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"Give it


The boy jumped,
grabbing angrily at the blue beads held high above his head. The older two just
laughed, lifting their prize farther out of his reach. "Come on, kid,"
the brunet said with a chuckle. "What does it really matter? Catch,
Mikami!" He tossed the necklace to his black-haired friend, who snatched
it out of the air just as Mello's fingers failed to grasp it.


Mikami sneered, waving the jewelry above the blonde’s head. "What kind of
self-respecting guy would wear a necklace, anyway?"


"It's not a
necklace!!" Mello shrieked as the beads soared back to the other boy.
"It's a rosary, and it's my mama's! Give it BACK!!"


"Y'hear that,
Raito? It's his mommy's!"


The brunet smirked.
"Well, then, we'd better be awfully careful with it, hadn't we?"


Mello's eyes went
wide with terror as Raito began swinging the rosary in wide circles above his
head. The teen's gaze flickered across the street briefly, and Mello's followed.
He shook his head in horror when his eyes fell on the sewer grate.
"No..." he whispered, watching as Raito's arm seemed to move in slow
motion, arching towards the grate. "No!"


The brunet's fingers
released their grip on the beads, and they sailed through the air. Mello raced
towards them, hoping against hope that he might be able to catch them. If he
could even just hook a single finger on them, they might be saved, but as they
flew past his outstretched arms, Mello realized they would soon be gone. He
squeezed his eyes shut, dropping to his knees and waiting for the inevitable
splash of them landing in the sewer...


...But it never came.


After several
seconds, Mello opened his eyes, looking in confusion towards the grate. Another
boy had appeared, kneeling in the road. He was wearing baggy blue jeans and a
plain white t-shirt. One arm was disappearing between the bars of the grate,
and even though his head was turned to face the blond, his black hair covered
most of his face.


"Ryuuzaki, what
the fuck d'you think you're doing?" Raito yelled angrily.


"Such language
is not becoming of Raito-kun, especially considering his age," the new
teen said, standing up. Mello's eyes lit up when he saw the rosary dangling
from long, pale fingers. He nearly squealed as it was placed back in his loving
hands, and he quickly put it back around his neck.


The brunet laughed.
"I don't see where you got the idea you can comment on my age. You're a
year younger than me, Ryuuzaki," he said, putting as much contempt
as possible into the other's name.


yes," the pale boy said, walking towards the other two. "But seeing
as how Raito feels the need to pick on a child who can hardly be half his age,
it is clear that I am years ahead of him in maturity."


"Screw you,
Ryuuzaki!" Mikami yelled, throwing a rock at the other's head. It
connected with the pale skin of his forehead, leaving a thin trail of blood
down to his nose.


"What an
original comeback..." Ryuuzaki murmured, wiping a bit of the blood from
his head. He walked closer to the other two boys. "I suggest you two go
home now," he said, tipping his head to the side.


really?" Raito asked, a smug grin on his face. "And what if we
don't?" He shoved Ryuuzaki roughly in the chest, sending him back several
steps. "What'll you do to us?"


Ryuuzaki blinked
slowly. "I would not do anything to you, Yagami-kun." The boys
laughed, walking towards him. "Unfortunately, I cannot say the same about


The brunet stopped,
blinking nervously. Mikami turned back to him, clearly confused about why
they'd stopped. "You wouldn't." Ryuuzaki merely stared at him. Raito
seemed to fight with himself for a moment before turning and starting away. "C'mon,
Mikami. This is just getting stupid." Mikami hesitated for a moment,
looking back at Ryuuzaki before following his friend.


Mello blinked in
surprise, watching the two leave. Whoever this pale boy was, he clearly had
some kind of leverage on the other two, and the little blond was determined to
learn more about his savior. When he turned back to where the boy had been, he
was surprised to see that he was gone. Looking down the street, Mello could see
him walking away; probably back to his own house. "Hey!" he yelled,
running after him as fast as his little legs could carry him. "Wait!"


Ryuuzaki paused,
turning back to face the child chasing him. "Yes?"


Mello said happily, after regaining his breath. "That was awesome."


