Blood Ties

BY : Savaial
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A small but significant cramp seized my pelvis. I slid my hand over it and pressed down. The last few months my period arrived hard and heavy, far heavier than I liked it. It distracted me from my work, it hurt, and it made two particular members of my organization quite erratic.

I knew they could smell me.

Alucard especially exhibited anxiety during my monthly. My servant liked his blood fresh. He liked it any way he could get it, actually, but those bags of medical blood never satisfied him. I knew he probably felt like I starved him.

Victoria still did her best not to drink blood at all, despite my urgings and Alucard’s little taunts. She remained convinced she could hold onto humanity that she didn’t even have anymore. I pitied her, I really did, but I made sure not to show it. She had pride, and I respected her for that.

Another cramp. Disgusted, I shut down the laptop. I felt tired, irritable, and strangely hot. A few seconds later I caught a chill. I lit a cigar and sat back.


I didn’t bother to turn my head and look at him. I’d half waited for him most of the day. He knew when my cycle came due. He seemed to attempt to stay away, and I appreciated his struggle. Still, the vampire could not fight his basic nature. My father taught me that, and I held that lesson tightly to my breast.

“Yes, Alucard, I’m tired,” I admitted, flicking ash. “The last wrap-up for Hellsing took a lot out of me.”

I never admitted any weakness. Alucard’s surprise rippled through the room in quiet waves. I doubted he knew I felt attuned to his moods. Oh, he could sense things from me, but he’d not credit a human with that sort of perception.

He drifted close to a window and looked out over the grounds. His red eyes glowed behind the amber tinted lenses he wore. Though I never forgot what he was, I sometimes saw the man he’d once been. Now, for instance. His forced calm I could have seen in any other man who faced a fragrant female. Even living men could smell a fertile woman.

“Still, women who rule empires need rest,” he said softly, shutting the blinds to the late evening sun.

“Women who rule empires never rest, Alucard,” I argued, stubbing out my cigar.

He smiled at me. His smiles were infernal, gleeful, full of secretive pleasure, toothy and sensual. Sometimes it took all I had not to smile back at him.

“Even if you didn’t run an empire, you’d never rest,” he said. He glided toward me, which always, always made me fight not to tense. I’d learned not to react to him in ten years, at least not outwardly. Often I wondered if he’d pushed me into this cold mien deliberately. He’d mentored me in ways both subtle and overt. And, he wanted things from me.

I had to bend my neck uncomfortably to meet his eyes now. He stood close enough for me to smell his earth and rain scent. This creature before me would never smell like sweat or an unwashed body. He couldn’t sweat, couldn’t cry.

I wondered if he could orgasm, and if he could, what did he shoot into a female, blood? Did he even have sex? He never showed an interest in anything but killing.

His hand came out. I watched, heart beating normally, body perfectly calm. His white glove touched my brow. A surge of energy pulsed through my weary muscles, releasing the horrible tension of the day. He did this for me sometimes, though I’d never asked him for relief.

His black hair reached for me in long, silky tendrils, moved by his mind and not a breeze. He tested my nerve constantly, took pleasure in watching me remain calm in the face of his menace.

I could admire the beauty in this beast. When locked into fourth level power, he could almost pass for human. But, no human had eyes like his, nor moved as gracefully. No human had such reach and strength.

“Do you want to drink my blood, master?” he asked, his deep voice a seductive rumble of forbidden pleasure.

I stared at him. Never had I deigned to answer this question, no matter how many times he asked. Still, he knew or suspected I’d entertained the idea. My job, my duty as a Hellsing would be so much easier if I had his powers. But, the temptation never pierced my repugnance at becoming what I hunted.

“One day, you’ll answer me,” he vowed, smiling that perfidious smile.

“Don’t count on it.” I made as if to walk past him, but his arm came out and blocked me. Amazed at his daring, I nonetheless stifled a jolt of unease. He could never hear my heart rate elevate or I would lose my control over him.

It was a game I played with myself, for he would always have to obey me no matter how badly I reacted to him.

Alucard blinked. Again I felt surprised. I’d never seen him blink.

