? I'm doing this because I like you, Majiru-kun."

She took hold of his hands, forcing him to stand still.

"You don't believe me?"

She put her face close to his. She could again feel the heat radiating from his cheeks.

Once again, she stole his lips before he could respond. She forced her lips there for an extended period of time, while guiding his hands up to her bathing suit covered breasts. She first helped him massage them gently with her own hands over his.

Majiru didn't know how many surprises he had faced already that day. Kiri's soft lips were on his once again, sucking hungrily. And his hands... By force of her hands... Were lightly rubbing and squeezing Kiri's perfect breasts through her swimsuit. And when her hands fell away, his own continued their pattern without the need of outside support.


Majiru's heart skipped a beat when he felt Kiri's hands rubbing his erection through her sports shorts.

"Do you like my breasts, Majiru-kun?"

Kiri said, smiling. Majiru didn't know what to say, too embarrassed by the question. Afraid of answering, but also afraid of not answering, he tried to nod as nonchalantly as possible. Kiri giggled at his perplexed, almost overly calculated response.

"Would you like to touch them directly?"

This time, she didn't wait for an answer. Grabbing his hands once again, she pushed them below and under her bikini top. She guided his hands as before, getting him to massage gently, sometimes rolling around her nipples in his fingers.


Majiru could feel the vibrations of Kiri's pleased moans through his hands, as well as her rapid heartbeat. His own heartbeat was ringing loudly in his ears.

"Mmm... Majiru-kun, you're gonna make my pants dirty too."

Kiri once again reached down to his crotch. Majiru stopped his hands when her hands came off from his and he heard her words.

"Don't stop. There's nothing to worry about."

Her sweet smile helped relax his anxious face.

"All we have to do is... This!"

Grabbing the waistband of her sports shorts, Kiri pulled them down all the way in one move.


Majiru squeezed his legs together, embarrassed, but he also didn't want to take his hands away from that heavenly place.

"You're quite pretty too, Majiri-kun."

Kiri said, grabbing hold of his erect penis. The softness of her grasp, he was used to. It was the warmth of her hand in contrast to the inside of the shorts that caught him by surprise and almost made him fall down.

"Hehehe, it's so cute. It looks like it wants to play with me."

She lightly stroked the member, feeling it throb and grow a little more in her hand.

"D-don't talk like that!"

Majiru felt that he couldn't take any more. The blood requirements of his cheeks was getting to be overwhelming.

"Don't be so serious, Majiru-kun. Aren't we having fun?"

Kiri giggled again at his childlike embarrassment. She then quickly kissed his lips, while pushing her bikini top off her chest and up to her neck at the same time.

"What do you think? It's only fair that you get to see me, too, right?"

Kiri pulled back, letting Majiru's hands fall away from her chest. Smiling, she seductively moved her hands up her body, passing through his view of her breasts and ending by pulling her bikini top over her head.

She was about to toss the article of clothing off to the side, when she was hit in the chest, hard. Faster than she could notice, Majiru had shoved his face and hands onto her open breasts, massaging them with greater strength than before while sucking on one of her nipples.

In this proximity, his erect penis was rubbing up against the inside of her bare thighs, and Kiri rocked her hips back and forth, providing him with a bit of stimulation. Pleased moans as well as the sucking noises came out of his mouth.

"Mmm.. Aaah, Majiru-kun, I'm glad you're so excited. I just wish you had been like this from the start."

She stroked his head, messing up his spiky hair.

"But maybe I need to calm you down a bit."

Kiri grabbed his cheeks and pulled him off her before falling to the floor in the usual seating pose she was in when she was in her blanket. Without hesitation, she took his entire penis into her mouth.


Majiru's eyes widened in response to her sudden action. His knees went weak, forcing him to grab hold of Kiri's head for balance.

But it didn't work, and he instead went tumbling backwards, pulling her head down with him. It was Kiri's eyes that widened this time as she picked her head back up, coughing.

"Whoa, be careful, Majiru-kun! You could've snapped my neck!"

She was lying prone now, her breasts resting on his thighs.

"I'm-I'm sorry! It just felt so good... I'm really sorry!"

