Meet the Prince of Basketball

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Disclaimer: I don't own Prince of Tennis or Ryoma not trying to make money off of it, don't really want to either, I do own Rio, Eric, Rai, and Sky since they don't appear in the shows or book as far as I know.

This is response to my own challenge which is still open to the public. I don’t own the series or the characters I’m only using them for my own pleasure and not trying to make any money off of it, but I do own the four boys who get themselves a piece of Ryoma’s ass. Also I don’t know if a guy or a boy can really do what happen in this story but it fiction so anything can happen. Finally this is both Yaoi (guyXguy) and shota (boyXboy) if you don’t like please leave. Note I don’t promote or agree with real kids engaging in underage sex even though I love shota stories mainly because it’s not real and that how it should be imaginary.

Meet the Prince of Basketball

‘It a beautiful morning’ Ryoma thought as Ryoma lean against the window sigh deeply as Ryoma watch it rise up in the horizon, it rays lighting up the sky turning the black sky into an loving arrays of shades ranging from pink to red, including orange and blue. Ryoma laughed lightly thinking if anyone knew that Ryoma like to sit here doing this, they would think Ryoma was more of a girl than a boy but no one knew, of course where he was at of course this wasn’t his normal watching spot. Normally Ryoma would get up just thirty minutes before sunrise and watch it from the back porch of his home but today Ryoma was at his school in his first hour classroom because of his hentai father was up to business that meant trouble for him, and Ryoma was right he over heard his father talking about getting himself and his son a hooker and have some fun before school starts. When Ryoma heard that Ryoma quickly got dress and headed straight for the school’s ground, silently thanking the headmaster for allowing the school to be open 24/7 so that students could study at the school instead at home.

Ryoma watched the sun rise up until it morning show was over then Ryoma looked at the clock to see what time it was and seen that he still had a little over three hours to go. Ryoma shook his head and laughed as he stood up and stretched his back hearing his bones crack in the process. Ryoma thought about getting in some more sleep but decided against it when Ryoma saw some more early arriving students. Ryoma watched them enter and his jaw dropped as they gathered around the bench for one of them looked like his twin, this must be the new kid that everyone has been talking about, the one everyone has been confusing him with. Ryoma had to admit that this kid was very identical to him there was only a few exception, they were the same height, body build, and age, they both had hazel eyes, but the only physical difference was they had different hair color the kid had, judging by his appearance, natural blonde hair while Ryoma had, depending on the light, blackish-blue to blackish-green hair. Other difference that Ryoma noted was this kid was good at sports almost any sport that you mention the kid was good at just like Ryoma was but his look-alike was nothing in tennis which was Ryoma’s domain but Ryoma couldn’t get pass this kid in basketball, of course Ryoma never played with or against or seen this kid until today but the school kept a list of each day top ten scores and in term of scores the kid was always first, Ryoma was in second place and then his score was never even close. His personal best was 30 points, the kid best was constantly in the 60’s. Ryoma also noted that his look-alike was a people person always surrounded by people mainly the other boys that were outside where Ryoma was more of a solitude person trying to avoid getting involve with people that much however as of late that was changing since Tezuka said that Ryoma needed to work on his people skills and teamwork with his other team member, which Ryoma improved on a lot since that day which was three months ago.

Finally Ryoma looked at the other three boys, the first boy the tallest one of the group who sat down on the bench he had long brunette hair and dark brown eyes, his body was slimmer then the others. The second boy who was to the right of the brunette hair boy was the shortest of the group short then his look-alike, with short spiky red hair with matching eyes but those were bright as rubies. The red-head may have been short but he was more built than his look-alike was, meaning the red-head was a true athlete than Ryoma and his look-alike was. The third and final boy was a little taller than his look-alike but only by a few inches, his build was between the brunette and the look-alike, the third boy had light brown hair and it was curly, the third boy also had blue eyes that were really dark. The third boy was to the left of the brunette.

