Maybe Camping Isn't So Bad

BY : Evermist
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Warnings: Yaoi, language,
attempted British-talk(translations available here:,
awkward teenage virgin sex


Mello stared out the open bus window.
The wind blew his hair across his forehead, and he sighed irritably.

A head of red hair leaned over the seat behind him, and large green eyes peered
down at him. “What’s wrong?”

Mello turned to look up at the other boy, a look of disbelief planted on his
face. “You have to ask?”

Matt laughed, hopping over the back of the seat to sit next to the blond. Mello
glared at him, scooting closer to the window to give himself more space.
“You’re right. This trip is going to blow big time.”

The older boy turned back to the window angrily. “Why is Roger making us do
this, anyway? Wammy's House is for choosing L's successor, not going camping,”
he growled, digging into a pocket of his jeans.

“Roger already explained this, Mells,” Matt said in a sing-song voice, grinning
at the scowl on Mello’s face from the nickname. “He thinks it’ll help all the
losers who can’t take on the position of L fit into society better if they
start doing ‘normal’ things now,” he stated, making little quotation marks with
his fingers on the word normal. Mello just shook his head angrily, checked to
make sure Roger couldn’t see him, and pulled a bar of chocolate out of his
pocket. Matt blinked in surprise. "Hey, how'd you sneak that along? Roger
practically felt us up making sure we didn't bring any 'unapproved food

"Or electronic devices of any kind," Mello reminded the other of
through a mouthful of chocolate. "That was hilarious, you know. You were
practically crying when Roger took your GameBoy."

"Was not!" Matt whined, punching the blonde’s shoulder. "Gimme
some of that." He reached over, quickly snapping off a fairly large piece
of the candy. Mello growled under his breath at the redhead, throwing him a
warning look. Matt laughed, slipping the chocolate into his mouth. "'s
just a bite, mate."

"Yeah, well, I barely have enough to last for the week, so lay off,"
Mello said, wrapping the foil back around the bar and putting it back into his

Matt leaned back against the seat, watching Mello out of the corner of his eye.
"Y’know that chocolate will probably melt in your pocket."

"You know a better place to hide it?" the blond asked angrily.
"Melted chocolate is better than none."

The redhead shrugged, closing his eyes. "Wake me when we get there."

Mello gave an annoyed grunt, looking around the bus. Most of the kids seemed
pretty excited about the trip, but the blonde was pleased to see that brat Near
seemed even less enthusiastic about camping than he was. He grinned to himself,
and went back to staring out the window. He needed to come up with some plans
to make Near’s week hell.


Three days into the trip, Mello had lost all interest in bugging Near. He’d
already done everything he could think of to the younger boy. He’d pushed him
in the mud, put spiders in his sleeping bag, stolen all his underwear, locked
him in the bathroom, and even resorted to childishly sticking the boy’s hand in
warm water while he slept. Mello did take more than a little pleasure in how
being outdoors for so long was affecting Near. It didn’t take anywhere near the
huge amount of effort it normally did to get under the boy’s skin.

Unfortunately, the blonde had underestimated how the stress of the great
outdoors would affect himself. His rate of chocolate consumption had
skyrocketed as some sort of defense mechanism, and he was nearly out. Now Mello
just wanted to survive the rest of the week.

He growled under his breath as he flopped back on his sleeping bag. Glancing
around the tent, he frowned. It was way too small for two people. The sleeping
bags barely fit inside, and their backpacks were shoved into one of the
corners. The blonde shook his head, pulling a half-eaten Hershey’s bar out of
his pillowcase. He bit off a corner of the candy, and shoved it back into its
hidey-hole. The flap of the tent opened, letting in a beam of moonlight, and
Mello quickly turned to hide the chocolate sticking out of his mouth.

A laugh carried throughout the tent, and a sneaker smacked the blonde in the
back of the head. “Relax, dip stick, it’s just me.”

Mello turned to stare at the redhead, a look of disbelief on his face. “‘Dip
stick’?” he said, chewing the brown candy. “Can’t you even come up with a
better insult than that, or has playing Pokémon all day fried what few brain
cells you have?”

“Well,” Matt said, sitting down on his own bag. “as much as I’d like to argue with
you, Mells,” the blonde glared at him, “my values won’t let me have a battle of
wits with someone who’s unarmed.”