Majiru sat up and apologized profusely. He was on the verge of crying, a fact Kiri noticed. She coughed a bit more and shook her head to get her bearings before continuing.

"Heh, it's okay. I'm not hurt."

She placed light kisses on his penis which had softened a bit during the fall. With a few strokes of her fingers, they quickly returned it to its previous state.

"So, it really felt that good? I'm glad, Majiru-kun."

Kiri once again took the entire organ in her mouth and began sucking gently. Her tongue swirled all around the entire shaft, alternating direction every few cycles.

"Nnn... Komori-nee-chan, it's good... You're amazing..."

Majiru involuntarily thrust into her mouth, unable to stop the pleasure from taking control of his body. His release was approaching surprisingly quickly, him never having experienced stimulation like this before. Komori-nee-chan's tongue was circling around rapidly now, mercilessly attacking the very sensitive glans. And the warm, wet sensation of being sucked up completely... It was so pleasant that he could do nothing but lie back, with not even enough control of his mouth remaining to prevent himself from drooling.

"Mm aaahh! Komori-nee-chan!"

He suddenly felt her warm hands on his testicles. She ran her fingers over them gently. This was the same point at which he knew he could take no more.

All the muscles in his small body contracted at the same time as he fired off a several small jets into Kiri's mouth. His face was in a grimace and letting out a muffled moan.


Kiri continued to suck, using her tongue to lick up and collect all of his seed. As she felt his body begin to relax, she slowly pulled her head back, letting her lips graze over the shaft and then the head one last time. Smiling while seeing Majiru's tired face, she put a hand to her mouth and swallowed.

"Hehe, I got to taste more of you, Majiru-kun."

She crawled up next to him so that their heads were even.


Majiru was speechless, although some of that was from still trying to catch his breath. Seeing her smiling face next to his, he felt... Well, he wasn't sure what, but it felt stronger than anything else he had ever felt before.

For some reason, he wanted to kiss her. And so he did. He leaned his head over and closed his eyes, pressing his lips against hers. Kiri received him gladly. And the more she kissed back, the more excited he got, until he had practically rolled on top of her, forcing his tongue into her mouth.

When he finally pulled back, they were both out of breath.

"Komori-nee-chan, I've been selfish."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean... Er, you haven't yet... I should reciprocate..."

He had trouble saying this without blushing. In fact, he couldn't. He had to look away and just hope that she would understand.


Majiru looked up at her statement of understanding, and was surprised to find that the smile had disappeared from her face. For the first time that night, she looked uncomfortable.

"It's okay, Majiru-kun, you don't have to. I'm just happy to make you feel good."

Kiri forced a smile.

"No, that's not fair, Komori-nee-chan! I... I don't know much about this stuff, but... I do know that I have a responsibility too..."

He grabbed one of her hands and looked at her directly in the eyes. Seeing him with such a serious expression, Kiri couldn't help but let a more natural smile return to her face.

"Okay. If you really want to, Majiru-kun."

"Umm, it's just that I don't know..."

"You've never learned about a girl's body before, have you?"

Majiru stared at the floor, realizing that he might have bit off more than he could chew.

"Don't worry. Here, let me guide you."

As before, Kiri took Majiru's hand in her own. She guided it down her side, sliding it over her flat stomach before they reached the threshold of her bikini bottom. It was there that she could feel the hesitation in his arm, as he pulled back and resisted her guidance.

"Hey, Majiru-kun."


Majiru, who had been staring away from her embarrassedly, turned to face her. Kiri took this opportunity to kiss his lips yet again, while at the same time, shoving his hand down her bikini bottom and to her crotch.

Majiru was understandably surprised, and, as planned, barely even noticed where his hand had moved to. He couldn't ignore the much more important issue of having Kiri's delicate lips up to his. So like that, Kiri began to stroke her clitoris softly by using Majiru's fingers.

"Mm aah, that feels good."

Kiri pulled away from the kiss, and it was only then that Majiru realized that it was his hand that was the source of her pleasure. He locked his body up, moving only rigidly and where Kiri's hand guided him.

"Mmm... Do you feel that, Majiru-kun? That, ah, hard place?"

Kiri was enjoying herself now, laying back and closing her eyes.

"Y-y-yeah, Komori-nee-chan..."