"I must admit, I
am not completely sure what you are saying I did that was awesome. I have done
several things in the last five minutes, and unless you are more specific, I
will be unable to know what I have done to impress you so," Ryuuzaki said,
starting to walk again.


Mello quickly fell
into step alongside the older boy, taking almost three full strides for each
one of Ryuuzaki's. "Well, everything you did was so cool!" he said,
staring up in adoration of the other. "You got my mama's rosary before it
fell in the sewer, and you stood up to those jerks without even thinking about
it! You don't even know me, and you helped me!"


Ryuuzaki stopped,
sitting down on a rock. "You said that rosary belongs to your mother,
correct?" Mello nodded, taking a seat on the ground next to him.
"Does she know that you have it?" The blond paused for a moment
before silently shaking his head. "Why did you take it without


The boy frowned,
turning his gaze to the ground. "Mama used to take us to church every
Sunday," he said quietly, glancing back up at Ryuuzaki for a moment.
"I liked it there. The music was really pretty, and potluck week always
had really good food, too. But then she got sick, an' we stopped going. She
lost all her hair, and she really liked her hair, too! It was long, and pretty,
and it smelled really good." He smiled for a second before continuing.
"When she got sick, she said that God abandoned her, 'cause the doctor
said she won't get better, at least not for a real long time, an' she put her
rosary in a drawer by her bed. But I thought..." He stopped, looking back
at Ryuuzaki again. "I thought that maybe if I wore it for her, God
would see that I didn't give up on Mama, an' maybe He'd help her get
better." Mello looked up at Ryuuzaki, a hopeful grin stretched across his
face. "D'you think it'll work? I've been wearin' it for almost a week now,
but Mama hasn't gotten any better yet."


Ryuuzaki shrugged.
"I cannot say that I know. Truthfully, the best thing you could do for her
would be to give her all the love that you can, and possibly help around the
house a bit so she has less to worry about."


Mello nodded. That
didn't sound too hard, and if it would help his mama, he'd definitely do it.
"You're really nice, Ryuuzaki," he said happily, wrapping his arms
around the older boy's leg. "Will you be my boyfriend?"


The teen stiffened at
the sudden contact on his leg, looking at the boy in surprise. That had
certainly not been expected in the least. "I do not think that will work
out," he said slowly. "You seem a bit young for me, and I am not even
aware of your name."


The blond stuck his
lower lip out, staring up at Ryuuzaki. "My name's Mello, and I'm already
six! How old are you?" This wasn't fair! He was always too young to
do anything.


"I turned eleven
last week."


"That's not that
big a difference!" Mello said unhappily.


Ryuuzaki sighed,
standing up. "Perhaps I can be Mello-chan's boyfriend when he is a bit
older," he said, pulling his leg out of the younger's grip and starting
back down the road.


Mello stayed where he
was, watching sadly as Ryuuzaki went on his way. After a few seconds, he stood
up, calling after him. "Ryuuzaki! Do you promise?" The black-haired
boy paused, turning back. He paused, nodded, and gave a brief wave good-bye.
"I'll remember, Ryuu! I can wait!" Mello yelled, and he waved
frantically until Ryuuzaki had disappeared. "...I can wait."




"It isn't
fair," Mello said quietly. The river below swirled, murky and gray, and
the blond had a short urge to laugh at how well it seemed to fit his mood. His
gaze fell to the cross lying on his chest, and a sudden wave of anger flew
through him. Angrily, he pulled it over his head, and glared at the little
piece of metal lying among the beads. "You didn't do anything!!"
he shrieked, raising his arm up and back. As he started to swing it forward, a
hand wrapped itself around his wrist. Mello spun around, wanting nothing more
at this moment than to punch whoever had the nerve to keep him from getting rid
of this stupid rosary as hard as he could, but as soon as he saw the
pale face framed by messy dark hair, he stopped.


"I do not know
why you are so angry, but if you were to throw this away, I believe you would
regret it," Ryuuzaki said, blinking slowly at the smaller boy.


