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Title:: Admiration

Series ::Death Note

Pairings :: L x Mello, Matt x Mello

Rating :: NC-17

Author :: KuroiKagi (

Warnings :: Yaoi, whore!Mello...

Summary :: One Shot. Mello had always secretly adored L—sadly, he never told him. Those feelings, however, still linger two years after his death...

Notes :: A little drabble between my two favorite Death Note characters. Hope you Enjoy~!





A d m i r a t i o n

“Passion, it lies in all of us, sleeping...

Waiting... and though unwanted...

Unbidden... it will stir... open its jaws and howl.

It speaks to us... guides us... passion rules us all, and we obey.

nothing is more formidable, complex, mysterious, and infinite.”

~ Joss Whedon ~





         “Two years...” A voice hissed amongst a mouthful of sweet milk chocolate. However, the usually decadent treat tasted bitter at the moment. After all, it was that day, wasn’t it? That day he was sitting on the swing sets near the apple trees, talking at Matt as he played his Nintendo DS. One of the Orphanage attendants had come and gotten him, taken him to a room where that little shit Near was waiting. Roger was sitting at his desk, hands folded under his chin with an expression on his face that said that what they were about to be told was anything but “good news”. Oh, Mello remembered that day clearly enough; the day he’d found out L had died.

         And even though it had been two long, rather hard years since the murder of the brilliant minded detective, Mello found the wound as fresh as if it had been cut only yesterday. The moment Roger had said the words, “L is dead” to him, Mello found himself drowning in disbelief. The sheer thought that someone, anyone had managed to outwit L was just beyond his nearly fifteen year old mind at the time. L was a genius, the most gifted mind alive, no one had beaten him before, he’d always solved his cases...

         And yet, Kira had killed him. Kira had outwitted hi and killed him like he’d killed all those dirty criminals.

         Mello had cried that night. He wasn’t one to cry. He was emotional, yes, but not a person to cry. However, knowing that the man he’d looked up to, wanted to be like, and admired so much had been killed was the most pain he’d felt in his short lifetime. He’d never lost anyone so close to him; he’d never tasted the finality that death brought. No, losing L made Mello realize so any painful things; he would never see L again. Never talk to him. Never ask him for help on a puzzle, or share a sweet with him.

         Even though he knew that he wasn’t L’s “friend”—L didn’t have those—he always knew the older man cared for him in his own weird way. He cared for himself, Near, and even Matt; they were they closest to him being the top three candidates to succeed him. And whether it was a pat on the head for Mello’s accomplishments or a simple smile, Mello knew that he was more than just a “possible successor”. L had been the only person to recognize his talents more so than Near’s. He had told Mello himself that Mello had abilities that neither L or Near had even though near seemed to surpass him. That Mello had had to try the hardest out of the three of them to be who he was; Mello had been happy that at least someone noticed that.

         Sadly, though, he hadn’t even said goodbye to him. No, the last time that Mello had seen L before he died had been many years before that. Mello had been too caught up in his quest to beat Near to say anything to the detective before he to take on the Kira case. He’d left without a word to any of the other children in the orphanage and Mello was quite heartbroken; of course, L couldn’t say goodbye. Or, rather, he wouldn’t think to.

         Mello had only realized that he had a small crush on him later on anyhow. He’d planned to tell L when he returned from the Kira investigation but, of course, L was gone before he could come back to England. Perhaps, in retrospect, maybe it was best that Mello never was able to tell him. Now that Mello was old enough to comprehend such emotions, to grasp just what it was that he wanted from L, he knew telling L that he was “attracted” to him wouldn’t change anything. Anyhow, the other man was dead because of that self-righteous son of bitch, Kira. Oh, he hated that person. Whoever he or she was, or even who they were... Mello hated them with every fiber of his being, every inch of his soul. He even loathed that person more so than he loathed that little bitch Near.

         Mello leaned his lithe body back against his bed some, his arms falling limp at his side as he chewed on his last bite of chocolate. He closed his tired blue eyes and threw the tinfoil wrapper aside with a sigh. His thoughts began to wonder some; dancing between apprehending and killing Kira to various ‘what ifs’. What if L had lived? What if L had caught Kira? What if Near suffocated under a pile of those damned toys of his? What if L had come back to the orphanage and Mello had never left...?

         That last thought stuck in his mind suddenly; he wondered what his life would be like if that had happened. Surely, if that had happened, Mello would still be living back in Winchester. He’d be an innocent sixteen year old and his hands would not be stained with blood nor would Matt’s. He probably wouldn’t be as downright audacious as he was now. He wouldn’t be trying to make a name for himself amongst the LA mafias in hopes of joining one. Matt wouldn’t have followed him and started smoking. Come to think of it, he would have probably seen L once he came back from Japan. What would he do if he’d been able to see L again? What would he say to him?

