The Vampire of the Opera

BY : Gypsy _Reaper
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Chapter Two: "Seras"

The vampires responsible for the two bodies lying on the blood-stained floor of the small home where long gone when Anderson arrived. Taking in the dismal sight, he said prayers for the deceased and sprinkled their bodies with holy water. As he walked through the dark house, dark in more ways than one after such a tragedy, he heard a quiet noise in a hall closet. Drawing one of his blessed bayonets, he wrenched open the door to find a little girl of eight or nine curled up and whimpering to herself. Her crying intensified when she peeked to see a giant with a giant knife looming over her, but he quickly resheathed his sword and crouched down beside her.

"Are ya hurt?" he asked her quietly, soothingly. He had been the man in charge of an orphanage back in Rome, so he could work with children, but this poor little girl had watched, or at least heard, the slaughter of her whole family. So when she cringed away from his extended arm, he could understand her fear.

"Ah'm not goin' hurt ya, little darlin'," he promised. "Ah wanna help ya."

Her sniffles lessened slightly. "Can...can you help Mummy and Daddy?" she asked quietly. He glanced at the bodies, both under sheets he had found. "Ah've helped 'em as much as Ah can," he said. He opened his long arms toward her. "Come 'ere. Ah'll take you somewhere safe. You can be with other chil'ren, and when ya get older..."

"When I get older...what?" she asked, glancing at the big man.

He grinned, just a little insanely, but this didn't frighten the child at all. "Ya can get back at the monsters that did this, tha's whit," he said.

"P-promise?" she asked.


This seemed to satisfy the little girl, who had stopped crying, and walked into the priest's arms. The big arms were comforting, and his voice was soothing. She actually fell asleep within moments of him leaving the house, her tattered nightgown flapping in the night breeze.

When Anderson walked over the hill Integra was waiting with a car, soldiers milling around the area. They had caught the two vampires and dealt with them, if the two piles of ash where any indication.

"That took far too long for taking a simple look around," Integra said, until she caught the small form in his arms. "Is she a survivor?"

"Th' only one," Anderson said. "Parent's were killed; Ah left the bodies at the 'ouse for you to take care of."

It was now the little girl woke up. Her cerulean eyes gazed at the woman peering at her, and she snuggled closer into Anderson's chest. The big man chuckled. "Looks like ya scarin' her."

Integra smiled. "Smart girl. What's your name?"

"Seras. Seras Victoria, ma'm," the little girl said timidly. Integra, however, was looking at the girl curiously, before she sighed heavily. "What's wrong?" both Seras and Anderson asked at once, then looked at each other.

"You were wrong. There weren't any survivors, Alexander," Integra said heavily. Anderson looked at the little girl confusedly for a moment. "Can ya give me a great, big smile, darlin'?" he asked.

Just as confused, Seras complied, grinning as widely as possible, clearly showing off what Anderson was hoping to not see: incisors that, though small, were clearly too long to be human. He looked closely at her gown but could not see any bite marks on her body. There was no blood on her anywhere, and she hadn't tried to bite him.

"No bites," he said. "But then, how...?"

"Maybe it's genetic," Integra said. "One of her parents, maybe...Either way, we're right back where we started!"

"Either way, I'll...take care of it," Anderson said, heavily, putting the little girl down on the ground, but still holding her hand. Seras looked between them, clearly not understanding that anything was wrong.

Itís not fair for such a sweet little girl to have to burn in the flames of Hell for her parent's trespasses, Anderson thought. Though he didn't want to, he couldn't let her live, not if she was one of them....

Before he could lead her off to a bush or something so nobody would have to watch, Seras dropped her hand and began poking her small body. "Am I broken?" she asked, looking up at Integra.

Integra looked at her, the corners of her lips tugging up in a small smile. "No, you're not broken." She looked at Anderson when she said it. "Bring her with us. If she becomes a problem, I'll take care of her." Integra looked at Seras and crouched low beside her. "Let's go home. All of us, alright?"

Seras nodded, and climbed back into the stunned Anderson's arms. Even though everything in his mind was screaming for her death, he couldn't help but smile at her cheerful grin, extra sharp canines or not.


That same girl was now, ten years later, a young woman spread-eagled across her bed, arms and legs entangled in her bed sheets, snoring softly as a line of droll gathered on her pillow. Alex smiled and sat on the edge of her bed, a hand gently brushing a strawberry-blonde strand of hair from her face. She turned her face away and muttered, "Eh, Pip, go away..."

Anderson raised an eyebrow at that. "Someone comes to ya in the middle of the night, an' th' first name ya utter is 'Pip'?"

"Wha-? Alex, what're you doing here....God, it's not even five in the morning, yet!" Seras muttered sleepily, sitting up, rubbing her eyes. She didn't say anything about her mistake, either because she didn't want to talk about it, or she had forgotten.

"Calm down," Anderson said, placing a hand on her shoulder. "Ah'm leavin' this morn', an' Ah jis wanted ta let ya know, 'tis all."

"If that's all you wanted to do, why couldn't you just leave a note?" Seras asked, with a big yawn proving her point.

Anderson smiled sadly. "Sorry. Ah guess Ah still remember how mad you'd get iffen Ah didn't tell ya."

"I'm not a little girl anymore, Alex," she said, not appreciating a trip down memory lane that early in the morning. "Where are you going, anyway?"

"There may be a den 'o vamps ae ways from 'ere-"

"Wait, do I need to come?" Seras asked, suddenly awake at the thought of violence and blood. "Just wait and I'll-"

"No, no, you're not coming," Anderson said firmly, a hand on her shoulder to keep her from bounding out of bed and getting dressed. She's gotten so excited once at the thought of a mission that she started undressing immediately-and he was still in the room. He thought of her like a younger sister, or a daughter; he didn't want a repeat show.

"But a den of freaks can be turn pretty nasty-" Seras began worriedly. She was probably remembering the last time he had come home.

"Ah'll be fine, but you're stayin' 'ere," he said.

Seras crossed her arms, sea-blue eyes fiery. "You don't want me to come 'cause I might get hurt. What do you think I do when your not here? Sir Integra doesn't have me do the laundry! Have you even seen the gun Nigel's made for me? It's taller than you!"

"Ah'm sorry, alright?" Anderson said, hugging the teenage girl. "Ah can' 'elp but think o' ya as ae lil girl. Don' worry, one day, Ah'll grow outta it."

"That's the day that Sir Integra will make everyone breakfast in bed," Seras grumbled, curling into her blankets once again.

"Well, iffen ya do get bore', Ah'm sure that 'Pip', will be glad to help with tha'." As the girl sputtered out her denial at such a thing, Anderson left the room laughing loudly.

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