“My master,” he said lowly. “You never ask me if I want to drink your blood.”

“I would desire to become like you, why?” I asked coldly. “You’re deliriously happy, after all.”

Alucard blinked again. “I have moments of happiness, Sir Integra,” he corrected in his smooth, even tone. “You give them to me when I seek and destroy.” He hadn’t moved his arm.

I lit a cigarillo and blew the smoke in his face. His grin never faltered.

Just once I wanted to see him lose that smile. But, for a soft reason, a reason unrelated to blood and fire.

“You know how to suck blood,” I said, looking him directly into his hot-coil eyes. “But, do you remember how to kiss, Alucard?”

His smile only grew.

“Yes, master,” he answered. “I remember very well.”

I brushed past him. “I’m taking the rest of the evening for myself,” I announced. “Good hunting tonight, my servant.”


I’d paid dearly for this tub, and I’d relaxed in it less than a handful of times in a year. I lounged happily, now, a glass of chilled champagne at my elbow. I’d lit candles tonight, giving my eyes a break from harsh lighting. I felt I stared into a computer screen too much, and I’d burn out my retinas eventually.

Warm, my cramping somewhat eased, I sank fully under the soap bubbles. My eyes rested on the brass clock on the sink’s edge. I’d relaxed a bare ten minutes. Time for Alucard to show up and take advantage of his captive audience. He knew I’d sit here and listen to him for as long as he felt like talking; I’d never gotten up and exposed myself to get rid of him.

He was in for a surprise tonight.

After considering the pros and cons, I’d concluded it might be easier for all of us if I used my cycle for something other than discomfort.

A very, very slight puff of air made my candles flicker. I smiled as I submerged. He was a predictable creature in some ways.

I came back up, blindly grabbing for the shampoo bottle. Plastic found my hand, and I knew Alucard stood over me, passing it. I dumped some on my head and rinsed my hands so I could clear my eyes.

“Walter expresses concern for you,” Alucard informed. I heard the sound of my vanity chair sliding across the stone floor toward us.

Blinking away the water, I began to shampoo. “Walter’s concern cannot be mitigated by me, by you, nor anyone else.” Taking up a cup, I rinsed the soap through, my eyes firmly upon the wall. I couldn’t deviate from our normal discourses in here, not all at once. He deserved playing with. “He understands what bothers me won’t last more than a week.”

There, an acknowledgement of my monthly flow.

“Ah,” Alucard breathed. I saw a swirl of red and black as he sat in the chair not three feet from my tub. “You tell him?”

“Walter runs things. I would be a fool not to tell him his Captain sails a vessel in turbulent seas.” Still not looking at him, I applied conditioner. “I don’t bother to inform you, servant, because you don’t need telling. You’re quite aware.”

He laughed, his voice a soft appreciation. “Yes,” he confirmed. “I wondered if I’d given myself away. You have such a stone face, Sir Integra.”

“Wrinkles don’t form on stone.”

“I can make it so you don’t have to worry about them at all,” he tempted with his serpent’s tongue.

I submerged again. When I came back up, I grabbed a washcloth and dried my face. Then, I turned my head and looked directly at him.

Surprise flickered across his features.

“Does it offend you,” I asked, “that I waste what you crave?”

Alucard blinked. “No, master,” he answered quietly. “Though, the memory of your taste makes me want more.”

“Surely it isn’t the same taste,” I argued, sticking a leg out for washing, aware of his eyes watching every movement. “I’m older. I smoke. I eat only when I remember. And, a woman’s issue isn’t merely blood.”

Alucard leaned back in the chair. He took off his amber tinted glasses, carefully placing them on the sink by virtue of his long arm. “Humans are like wine,” he told me. “Each is a bottle of different vintage. I savor them all.” Folding his hands across his flat stomach, he eyed me. “As for your issue, I’m sure it’s delicious. How could it not be? Thick and hot, rich with everything that makes you a living thing. Feminine and strong and vital…”

He closed his eyes and inhaled. “It amazes me how humans disgust themselves. They cover up every natural scent. Still, they manage to mate.” He grinned. “By looks alone does your species seem to choose.”