Mello pulled his arm
away angrily, glaring at the ground. "No freakin' crap, you don't
know," he growled. "If you think this stupid rosary's so important,
why not take a guess at why I'm pissed? D'you think you're a mind reader or


"Well," the
teen started, "from what I was able to hear you say, it would seem that
you had been hoping for some sort of miracle to be given from God. A rosary is,
after all, a religious object. Clearly, you did not receive this miracle.
Perhaps someone close to you has died recently?" Mello flinched. "And
unless I remember incorrectly, you once told me this belonged to your mother,
and if she has indeed passed on, I doubt that you would be pleased with
yourself if you were to throw away something that had been hers."


The blond bit his
lower lip, lifting his gaze to meet Ryuuzaki's. "..." It had been
over three years since they'd met; almost four, in fact. How on earth
did he still remember meeting a boy who'd practically been a toddler?


"It is not often
that I take enough interest in another person's well-being to stop and help
them, Mello."


blinked. Confirmation that he did know who he was, and an explanation of how he
did? Maybe Ryuuzaki really was a mind reader. A cold nose suddenly
pressed itself against Mello's hand, and he jumped. A large English sheepdog
stood in front of him, panting loudly, and the blond wondered how long it had
been there. He certainly didn't remember seeing it come up. It barked suddenly,
leaping onto Mello's chest to lick his face, and the boy almost fell over.


Ryuuzaki reached over
and pulled the fur on the dog's neck, a look of mild amusement in his eyes.
"Down, Watari," he said quietly, and the dog sat down by his feet,
looking hopefully towards Mello.


The blond smiled
slightly, and reached out to rub the dog's head. "So you're the infamous
Watari, huh?" he said, scratching its ear.


Ryuuzaki tipped his
head slightly. "Infamous?"


yeah," Mello said, crouching so he could pet the dog better. "I kinda
remember you saying something about a 'Watari' to those jerks when you helped
me out." He glanced up at the pale teen, curiosity in his eyes. "Why
were they so scared of him, anyway?"


Another touch of
amusement slipped into the older boy's eyes. "Watari has taken a bite out
of Yagami Raito more than once before." Mello's eyes widened a bit, and he
nervously pulled his hand back. "Do not worry, Mello. He only bites
someone that he feels is threatening me, and if he is willing to let you pet
him, it is quite unlikely that he will attack without provocation."


Mello relaxed,
rubbing the dog's side. He smiled a little when Watari rolled onto his back,
and began kicking when Mello's fingers began scratching his belly. "You
guys taking a walk?"


Ryuuzaki nodded.
"We were." He crouched down to look the younger boy in the eyes.
"Would Mello like to talk about anything?"


The blond paused,
averting his eyes from Ryuuzaki's gaze. "Like what?" he asked


"Perhaps why he
is standing on a bridge and attempting to throw away his mother's rosary."


Mello bit his lip,
pulling his hand away from Watari. "You were right," he said quietly,
staring at the ground. "Mama died last night." A single tear slipped
down his cheek, and the blond angrily wiped it away. "I haven't been home
since about ten o'clock."


Ryuuzaki frowned.
"Where did you sleep?"


"The park. Papa
got himself drunk when the hospital called, an' I don't like being around him
when he's drunk. He yells too much."


"Couldn't you
have gone to a friend's house?"


"I guess,"
Mello said with a little shrug. "Didn't think of it."


The older boy placed
a thumb against his lip, and was silent for several seconds. "February
seems a bit cold to be sleeping outdoors," he said as a shiver ran down
Mello's back. "We should get Mello somewhere that he can warm himself. If
he would like to walk with Watari and I, we could continue our


Mello nodded,
standing up. "I'd like that," he said quietly. The two walked in
silence for several minutes before Mello finally broke it. "D'you remember
your promise?" he asked suddenly, turning to Ryuuzaki.


The pale boy glanced
at Mello. "The promise of becoming your boyfriend?" The blond nodded
nervously. "I do."