Ryoma wonder what they were doing as Ryoma continue to watch them, then Ryoma saw that his look-alike was going to sit down, his back to the brunette’s chest, on the brunette’s lap. Ryoma was puzzle especial when the brunette did some moving around but not to get out beneath of his look-alike or when all four of them began to laugh a little. As Ryoma continue to watch from his classroom, which was on the second floor but sharp eyesight allowed Ryoma to see so clearly, his look-alike began to move up and down slowly at first. As time moved on and the look-alike movement speed up Ryoma finally saw it, the small flesh of the brunette’s cock, were they having sex in the public? But how? That’s also when Ryoma saw the small zipper that came from the back of his look-alike’s pants, his look-alike had modified his school pants so that he or someone else could unzipped him from him the back and fuck him like his look-alike was doing now. Ryoma’s face turned red quickly and Ryoma should have walked away from the window but Ryoma couldn’t look away he was just amazed by the whole thing, sure he heard of yaoi/gay sex but he never actually seen it before the only ‘sex’ Ryoma ever saw was the one time Ryoma walked in on his parents doing it which was a year ago and that sort of disgusted him. As Ryoma continue to watch the scene below him his face kept getting redder as his own cock began to harden, harder then Ryoma ever knew of. At some point his look-alike was looking at him with a big smile and the look-alike suddenly slid further back taking the brunette with him so that Ryoma could get a better view of the scene of their fuck, which was now over as Ryoma saw the brunette thrust deep into his look-alike and saw small trail of white cum flow out of his look-alike anus. They got up after they had tidy themselves up and his look-alike look up towards the windows where Ryoma finally decided to leave as he was afraid that his pants was going to explode from his raging hard-on. Ryoma drove for his desk and sat down and waited for class to begin which was still two hours and forty-five minutes away.

After five minutes the group enter his classroom never realize until now that they all shared the same first hour. As they enter all of them looked at Ryoma and all but his look-alike had their jaw hanging as they saw what to them was a person looking like their friend. Ryoma had gotten his blush under control but there was a little hint of red as the scene kept running threw his head and with them in the room his cock would NOT go soft. Ryoma fidgeted around trying to get under control but nothing worked.

“Well you must be the infamous Prince of Tennis, Ryoma Echizen that everyone been confusing me with,” the look-alike said “it’s so nice to meet you, I’m Rio Fuujin known by many as the Prince of Basketball because I’m unmatched by anyone even you my fellow Prince.”

“Thanks but you need not call me a prince, I’m just like any other tennis player just with a little bit more skills,” Ryoma said shaking the hand that was offered to him. Rio hands were softer than his own and the touch only made his hard-on worse.

“Nice to meet you as well I’m Rai Sandou,” the brunette said patting Ryoma’s shoulders.

“I’m Sky Highwind,” the curly hair kid said stepping in front of Ryoma’s view giving Ryoma a good view of this kid crotch and in return the kid had a good view of Ryoma’s chest since he had his jacket partially open.

“I’m Eric Taleros,” the spiky hair kid said coming up from behind Ryoma.

“Nice to meet you all as well,” Ryoma said his face now getting red again and his hard-on was so hard it could probably chisel a block of ice if it was possible to do that is. “May I ask why you all are here so early?”

“We always come to class early so that we can hang out, talk about stuff like who doing who or who going to win what games, and study real HARD ON our homework and up-COMING test,” Rio said empathizing certain words with a sly grin as Ryoma’s body shivered at those thoughts. “What about you as I recall you never been here this early?”

“You’re right this is a first and hopefully last time I’ll be here this really,” Ryoma said. “Normally I stay at home until about forty-five minutes till school start but today my hentai of a father was going to do something I didn’t want to be apart of so I took off because if I stay he would think that I was agreeing to his idea.”

“What was he going to get himself a prostitute and have sex in front of you in hope that you would join him?” Rai said jokingly laughing at the same time but stop when he realize that Ryoma was super silent and looking anywhere but at him. “WHAT!? Are you serious was that what he thinking of doing?”