Majiru replied nervously.

"Well, girls are very sensitive there. You need to be careful with it. But with, ooh, the right touch, it ca-aaa-an bring her a lot of pleasure."

In contrast to Kiri's newly sublime state, Majiru was sweating bullets. He wanted to do this right for her.

"Sometimes, mmm, you might stick a finger inside... Ohhh, like this."

Still guiding his fingers gently, Kiri helped him push one shallowly into her vagina. At the same time, she let out a soft moan while pushing up her chest for a moment. Overlapping her finger over his, she rubbed her insides, as she was so used to doing while thinking about Itoshiki-sensei...

She snapped her eyes open at this sudden thought.

"What is it? Are you alright?"

Majiru, already nervous enough, asked in concern at seeing this.

"No, it's nothing... You're doing well, Majiru-kun. Why don't you try on your own now?"

He swallowed.

"Umm, okay, Komori-nee-chan."

Kiri pulled her hand back out from her bikini bottom, leaving him to work on his own.

"Just keep doing that. It feels gooood..."

She rubbed her fingers together, rolling around her fluids that had clung to them. It was then that she noticed Majiru staring at her hand curiously.

"You noticed how wet I was when we first stuck your hand down there, right? That means you're doing well. It means that the girl is aroused."

Majiru nodded robotically trying to act like a good student learning from a tutor. He wanted to hide just how aroused he was becoming due to Kiri's words.

Without warning, she attacked his mouth again, this time with her aforementioned fingers.

"Hehe, now you get to taste me, Majiru-kun. As you said, it's only fair, right?"

She tickled his tongue, forcing herself onto his tastebuds while he sat still in shock. After a few seconds of thinking, he finally responded, sucking on her fingers until they were clean, then continuing.

"Ohh... A... A little harder, Majiru-kun..."

Kiri requested, noticing that Majiru had become a lot slower and shy in his movements. She rotated her hips a little, grinding herself against his hand. For his part, Majiru tried to comply, digging deeper into her and using his thumb to caress her clitoris. With each passing second, he was growing more and more confident.

And more excited as well. He could feel his erection returning again, the blood-filled veins throbbing and straining against the sensitive skin. But he tried his best to ignore it, knowing that he had a responsibility to take care of.

"Does it feel good, Komori-nee-chan?"

Seeing her like this, panting and moaning unabashedly, her normally pale cheeks fully reddened, he was starting to breathe heavily as well.

"Y-yes, ah, Majiru-kun, it's good...! Oh, I'm almost... Faster!"

Puffing out her chest, Kiri took in a deep breath and held it. She clenched her teeth tightly, but Majiru thought that her face looked surprisingly peaceful. He was wondering just when she would resume breathing when she finally did. For some reason, he felt that he should stop moving his hand then.

"Mm, hmm, that felt good, Majiru-kun. You did well."

She reopened her eyes and smiled at him. Her large brown pupils seemed to be sending her satisfaction to him through their eye contact. Still looking at him, she pulled his hand back out from her bikini bottom.

"Th-thanks, Komori-nee-chan."

Smiling right back into her large round brown eyes, Majiru felt that he'd be content staying like this forever. Just seeing her smiling for him like this... It was more pleasurable than anything he had ever experienced.

"No, thank you, Majiru-kun."

Kiri sat up and embraced him, and he could feel himself blushing again.

"I'm glad, Komori-nee-chan... I... I... I love you!"

He didn't know how that last comment was related to the first thing he said, but he had felt it so strongly at that moment that he couldn't help but blurt it out.

"Will you kiss me?"


Majiru pulled back in surprise at Kiri's rather calm response. And when he looked at her face, that friendly warm smile was still there.

"If you're my lover, you should be able to do that."

Still, not a hint of discomfort in her tone or expression.


"Yeah. Come on. I'm the one who had to start everything so far."

She closed her eyes and puckered her lips, as if to declare the conversation over.

Nervously, Majiru moved his face up to hers, using his hands on her cheeks as guidance. She felt warm, soft, and entirely accepting of his touch on her skin.

Thinking how cliche it was that he was thinking, "Here goes nothing," he just dove in and pushed his lips up to hers.

