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Quick disclaimer: Please no flames about seiya/usagi relationship. If you don't like it don't read it. also the first section of this fanfiction is taken almost directly from episode 200, and that in no way belongs to me and belongs to the creaters and writers of the Sailor Moon Anime Series and Manga Series!

words in italics are charcter thoughts
The sky is filled with warm hues of red orange and yellow as the sun is starting to set for the day. All appears calm in Tokyo as a group walks on to top of the local school building. This group consists of five young teenage girls in their school uniforms, an older gentleman, two cats, one black and one white, with crescent moons on their heads three male pop-idols and a young red haired princess. The three male pop-idols and the princess stand close to the railing separated from the rest of the group.

Ami asks the group “Do you have to go?”
The princess simply responds “Our friends are waiting for us.”
“We'll make a new planet with our princess,” Yaten informs the protectors of the earth
“Do your best” Luna encourages the white haired idol.
“Thank you, Luna,” Yaten replies with a wink.
Luna can only blush in response as Artmis can only give her a glare full of jealousy.
“Odango, it's great that your boyfriend returned,” Seiya say to Usagi.
“It's because of you. Because of you I was able to do my best.”
Seiya blushes before he responds, “Odango, I won't forget you.”
“Yes, we're friends forever.”
Taiki and the princess quietly laugh, but Yaten laughs out loud at the fact that Usagi still does not realize Seiya’s feelings for her.
Seiya puts his hand on his forehead and says, mostly to himself, “oh come on….”
Taiki responds “I like that one!”
The girls and Mamoru just shake their head in disbelief as Ami mutters, “She didn’t get it…”
“No she didn’t,” Lita quietly agrees.
“What’s that, Ami?” Usagi questioned.
“Usagi, you are slow, aren’t you?” Mina whispers to the oblivious blond.
“About what?”
Rei jumps in-between the two blonds and quickly responds, “It’s obvious!”
“I’m asking, because I did not get it!” Usagi says in her own defense
“You won’t get it your whole life!”
“Oh please! Rei your mean!”
The group can only laugh at Usagi.
The princess then says to the men beside her “okay, let go”
Before leaving Seiya turns and says “Mamoru, protect her! It’s some words...from some guy!”
“I understand.”
“Bye, Odango,” Seiya says as he waves at the group before him.
With in a blink of an eye The Three Lights transform into the Star Lights.
The princess once again thanks the protectors of the earth.
As the group shouts out their last goodbyes the Princess and the Star Lights turn into stars and shoot out into space toward their home planet.
Later that night

“I love you Usa-ko,” Mamoru says to Usagi before he places a kiss on the cheek.
“I love you to Mamo-chan,” Usagi replies before she turns to walk into her house.
Her Mom and Dad are out of town for the night and her brother is over at a friend’s house so Usagi takes off her shoes and quietly heads up to her room. Once in her room she walks over to her dresser and opens open the top right hand drawer and pulls out a small clipping from a magazine. It is a picture of Seiya, smiling up at her with as he winks.
“Oh Seiya, I’m so sorry...”
Tears slowly start to flow down her cheek as she remembers Seiya on the roof top of the school.
“Odango, I won't forget you.”
“I wish…I wish I could have told you how I felt before you left…I won’t forget you either Seiya… I love you…”
She quickly pulled the picture of Seiya close to her heart, wishing more than anything that he was there with her in her room. She slowly walked to her bed and sat down. She moved so that she was facing the window to look up into the starry sky. At that moment a shooting star streaked across the sky.
“I wish I may I wish might get the wish I wish tonight… I wish that I could see Seiya again and be able to tell him how I feel.”
To tell him that I love him, to tell him i want him in my life...to tell him to stay here with me on earth...Seiya
With out a second thought Usagi moved to lie down on her bed. She quietly kissed Seiya’s photo before putting it under pillow. A few tears flow down her cheeks as she slowly allows sleep to take over her tired body, unknowing that someone had heard her confession.
all the while...
Right outside of Usagi's room is a black feline. She starts to to walk into Usagi's room when she hears her princesses soft words. "I wish I could have told you how I felt before you left…I won’t forget you either Seiya… I love you…"
Luna softly gasps upon hearing the confession. Luna silent peeks into the room through the door that was left open ajar. She sees Usagi crying as she lies down in bed and hide something under her pillow. Luna steps back from the door confused by what she just heard.
She is in love Seiya, but what about Darien... Oh princess... I don't know what to do
Suddenly Luna could hear Usagi's soft snores, so she silently snuck into the room and jumped up on the bed and looked at Usagi's tear streaked face. Luna looks down at the pillow and sees a paper partly sticking out. Using her paw she pulls it out.
it is a clipping from a magazine she examines it more closely and gasps it is a picture of Seiya... has she secretly loved him all along?
Luna sighed before pushing the clipping back under the pillow. Then with a yawn she curled up into a ball and fell asleep next to her princess, knowing that she would get her answers the next morning.

