Sorry: Prior Committment (Revised&Edited)

BY : chochowilliams
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Disclaimer: I do not own Gravitation, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Sorry: Prior Commitment


Sequel to:  Sorry

Written by: chochowilliams

Disclaimer: I do not own Gravitation or the characters from it.  I do not make any money from the writing of
this story.

Summary: AU. 
It is a year later and Eiri claims to have a “prior commitment” that
keeps him from going on tour with Shuichi and Bad Luck.

Warning: AU, Angst, drama, romance, language, m/m hentai,
Ryuichi/Shuichi, Shuichi/Eiri


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This is it folks.  The final installment.  I am glad you guys have enjoyed this
story.  I enjoyed writing it.  As much as I would like it to continue, as
another author said, all good things must come to an end.  So, enjoy!




One year later – Tokyo,


Shuichi was
dying.  The back of his neck was coated
with a thick layer of sweat.  His
mahogany flecked jet-black hair that was in desperate need of a trim was
plastered to his head.  His body
glistened in a thin layer of sweat. 
Perspiration dotted his forehead and upper lip. 
The evidence of his earlier orgasms coated
both him and his lover.  The place where
they were joined ached.  As Eiri rocked
him in an erotic dance that only the two of them knew, in his fervor, he
chanted a continual moan of words that was almost enough to bring Eiri to
completion right there and then.




A soft, gentle expression crossed the face
of the twenty-five year old as he caressed the side of his younger lover's
face.  “Shuichi,” he whispered above
him.  He knew what it did to the singer
when he called him by his name when they were together like this.  Eiri’s hands were placed on the mattress on
either side of Shuichi's head in a sort of push up motion as he pressed inside
of him over and over again.


Aah…!  Aah!” Shuichi panted


Eiri’s rhythm changed.  He began to speed up.


Shuichi clasped his lover’s upper arms, his fingernails creating
half-moon circles.  His legs were flung
over Eiri’s shoulders.


Something was happening.  Shuichi could feel it. 


“Yu…ki…Yuki!  Oh, God, Yuki!  I love you!”


know…Shuichi …,” Eiri breathed against Shuichi's lush, pink lips with all the
feeling and emotions he could not express as easily as the boy could.


Shuichi’s grip tightened on Eiri’s arms as his orgasm swept through him,
coloring his vision.  It bowed Shuichi’s
back, arching him off the bed.  His head
was flung back.  Jet eyes glazed over in
passion as he emitted all of the heat that had been building up inside of him
at once. 


With a final thrust, Eiri climaxed,
spilling his essence deeply inside of his lover.  Panting, Eiri captured Shuichi's lips and
kissed his chastely before collapsing onto the bed besides him.  He wrapped his arms around Shuichi's waist
and pulled him against him, spooning him from behind.  He placed a kiss on the side of his lover's
head.  Shuichi sighed and snuggled back
against him.


“We should get
cleaned up and change the sheets,” Eiri said, feeling his heavy eyelids
drooping.  The last thing they needed was
to wake up tomorrow in a sticky mess. 
That has happened before and it was not pretty.


“Hmm,” Shuichi
answered.  He felt too content to
move.  “Eiri,” he called out softly after
several minutes.




“Are you sure
you can't come on tour with us?”


By the sound
of his voice, Eiri knew Shuichi was pouting. 
It was a good thing he could not see his face, otherwise he would find
himself giving in, but he steeled himself. 
“You know I can't,” he reminded Shuichi carefully.


“But why?” he whined.


Eiri growled
and flipped onto his back, suddenly annoyed. 
“Because I can't,” he snapped. 
“Get over it!”


“But, Eiri!”
Shuichi sat up, staring at his boyfriend with watery eyes. 
“You always go on tour with us!”


Eiri flung
aside the sheet in irritation and stormed out of the bedroom and across the
hall to the bathroom, as bare as the day he came into this world, slamming and
locking the door behind him.  He heard
Shuichi cry out for him, then burst into unhappy tears. 
Leaning against the door, Eiri stared at the
ceiling sadly.  He hated it when Shuichi
cried, especially when he was the cause of his unhappiness.  “I'm sorry, Shuichi,” he whispered mournfully.