“Something to that nature,” Ryoma stated quietly.

“Any ways we still got time to spare is there anything you want to do until then?” Eric asked.

“I think you guys done enough,” Ryoma said under his breath shaking his head no.

“Hey sorry but I couldn’t help notice you have a little problem down ‘here’,” Rio said grabbing Ryoma’s crotch making it jump a little as well as Ryoma. “If you want I can help you with that and so can the others.”

“NO thanks I don’t want to even come near your ass after what I just saw!” Ryoma yelled lightly his face so red that it was like he was a tomato and Ryoma slapped himself mentally as well as covering his mouth when he realize what he just said. The others three were stunned as Rio just stood there with a smirk on his face.

“Wait a sec you saw us, uh I mean you watched us outside,” Rai said his face now turning fed.

“Yes he did that’s why I gave him a better show.” Rio said now stroking Ryoma’s cock through his pants. “Now how about we take care of this problem for you?” he smiled looking at his friends who now had a similar smile.

“THANKS but no thanks, I think I’ll go to the tennis court and put in some early practice,” Ryoma said as he got up and was at the side of his desk when Ryoma was turned around and slammed done unto his desk, his chest and cock were slightly in pain. Ryoma tried to get back up but quickly learn that was impossible when his arms were bound by other desks until Ryoma heard the click of handcuffs and found his wrists were now cuffed to the legs of his desk. This left him pretty much vulnerable as Ryoma was bend over with his ass sticking out in the air. Ryoma heard all four of them laughing lightly and sound of clothing being removed, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” Ryoma yelled as he felt his pants along with his tidy whitey were pulled down along his legs to pool around his ankles.

“We’re taking care of your little problem right now as well as our own.” Rio said now coming into view, Ryoma jaw just hung open as he saw Rio in all his glory, standing before him was a naked Rio, and he could only guess that the others were naked as well, who was even more gorgeous than before which stun Ryoma even that he was considering, shoot Ryoma was thinking, that Rio was gorgeous but yet Ryoma was and it left him blushing even more as well as speechless as Ryoma saw Rio’s uncut cock. It was huge at best guess it was 17 inches long and about 4 inches thick the head was poking through it covering like a budding flower. “Now then let’s get the party started!”

As Rio said that Rio learn down and kiss Ryoma open mouth tongue rapidly diving into Ryoma’s mouth exploring every inch of it. Ryoma was dumbfounded as he just laid there and allowed it to happen even as Ryoma felt three extra pairs of hands on his lower body exploring every inch of it sending both chills and pleasure up his spine as he shivered and let out a low moan that was swallowed by Rio who also let his own moan but it was louder. After awhile it started to feel good to Ryoma and Ryoma finally allowed his eyes to close and try to get involve into the kiss. Just as Ryoma was getting into the kiss Ryoma had to break it as Ryoma felt a single finger enter him unlubed as well and it cause him to gasp as Ryoma felt it wiggled around.

“You know Ryoma, you’re the first person we ever included, all four of us do this everyday before class,” Rio said as he smiled as Rio watched Ryoma’s ass wiggle to get away from the invading digit which was now accompanied by two other single finger which belong to his two friends, he had seen that Rai was the first to start the stretching which was soon joined by Sky and Eric. All of them moan loudly, for the three boys at the tightness of Ryoma’s ass, for Ryoma they had struck something that made him see stars, and for Rio it was just the sight of this. “Judging by your reaction and your inexperience I’m guessing your still a virgin,” Ryoma nodded his head, “good now then Ryoma let me show you why my three friends here call me not just the Prince of Basketball but the Prince of Yaoi Sex as well.”