Mello blinked, and threw Matt’s shoe at his face. “I hate camping,” he growled,
glaring around the tent. “Why couldn’t we get a bigger tent? This thing is

The redhead rubbed at his nose where the sneaker had hit, and stared across the
tent at the older boy. “Well, maybe if a certain little princess had a sleeping
bag that wasn’t made for three, we’d have more room.”

“I need my space!” the blonde whined, laying down. He blinked as Matt’s words
sank in, then sat up and chucked his pillow at the other boy. “And I’m not a

Matt laughed as he caught the cushion, and pulled out Mello's chocolate.
"What, did you fill this whole thing with chocolate or something?" he
asked, biting into the candy.

Mello blinked yet again. "That actually wouldn't have been a bad
idea..." He frowned. "Wish I'd thought of that. Hey!" He dove
across the tent, grabbing angrily at his chocolate. "Give that back!"

The two boys wrestled over the candy for a few minutes, until Mello managed to
regain his treasure. "Cheapskate," Matt said, laying down. He
frowned, quickly sitting back up. "You hear footsteps?"

Mello stuck the chocolate back into his pillowcase, and dropped onto his
sleeping bag just as Roger opened the tent flap. "You boys need to quiet
down," he said, looking from one to the other. "It's well past ten
o'clock. Get some sleep." The teens nodded quickly, and were silent for
several moments after Roger had left.

Matt sighed, and was quiet for a few more seconds. "Guess we may as well
go to bed," he said boredly. Without bothering to change into his pajamas,
he crawled into his sleeping bag and laid down.

The blonde watched his friend for a minute before reluctantly trading his jeans
for a pair of sweatpants, and lying down himself. Despite how sure he was that
he wasn't the least bit tired, Mello quickly found it hard to keep his eyes
open, and before long, he was sleeping.


Around midnight or so, Mello woke up. He rubbed at his eyes for a moment, a
warning pressure on his groin demanding the bathroom. He started to sit up to
go relieve himself, but paused when he saw that Matt was awake, too. The
redhead was sitting up, and there was some sort of movement that Mello's
sleep-fogged mind couldn't place. He stayed in his sleeping bag for a minute,
watching his friend as his brain woke up. A sudden moan from the redhead
finally snapped Mello's brain into reality as he realized just what Matt was
doing. Gross, he wasn't even alone! Wasn't Matt even considering the
fact that his best friend might wake up and have to watch this? Although, maybe
he had thought of that possibility, and was turned on by the thought.
That was weird, albeit kind of hot; not that Mello would ever, ever
admit that to anyone, that was-

That was Mello's name that the blonde heard escaping Matt's lips.

The blonde's breath caught in his throat as he listened to the redhead's heavy
breathing, the slick sound of rapid flesh-on-flesh echoing through the tent.
Matt was mostly silent for the better part of five minutes, and Mello was
starting to wonder if maybe he'd imagined hearing his name.

"Ngh...Mello...right there..."

Okay, he definitely hadn't imagined it twice. The blonde crawled out of his
sleeping bag, his need to pee completely forgotten. The musky smell of sex hit
the teen's nostrils as he silently crossed the tent, sending a rush of blood
straight to his groin. He crept up behind Matt, peering over the younger boy's
shoulder. The redhead suddenly jerked his head back, smacking into Mello's
forehead with a loud crack. The blonde jumped back, pressing a hand against his
head, and Matt froze, staring at the other teen in horror. "
long...when did...I-I thought you were sleeping!"

"I was," the blonde said angrily, rubbing his head and sitting down
on Matt's pillow. "Now I'm not. D'you have a problem with that?"

"Um..." Matt pulled part of his sleeping bag into his lap, a
dumbstruck expression on his face. "How much did you hear?"

"Enough," Mello said quietly, glad Matt couldn't see his cheeks
turning slightly red in the darkness.

The redhead groaned, running a hand down his face. "I-I'm not a bender or
anything, y'know."

Mello blinked. "Really." The older boy placed a hand in his lap,
rather surprised by the tent he hadn't quite noticed forming in his own pants.
"So, you were just whacking off to thoughts of me for the hell of

"Well, it's just that...y''re're different, Mello!"
Matt said, crawling over to sit by the blonde. "I mean, I don't really
like any of the girls at Wammy's...some of them are kind of pretty, I guess,
but...this is just gonna sound weird, I" He trailed off,
looking at his friend unhappily.

Mello was silent for a moment as what Matt had said slowly sank in. So... He
likes girls, but there's something about me he likes, too... No way. He's not
He turned to the redhead, frowning. "Are you saying you
think of me as a girl?"