         With that thought in his mind, Mello found himself back at the orphanage in Winchester. He was wearing that loose, black cotton sweater again and matching soft pants. His feet were bare as he slowly traipsed down the hallway toward L’s room—cautiously as to not make the floorboards creek. Mello knocked on L’s door before he pushed it open. He’d only been in L’s room a grand total of six times. Which was, of course, more than anyone in the house other than the directors. No one spoke to L really—but Mello did. Mello was the bright spot in the house amongst the somewhat dim personalities that most of the children had. He was outgoing, talkative, and friendly; such gifts seemed to not be as widespread amongst the other orphans. Mello had been the only children in the house to visit L’s room of his own accord. And what a plain room it was; bookshelves full of various novels, dictionaries, and encyclopedias lined the walls. Old case files were haphazardly shoved in a corner in several cardboard boxes that so that L could refer to them if needed. There was a large computer on a desk in the simple room, with three monitors and one large hard drive, mouse, and keyboard. It was nothing special but it seemed that L liked it that way.

         “Yes, who is it?” Came that voice that Mello knew too well; that voice that seemed so lifeless most of the time. And, yet, it held so much depth and years of knowledge Mello could only wish to possess. It was a voice that would only light up every once in a while, only when something would spark the usually blasé man’s interests. When he poked his head into the room and saw the magnificently casual detective squatting on his revolving chair, Mello slowly drifted from dream to a fuzzy reality where he was actually in L’s room...

         “It’s me. Mello.” Said the blond boy, curiously and with a small pout, “Are you busy right now?” he asked cautiously—he didn’t want to disturb something now that L was finally back from the Kira case. It wasn’t as if they were close friends anyhow...

         L smiled some and popped what looked to be a homemade square of chocolate into his mouth, “I am not. Actually, I happen to be quite free at the moment right now, Mello. Did you require something of me?” he asked, those beady eyes of his studying Mello’s actions some as the social butterfly of a blond shut the door and sat down on the freshly made bed; or, rather, the bed that was never used and thus was always made.

         “I just wanted to welcome you back here. And congratulate you on your success with the Kira case.” Mello explained in a tone that could be interpreted as shy and yet still cheerful, “You never lose do you?”

         “Justice never loses.” L corrected him with another smile as he slowly climbed down from his chair and hopped up on the bed next to Mello, popping another sweet into his mouth, “However, as kind as those congratulations are, Mello, that is not the reason for your visit. I’m eighty nine percent sure of it.” A thumb came to rest on the detective’s lower lip; he was observing Mello. The blond could tell the way his eyes moved over him before settling back on his face; L was a mastermind after all, it was no wonder he could see through him as if Mello were a pane of freshly cleaned glass. Even if Mello was the only child in the house to venture to his room by his lonesome, L knew there was something else behind the visit.

         Mello chuckled, trying to remain somewhat cheerful with L, “Only eighty nine percent?” he joked, kicking his feet back and forth as his eyes drifted to the cold wood floors, “You’re right though. I wasn’t just here to congratulate you. That was part of it though.” L nodded, chewing on his thumb some as he stared at Mello, waiting for what he was to say next. However, Mello wasn’t prepared with anything to follow up that comment—something rare for one so socially gifted. What could he talk about? They had little in common that he knew of. How could he come up with something to segue into what he wanted to tell him? Actually, how could he follow up what L had said without sounding too obvious was the real question... He pursed his lips in frustration, running over how to bring what he wanted to say up before something brown and square appeared in front of his face.

         “Would you like some fudge? It’s quite delicious. Watari brought it for me.” L was holding a piece of fudge in front of Mello’s face. Mello looked at solemnly. L knew very well how much Mello was a chocolate fiend, didn’t he? The chipper blond fixed his eyes on it for a long while before he decided that he wanted that delicious looking confectionary. He innocently leaned forward and plucked it from L’s svelte fingers with his teeth. He sighed in pleasre, running his tongue on his lips as he enjoyed the smooth taste; that was some damn good fudge. L gave the other a quizzical look, tilting his head after Mello did that; it wasn’t often they shared sweets, but when they did, Mello usually enjoyed them using his own hands and not L’s.

         Mello looked over at L, about to thank him for the fudge before he realized just what he’d done. Shit—he knew he had a tendency to let his emotions guide him but that was just plain ridiculous! Mello smiled though, a bit embarrassed as he shrugged, “Sorry.” The word sounded strangely sheepishly coming from Mello, eyeing L’s index finger which still had a small smear of fudge on it. The teenager stared quite contently at that finger, so very tempted to lick it. Suck on it, lavish it... He reached out in a greedy fashion, true to his brat like nature, and grabbed L’s wrist. He pulled the finger over to him and stuck his small, pink tongue out, running it on the pad of L’s finger. The slight salt of his skin and the sweetness of the fudge flooded his senses. His other hand came to clutch L’s arm, “Mmm...:” He moaned, letting the finger slide into his mouth and then up out. He did it again for good measure before directing a small smirk at the older man to see his reaction.