The two were silent
for almost another minute before Mello spoke again. " I old enough


Ryuuzaki looked at
the boy. He was clearly feeling very fragile right now, and the teen knew he'd
have to pick his next words carefully. "I think that, while Mello is a
nice boy, he is still a bit young for me." The look that came onto Mello's
face put an odd feeling in Ryuuzaki's gut, and he spoke quickly. "Not that
I will be breaking my promise. I simply feel that you need a few more years'
experience before getting into a relationship. Not to mention that you probably
should not rush into something like this while still in mourning."


Mello was quiet for
several seconds before turning back to the older. "Can I at least get one
thing from you? Something to prove you'll keep your promise!"


"Perhaps. What
might it be?"


The blond glanced
away for a moment, a light blush turning his cheeks pink, but he forced himself
to look Ryuuzaki in the eyes as he made his request. "Will you kiss


Ryuuzaki thought for
a moment before answering. "I suppose that would be acceptable."


Mello closed his eyes
as the teen leaned over, gently pressing their lips together. After the older
boy pulled away, he ran the tip of his tongue over his bottom lip, noting that
it now had a sweet taste. He smiled shyly at Ryuuzaki, slipping his hand into
the other boy's, and they continued walking.




"Mells! Wait


Mello turned,
shifting the backpack hanging from his shoulder, turning to see a red-haired
boy running towards him. "Hey, Matt. What's up?"


"Please, please
tell me you did last night's chem homework!"


The blond laughed,
dropping his bookbag onto the hallway floor. "Don't you think it's kind of
pathetic that you keep having to come to a freshman for homework?"


Matt grinned, taking
the assignment and handing the blond a chocolate bar as payment. "Eh, I
wouldn't care if you were a sixth grader. If you got the right answers, I'd still
come to you for 'em."


"Maybe if you
spent more time on your schoolwork than World of Warcraft, you wouldn't need
my work," Mello said, unwrapping the candy.


The redhead shrugged,
copying answers onto his own paper. "Guess we'll never know, will
we?" When the blond didn't respond, Matt looked up at his friend.
"Mells? You alive?"


The blond was staring
through the crowd of students, the chocolate in his hand seemingly forgotten.
"I'll catch up to you later, Matt."


"Mells, where're
you going?" The gamer watched his friend disappear into the throng of the
school, shrugged, and went back to copying homework.






The pale senior
glanced up at the mention of his name. It was odd, his fellow students didn't
normally seek him out. When his eyes fell upon a mop of blond hair forcing its
way to him, he blinked in surprise. "Mello?"


Ryuuzaki!" The blond leaned against a locker, looking up at the older boy.
"I haven't seen you in ages."


"I do not get
out very often, do I?" he said, closing his locker.


Mello nodded.
"I've only ever seen you maybe...three times, y'know. School started over
two months ago, and this is my first time seeing you here. I was starting to
think you'd graduated early."


Ryuuzaki smirked at
the younger boy. "And unless I am mistaken, Mello should not yet be in
high school. Has the schoolboard seen fit to put you into a higher grade?"


The freshman grinned,
nodding again. "I'm really glad I found you," he said, shoving
himself off the locker as Ryuuzaki started down the hall. "I've been
meaning to ask you something."


the black-haired teen said, turning his head to look at Mello. The blonde’s
expression was confident and excited, but something in his eyes gave Ryuuzaki
the feeling that the boy was nervous. "It would not happen to have
anything to do with a certain promise, would it?"


Mello hesitated for a
moment before nodding silently. "Do you think I'm old enough now?" he
asked quietly, watching for the other's response.


"I think that
Mello has waited just a bit too long in seeking me out."


The blond blinked
slowly, swallowing a rather large lump in his throat. "Okay, then,"
he said quietly. "I guess I can take a hint. I'll see you around."


Ryuuzaki was
surprised at Mello's reaction, to say the least. It seemed that the boy had
completely given up. "Mello," he called after the retreating


The boy stopped,
turning to look back at the other. "The bell's gonna ring, Ryuuzaki. I've
gotta get to class."


The senior let a
harsh breath out of his nose, and rushed after the younger teen. "I did
not mean that I will never be able to fulfill your wish," he said, placing
a hand on Mello's shoulder. "I was simply saying that my eighteenth
birthday has recently passed. If we were to be together, the legal system would
not look kindly upon us."