“Not always.” I washed the other leg, again aware of his attention upon my skin. “Sometimes merit, money and mental acuity come into play.”

“All of which you have,” he commented. “When will you take a husband and produce the next Hellsing?”

“Concerned?” I picked up my razor and began to shave my leg. Of course he would use the word ‘husband’ instead of mate. He’d hated loose virtue and infidelity in the height of his rule.

Oh, I’d done my homework on him. I probably knew more about my servant than any of his wives had known.

“Curious.” Alucard’s gloved hands flexed as he watched me. “You need an heir to control me after you die, Sir Integra.”

“Perhaps I don’t intend to pass your chain to someone else, Viovode.”

His grin, feral and sharp, gleamed white. “Leave the monster to his own devices?”

I didn’t answer him, just began the work on my other leg.

“Why do you do that?” he asked abruptly.



“I don’t like hair on my body. Clothes feel better without the drag.” Giving him a pointed look, I then favored him with a smile. “Not all of us can change at whim.”

His lips eased into a relaxed, satisfied position. “Do I impress you at all, Sir Integra?”

“Of course you impress me.” I applied the razor to my arms one at a time, enjoying the silken glide of steel over skin. “My first sight of you firmly cemented your menace. Still, I don’t see a need to bow to my servant.”

“You’d be surprised how that can work in a master’s favor,” he replied, looking smug. “I made a very good friend that way.”

“Seras Victoria.” I smiled to myself. “I didn’t understand why you turned her, not at first. Now, I believe I do.”

“Tell me, then,” Alucard bade.

I laughed and pushed the razor into the water with me, spreading my legs.

Alucard shivered, eyes tracking my movements. For all I knew he could see directly into the bathwater. He probably watched me shave my cunt.

“You aren’t afraid to mentor,” I answered, finishing and throwing the razor in the trash. “You’re flexible, able to be father, lover, teacher, friend, disciplinarian, punisher and gift-giver.” Standing, I released the plug with my toe. My bubbles ran down slowly, exposing me an inch at a time. I turned the shower on and rinsed, pretending indifference to his eyes.

His eyes…

“You’ve had all these roles before,” I said. “You’ve also had enough wives and time to know patience.”

“Then, you think I’m waiting for her to do something, say something, be something?” he asked.

I shut the water off and wrung my hair out. “Yes. Just like you do with me.” I felt a loosening in my womb, a bubble of pressure moving downward. Reaching for a towel, I felt that bubble slide out, and the trickle begin down my thigh.

Alucard inhaled sharply, sniffing the air.

I met his gaze. “You come in here to torment me, servant,” I said. “Now, I torment you. Do you like it?”

He stood, all economy and grace unfurling. “You know I do,” he whispered. “Your brutality is lovely.”

“So is yours,” I admitted.

For the third time I was treated to his surprise. I’d never complimented him for anything. No matter how well he took care of a problem, I never acknowledged him.

“You asked me if I would take a husband and produce an heir,” I said, bringing his attention firmly back to my face. “I don’t intend to marry.”

“You wish to be virginal all your life, like a certain queen?” Alucard frowned. “It isn’t the way of nature to deny yourself a mate or a partner.”

“This organization is my mate and partner. I am too complicated, too conflicted, too selfish to marry, Alucard. It would be cruel to marry a man and make him live in my shadow.”

Alucard looked away from me. I saw his centuries-old values going to war with his modern applications. He didn’t like my resolve to never marry and produce, but he respected my reasoning.

Towel wrapped around my body, I took up a comb and began sectioning out my hair. This always took some time.

“A man can give you much pleasure, though,” Alucard persisted, meeting my eyes in the mirror. “I would find ease in seeing your enjoyment.”

“On your terms, servant,” I said. “I’m quite aware of what happened to unmarried women who lost their virginity during your rule. I know what you did to the unfaithful, the impious. Like any good Christian, you believe a woman’s worth dependant on her hymen.”

He looked away. “Perhaps not like I once did,” he disclosed.

