Strawberry Shortcake

BY : ShirouKamui
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Disclaimer: I do not own Death Note or any of the characters. They belong to Ooba Tsugumi-sensei and Obata Takeshi-sensei. I am not making any money from it either so please do not sue.

Notes: This takes place when Light gave up possession of the Deathnote and lost his memories of the Deathnote and Ryuk.

He was just squatting on the chair, with his back away. His fluffy hair bobbed up and down rhythmically as he murmured gibberish to himself. The other boy could not understand how the world’s best detective could lose his will to fight so easily. It was just so not him. This was not the Ryuuzaki Light knew.

Trying to shut out the annoying whines and occasional sighs emitting from the dark-haired boy, Light did his best in attempting to concentrate on the monitor in front of him. He knew he was getting a lead. He knew he was getting closer and closer to Kira. It took him an entire hour to get the information. Analyzing the data once again, he realized that usually, he would not have taken such a long time. About twenty minutes should have sufficed. He shot Ryuuzaki a dirty look and glared at the genius before willing his gaze back towards the monitor.

“Ryuuzaki, I know you don’t have the will to fight now, but can you come over for a little while?” Light tried his hardest to keep his voice level.

What Ryuuzaki saw made him widen his already very big eyes. Light could tell that he was excited. Very excited.

“So, do you have the will to fight again?”

When Ryuuzaki did not turn away from the screen, Light assumed that to be a positive answer. He did not know how right he was.

“Well, since we’ve got this now, let’s go buy a strawberry shortcake and celebrate! Oh, but Watari is busy at the moment… How about this, Light-kun? Why don’t we make a trip down to the cake shop and buy the strawberry shortcake ourselves? This way, you’ll be able to choose something you’d like to eat as well.”

Light’s eyes widened in horror in a split second, “You mean, go out like this? No! How can you expect me to go out in public while still cuffed to you like this!?”

Ryuuzaki seemed to not have comprehended his response, as he continued to stare at Light with his usual expressionless face complete with curiosity in his eyes. Light was barely managing to control himself from freaking out and rolling his eyes. How could he even suggest that!? And to think that he is the world’s three most famous detectives!

Taking a deep breath, the shocked boy managed to calm himself down into a semblance of composure as he tried to explain, “Look Ryuuzaki, we’ve finally got a lead. I don’t want to lose it now. How about if we wait for Watari to come back and buy the strawberry shortcake for you later?”

“But this is really a call for celebration! And what better way to celebrate it than with strawberry shortcake from the cake shop just next to Yotsuba Corporation? I do believe they make the tastiest strawberry shortcakes in the whole Japan. Besides, it will be part of the investigation,” Ryuuzaki countered.

Light gave the dark-haired boy a withering look. Did he really expect him to believe that?




“…What did I do now?”

“You’re trying to deprive me of my staple, causing my brain to not be able to function to the maximum of its ability. Surely Kira would want that…”



“…Ryuuzaki, I’m just tryin – “

“Ryuuzaki, Light, found anything so far?” Yagami Souichirou entered the room, cutting off Light’s argument.

“Just the right time, Asahi-san. We’ve found a lead finally…”

“Really!? That’s good news! What have you found out!?”

“Well, this information that I’ve gathered so far points to this company: Yotsuba Corporation. It seems that Kira is using justice as a cover-up, camouflaging his killings for personal interests with killings of criminals,” Light explained patiently to his father, hoping against all hope that Ryuuzaki would forget about his earlier proposal.

“…So you’re saying that Kira is working in this company?” The Chief furrowed his brows in concentration.

“We’re not entirely sure, but we can be certain that there is someone in there with connections to Kira.”

“That’s why we’ve decided to go learn more about that company by making a trip down now,” Ryuuzaki added.

Light shot the other adolescent a look of total alarm. The two big eyes were currently shut. There was no telling what he would say. Light’s heart sank the moment Ryuuzaki opened his mouth yet again.

“Kira is a sore loser. I know this to be true because I’m a sore loser too. We both hate losing. He thinks in the same way as I do. What we’ve been doing all this time was just maneuvering around each other, but it all boils down to the same thing: we both have the same line of thought.”

Light hated the direction this explanation was heading. He instinctively knew that nothing good could come out of it. At least nothing good for him.

“Therefore, he needs a reasonably high amount of sugar in his system as well. Sugar induces free movement of brain juice flow, which then stimulates the brain, allowing one to think more deeply and clearly. Sugar is definitely a staple for Kira. Since all our information points to Yotsuba Corporation, the most likely place where we can find clues to Kira’s identity would be the cake shop situated next to the company itself,” Ryuuzaki explained matter-of-factly.

Light looked imploringly at his father, hoping that his father would be able to come to a sound judgment. Surely his father would not believe all that rubbish? Surely his father would not subject him to such humiliation?

“…Hmm, Ryuuzaki’s right. Well, since you’re chained to him, I guess you’ll just have to follow him, Light.”

Light’s eyes had never been so big before. With his eyes at maximum size, he attempted to come up with a counter-argument but failed miserably, with his mouth gaping open and his face stunned into immobility.

Without any change in expression, Ryuuzaki threw an “Ittekimasu!” before dragging a helpless Light out of the room door and towards the main door. Yagami Souichirou only murmured an “Itterashai” while the ends of his lips tugged upwards at Ryuuzaki’s sudden will to fight.


ShirouKamui: This was written for a friend's birthday. Been having this little plot bunny nag at me since I first read the manga. And now it's out here. Reviews, anyone?

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