When Shuichi
woke up the next morning, Eiri was already gone. 
He was not even sure if he had come back to
bed last night.  He had cried long into
the night without bothering to shower or change the sheets.  Now he felt sticky, gross and not to mention
itchy.  He was all stuffy and his eyes
were nearly swollen shut from all the crying.


Daisuke was
going to kill him and the media was going to have a field day. 
He was just glad that their old manager, K,
had decided to taken an extended leave of absence in order to take care of his
wife whose cancer had spread unfortunately to her brain, otherwise, K would
have had his head on a platter.  Compared
to Mrs. Winchester, his problems were dust in the wind.  Unfortunately, there was nothing that could
be done for Judy.  Last time Shuichi had
spoken with the Winchesters, which had been a couple weeks ago, K told him that
he and his wife had decided that she would spend what time she had left at home
with him and their family.  Shuichi felt
sorry for their son Michael.  He was only
a child.


Bad Luck was first going
on a long three-month tour of Japan
in support of their latest CD.  After
that, they were heading back to America
and Canada
to do a round of concerts.  It was a
schedule that the members of Bad Luck were all too familiar with. 
It was almost nearly identical as the
“Sei-Teki Ni Hoshi Na” World Anime Tour that Bad Luck took part in last year
along with ASK, among others.


Shuichi and
Eiri's anniversary happened to fall during the tour and Shuichi had been hoping
that his lover would come with them so that they could celebrate it together,
but when he brought it up, Eiri said he could not go. 
He claimed that he had “a prior
commitment”.  Nothing Shuichi said or did
could change Eiri’s mind.  He was taught
that “hate” was not to be used lightly, but it was the only phrase that came
close to what Shuichi felt when he was not with his blond haired god.  He hated it when Eiri was not with him, but
this time it was made worse by the very fact that they would not be celebrating
their anniversary together and Shuichi was not even sure why.


Shuichi rolled out of bed.  He felt like
shit.  He walked around the apartment
like a mindless drone, going through the usual morning routine automatically. 
He showered and tossed on the clothes he had
laid out the night before.  He knew he
should eat something, but the thought of food right now made him nauseous.  He dragged his suitcase to the foyer, where
he slipped on his shoes and tossed on a lightweight jacket.  It was that time of year where there was
still a chill in the morning air, but the afternoons were dreadfully
humid.  Grabbing his hat and sunglasses,
he put them on and with one final look around, walked out of the apartment,
dragging his luggage behind him.




Strains of
“Bird” echoed around the empty music hall, drowning out the sounds of Daisuke
and the technical crew’s unintelligible speech. 
Hiro made his guitar sing as no other could as he and most of Bad Luck
went through one of many sound checks. 
Shuichi was out in the parking lot with a few of the roadies, probably
goofing off as usual, until he was needed.


He was worried
about him.  Shuichi was putting on a
brave front, acting as if nothing was wrong, but he had been friends with him
long enough to know when something was bothering him and something was
definitely wrong.  It did not take a
genius to realize what that something was either.


Eiri Yuki.


Their tour
kicked off that night with a concert at Zepp Tokyo. 
Ironically enough, it was where it all
started.  Then immediately after, they headed
for Kyoto.  A three-month long tour always took its toll
on Shuichi.  He was always a miserable,
fatigued mess by the end of the second month, but with Eiri by his side,
Shuichi was able to make it through it. 
But without the man, he was a miserable mess and the tour had not even
begun yet.  Hiro sighed.  This was going to be a long three months.




The last
strains of “Jounetsu Ballad” exploded in a deafening boom. 
A shower of sparks reigned down from the
stage.  The fans that filled Zepp Tokyo
burst into thunderous applause.  It
roared through the building and engulfed Shuichi, who absorbed it all.


Feeling elated
and slightly exhausted, Shuichi ran off stage into the great black void of the
backstage area with the others right behind him. 
All three were greeted with applause and
whistles from the crew standing backstage.


came the calls all around them.


sounds of “Bad Luck” being chanted by those crowding into the music hall could
be heard.  An encore would be needed, but
that had been expected.