Mello looked up at
the older boy, a clear look of annoyance in his eyes. "I don't give a shit
what the legal system thinks of me," he growled, shaking
Ryuuzaki's hand from his shoulder.


"So Mello would
prefer that I were to date him, and if we were to be found out, that I would be
arrested on counts of statutory rape?"


The blond was silent
for a moment, a look of surprise on his face. "Geez, Ryuu, it's not like
I'd jump straight into bed with you!"


"I was not
implying that you would. I merely understand that many couples find each other
hard to resist, and sex is a part of a relationship that often comes without
being planned."


"I guess you
have a point," Mello said, grimacing as a ringing bell announced they were
late. "Shit," he growled. "Eh, it won't be the first time I've
been late to chem." He frowned when he remembered Matt still had his
homework, and he wouldn't be able to meet up with the other boy for three more
periods. "Ah, screw it. This place sucks, anyway; I'm outta here." He
adjusted the backpack still hanging from his shoulder, and glanced at Ryuuzaki.
"You with me?"


"I suppose time
spent with Mello would be better than spent arguing with a teacher over whether
it is acceptable to sit with my feet against the desk," the black-haired
teen said with a slight smile. "Would you like to stop by your locker and
drop off your bag?"


"Nah. The longer
we hang around here, the more likely it is we'll get caught and dragged to
class." The blond glanced around, making sure no teachers were within
sight. "Let's go."


"Did Mello have
any particular place in mind when he suggested that we leave school?"
Ryuuzaki asked when the boys had made it off of school grounds. "I do not
get out often enough to know many places around town, despite how long I have
lived here."


“Seriously?” Mello
asked, grinning at the older boy. Ryuuzaki nodded, and the blond sighed,
rolling his eyes. “Well, the only place I ever go with Matt is the arcade, and
that gets so damn boring when you’re there almost fifty times each
month, so that’s out.” He was quiet for a moment, trying to think of something
that might be entertaining. “There’s a bakery uptown, but that would probably
be kinda boring. Only thing that really makes it worth the trip is that a girl
who works there has the hots for me, and I get free cake.”


“A bakery sounds
excellent,” Ryuuzaki said, staring at the blond. How had he never known there
was a bakery in town? It was probably only a ten minute walk or so from
his own house! “Lead the way, Mello.”


Mello laughed, poking
Ryuuzaki in the ribs. “You seriously want to go?” The black-haired senior
quickly nodded, excitement sparkling in his eyes. “Okay, then. Let’s go!”




“Mello!” A rather
high-pitched squeal greeted the boys as they walked into the shop, and a blonde
girl waved frantically at him.


“Hey, Misa. What’ve
you got for me today?” the freshman asked, walking up to lean on the counter.


Ryuuzaki paid
absolutely no mind to the other two in the store, giving all his attention to a
display of cakes and cookies inside the glass counter. There were chocolate
chip cookies with the biggest chunks of chocolate he had ever seen resting next
to such ­soft-looking sugar cookies, Ryuuzaki was sure they would almost
fall apart as soon as he bit into them. Large blueberry muffins were the next
thing to catch his eye, but he quickly passed over them when he saw it.


It was the most
beautiful cake Ryuuzaki had ever seen in his life. It wasn’t too small, but
wasn’t overly large, either, with white frosting covering every inch of it.
Little red roses made of icing were placed carefully along the edge, held in by
a rim of pale yellow. Small slices of strawberry were delicately scattered
across the top, and it was finished off by a light dusting of granulated sugar.
Ryuuzaki found himself trying to keep from drooling at the sight of it.


“Who’s Mello’s friend?”


“This is Ryuuzaki,”
the blond said, nudging the other with his elbow. “I’ve told you about him.”


Ryuuzaki glanced up
when he was prodded by an elbow, and was rather surprised to hear that Mello
had talked about him. The girl- Misa, was it?- was grinning at him.


“So you’re Ryuu,
huh?” she said with a giggle. “Mello always has something to say about you.”