“Bullshit.” I threw my comb down and rounded upon him. “You saved Seras Victoria for that reason, admit it. You asked her if she was a virgin.”

His red eyes flickered. “It wasn’t the sole reason.”

“It closed the deal.” I bent to brush my teeth, aware of the blood sliding down my leg and pooling at my foot. “I wonder if you would have the same values as a female?”

He leaned on my wall and looked at the ceiling. “I’ve never attempted to see it on the feminine viewpoint; I could never have the empathy of a female.”

“Bullshit twice.” I threw my brush into the holder, wiped my mouth and faced him. “You’re just like any other man, if not worse. So hopped up on your superiority and your dick that you can’t reach down to the weaker sex for anything other than gratification.”

“You do me a discourtesy.” Alucard’s smile finally dissolved completely. “I’ve never raped a woman, never struck one in anger, never put a married one in my bed.”

“Putting the unfaithful and non-virginal on spikes must have been enough to soothe your male pride,” I said, deflecting his conceit.

Alucard closed his eyes. “This is the problem? The way I ruled five hundred and thirty two years ago?”

I looked at him, taking the moment without his close scrutiny to really examine his body.

He changed from power level to power level. Currently, he appeared the most human he could. At level zero he could hardly pass for human. I ruled the majesty of him. Me. I could make him do anything I wished, even to killing himself, if that could even be accomplished.

“No, Alucard, it isn’t,” I said, making him open his eyes again. “But, evolution effects even the Undead. Cling to those chauvinistic ideals and apply them to God if you wish.” I advanced upon him, something I rarely did. “Does it not cause you a ripple of disquietude that nature, the force attributed to God, is a feminine force?” I stood before him now, staring up into his hot-coil eyes. “I know you read, servant. I know you read and read and read in those dark, nearly airless chambers below me. I know you’ve seen the science unfolding before your eyes.”

“And?” he asked.

“And, nothing,” I said. “God is a woman, if anything, or she wouldn’t let you pick your teeth with a cross.”

He jerked. “A woman?” he said in a tone of wonderment.

“A woman.” I walked past him, snuffing candles as I went. “You began life as a female, Alucard. We all do. Come back and speak to me when you’ve seen the truth of it.”


I’d shaken his foundations. I saw that easily enough in the way his servant, Victoria acted.

The young, lovely vampire brooded all the next day, refusing to sleep during daylight hours. She didn’t yet know what sort of creature her master was, didn’t know that with any other master, she wouldn’t have been able to walk in daylight. The poor thing didn’t even know who he was or what she was.

I would help her.

“Seras Victoria,” I said in greeting, catching her on her way to the lower levels. “Come with me, please.”

“Yes, Sir Integra,” she answered immediately, giving her large weapon to a passing soldier.

She respected me.

She also smelled my blood and reacted in the same, twitchy way her master did.

“Have a seat,” I bade her once we stood in my private chambers. I lit a smoke, watching her scan the room and choose a simple, hard and straight chair.

I felt attracted to her, same as I felt attraction to Alucard. She had a perverse, bloody innocence that pushed my maternal urges. At the same time I felt the need to shove her into the darkness that made her. Beautiful, honest, dedicated, she made a good mate for my vampire.

I would make certain he knew that. I would grow old and die, but Victoria wouldn’t. He needed this woman more than he suspected. Instinct alone had made him take her for himself.

“Sir Integra, have I done something wrong?” she asked, pre-empting me.

I looked into those wide, crimson eyes, privately amazed at how she could straddle worlds. She was brave, this vampire. I understood how Alucard could have felt the persuasion of her guile-less gaze.

“No, you haven’t,” I said, assuring her. “You have done very well, Victoria.”

She smiled at my approval, illuminating from within in a way I’d never seen Alucard do.

“Thank you, Sir Integra,” she said.

She meant it. This young woman craved purpose. She loved endorsement. She wanted to do well.

I understood that. I had years of training to ensure I did well, to ensure I lived up to my family name.

“No thanks are needed,” I said softly. “Victoria, did you enjoy my blood?”

Her eyes darkened to the color of sienna at being asked to remember the time I’d fed her a few drops of blood from my finger. Looking embarrassed, she still met my eyes.