Someone handed
Shuichi a towel and a water bottle.  He
toweled himself off and downed half the bottle of water while someone else,
most likely one his bodyguards, lit the way to the dressing rooms where Shuichi
changed out of his skimpy white leather outfit and into his street clothes,
mainly jeans and a t-shirt.  He tied his
hair back and was escorted back to the stage where one of the roadies handed
him an acoustic guitar.  He strapped it
on and taking a deep breath, walked out onto the stage to a deafening explosion
of sound.  He walked to the front of the
stage and smiled.


Hiro had been
teaching him how to play the guitar for the past few months. 
It had been another reason why he had wanted
Eiri to come with them on this tour.  He
had been hoping to serenade his lover for their anniversary, but since that was
not going to happen, he figured he might as well put his new skills to use
somewhere else.


“Hello, Tokyo,” he shouted into
the microphone.


The crowd
roared back.


He fingered
the taunt strings and the fans roared their approval as they were serenaded
with an unplugged version of “Anti-Nostalgic”.


Toumei ga yozora somete

[The transparency tints the night sky]

hitori aruku itsumo no kaeri michi

[I walk alone, along the usual route home] 


Kuchizusamu konna kimochi

[I hum these feelings]

Nemuru kimi ni todoketai na OH... UM...

[And I want to deliver them to you as I sleep]


Nanika ni obieteru

[I’m afraid of something]

jibun ga chotto iya ni naru

[And it makes me like myself a little less]

tsugeru omoi

[The feelings I want to convey]

torinokoshita hibi ni...

[The days I left behind]

dokoka ni wasureteru

[I’ve forgotten them somewhere]

kokoro ga chotto itaku naru

[My heart aches just a little bit]

toki wo tsunagu

[That which connects time]

hoshi no yoru ni kimi o sagashiteru

[On a starry night, I’m searching for you]


Namida ga koboreteru

[the tears are overflowing]

egao ga chotto hoshiku naru

[I long just a little for a smile]


toki o tsunagu

[that which connects time]

hoshi no yoru ni kimi o sagashiteru

                        [On a starry night, I’m
searching for you]


As the last
note faded, there was a sudden explosion of sound. 
Opening eyes he had not realized he had
closed, Shuichi grinned a wide toothy smile out at the audience.  He lifted his strap over his head and handed
it to a roadie who ran out on stage to grab it. 
Stepping back, Shuichi bowed with a beaming smile.  If he could just concentrate on this, then he
would be all right without…


Shuichi gasped
audibly as he turned around and saw standing center stage behind him, the one
person he had not expected to see. 
“Y-Yuki,” he breathed in shock.


Eiri tried to
block out the roaring crowd and the hot stage lights and concentrate on nothing
but his sexy, sweaty lover.  He stepped
forward and dropped to one knee.


Shuichi and
the audience gasped as one.  His hands
flew to his mouth and his mind went blank.


Shindou,” Eiri began, his voice booming out throughout the music hall.


A quiet hush
fell over the music hall.


Eiri produced
a black velvet box from his coat pocket. 
He flipped the lid.  The stage
lights shinned down on a wide gold band, making it gleam beautifully.


gasped.  Tears blurred his vision. 
He glanced from the ring to Eiri.  The audience whistled and individual applause


“Shuichi.  Will you marry me?”


The audience
burst into a wave of deafening sound.


With tears
streaming down his face, Shuichi flung himself at his lover. 
“Yes,” he shouted over the noise.  “Yes! 
Of course I will!”  He sobbed


If possible,
the noise level increased when Eiri pulled back from Shuichi enough to slip the
ring on his slender ring finger, the one finger it was said that held a vein
that traveled all the way to the heart. 
He was not sure if it was the truth or not, but he liked the way it


Shuichi held
his hand out in front of him and gazed at the gleaming band. 
He gazed through his tears at his lov…no, his


Eiri reached
out and cupped the side of his face.  “I
love you, Baby.”


Shuichi's face
split into a huge grin.  He threw himself
at Eiri, hugging him tightly.  “I love
you, too.”


“I told you I
had a ‘prior commitment’,” Eiri shouted into his ear.


Shuichi pulled back, chuckling.  “I forgive you,” he shouted back.  Despite their very public audience, Shuichi
kissed his husband-to-be long, hard and passionately.




Done!  What did you think?


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