With that Rio walked around and join the other three by inserting a single digit into the very tight Ryoma’s anus. They wiggle their finger then thrust them in and out, after a bit one of them, Rio that is, turn his single finger into two finger which the other followed short following the same pattern which soon turn into three fingers. After fifteen minutes Ryoma’s anus was greedily taking four finger from each hands of all four boys, two hands from each boy a total of thirty-two fingers in his ass either going in and out or wiggling around, and Ryoma was breathing hard from the pain and pleasure, his anus was really hurting each time they increased the number of fingers and yet it was that very hole that was craving more as those finger struck a that spot over and over. Ryoma’s mind was in over mode, Ryoma wanted more and yet Ryoma wouldn’t beg for it cause to him that would be a sign of weakness but at the same time the pressure between his leg was too much for him and Ryoma didn’t know how long his mind and will would last. Ryoma let out an involuntary groan as seven of eight hands left him, Ryoma saw out of the corner of his eyes that only Rio remained and the others walked out in front of him. There they perform in front of him, Rai started to suck on Eric’s 10 inch long two inch thick cock, occasionally sucking on his balls stroking his own 10 inch long dick of the same thickness. Sky was behind Rai and was preceding to fuck him blindly like a raging machine with a 9 inch long cock that was 3 and half inch thick. Ryoma groan at the sight before him now imaging it was him that was getting sucked and fucked but those were jarred apart when Ryoma felt that spot in him touch, ‘wait no it’s being grabbed’ Ryoma thought as he realize that Rio was able to get his whole hand in his own anus and was touching, stroking, grabbing and twisting, and thrusting into that spot.

“I found your prostate, Ryoma” Rio stated with a sly grin “I wonder how long your ‘will’ will last or your body?”

As Rio kept pounding it as he was literally grabbing it and pulled on it lightly Ryoma’s mind finally gave out, his will broken and he started to thrust his hips unto that hand trying to keep that pleasure constant. Ryoma was now moaning and even let out small screams as his cock was now getting some relief though the hard surface of his desk was not what he had in mind. The others were moaning as well as they found the scene, beside what they were doing, very erotic: the very stoic Ryoma Echizen the Prince of Tennis was bend over and bound to his desk half naked moaning and screaming like a very cheap whore practically begging their friend Rio, the Prince of Basketball to give him more. Finally the desk wasn’t doing it for him or his cock and Ryoma was so close to sweet release that it hurt so what Ryoma did next was truly humiliating to himself.

“Please,” Ryoma started

“Please what?” Rio asked

“Please I need release, I uh uh I need to cummmm,” Ryoma begged with some difficulty

“Only if you beg to be fucked by me and my friends”


“As you wish, but first you get to cum for your very first time.” Rio said as he reached under stroking Ryoma’s cock a couple of time and watched as Ryoma arched his throwing his head back screaming like the whore Rio thought Ryoma should be as, Ryoma sprayed his desk with a large pool of cum soaking into his jacket as well. Rio reached under Ryoma’s belly and scooped up some of Ryoma’s cum then brought back to his lips and licked some of it up then over to his friends who lick the rest off his hand, Rio walked back to the now panting Ryoma whose body was quivering from the intense orgasm he didn’t even notice as Rio scooped up some more cum placing some of it onto Ryoma’s exposed back, some on and into Ryoma’s puckered anus then the rest he had into Ryoma’s open mouth watching him as he swallowed his own cum then he smeared the cum into his back. “MY, my, my for your first time you did well you even cummed a lot for us. Unfortunately I’m not through with you yet and my friends haven’t gotten their turn yet.”