“Yes,” she whispered.

“Are you drinking the blood we provide?” I probed.

“Yes,” she admitted.

“But, you haven’t drunk the blood of your master?” I persisted.

“No, Sir Integra,” she admitted.

“Why not?” I asked.

“Because…” Victoria seemed to sigh. “If I do, I won’t have a tie to him. I need him.”

I fully understood.

“Victoria,” I said softly. “I also need your master.”

“You do?” The girl looked at me with incredulous, widened eyes of red. Her face darkened. “It isn’t the same need; I truly must have him.”

I sat opposite her. “Victoria, I will wither and die inside of sixty years,” I told her. “You will see me come to dust, eventually. I will never be like you.”

She sighed.

“Yes, Sir Integra, I know,” she said.

I got up and began unbuttoning my suit. “Then, you know the value of what I offer,” I said. “I want you to drink from me. I want you to taste me, enjoy me, and find nourishment from my body, Victoria.”

She stared at me. I watched her pupils contract and expand rapidly as she assimilated my words. The blood lust kicked in.

I sat on my bed, exposed my neck, and picked up the fresh scalpel I’d taken from the medical ward. “I don’t want turned, so you can’t bite,” I said, cutting into my skin quickly.

Victoria made a keening sound. In seconds she stood over me, panting, her fangs elongating. Her hand trembled, reached out, and stopped the small stream of blood from running into my clothes. Slowly, she brought it up to her mouth and tasted. Her body shook all over just once.

I had to admit it; vampires were lovely, damned creatures. Powerful, magnificent, tragic…

She fell upon me, pinning me to the bed. I lay docile, allowing her to drink. But, while she drank, I touched her.

She had the smoothest, softest skin, cool but not cold. She smelled like her master, like gunpowder and rain. She’d washed her hair recently, adding the scent of lilies to her many layers.

I felt her tongue cleaning me of blood as fast as I bled. She covered my wound with her lips, then, and sucked gently. Goose bumps erupted all over me. My nipples hardened painfully. I found I wanted nothing more than to lie here and let her drain me dry.

I couldn’t do that, of course. Still, it explained why I’d seen very few people struggle against Alucard while he fed. Something about their saliva made a victim remain quiet and sexually aroused.

Alucard had always aroused me. And, now his servant did, too.

“Sir Integra,” she sighed.

“Victoria,” I replied quietly. “I’m not weak, yet. Drink, girl.” I wove my hand in her hair, feeling another layer of her softness. Gently, I pressed her back to my cut.

The room began to fade away by the time I urged her to stop. She obeyed me instantly, sitting back on her heels over me and looking down into my eyes. For the first time I noticed she breathed.

Alucard did not breathe except when speaking.

Distantly, I wondered if Seras Victoria might be correct in considering herself human.

“You’re very beautiful, Victoria,” I told her gently. “I think even your master, who is immune to beauty, sees it.”

Vampires should not be able to blush, but she did.

“Sir Integra,” she murmured. “What…?”

“Just enjoying you,” I answered truthfully. “My father turns in his grave over it, I’m sure.”

She smiled. Her fangs began to retract. “I feel… good.”

“That’s what I wanted,” I said. I put my hand to my neck, feeling no cut. “You know you can come to me whenever you have need. I’ll not deny you.”

The young woman got up gracefully. She found her reflection in my mirror and looked at me from it, just like her master would have. “I dare not,” she told me in a nearly inaudible voice. “You are my master’s master. I’m infringing upon-.”

“You are not,” I said firmly. “I intend to make Alucard the same offer. He may want a different way of getting my blood, however.”

Victoria smiled. “Yes, we can smell you. You make us both anxious.”

Being female, Victoria did not shy away from speaking of my menstrual flow. Pleased, I sat up and poured a glass of water from a pitcher on my bedside table. “There’s no need for either of you to be anxious about it anymore.”

“Do you want me to tell him?” Victoria asked, her expression turning sly and mischievous. “Or, would you rather wait until he comes to you?”