         L had a look on his face was priceless; it said that he was clearly confused yet at the same time he looked... intrigued.

         “Do you enjoy chocolate that much, Mello?” L asked, tilting his head as Mello continued to lap at his finger in an oddly cute sort of fashion; his black eyes watching every move the blond made. Mello shook his head, his blond locks hitting his cheeks in a way that made something stir in L that he hadn’t had before. Or at least not recently.

         “I like you that much.” Mello responded, looking at him through his feathery golden eyelashes, “I think you’re very attractive, L.” he admitted, nuzzling L’s hand against his cheek like a small kitten before he smirked again in a nature that juxtaposed that kitten-like appearance. It was something that Mello did so effortlessly each day; he appeared to be a very soft looking individual, but the fire behind his blue eyes was anything but soft and peaceful, “Do you find me attractive?” As the words fell from his lips, Mello knew the answer to that already; L probably didn’t have a sexual bone in his body, did he? And, knowing Mello’s luck, he liked girls.


         Then again, Mello knew he looked a lot like a girl. And, anyway, L probably didn’t think about sex. Even if he was twenty-five now. Mello paused, however, when he’d received a ‘yes’. His blue eyes shot upward as he looked in awe at the detective, questioning him, “You...?”

         “I do think that you are a visually appealing person, Mello. I believe Matt does more so than myself. He tends to stare at you when you’re not looking.” L replied, watching Mello with his hand, “May I have my hand back now?” Mello held tight to his wrist when L attempted to pull it back. The detective stopped for just a minute before trying once more, only to have Mello continue to hold him. The thought of what a selfish little child passed his mind before his mind quickly calculated the chance that Mello was doing something that wasn’t childlike. No, it was something an adult would do; especially with that look in his eyes.

         Mello’s smirk remained, letting L’s hand slip before he drew his feet up and lifted his smaller frame onto his knees. He crawled toward L—who observed Mello looking more like a tiger on the prowl at the moment than the kitten he resembled. Mello was getting closer to his face as he let the collar of his black sweater fall off one shoulder, exposing the faintly sun kissed skin of his collarbone, “I’m visually appealing?” he asked, running his tongue on his lips some as he inched closer to L.

         “Yes. I said that.” L remarked, watching Mello slither closer to him. A hand was now on his boney knee, the other on the bed to support the blond’s weight. L could tell by the way that Mello was situated that the boy wasn’t merely being friendly. No, L might not be as sexually educated as others but he knew what this was: “Are you trying to seduce me?” He echoed his thought, almost hoping that Mello was. Sure, the man was a brilliant detective with no apparent sex drive but that didn’t mean he lacked the need for sexual interaction. And being a man with no real sexual appetite, he wasn’t one to question his sexuality. Something such as that was a social requirement and L was not social. So, really, any appreciation he had for a human being came not from their looks but more so their mind. And Mello’s mind was a brilliant one, even if it did tend to lead him astray on occasion or act without thought...

         “Is it working?” Mello purred as his hand on his knee slipped to L’s waist and then, boldly, to the edge of his white shirt, just above his crotch. He fingered the sweater with an innocent face that more than belayed he actions. He was trying to seduce a man who was nearly a decade his senior, wasn’t he? That was anything but innocent.

         L’s eyes followed his hand, “...Maybe.” he said through what sounded to be a faintly restrained breath.

         Now there was an answer one never heard from L. Oh, no, the detective was usually right on with his assertions—or if he wasn’t sure, he’d always have some percentage to follow it up with. Oh, but not now. Not when Mello was coming onto him in such an obvious way. The blond simpered, “You know, L, I admire you so much. I want to be like you when I get older. Maybe not exactly like you, but,” He leaned forward and nipped the other’s ear, “You’re so cool and calm. And you’re always so sure of yourself. You always bring the criminals to justice. Your endless dedication to justice is such a turn on, you know?” Actually, Mello had a small kink for L’s appearance amongst other things; like certain red-heads, he also liked people who lacked social skills. Somehow, it gave him a power over them that he enjoyed so much.

         “Most would find those traits admirable, I suppose. I do not see how they are a ‘turn on’.” L responded, looking back at the little chocolate fiend that was currently attached to him, “Actually, most people find me ‘creepy’ or perhaps weird even.”