Ryoma’s mind was so hazy from his afterglow that he couldn’t comprehend the true meaning of those words just yet. Ryoma was lost in it that wasn’t aware of Rio coming up to him and grabbed his right leg and yanked his pants off leaving his pants hanging around his left ankle. Ryoma felt his legs get spread out as far as they could go with out causing him to fall onto his knees, then Ryoma felt his ass get pulled apart and the sensation of something big and thick push into his well stretch anus. Ryoma felt it push into him further and further and Ryoma let out a low moan as it was making him feel good again as well giving him a funny sensation from his cock, when Ryoma felt Rio’s ball against his ass Ryoma realize it was Rio’s monster cock that was in him. Rio just waited a few minutes loving how tight Ryoma’s ass was, despite how much they stretched him, ‘this makes him even more special I hope this won’t be the only time I can have his ass’ Rio thought before he pulled all the was then plunge back into Ryoma’s ass with a little more force. Rio earned a grunt from Ryoma who was still tired but his second wind was coming back. Each time Rio pulled back he would thrust back with more force than the last earning more grunts from Ryoma and at some point Rio just stopped pulling out all the way and just stop just before the tip of his cock would pop out. Ryoma haze was clearing and he almost, if he could of, jumped off his desk for Eric and Sky was now closer than ever in fact Ryoma could literally reach out on touch Sky’s cock as it was still going in and out of Eric’s ass. Ryoma was even aware they had moved some desks around so that Eric was supported by them which allowed Sky to go deeper into Eric. ‘Fuck it’ Ryoma thought as pleasure once again over took him and some how manage to get his head to Eric’s ass and stuck out his tongue and began to lick it as well as Sky’s cock. Both of them must have liked to as well as they started to moan like crazy, Sky started to pick up his pace.

Ryoma now realize that Rai was missing he didn’t know where he went or really care, as Sky finally pulled out of Eric’s ass and into Ryoma’s open mouth and cummed filling his mouth up with Sky’s hot essence. Ryoma took it all but didn’t swallow just yet savoring the taste in his mouth and when Sky’s cock was pulled out of his mouth, Ryoma pushed his tongue and mouth back onto Eric’s waiting and very hungry anus, were Ryoma proceeded to feed it with his tongue and mouth by sucking and licking it as well as pouring some of the cum into his ass only to suck it back out. Eric really loved this as he kept pushing his as into Ryoma’s face, Ryoma wasn’t aware that Rai and sky was double-jerking off Eric’s cock, when Ryoma was out of cum in his mouth he kept sucking on that anus anyways. Ryoma suddenly stopped his action as he shuddered and let out another deep moan as Ryoma had his second orgasm, Ryoma could feel his cum once again soak into his jack as well as the desk, and out the same time Ryoma had his second orgasm, Rio thrusted into Ryoma’s ass and cummed filling him up to the point where it started to lightly pour down his legs, Eric cummed as well his cum shooting straight into the air and landed onto Ryoma’s hair giving his dark hair color white streaks. Rio pulled out and he was still coming, Rio sprayed what’s left onto Ryoma’s ass, back, back of his jacket, and legs, Rio sat down to recuperate for a second as Sky and Rai slid behind Ryoma and enter him at the same time.

To say Ryoma wasn’t surprise was understatement it just that he was so lost in it that he just didn’t care anymore as he took Eric soften cock into his mouth and began to suck it off, quickly bringing it back to life. Now never having suck a cock before Ryoma had no trouble at all, able to get it all down his throat, he quickly began to deep-throat Eric’s cock like he did this all the time. ‘He’s a natural at this’ Eric thought as began to buck his hips to help Ryoma out with his sucking but stopped as Rio came over with a renewed hard-on, and proceeded to insert his cock into Ryoma’s mouth as well. Ryoma had little trouble getting Rio’s monster cock down his throat although he did gag a little because having two cocks, as big as they were, down his throat was a little too much for him but he manage letting them do the work as he started to moan again as that spot in him was now being pounded by two cocks. Once again Ryoma’s ass was filled up to the brim with cum this time by two cocks and the same with his mouth only the cum didn’t stay in his mouth instead Eric and Rio decided to spray his face and hair with their essence then they filled Ryoma’s mouth up who greedily swallowed it all. When all four of them pulled away they stood there admiring their work: Ryoma, half-naked with cum all over his back, cum pouring out of his ass and either dripping down his legs or directly onto the floor, and cum all over his hair and face, Ryoma left eye closed as cum threaten to pour into that eye, panting heavily as his desk was covered in cum (his and the others), his school jacket soaking it all up.