Now truly amused, I drank my water and stretched out. “How do you know he isn’t listening to us right now?”

“He isn’t.” Victoria picked up my hairbrush from the dresser and pulled the loose hairs from it, rolling them into a soft ball. She sniffed the hair and smiled. “He’s reading. When he reads, he hears nothing, he sees nothing but the book.”

“What does he read?” I asked, curious.

“Everything. Newspapers, magazines, coffee table books, textbooks, pulp fiction, everything.” Victoria put the wad of my hair in her pocket. “Today he reads about biology. Odd subject for a man whose biology isn’t human, don’t you think?”

I smothered a grin. I knew exactly why he read biology books today. “I told him of the feminine blueprint last night,” I informed. “We all start out female, Victoria. And, the Y-chromosome is merely a mutated X.”

She smiled again, showing me just a glimpse of delicate fang. Turning, she put her hands behind her back. “For such a chauvinist, I’m sure he’s getting a bit rattled.” Giggling, she gave me a short bow. “I’m supposed to patrol, Sir Integra. May I go?”

“Enter and exit my chambers as you will, Victoria,” I said, falling into a sort of anemic relaxation. “That applies from here on, yes?”

“Yes, Sir Integra,” she answered, her red eyes appreciative upon my form. “Thank you.”


It took him two days to return to me. I lit a cigarillo at seeing him in the threshold of my chamber door. He’d never entered here, never even sought me here. And, by his own code he couldn’t enter until I offered.

“You’re welcome to come in,” I told him, running the brush through my hair.

“You shouldn’t give me the privilege,” he warned, stepping through anyway.

He wore only pants and a loose shirt with a vest. No shoes, no glasses or hat or ribbon. I’d never seen his feet. I glanced down, unsurprised by his high arches and long toes. “You have nice feet,” I said.

He gave me a smile of disbelief, pleasure, and suspicion.

I enjoyed his little, unguarded moments. They were the moments that let me know a man still lurked inside the monster. Being the Original, he had powers undiluted and unchallenged, but before he’d become the first self-made vampire, he’d been human.

“You were correct,” he said, standing behind me.

I looked at him in the mirror, using his trick, and handed him my brush. “I wouldn’t lie to you.”

“You could be mistaken without lying,” he replied. Slowly, he accepted the job I gave him, taking the ends of my hair and applying the brush. “Do you think God is female?”

“No. I don’t think God has a gender.” I stubbed out my smoke.

Alucard frowned thoughtfully. Moving higher on my head, he worked carefully and thoroughly. Gently.

“It isn’t in the scriptures,” he argued.

“Scriptures written by men, not women, and by humans, not vampires,” I reminded. “What is your gut feeling, Viovode?”

“My feeling is that you are correct. But, it opens doors I never believed could open.” He dropped the brush to bury his gloved hands in my hair. “I wouldn’t punish a woman for not having her hymen, now, master.”

I accepted his topic change. “Evolving?”

His maroon gaze traveled down my neck. “Perhaps. Perhaps I am becoming more human as a vampire than I ever was as a man. Time changes things. It is the way of nature.”

Touched he would offer me his vulnerability, I captured one of his hands. He became utterly still as I tugged at his glove. “You should not,” he said lowly. “I told you when you were small what these gloves mean.”

I sighed. With a sharp jerk I pulled that glove off. “I don’t believe you would ever harm me.”

He inhaled. Alucard opened his mouth and drew breath, but not for speech.

I took his other hand. The removal of this glove meant complete lack of restriction. I made a gesture that no one would ever or should ever make to him. I, who knew him as well as he would allow, gave him his freedom.

“The master can bow to the servant,” I said, throwing his gloves onto my dressing table and rising. “You told me that, Alucard.”

“I never imagined I would see you bow.” That grin came back. “Still, you aren’t really bowing, are you, master?”

Smiling, I sat on the bed, pulling my nightgown up to my thighs. “No, servant, I’m lying on my back.” So saying, I eased down. “I’m not of a mind to waste what you crave, not now.”

Like Victoria, he covered me in an instant. All my years of exposure to him, all my careful training to keep calm, evaporated. My heart lurched unsteadily at the predatory gleam in his maroon eyes.

