pure tearsof a black heart

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The Duke Saito Hajime is a highly respected noble whom everybody both respected and feared. He was very successful in any of his endeavor making him one of the richest men in all the land. He was known to be intelligent, ruthless and very cunning in his business and anything else he deals with that no one dared to question him fearing his wrath. And to be ostracized by someone as powerful as him would be not be very wise.

He was also known for his numerous lovers of all genders regardless of age. He would take in anyone that could hold his interest long enough for them to reach sex and discard them like yesterday’s news paper. For him sex is just stress relief and emotions make people weak and gullible. So, he would never be shy in using people’s emotions for his gain.

He would even use charitable institutions for further gain of his ambitions and only even considered them because it made him look good to the commoner’s eye so that they’ll be even easier to manipulate.

Sanosuke Sagara was orphaned at a very young age because his parents were slaughtered by mountain thieves when he was only 8. He was sent to the orphanage where he lived the rest of his life.

That orphanage’s benefactor was the Duke Hajime Saito whom owned the land where the orphanage stood.

As a sort of thanks to the duke for his generosity, the orphanage would send young boys to work for him doing manual labor for a couple of months every spring when the work load of the servants in his mansion increases.

This year it was Sanosuke’s turn to be sent to the mansion since he was already 14 years old and was able to perform labor.

The young boy was so excited that he would finally get to go inside the Duke’s mansion that he could only admire from the outside. From the older kids that have been sent previously to the mansion, they would usually complain about how they were made to work very hard and very little to eat but the mansion was very beautiful and most of all the garden that held every kind of flower imaginable, of course they were exaggerating but it might as well be true considering the size of the Duke’s mansion.

He never believe them when they said that the duke was cruel because whenever he visits the orphanages he would be all smiles and would even talk to some of the younger kids and would always give presents to kids. To Sano the duke was some kind of saint and he could not wait to meet him since it seems that whenever the duke came to visit he would be sick and would be instructed to stay in bed thus can only look at the duke from afar.

It was finally time to go to the duke’s mansion. He swung his bag over his shoulder and walked towards the estate passing over the shops and carriages that made their way for the day. He was given instructions to go at the back entrance where a servant will be there waiting for him.

And true enough there was a guys waiting for him. He was dressed in a simple button up shirt with a bow tie and black trousers. This guy had blonde hair that stood up against gravity and an eye that would almost always be closed. He learned that his name was Cho and he was the right hand servant of the duke.

He was quickly put to work in the stables where he tended the horses with the breeders and trainers. The duke had a vast expanse of prime horses that it would always be dark by the time he finishes it but he did not complain because he got to see most of the garden and was given time to play during his break. His only regret was that he did not get to see the duke in his 2 weeks of stay there.

One day during on of Sanosuke’s breaks in the mid morning, he went to the usual spot near the large old fountain in a secluded area of the garden where people never really trend since it’s already too far from the main house. He got to think that it was his own secret spot. There were flowers blooming everywhere, on the ground, on the trees. A large gust of wind flew past him and he looked up at the beautiful blue sky with a bright smile on his face. He slowly started a small tune that he remembered his mother used to sing for him.

Unknown to him, just beyond the tree, piercing eyes of amber was watching him intently and a grin graced the stranger’s sculpted face. The stranger can’t help but fell drawn to the boy and that voice was simply heavenly and that smile, that sweet, happy bright smile that could seem to brighten up the darkest of the days seems to calm him and make him feel at ease. Not to mention those chocolate crystal eyes that shone with vigor and spirit. Then the boy started twirling around after a few moments the boy suddenly tripped and fell down on his back and started laughing all by himself. It was a laughter that sounded like a song beckoning people to join in. The stranger had to chuckle at the boy’s antics. He just watched the boy until the young one had to go back to his chores and the shadow returned to where he came. He wanted that boy and he always gets what he wants no matter what. It was a law that no one even question and it suited him just fine.

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