Ukoku in Moonlight

BY : kenihiko
Category: Gensomaden Saiyuki > AU - Alternate Universe
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Ukoku in Moonlight

Do you see this Komyou? Do you see what I have done? Or do you turn away from me?

Do you see me or your shining light Kouryuu? What is it about that kid that holds your interest?

Have I not listened to you prattle on incessantly about that brat?

Why don't you see me?

Everything I've done was to show you my worth. Did I achieve my goal? Or are your interests elsewhere?

How can I discount the time we spent together? All of those long blessed nights, just the two of us in your room, together as one. Do you remember? Everything was so clear to me then then. Was it just a game to you?


Ah well I guess it's too late for me anyway. I've spun the karmic wheel of fate and found out fate was an insatiable bitch, with a castle no less. What a stupid woman she is too. The needs of the flesh huh? Bah! A handy depository is what she is.

And this foolish idea of reviving her demon lord…I really could care less it's a game, a big fucking joke that will never happen, but I play along because, well because I get the opportunity to mash my science and magic together and see what happens. And I get a free easy lay.

Are you laughing at me?

Why did you give him the scroll that night of all nights? Did you know what was going to happen? Perhaps you did, you were always aware of what was around you. And that little nothing of a child, oh how he irritates me. Why don't you speak of me like that? Why is he better?

Life is just a great big game to play and I'm a willing participant. So I'll play this silly little game and watch from the background.

Still you do not answer me. WHY? DAMNIT WHY?

Oh yeah you're dead.

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