“Ahhh,” he sighed. His head dipped down. I closed my eyes, feeling his smooth, cool cheek sliding across mine. “Why so generous, master?”

He only pinned me to the mattress with his presence, not his body. I turned my head to look at one of his hands, which I’d never viewed un-gloved. Like his feet, his digits were long and slim.

“You’ve released me,” he went on. “If I so desire it, I may walk out of here and never return.” Again he bent closer, grazing my neck with a sharpness that could only be a fang. “Or, I could fulfill my desire to make you into my kind.”

“You won’t,” I whispered. “If I have nothing else, I have your respect. I see it in your eyes.”

“Do you?” Alucard eased back slightly. “Perceptive of you.” His hair covered me like a blanket, feeling like ripped threads of silk. “Do you also see how much I want to be the man between your legs?”

“Sometimes,” I admitted. My heart beat a steady tattoo of excitement. “But, you wouldn’t take what I’m not offering, would you, servant?”

“No, I wouldn’t,” he said softly. “This is enough, Sir Integra, and I thank you for being a charitable master.” His smile returned, wide and wicked and sharp. “Once again you gamble with me, and again you find me as you suspect.”

He rolled from me. I blinked my confusion, but before I could give voice to a question, he knelt on the bed directly at my feet. The feel of his bare hands on my ankles made me shiver. That light, questing touch held reverence. Slowly, he pulled my legs apart, pushing up and exposing me.

A very small part of me shuddered at his red-eyed attention to my cunt. No man had ever seen me but a physician.

“Beautiful,” he rumbled. “You’re swollen and leaking.” His eyes flicked up to mine and I couldn’t suppress a gasp at the hunger burning in them. “I wondered why you shaved here, master. Tell me?”

“Easier to stay clean,” I managed to say, though my mouth felt dry. I realized I was panting.

“Ah,” he murmured. “I admit, the effect is lovely.” Alucard hooked my legs over his arms, dragging me farther down the bed with frightening ease.

I’d never felt so helpless and aroused in my life.

His head bowed, making all that black silk glide over my legs. I held my breath…

Oh. Oh, God.

The very first swipe of his tongue over my clit felt like a lightning strike. I hadn’t asked him to-.

He licked me again. I bucked involuntarily, feeling his arm come down and force me to stillness. You offered me this, he said in my mind. I’m taking.

“Alucard, you don’t need to-.”

I suppose I need very little, but I want.

Soft, slick pressure flicked over me rapidly. I cried out, taking handfuls of sheet in my fists. “A-Alucard…”

Cry out if you want, little Hellsing, his voice said in my mind. Writhe and jerk for me. Every movement you make pours wine into my mouth.

Having him in my head felt as intimate as his mouth upon me. I sobbed his name again, stiffening in shock at feeling his tongue easing up into my channel.

Imagine my fortune. You already have a small tear. Soft, tapping pressure against my barrier… I think I’ll go deeper, master. You taste like the heaven I’ll never reach.

Body electrified, I lay nearly stunned. My clit vibrated from the attention of his hand. And, while I half-fought, half-aided him, he insinuated that long, wet muscle deep within me. The velvety scrape made me arch in ecstasy.

Did you think I would just dine? He asked. Why wouldn’t I take advantage of a full feast? I felt gentle, insistent tendrils of his hair sliding under my gown, wrapping around my nipples, plumping my breasts. You might not allow this again.

I dissolved into sensation, into his rhythm of licking, sucking and seeking. Now I felt him in my womb, gently probing my inner dimensions. Such a soft, unrelenting invasion, so hungry and savoring; I was his meal and he intended to take his time.

I heard and felt my gown rip, heard the sounds of him swallowing and the slick, wet noises of his finger manipulating my clit. A beautiful bubble of hot heaviness swelled inside me. Climbing, climbing upward toward bliss, I dug my heels in the bed and went rigid with the timeless wait…

Yes. Come with my tongue inside you, master, I beg you. Growling, Alucard thrust me down onto his chin.