“That is a bit
surprising, seeing as we have only actually met three times now,” Ryuuzaki
said, glancing back at the cake.


“Doesn’t mean he
can’t remember everything about each time,” Misa said with a sigh. “He’s so
romantic like that! Why can’t Misa find a guy as good as you, Mello?”
she squealed, wrapping her arms around the blonde’s neck.


“Misa, cut it out!”
Mello half-growled, pulling out of her grip. “How many times do I have to tell
you not to get all touch-feely like that?”


The blonde just
giggled again, smiling at Ryuuzaki who had turned his attention back to the dessert.
“Does Ryuuzaki like that cake?”


“It looks absolutely
delicious. Whoever made it did an excellent job,” he said without looking away
from it.


Misa crouched down,
and pulled the cake out, placing it on the counter in front of Ryuuzaki. “Well,
if you’re going to keep complimenting Misa like that, I suppose it couldn’t
hurt to let this be Mello’s snack for today.”


Mello looked
surprised, dipping a finger into one of the roses. “You made this, Misa?”


“Yeah, Misa makes all
the free stuff she gives Mello.”


“Huh. I always
thought you just worked the register.”


Ryuuzaki happily
poked a fork into the cake, taking a rather large bite out of it. He nearly
moaned at the light, fluffy taste on his tongue, and quickly went back for
another bite. “Misa should have some of this as well. She has done an amazing
job baking this.”


The three chatted
happily, eating the cake. A half hour later, the dessert was completely gone. “We
should get going, Misa. Keep making me cake!” Mello said happily as they
started out of the store.


“I will!” the blonde
called after them, smiling to herself at the hand-holding neither boy seemed to
be aware of.




"I can't believe
that just happened," Mello said, grinning.


Matt nodded, reaching
over to knock his friend's cap to the ground. "Believe it, buddy. School's
over and done with. No more homework, no more studying..." He sighed
happily. "You're free!"


"Aren't you
forgetting about college?" the blond asked, picking his cap up and
brushing off some dirt. "Just because you took a year off first doesn't
mean I will, too."


"Well, if you're
so excited to be going to college, where're you headed to?"


Mello shook his head
slowly. "I dunno. Do you really think I know what I even want to do
with my life?" he asked, leaning against the side of his now former
school. "The most passion I have for anything is an obsession with
chocolate and some guy I haven't seen since freshman year."


"Come on,
man," the redhead said quietly, leaning next to the younger boy. "I
bet if you went into police work or something, you'd kick ass. Use that brain
of yours to clean up our crime-ridden streets!" He tapped the other on the
forehead at the mention of his brain, and grinned when his hand was shoved
away. "Besides, I'm sure you'll see Ryuuzaki again. He promised you he'd
be back, didn't he?"


Mello looked at Matt,
annoyance clear on his face. "Oh, come on, Matt. He went to mother fucking
England after he graduated. D'you really think he'd come back just to
humor some damn kid?"


"I do not think
Mello is just some kid."


The blonde’s eyes
snapped wide open as a hand was placed on his shoulder. He spun around, and
came face to face with Ryuuzaki. Matt grinned, told the two he'd get them some
privacy, and wandered off to keep Mello's dad distracted.


"I didn't think
you'd come back," Mello said softly, smiling nervously.


"I promised
Mello that I would return after his graduation. What reason would I have to
break that promise?"


The blond gave a
harsh laugh. "Maybe the fact that we still don't really know each other
that well, and you'd have to make a trip across the freaking ocean to get
here." He felt a pain in his chest at the fact that Ryuuzaki had mentioned
the last agreement he'd made with him, but made no mention of the first. God,
he was such an idiot. Ryuuzaki had probably just been humoring him every
time he brought up that stupid, stupid promise, and now he was being
offered a chance to finally drop it and leave the man alone. Mello wasn't an
idiot; he knew it was finally time to let this childhood dream die; but he
still wanted to spend what little time he still could with the older man.
"Well, you've come through on your promise now. How long d'you plan on staying
before you go back to England?"