Matt looked away. "Well, it's not that hard to imagine you with tits,

The blonde's eye gave an irritated twitch. He'd lost count of how many times
he'd been called a girl in all his fifteen years, but Matt was one of the few
he'd never expected to take that viewpoint. Life just wasn't fair sometimes.
"Matt..." he said quietly, grabbing the younger boy's hand.
"Does this feel like a girl?" he asked, pressing the hand
against his crotch before he could lose his nerve.

Matt's breath caught in his throat as he felt the hard length between Mello’s
legs. He ran his fingers along it experimentally, grinning at the involuntary
jerk it sent through the blonde's hips. "Mello, you..." He stopped,
slipping his hand under the waistband of the older boy’s boxers to cautiously
touch the older boy.

Mello gasped as the redhead slowly wrapped his fingers around his organ.
“Matt,” he groaned loudly, mentally berating himself for losing his composure
so quickly and easily. Matt grinned again, pumping his hand up and down Mello’s
cock a few times, before pulling the boy’s pants down to his knees.

“Mello,” he said, breathing heavily, “Can I fuck you?”

The blonde lifted his head up to stare at the boy kneeling in front of him.
“Matt, the whole point of this,” he murmured, running a hand gently across the
redhead’s cheek, “is to teach you that I am not a girl!” His voice grew
louder as he finished talking, and he gave Matt’s hair an irritated tug.

“Okay, okay!” Matt cried, wincing at the pain. “I get it!”

"Good," Mello said, releasing the other's hair. He paused, listening
for a few seconds. "Shit!" he hissed, diving back onto his sleeping
bag and crawling in. Matt watched the blonde in alarm, and jumped back into his
own bag seconds before Roger stuck his head in the flap of their tent.

"Boys, is there any specific reason you're still awake?" the older
man asked quietly. Both teens lay completely still, hoping he'd just go away.
Roger sighed, shaking his head. "I know you're awake. Now either go to
sleep, or be quiet, and don't complain when you're tired tomorrow."

Mello waited for almost a full minute after Roger left before slowly sitting
up. He glanced back towards Matt's side of the tent, and was surprised to see
that he wasn't there. "Matt?" A sudden movement by Mello's feet drew
his attention, and he saw Matt crawling up his sleeping bag. "What are you
doing?" he whispered.

"Roger said we could stay up," the redhead responded, crawling into
the blonde's bag. "Man, why'd I ever complain about the size of this
thing? It's perfect!"

The older teen slowly blinked. "You cannot be serious." Matt
ignored Mello, snuggling up against the older boy and running a hand across his
cock. "We're gonn-ah!- get caught, Matt!" He closed his eyes,
relieved when the redhead pulled away from his body, but also slightly
disappointed. "Good night, Ma-" Mello's eyes shot open when something
warm, soft and wet gently touched the tip of his member. He looked down the
sleeping bag, and was able to make out a very distinct lump crouched between
his legs. The blonde opened his mouth to tell the other to get back to his own
bed, but completely lost his train of thought when Matt closed his lips around
his penis, running his tongue around the head. "Holy shit,
Matt!" he whimpered, thrusting in towards the wet heat. The redhead pulled
his mouth away, and Mello gave a quiet whine at the loss of the boy's tongue.

"Mells, this tastes disgusting!" Matt whined from under the
blanket. "Why the hell would anyone do that?"

"Because if they stopped, the bloke they're doing it to would kill
them!" Mello hissed, kicking the redhead. "Get back down there!"

Matt gave an unseen grimace, and ran his tongue up the other boy's cock. It
really wasn't a very pleasant taste, but Matt figured it was probably better
than Mello beating the crap out of him. Judging from the sounds the blonde was
making, Matt probably wouldn't have to do this for too long, anyway. He smiled
to himself as an idea crept slowly into his head, and he pulled away from
Mello's crotch for a second to spit into his hand, then resumed his
nasty-tasting duty.

