The Hits Keep Coming

BY : KD Sarge
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For Daecy and Madisuzy, who haven't forgotten me despite my absence. :D


Humming may have been premature, Yohji decided before he was even out of the shower. His head really incredibly hurt, and all he wanted to do was curl up in as small a ball as he could manage and not wake up for a week.

So of course he had Fujimiya “it’s not over till I say it’s over” Aya making sure he woke every hour or so.

Nice, though, that as soon as he turned the water off, Aya’s guilt overcame his cowardice and he came back to help Yohji dry off. He aborted the effort, though, when he saw Yohji was hanging onto the towel rack to stay standing.


“Idiot,” he muttered, wrapping a big fluffy towel around his teammate, and picking him up. Not over his shoulder either, Aya’s normal way of carrying the wounded. He let Yohji curl in his arms like the hurting kitty he was.


If it hurt just a wee bit less, Yohji thought through the pain, he’d get knocked flat for this kind of treatment every other week.


But when they got back to his room, the redhead tried to set him in the chair, not the bed. Yohji held on, and protested with as few words as possible. His voice made his head hurt more.


“Wanna lie down…”


“In a minute, Kudou. If I don’t change the sheets, there’s no point in your shower.”


Aya wanted to change his sheets? “Don’t care. Hurts! Please?”


“Fine.” The redhead laid Yohji in the bed, he burrowed under the pillow. Life had to be better under the pillow, right?

“Where are the clean sheets?” that rich voice asked softly. Yohji waved an arm in the right direction. Hurt, it hurt, and it was only hurting more—


“Take some more medicine, Kudou. It’s time.”


Just as soon as the throbbing died down a bit. Drugs would be good, drugs were his friend—


Fujimiya moved around the bed, rustling cloth, moving Yohji, doing something that didn’t help the banging in his brain but didn’t make it worse, so Yohji just clutched the pillow and hoped the headache would back off sometime soon. Finally a weight settled on the edge of the bed and Aya tugged at the pillow.


“Take the medicine, Kudou.”


Kudou came out and took the medicine his teammate held out. While he was doing it, Abyssinian, expert swordsman and heartless bastard, changed the pillowcase. Yohji realized belatedly the sheets had been changed too.


“How the hell did you do that?” Ow. He clutched his head and flopped back down.




“Go back to sleep, Yohji.”


Yohji? Had Aya ever called him that before? “Stay?” he whispered, not caring how pathetic he sounded. Damn, that shower had been a mistake–


“I’ll stay.”


“Here.” One arm over his eyes, Yohji patted the bed next to him. “Need sleep too…”


“I’m fine.”


Yohji patted again, the extent of his stubbornness tonight. Guilt really worked on Fujimiya, though; he grunted and lay down on top of the blanket. Yohji curled up against the solidity with a sigh, and when sleep came sneaking up to bash him on the head and drag him off, it found he’d already been bashed and he didn’t need to be dragged.




This bit was inspired by someone telling me that in Japan, family members are expected to do things like clean the hospital room and bathe the patient, and such stuff. I loved the idea of Aya caring so carefully for Aya-chan, and I had to pay tribute to it.


sure I could have gone and checked for exactly what Yohji said to Asuka. But then I would have spent the rest of the night watching Weiss instead of writing this. So let’s just call it close enough, ne?

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