Ryuuzaki blinked.
"I was planning on staying for something around two weeks, but from
Mello's tone of voice and word choice, it would seem that he thinks coming back
is my only promise to fulfill. Unless I have been mistaken for the past eleven
years, there is another that I have yet to keep." He thought for a moment,
glancing at the blond. "How old are you now, Mello? Seventeen, I


The blond nodded
slowly. "Yeah...Just had my birthday in December."


Ryuuzaki smiled,
leaning towards the younger. "I think that's old enough," he
whispered against the teen's cheek, before placing his lips against the other


Mello's mind shut
down briefly before realizing that the older man wasn't pushing him; that he was
trying to determine if this relationship was still something that the blond
wanted. Well, he certainly didn't want to leave any doubts in the pale man's
mind, so he kissed Ryuuzaki back. He wrapped his arms around Ryuuzaki's neck,
pulling him close,  and willingly opened
his mouth when the man nibbled at his lip. A warm tongue brushed against his
own, and Mello found a slight taste of chocolate on Ryuuzaki's breath. It was
absolutely intoxicating, and the two men stood, arms wrapped around each other and
kissing more passionately than either of them ever had before, for several


When they finally
pulled apart for air, Mello smiled, and placed another, much more gentle, kiss
to the corner of Ryuuzaki's mouth. "So, you're leaving in a couple weeks,


Ryuuzaki smiled at
the slightly sad expression on the younger boy's face. "If Mello would
like, I was hoping he might come back with me. Or I could even go back by
myself, and let you have some more time to get in your goodbyes and such, and
you could come later." He paused, frowning, before continuing. "Of
course, I do realize that this is a very large decision to be asking you to
make, especially with such short notice. If you would rather stay here, I would
understand, and we could try keeping a long-dist-"


Mello pressed his
lips against Ryuuzaki's with a chuckle, holding the kiss for a few seconds
before pulling away. "Ryuu, there's something about you that has made me
wanna just drop everything to be by your side since the moment I met you. Seeing
the world a little sounds like fun, anyway, and I couldn't think of a single
person I'd rather see it with."


“Mello…” Ryuuzaki
said quietly, cupping the younger boy’s cheek and leaning in to kiss him again.


"Aw, lookit you
two!" Matt yelled suddenly, rubbing the mens' heads. "Such little


"Matt, you're
supposed to be keeping my dad busy!" Mello whined, shoving the hand out of
his hair.


"He had to go
pick up the cake for your graduation party. I told him I'd make sure you
weren't late to it." The redhead grinned, sticking his hands into his
pockets. "C'mon, we gotta get going. You coming?" he asked, glancing
at Ryuuzaki.


"If Mello wants
me to, I would be delighted."


"Of course
you're coming, Ryuu!" Mello cried, grabbing onto the others' hand.
"Let's go. And you are not driving, Matt, I don't want to die on my
graduation day!"


"Is Mello's cake
coming from the bakery Misa works at?" Ryuuzaki asked hopefully as they
crossed the parking lot.


"Of course
that's the first thing you'd want to know!" Mello laughed, unlocking the
car. "And yeah. She said she'd make me a special German chocolate cake.
I've been looking forward to this cake for over a year now!" As the boys
climbed into the car, laughing and making jokes, mostly at Mello's expense, the
blond realized that this was probably the happiest he'd ever been in his life.
Ryuuzaki smiled at him, interlacing his fingers with Mello's, and the graduate
was sure that as long as he was with the other, he could almost certainly count
on being almost this happy a lot more often.




Wow...I can't believe
I just wrote that last scene! It wasn't even all that romantic or sappy,
but it still makes me feel like gagging, and I love it anyway! :D Sorry if I
made Ryuuzaki overuse the third person a little bit...I went back through the
manga when this was about half done, and realized he doesn't actually use it
nearly as much as I thought he did, but I was too lazy to bother going back and
fixing it. ^^; There's just not enough LxMello out there, so I had to write
this. If you want to leave me constructive criticism, go ahead as long as
you're nice about it, but please, PLEASE don't just flame me. It's just plain


…And yes, I’m aware
that nobody’s ages are anything near right. So sue me!

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