“Man this is the best fun I ever had in some time,” Eric said making his way around Ryoma to his ass. “Now then I think I’ll have my turn at this very fine ass but I like to look at his face as I do so.”

“Gotcha,” Sky said as he and Rai reached under the desk and freed Ryoma’s wrist and flipped him over Ryoma was now on his back looking at Eric who took his legs and hooked them over Eric’s shoulder as he got onto the desk bringing himself and Ryoma’s knees right next to Ryoma’s chest as Eric began to fuck Ryoma’s brain out through his ass. Ryoma gasp and groaned as the pleasure was more intense as Eric cock went deeper then the others went before, Ryoma was shaking his head from side to side, mostly out of shame that he was liking this than out of pure pleasure, but still he wanted more. Out of the corner of his eye, Ryoma saw that they still had one hour and fifty-five minutes before class began, he also saw that Rai was now sucking Rio’s cock as he was getting pounded by Sky again, ‘What do they run on Energizer, Duracell?’ Ryoma thought as he grunt again as he felt himself begin to grow hard and had to reach in between himself and Eric just to stroke it to ease the pain.

“By the way Eric, is his ass still tight?” Sky asked in between thrust into Rai.

“FUCK! Yes it’s still tight even after taking two cocks.” Eric clench his teeth as he cummed inside Ryoma adding to what was already there, more cum pouring out of his hole as it pooled around the desk. Ryoma still hadn’t cummed yet but he was stopped by the Rai. Ryoma pleaded with his eyes but Rai shook his head no.

“Not yet we’re kinda curios as to how big you are so we are going to quickly measure it.” Sky said as he appeared with a tape ruler. He measure the width first. “Wow you’re the thickest here your almost 5 inches thick, now how tall is this beast,” he measure the length and his jaw dropped “WHOA!!! Rio, you and him may look alike but Ryoma got you beat in the package area.”

“How big is he?” Rio asked coming up to Ryoma and lazy stroke his cock.

“Your not going to believe this but he’s about 20 inches long, I didn’t even knew they could get that long and it all natural, he must be a true early bloomer.”

“Whatever, I just want a piece of that thing,” Rai said as he crawled over Ryoma’s body and laid down and began to suck his cock, Ryoma into turn suck Rai’s cock. As the two ‘69’ing Rio, Eric, and Sky made their way to Ryoma’s ass and carefully enter one at a time until all three of their cocks were in Ryoma’s fuckhole. Ryoma let out a light scream as three cocks was a bit unexpected but Rai really loved that scream around his dick that he let out his own moan that caused Ryoma to moan that caused them to keep moaning back and forth as the vibration felt good on each other‘s cock. Finally the three boys began to fuck Ryoma going slowly at first to keep themselves steady and to get use to three cocks thrusting in and out. After a bit they picked up their pace groaning as they watched Ryoma begin to buck his hips the pleasure of three cocks hitting that spot was driving Ryoma nuts as he swallowed more of Rai’s cock down his throat. Ryoma groaned as he swallowed Rai’s cum that shot down his throat with little to no warning at all, and Ryoma did his best to swallow it all but some leaked out and covered his mouth. As Ryoma finishing swallowing the cum, Rai pulled off and stroke Ryoma’s cock who screamed as he camed, his cum shooting to the air like a fountain. Ryoma shivered as he never would have thought he could cum that many times, Ryoma felt sleepy but fought it off as he screamed again as Ryoma felt his ass get filled up for the umpteenth time, as Rio, Eric, and Sky cummed at the same time, the cum just gushing out of Ryoma’s fuckhole, the surface of Ryoma’s desk was almost covered in a pool of cum. Ryoma turned his head and looked at the clock, there was at least one hour and thirty-five minutes left before school begins.

