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Disclaimer: I do not own Death Note, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Hereís the additional paragraph or two that was to go at the end. It would have been attached but I couldnít find a way to end the story if I DID attach it Ė so itís relegated to being here instead! :

The task force found him like that, hunched over Lís body, surrounded by tissues which they assumed had been used to stem Raitoís tears. No one mentioned a thing, wanting to spare the boy the embarrassment and Matsuda quickly cleared them up.

Yagami-san laid a hand gently on his sonís shoulder, surprised when Raito started violently, letting out a choked noise. He stared down at Raitoís face, his sonís eyes red-rimmed and watery as he twisted his head to look up at his father.

ďThere was nothing you could have done, son. We all knew the risk, Ryuuzaki even more so then us.Ē

Raito swallowed heavily and looked away, his arms pulling Lís body closer to him.

Soichiro patted his shoulder and moved away, letting his son have some space


And for the life of me I couldnít think what to write after that. I didnít like it, so I didnít add it on.

Now, some notes about the story:

I donít know where I actually got this idea from. How I write is Iíll get a tiny idea, write it on a new word document, title it with something ridiculous and leave it alone. So a few months back, I was browsing through and came across THIS gem. This is exactly what I had written:

Right so okay L has just died and in a super ĎIím so powerful and have defeated you Ryuzakií moment, Raito orders everyone out and fucks Lís mouth while heís still warm. YOSH!

You can see how excited I was to be writing something like this, haha! So my computer is filled with these little notes about stories and occasionally one will want to be written a bit further and thatís what happened here! Hope you enjoyed it!

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