To Hell and Back

BY : Illyana
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Disclaimer: I do not own Hellsing, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Title: To Hell and Back Part 1
By: Michelle Wingates Hellstinger
Fandom: Hellsing
Warnings: AU, Point of View
Pairings: Alucard/Integra
Ratings: R for language, violence and abuse
Summary: Integra Hellsing’s father dies and her uncle tries to kill her for control
of the Hellsing Organization. She runs to the basement and finds the darkness.
A few years later, Integra returns home after a time at school. Alucard is still locked
in the basement. A child will be born unto Integra. How does a vampire take to a
baby in the house? Will love cause the frozen vampire’s heart to beat once more?

Note: This is an act of fan fiction; no money is made by this. The only
characters will be mine, is going to be later on into the story.

Change of POV = ---------
Thoughts = ‘talking’

Chapter one- Reawaking the Dead

I stand here, watching my Lady, the next heir of the house of Hellsing; crying over her father's
still body. Just a few moments ago, the family doctor pronounced my previous master dead.

I wanted to go to Lady Integra and comfort her and hold her till she stopped crying but deep
in my mind, I knew that I couldn’t.

I watched Lady Integra, already thinking about her future, well if she has one because all of
the problems and all of the things around the world that has to do with those arable creatures.

I, Walter let out a sigh as I walked up to Integra, bending down to her level, telling her that I
had a mission to do in South America and will be back shortly.

With a stiff nod from the young Lady, I got up from my knee and went outside and got in
the Hellsing’s private car and head out to my mission but their was only one thing that stood
in the back of my mind, nagging me about the possibilities.

I shook my head, trying to clear out my thoughts and consecrating on the road ahead of me.


It has only been three days since my father died and Walter left to his mission to South
America and leaving me here to fend for my self against these men.

I took my time as crawled thru the air vent, matching my breathing patterns as I heard foot
steps ran back and forth thru the hallways.

‘My hallways,’ I, Young Integra thought bitterly.

I changed directions as I heard talking coming form my fathers old study.

I wiped the sweat off of my face with my long sleeve shirt before I looked down.

My lips formed a strait line when I heard my devious uncle talking about my father's
death and how he should be next in line; not me!

I held back a growl that was trying escape my throat.

But something caught my attention; two of my uncle’s men came in and told him t
hat they could not even find me.

My uncle slammed his fists on the table and asked them if they’ve searched everywhere.

Both of the men looked at each other and gulped and told him that they have
searched everywhere but except the underground prison.

I let out a tiny gasp as all of the memories came back to me when my father was still
alive and well.

“Remember young lady, if something should happen to me or Walter should not be
around, go to the underground prison. Just look for something that odd or out of
the picture and in there should be plenty of help that you would need.”


Integra let a small smile set on his lips as she back up slowly.

When Integra made it to the underground prison, she looked around but
something was pulling at her chest.

She tried to ignore it but followed it anyways.

In a matter of seconds, she was standing in front of a door that had blood on it and it
and it was formed like a spelling circle.

Integra let out a sigh that she didn’t even know that she was holding when she turned the
door knob and slowly pushed open the door.

“Well, well, well what do we have here boys, is it a rat that I see?”

Integra quickly sinned around to see her uncle and a group of his men.

“I may be a rat uncle but I will never be a cockroach like you uncle.”

And once she finished saying that, she felt a stinging on the side of her face and
then she felt like if was floating on air for a second but ended when Integra it the
floor, she heard the gun go off, she closed here eyes and looked away.

But a sting made her look and gasp when she put her hand up on her arm, trying
her best to stop the warm liquid escaping her body.

The man steps down the steps and pointed the gun at Integra’s head.

“Well brat, it looks like it’s the end for…” Before he could finished, a slurping sound came
from the dark side of the cell.

One of the other men that came it held up a flash light but gasped at what he saw.


Oh it has been for so many years since I helped my self to this delicious treat.

‘I recognized this taste,’ Alucard said to himself as he felt his powers coming back to him.

When he was half way done eating his treat, he looked up to see a bunch of older men a young
girl, no more than ten feet away from him.

He took a whiff in the air and let out a killer grin as the sent of the blood matches the
small girl.

And then only one word went threw his mind at the moment.


Alucard leaped at the men when he heard a gun like clicking noise.

In a matter of seconds all the men, except the two who has the bloodline, were all
dead; tangled in their own mess and blood, bodies torn and thrown across the room.


Alucard instantly tuned around when he heard a gun click.

Integra let out a gasp when she saw her uncle take aim at her again.


The gun went off. Integra was expecting to feel pain threw out her
body, but nothing came.

She opened her eyes only to see an arm in her sight and her uncle standing there in shock,
and then Integra felt breathing right next to her.

Integra looked over to see the same man who just saved her life.


“What is your name?” I asked him, as I steady the gun at my uncle’s forehead,
using the man’s arm as balance beam.

“They called me Alucard.” The man said before I pulled back the trigger, ending my uncle life.

“Thank you then, Alucard.” I said in a low whisper before I felt my world turning black.


I awoke to find myself laying in my bed, and Walter sitting at my bedside. I ask him
how I got in my bed and how long was I out.

I stare at him in shock when he told me that 3 days had passed since his return. He
avoided my other question by not answering me.

I ask Walter if he knew of any private schools that have dorms that I can
stay in. He nods and asks why I do not want to stay in my ancestral home.

I shudder as I answer him.


Her answer shocks me. Lady Integra said that she just needs to get away for awhile.

I stand there four days later as she boards the airplane. She turns and
smiles to someone behind me.

I watch as the plane takes off and Lady Integra leave England for her education.

End of Chapter 1

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