Mello groaned, grabbing a fistful of red hair. "Mattttt..." he hissed
quietly. The younger boy gave a pleased little hum, and Mello thought for a
second that perhaps he had died in his sleep. Maybe he wasn't actually getting
sucked off by his best friend, and this was merely some sort of hallucination,
or maybe heaven. This extreme pleasure wore off after a moment, though, and
Mello frowned. His cock felt quite cold; Matt had apparently abandoned it in favor
of leaning over his chest. "Matt, what the hell are you-"
Mello was suddenly silenced by the redhead pressing his lips roughly against
his. The younger boy licked at the blonde's lip, gently forcing his tongue into
the other's mouth. Mello briefly wondered who Matt had been snogging to get
this good at kissing, or if perhaps he was just so inexperienced himself that
it seemed better than it actually was, but the thought was quickly pushed from
his mind when he felt something warm and hard pressing against his rear. His
eyes shot open, and he started to wriggle under Matt. He was not going
to bottom, damn it! That would just reinforce Matt's opinion of him as a girl!
He wasn't, he wasn't, he wasn't, wasn't, wasn't-

Matt moaned loudly as his penis slid into Mello's body, its path only slightly
eased by the saliva he'd smeared on it. He laid on top of the older boy for
several seconds, unmoving and breathing heavily.

"Matt, I thought I'd made it clear that I wanted to top!"
Mello whined, shifting uncomfortably. "This hurts, damn it!"

The redhead lifted his forehead from where it had been resting against the
blonde's shoulder. "You made me eat cock. We're even," he panted,
pulling out slightly and thrusting back in.

Mello grunted as the other boy thrust unevenly in and out. Why the hell
would anyone consent to this?
he thought miserably. There did seem to be a
minor amount of pleasure, but it was completely offset by the pain of being
split in two from the inside. A particularly sharp thrust brought a small cry
of pain from him, and the blonde decided that it was time to end this.

"Matt, get- ah, get off me."

The redhead continued his assault on Mello's behind, blissfully unaware of the
blonde's discomfort.

Mello glared at the other. Apparently, he needed to make what he wanted more
clear. "Matt!" he hissed, sharply pulling the other's hair. The
younger boy jerked in pain, and his cock suddenly brushed up against something
inside Mello that seemed like it might make this whole ordeal a lot more

"What the fuck was that for, Mello?" Matt hissed.

The blonde shook his head quickly. "Never mind, just do that again!"

Matt looked down at the other in confusion. "Do what?"

"I don't know, just hit that spot again, and do it now!" The
redhead thrust into the older boy again, but Mello shook his head. "Not
there, try again!" Matt thrust in several more times, and the blonde gave
a quiet howl of frustration. Why couldn't Matt just get that spot
again?! It wasn't fair! Matt suddenly gasped loudly, thrusting roughly into the
older boy. Mello's eyes widened in disbelief and anger as he felt the redhead's
hot cum spurting against his insides.

Matt pulled out of Mello and collapsed onto his chest, breathing heavily.
"Mells...that was...that felt really good," he whispered
between breaths.

"Maybe for you," the blonde growled, pushing Matt off onto the
ground. "In case you didn't notice, I'm still hard over here."

The other boy lifted his head up, a look of genuine surprise on his face.
"Sorry," he mumbled sleepily.

"Get down there, and finish what you started, Matt."

The redhead nodded slowly, and crawled back into the bottom of the sleeping
bag. Mello groaned as Matt wrapped his lips around the tip of his cock, sucking
gently. Matt reached a hand up to cup the blonde's scrotum, running a thumb
over the short hairs growing around the boy's base. Mello sucked in a quick
lungful of air, grasping Matt by the hair. Matt coughed, trying not to gag as
the other thrust deep into his mouth. He squeezed the blonde's balls, trying to
pull his head away from the cock, but Mello was suddenly thrusting rapidly into
his mouth, shoving the younger boy's head against his lap. Hot, sticky cum
suddenly sprayed into his mouth. The redhead started coughing violently,
Mello's hand keeping him pressed down.

Mello released the other's hair when he heard him start to choke, and he looked
into the bag at him, panting. "You okay?"

Matt stared up at the blonde, breathing heavily. "Yeah," he said
quietly, wiping an arm across his cum-stained face. "Ick." He crawled
up the bag, lying down next to the older boy with a grin. "Think we could
repeat this sometime?"

Mello rolled his eyes. "Maybe," he said after a few seconds.
"But I get to top next time," he mumbled, snuggling up against Matt's
chest. "Sleep now."

The redhead closed his eyes. The thought of bottoming didn't sound particularly
appealing to him, but they still had the better part of a week to work out
positions, and Matt knew Mello would definitely need something to keep him sane
once his chocolate was gone. He smiled happily to himself. Maybe this trip
wouldn't turn out to be quite as bad as either teen had initially thought it

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