The Next Morning
Usagi woke up to find a pair of bright blue eyes staring at her…
“AHHHHH,” Usagi yelled as she jumped out of her bed.
Luna quickly put her paws over her ears “Calm down Usagi!”
“Luna, why were you so close! You scared the hell out of me!” Usagi said as she tried to take a deep breath.
“I’m sorry to have wakened you…but I was concerned…”
“Concerned about what?”
“I heard you last night…”
“What do you mean…” she couldn't heart about Seiya? or could she?
Luna knew Usagi was trying to play dumb, so with out a second thought Luna reached under Usagi’s pillow with her paw and pulled out Seiya’s picture.
“oh…” damn...
“Why Usagi… I have never seen you deny your feelings before. I mean when Mamoru lost his memory you did everything in your power to try to make him remember. So why now do you try to hide your true feelings, even if it is for someone else?”
“Luna… I...I just... can’t”
“Why, Usagi? Seiya obviously loves you and well… apparently you do too?”
“What about the future Luna? What about Rini? And Crystal Tokyo? And Mamoru ? He has never done anything to make me not love him… I can’t do that do him…”
“Oh Usagi, you have grown up so much…I am so proud of you… but all the same I don’t like that this choice hurts you… that it keeps you away from whom you really love.”
“You are not made at me?"
"No... You are my princess, as well as, my friend, and you happiness is important."
"Oh thank you Luna!"
Luna smiled up at her princess.
"You are the only one who knows… I plan on keeping it that way.”
“Of course… but if ever want to talk I am here.”
“Thank you Luna…”
At that moment the phone rang. Usagi sighed as she got up from her bed to reach for the phone on her dresser.
“Moshi Moshi, Tsukino residence…”Usagi said as she answered the phone.
“Oh, Mamo-chan! Hi,” Usagi responded in fake happiness.
“I got good news I just called the School in America, and they are willing to give me another chance!”
“oh… that’s great Mamoru . When do you go?”
“That is the bad news… today.”
“Oh… Well then I guess you have a lot of packing to do… Well I wish you the best of luck! And call me when you get there!”
“Thank you Odango! I was not going to go unless you gave your blessing. I promise to call you everyday and write. I Love you, Odango.”
“I love you too Mamoru , bye,” Usagi responded before she hung up the phone.
“Well I guess that will give me a good reason to be sad… at least I won’t have to fake being happy… right Luna?” Usagi said as she looked down at her feline companion.
Luna jumped up into Usagi’s arms and cuddled up to her face trying to comfort her princess. A few tears escaped her Sapphire eyes as she hugged Luna.
A few minutes later a soft ding-dong could be heard echoing through the house.
“I wonder who that could be?”
Usagi turned to go the stairs to answer the front door. Just before Usagi reached the door Luna jumped down to the floor to walk beside her princess. Opening up the door she saw a man with a long box.
“Delivery for Ms. Tsukino,Usagi.”
“Oh that is me.”
“Here you go ma’am,” the delivery man said as he handed her the box
“Have a nice day,” He said with a smile before he turned to leave.
Serena smiled at the man before closing to door and going to the kitchen to open the package.
She opened it up to find three red roses and wrapped around it was a heart necklace. She quickly looked in the box to find a note. She opened it a read…

I don’t know if I will ever see you again…
But I want you to know that
I Love You.
You will always have my heart.
I have included a Locket with a picture of you and me.
I hope that you may wear it
And keep it close to your heart.
This way we can always be together.
I Love You Odango.
Forever Yours,
Seiya Kou

Usagi could only stare down at the letter in her hands as tears flowed down her cheeks. She began to shake as reached for the locket. She quickly pulled opened open the locked to find her and Seiya’s picture inside. He was smiling up at her with those beautiful dark blue eyes.
“Usagi… what is it…”
Usagi moved to show Luna the letter and Luna could only gasp in surprise.
“Usagi… Seiya… I can’t believe it. He made sure to leave you something. That is… he really love you.”
“Yes Luna, I know…. I know. I just wish he knew that I loved him,” Usagi responded as she put the necklace around her neck.

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