It was awkward. Why was it so different from when she had kissed him? Maybe it's because he was conscious of it this time. His glasses clattered against her nose and became smudged with her sweat. He could hardly think about how wet and uncomfortable her lips felt due to her intense scent rushing through his nostrils every time he breathed.

"Well, that was... Okay. I'm just glad you kissed me, Majiru-kun."

Kiri happily stated when they finally pulled apart.

"But Majiru-kun, since we're lovers now, you musn't be shy about doing this to me! And me too, I'm going to kiss you whenever I like!"

She hugged him again, pulling him down and wrapping him under her blanket with her. They were both content to hold each other, rolling around on the floor while snuggling, for a while.

"Oh, what time is it?"

Majiru stood up suddenly and looked for the clock.

"I.. I need to get back! My uncle will be waiting for me."

"But your pants won't have dried by now. It'll be past midnight by that time, Majiru-kun."

Kiri was slower to get up, and her face showed clear disappointment.

"You could wear my sports shorts if you're still fine with that..."

Kiri turned to look at Majiru's face. She was surprised to find it staring right back at her. They remained silent for a few awkward moments.

"Actually, would it be okay if I slept here tonight, Komori-nee-chan?"

Her face brightened immediately.

"Of course! Come here!"

She opened up her blanket to welcome him in.

"A-actually, it's still too hot..."

Majiru sat down next to her, but out of her reach.

"Well, yeah, it's definitely warm tonight."

Kiri scooted herself over next to him and lied down, letting her blanket fall under her. Her torso exposed, she pulled Majiru's willing body next to her.

"We can sleep like this."

"Ye-yeah, Komori-nee-chan..."

Majiru curled up against Kiri's body, trying to get comfortable. He placed his head on her arm, using her shoulder as a pillow.

"There, and with the fan on, we'll be fine."

Kiri couldn't hide her excitement in her voice.

"Yeah, we'll be... we'll be fine..."


As dawn began to creep its way in, the girl and the boy slept in each other's arms. The girl's regular cloak was spread out below them, with some corners folded up to provide various small blankets to cover up their most important bits. The fact that they were completely naked was quite clear.

"I was so lonely."


"I was so lonely, but then I found you."

"Komori-nee-chan, stop saying such dramatic things and go back to sleep."

"No, it's true. I realized my fate was one who had to be lonely, until I found myself taking care of you. You've... You've always enjoyed playing with Komori-nee-chan, right?"

"Of course I did. It gave me back a semblance of a family again. Since my real dad and mo... mommm.... mommmm....."

Majiru had begun to cry while speaking of his of parents who had abandoned him, dropped him into this situation filled with crazy people and an even crazier guardian.

"So maybe we were both lonely, Majiru-kun. That must be why we found each other. So that we might both be lonely, but together. What do you think, Majiru-kun? My lover? Your thoughts?"

Majiru felt like he was being interoggated.

"Well, umm, I, I agree. I was sad and lonely too, in my new environment, but then I found a simple, loving playmate who was...beautiful. I...It made me ashamed, but I had a crush on you."


Breaking the formerly placid air, Kiri poked her head up and asked lively.

"Yeah, really. But I knew I was too young, and that you actually liked uncle Nozomu, so I did my best to hold it in."

"That must've been hard on you, Majiru-kun. And very mature of you. But now you know that none of this matters. I want you. And you want me."

"Yes, and it is making me very happy to realize this. I love you Komori-nee-chan!"

"And I love you too, Majiru-kun!"

They kissed as the first streaks of dawn entered Komori's Store Room.


I always liked this part of the episode. Enjoyable fanservice.

Well, this is my first story in a long time. If you know who I am and have read some of my other stories, maybe you wondered where my update for Interruption to a Bath was. If not, then probably not. Either way, thank you for reading this one, and I hope you enjoyed it. Any and all comments are welcome.

This story was one of many stories I've been working on since the last chapter I posted, which sort of is the reason for the long time between them. I've already got most of the next (and last) 3 chapters of Interruption to a Bath written up. However, I felt that I didn't want to post them up until I was done with all of them. And maybe read by a beta reader or two. Anyway, I have been working on them, just really really slowly.

As usual, comments, complaints are welcome at haruha.raharu@gmail.com.

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