Ryoma felt his cock being stroke again he look down to see Rio doing his best to get Ryoma hard again, and it worked. Ryoma shivered his body wanted to rest not keep going but Ryoma grinned as Rio lowered him down to the floor then climbed onto his body as mounted himself on Ryoma’s cock, then he proceeded to ride Ryoma’s cock like it was a pogo stick bringing Ryoma to another orgasm, Ryoma moaned as he never felt anything so good as the tight warmth of Rio’s insides grabbing him like a vice grip, and was sadden when that warmth left his cock, but Ryoma was shocked when Eric, Rai, and Sky each took their turn riding Ryoma’s cock, each one making him cum inside them by one more then the other. When Rio mounted Ryoma once more as the others tripled fuck his ass, Ryoma didn’t think he had anything left but amazingly he manage to cum in Rio’s ass five time as he felt the other cum in Ryoma’s ass in that process six times. However they kept fucking Ryoma’s ass as Rio joined them making it four cocks in Ryoma’s ass and it felt even better then before and Ryoma did the work making all four of them cum twice and himself one final time before he passed out.

When Ryoma awoken he could see all four boys standing up in a line, trying their best to hide Ryoma, but from what Ryoma could only guess. They were talking to somebody but who?, Ryoma didn’t have a clue he couldn’t hear very well. So when he sat up, despite Rio’s best effort to stop him he came face-to-face with his first hour teacher Mr. Takashi as well as a very angry Hiroyuki Ishikawa, their school principal, Ryoma looked out the classroom and seen that his entire 1st hour class as well as his tennis team were outside looking into the class to the scene inside, Ryoma was once again blushing as he wanted to fall asleep again hoping that this was a dream. Unfortunately it wasn’t as Ryoma, Rio, Eric, Rai, and Sky got dressed and escorted to the Principal’s Office in front of their fellow classmates as well as the rest of the school. Inside it was quickly made clear that Ryoma didn’t want anything to do with their activities that Rio and his friends forced Ryoma into it. Ishikawa asked Ryoma to wait outside, where Ryoma heard Ishikawa chew out a new ear to Rio and the others that they were suspended for one whole month and that their parents would be notified of this incident as well. And when they were allowed to return they were to be accompanied by a teacher at all times and that any contact with each other or with Ryoma was forbidden. When Ryoma saw them leave he was summoned where Ryoma told Ishikawa what happened and was asked if he wanted to push for any charges against Rio, his friends, or the school for failing to prevent this, Ryoma shook his head no, saying that their parents would more then likely to come up with a better punishment than the law would. After that he was asked to take the rest of week off and if he was up to it he could finish school today or go home.

Ryoma choose to stay at school, where it was quickly learn that Ryoma was an un-volunteer in this morning incident and he couldn’t shake off the pity look that he got or the giggles as well though the cum that was on him or in his hair, Ryoma had three very big stains, on the front and back of his jacket and on his ass, where the cum had leaked out from Ryoma’s anus and soaked into his underwear and school pants. At tennis practice his mom brought him a change of clothing and asked him not to come home that night as his father was furious, Momo offered to let him stay at his place. When it was over he saw that Momo, Fuji, and Oishi waiting for Ryoma when the others left, they were naked and very hard. ‘Here we go again’ Ryoma thought as he joined them and allowed them to fuck his brains out, fortunately they weren’t caught like Ryoma was that morning.

Ryoma made sure that he found out where Rio lived so that Ryoma could visit him again and even ride that cock of his. ‘Oh! Yes!’ Ryoma thought ‘I’m definitely riding that thing again!’ Ryoma even modified his pants to make it easier for Rio, or Rio’s friends, or Ryoma’s fellow teammates (if they wanted a piece of his ass) could easily reach his ass. Of course it was difficult to do that when Ryoma’s father was watching him like a hawk, or the school staff was always around Rio and his friends, or Rio’s and his friend’s parents were keeping tabs on them. However Ryoma manage to get his fuck every morning from his Prince of Basketball and Rio would get his from his Prince of Tennis.


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