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A/N: Ok, so this is not only my first Death Note fic, it is also my very first smut piece. I apologize if L seems OOC I tried my best to do him justice.


L was bored, not just mildly bored, but smash his head into a wall just for something to do bored. His surveillance of the Yagami household was proving most fruitless, as they seemed to be the most normal family on the face of the earth. They were not even mildly entertaining, not a single interesting or incriminating had happened all evening. Even the most likely Kira suspect in the house, Light, had not done anything other than study while eating a snack, and then fall fast asleep. In addition, there was nothing to gain from watching a seventeen-year-old snore peacefully in his bed. Soichiro had left for a break two hours ago and L had a sneaking suspicion that he was really in the other room taking a nap. Therefore, he did not even have anyone to talk to as a way to escape his boredom.

L sighed and shifted his eyes from the Yagami boy’s room to that of his little sister. There was a small nightlight plugged into the wall near the bed that illuminated her small form. Apparently, she had a long-standing fear of the dark and was not able to sleep without a nightlight. However Sayu was not sleeping as peacefully as her brother was, she was tossing and turning underneath her blanket. Her face was scrunched up and she seemed to be muttering something under her breath.

Intrigued, L leaned forwards and turned up the sound on the monitor. The muttering now sounded more like moans, and she looked as if she was having the worst dream of her young life. He watched intently trying to decipher what horrible sort of dream was causing the girl to react this way. L was silently thankful that he rarely ever slept, so nightmares were not a worry for him.

“Ah,” the young girl cried softly. “yes. Oh god yes.”

The second the words left Sayu’s mouth L nearly fell out of his chair. Not a nightmare after all, no it seemed like she was having a rather nice dream after all. L smirked, teenaged hormones, he chuckled and tried to ignore the fact that her breathy little moan had turned him on. He shook it off, ‘she’s only fourteen you dirty old man’. He tried to focus his attention on something or some one else in the household, anything really. However, there was nothing else going on in the house, everyone else was sleeping peacefully. Without his consent, L’s eyes drifted back to the girl’s room.


Sayu sat straight up in bed panting. Another dream again, they were driving her nuts and always left her wanting something more. This time it had been that cute boy who smiled at her in chemistry class. The one with the really nice hands, Sayu had always had a thing for guys with nice hands. She wondered just what kinds of amazing things he could do with those hands.

“Uggg!” She moaned, no use she was too turned on now. She would have to take matters into her own hands, no pun intended. ’Damn hormones’ she thought as she kicked her blanket off. Slowly she pulled her nightgown up and ran her hand down her stomach lightly. Sayu closed her eyes and tried to imagine it was that boys hands, what was his name again? Rug… no, um Ryu, yeah Ryu something. She brought her hand to the outside of her panties and started rubbing up and down slowly.

Ahh! She remembered, Ryuuzaki, that was the boy’s name.


L was more than a little turned on now. When the girl had woken he thought she would stop having the dream and he could go back to normal. Normal, as in no longer feeling like a pedophile. But no, the girl had awoken and nearly immediately started touching herself. There was no ignoring that he was turned on now, as he had ’hard’ evidence pushing against the front of his jeans. ’Turn the monitor off’, he told himself, ’turn it off and go get a piece of cake’.

Her hand was in her panties now, working up and down in slow circles. Her tiny hips thrusting upward every so often. L started to get up to get his cake, he had willpower and he was not going to watch the fourteen-year-old daughter of a colleague touch herself.

Then she let out another moan, this time a name.

“Ah, Ryuuzaki!”

L was back to his chair with his hand down his pants before he could stop himself. Hearing his pseudonym from her lips was too much for him to handle, and he started franticly rubbing his shaft. He knew she was not thinking of him, most likely a boy from school, but he could pretend. He could pretend that it was him touching her center, making those beautiful little breathy moans escape her lips. He could pretend that it was her dainty little hand working up and down his length driving him mad.

He watched as she lifted her hips in the air and pulled her panties down to her knees, revealing the treasure that rested between her thighs. L moaned as she brought her hand back there and started pushing a finger in and out of herself. He pumped himself in time to her gentle thrusts, trying to imagine how tight and warm she must be. He bucked his hips every time the young beauty would raise her own off the bed and moan. So dirty, so dirty and so wrong, but he was loving every minuet of it.

Sayu’s moans were coming more franticly now, “Please, please there!” she moaned. “Ryuuzaki, please!”

Losing all inhibitions L whipped his pants and boxers down to his ankles and quickened his pace. He was so close, and from the looks of it so was she. “God, so hot, so beautiful.” He moaned as quietly as possible. He could feel the pressure start to build in his abdomen as he watched her rub her tiny little bud.

Sayu threw her head back eyes fluttering open and closed as she came loudly, nearly screaming. “Ah, Ryuuzaki!” She clenched around her fingers and showed her hips forward as she found release.

L threw his own head back as he tightened his grip on himself gasping. At the sight of the girl in front of him covered in a shiny coat of sweat, he came hard, nearly spraying the screen in front of him with his seed. As he came down breathing franticly, he swore to himself that he did not whisper the girls name as he came.

Feeling a bit embarrassed by the situation, L pulled his pants up and started to clean the mess he had made in his excitement. He noticed on the screen that Sayu was doing the same, looking more relaxed then she had before. He flicked the screen off, determined to never watch the cameras in her room at night again. Well he had certainly found a cure for his boredom; he was anything but bored now. However, he also realized how stupid he had been, the girls father was in the next room. What would he have done if he had walked in on him? L would have likely gotten a well-deserved punch in the face, and would lose the task force’s respect. Actually, Yagami probably would have had him arrested on the spot. L knew that he could never lose his head like that again, no matter how bored he was.

Like clockwork, the door creaked open, revealing Soichiro Yagami standing in it. “Ryuuzaki, I’m sorry I took so long.” He apologized coming to sit on his own abandoned chair. “I just rested my eyes for a moment, and I was out before I knew it.”

“Not at all, you need your sleep.” L responded, feeling a tad bit nervous.

“So,” Soichiro asked. “did anything interesting happen while I was gone?”

L nearly choked on his tongue. “No, nothing at all.”


A/N: Hehehe, this is solely because we all know L is a dirty voyeur.

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