The sudden pressure tipped me over. Shrieking, I flew apart, shoving against his face in spasms. He groaned, riding the violence, keeping to his task with relentless strength.

When I finally came down, he contented himself with the tasting of my womb, avoiding over-stimulation. Boneless and breathless, I rested there insensible. His hair still caressed me, but without sexual intent. He merely soothed.

Fair Integra, you are still intact. I wouldn’t take that away from you, though you lie there helpless and receptive. You don’t know how I’m tempted.

Oh, I had an idea. I felt tempted, too. The devil between my legs could tempt an angel out of her wings.

Master, you must consider taking a husband. It was very important to your father that the family name carries on.

“Oh, Alucard,” I sighed. “Not now. How do you expect me to think?”

He chuckled against my cunt.

I don’t. I hoped to persuade you while you couldn’t argue.

“Then, who would you have me marry, servant?” God, he was relentless. And, perverse, come to consider it. He had his tongue in my twat and lectured me on marrying.

Someone you can trust, who won’t betray the directives of your family. Alucard withdrew from me. Seconds later, he crouched over my body. One of his long arms went out, took my water pitcher. He poured a small amount of water into a glass and filled his mouth with it.

Confused, I watched him swish and spit bloody water into the glass.
I could savor your taste forever, but you won’t like it, he told me, his red eyes shining with smug mischief. He put the glass down and joined our mouths. Just one kiss, master, he coaxed, twining our tongues. Give me the illusion I’m just a man, if only for a moment.

I melted under him. Sleep dragged me down even while his expert mouth teased me to stay awake.

Don’t fight. Sleep, master.

I did as my servant commanded.


The morning light awoke me. Groggy, I sat up. He’d put a blanket over my nakedness. I threw it off and stood, preparing to make a run for my bathroom.

No blood leaked from me.

I lurched for the lavatory and sat, relieving my bladder. When I wiped, nothing. My hands shook as I realized Alucard hadn’t just drunk from me. He’d scoured me. I had nothing left to bleed out.

Quickly, I showered and dressed, my mind whirling. The humor of my situation hit me hard as I combed my wet hair. I laughed and laughed, bending over my dressing table and unable to meet my own eyes in the mirror.

What woman wouldn’t enjoy such a pleasant alternative to a week of cramps and bleeding?

A knock came at my door. “Sir Integra?” Walter’s voice entreated. “Morning tea and toast?”

I opened the door. Walter’s kind, lined face seemed like a touchstone of normality. “Come in, Walter,” I bade, stepping back.

My Angel of Death put the tray on my table, his dark eyes sweeping the room before resting upon me once more. The kindness and dependability of the man just radiated. “How are you this morning, Sir Integra?” he asked.

“I’m fine, Walter,” I answered, taking up my tea cup. “And yourself?”

His laugh lines deepened. “I’m well, thank you.” He spied the glass of bloody water on my nightstand and looked back at me. Very slowly, he picked it up. “Shall I?”

“Please,” I answered, faintly embarrassed that he’d made such a quick deduction. He didn’t know details, but he knew the identity of a night time visitor who would leave blood in a glass. I made him meet my eyes. “I found a solution to several problems at once,” I divulged quietly.

Walter smiled. “Sir Integra is resourceful,” he murmured.

Loyal, true friend, Walter.

He would make a brilliant father to a Hellsing heir. He had intelligence, cunning, and bravery. He could be as gentle as a summer breeze or a tsunami of death.

I lit a cigarillo as I looked at him. “Walter, are you busy this evening?”

“No, Sir Integra,” he answered immediately. “I planned only to read and listen to my music.”

“Good.” I blew a plume of smoke and smiled. “I’ll find you. I have something I want to talk to you about.”

“Very well.” Walter took his bow-out. “This evening, then.”

I sat down to my toast and tea, putting my smoke away. Grinning, I made eye contact with my reflection.

Good girl, Alucard’s voice said inside my head. I approve.

“You be quiet,” I retorted. “You’re supposed to be asleep right now.”

He chuckled and withdrew. Still smiling, I gazed out my window to the brilliant sunlight.

Things were looking up.

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