         Mello shook his head, dragging his tongue on the shell of L’s ear, “No, you’re not weird.” He breathed, noticing that he caused a small shiver from L with that last action. Mello decided to take the initiative and pushed the older man back on the bed. He used his surprise to find an opening and plopped himself on the man’s hips, straddling him. Mello moaned some as he felt his cotton-clothed groin rub against L’s. The look on L’s face was intoxicating almost; Mello could drink it all day. Those normally wide, listless eyes were lidded, his lips just parted slightly. Something in his expression held desire; desire for Mello, maybe? Or at least for the act of sex itself? Mello didn’t care. This was more physical at the moment than anything. He grinned at the pinned down detective below him and rested his hands on his stomach, lifting his shirt up some to reveal the milky white stomach beneath his clothing. L didn’t stop him and somehow Mello knew that he wouldn’t.

         Mello whistled some, “You’re whiter than Matt, you know? And I have to toss that boy’s goggles out the window before he’ll even go outside. And sometimes even that doesn’t work.” He said, chuckling as he pulled his black shirt off and tossed it aside with an almost sexy flick of his wrists. He shook his head some, fluttering out his blond locks so his hair was messy. He pushed L’s shirt up further, leaning down so their bare stomachs were pressed flush against the others. Mello took a pink nub into his mouth when it was revealed to him, triumphantly feeling L’s hands run cautiously up his back and a moan escape from his lips. Oh, L was so sweet tasting, wasn’t he? Or, well, he was actually plain to the taste but Mello liked to imagine that those sweets he constantly consumed oozed from his skin. He leaned his head up and laid his lips on L’s chin before moving upward. He stole a kiss from him with a small ‘Mmm’ like he’d bitten into the sweetest bar of chocolate he’d ever taste; sighing at the feeling of finally getting what he wanted. He kissed him, hotly and passionately like he’d dreamed he would, tangling his hands into L’s nest of black hair.

         L wasn’t shy like Mello thought he might have been; no, the other man kissed him back, running a finger up and down his back where his spine was. His tongue darted in and out of Mello’s mouth, tainting the kiss with a sugar that was purely L. Mello shivered, trembling against the man’s lips before he pulled up and tugged at L’s shirt in frustration. Without any thought on the matter, Mello decided he just needed the damned garment off. Now.

         Mello growled and tore the cotton material. He flung it aside and attacked L’s lips once more before the detective could complain. The kiss was as fierce as the last, only this time more desperate; Mello was a teenage boy after all. He began rocking his hips against the detective’s midway into the frenzied kiss, feeling something between the other man’s legs soon enough. The kiss was broken off and Mello wiped his lips with his finger tips, letting his eyes fall downward and then back up to L’s eyes, “You’re hard, L.” He commented, feeling the bulge in L’s pants against his own—it was too damn obvious for L to deny it. He let his hands wander to between their legs and unzipped those well-worn jeans. He sighed when he freed the other man’s erection, palming it as the smirk settled back onto his lips. L remained somewhat expressionless as he watched him, waiting to see what the boy would do next.

         Mello was caught between a crossroads now—he could finish this easily by merely impaling himself on L and riding them both into climax. That would be nice. It would be fun, actually. But that was something he did with Matt. That was something he could have later and as many times as he his heart so desire. No, now he needed this go slowly as it had been going...

         Mello kept his hands on L’s cock, trying to decide just what he wanted to do. L still watched with baited breath before he couldn’t take it any longer—the boy was just being a brat now. However, being a brat was so very Mello, “What are you planning on doing?” L asked, swallowing a moan as Mello finally let his cock go. The catty little blond chuckled, wordlessly slipping backward onto the floor in a kneeling position. He tugged on L’s legs in an unvoiced command to move forward which L did. He sat up, extending his legs so Mello’s face was between his thighs; Sitting normally like this was not something L did and it almost hurt. Such hurt was quickly forgotten when Mello’s tongue darted out of his perfectly plush lips and landed on the tip of his member.

         It seemed that feisty little blond had more talents in him than L had surmised; Mello began moving up and down his shaft now, somehow gaining control of his gag reflex to slide him all the way down his throat and then back up; and here he thought all the boy ate was chocolate. L’s thoughts drifted some as Mello performed the most sexual fellatio that he’d ever seen with the perfect movements of his tongue and the right amount of suction and teeth at certain points. Then again, L hadn’t seen it performed before but somehow he knew Mello was exceptionally skilled and it seemed his mouth was made for it.

         Where Mello learned to do this—with such adult like precision—was obvious to L. It was a very simple deduction: Matt was the only close person to Mello, Mello was always with Matt, Matt stared at Mello sometimes more than his games, Mello was suddenly good at giving head, Mello must being sleeping Matt. L knew the red-headed gamer to have a dedication to only two things in his life anyhow; Mello and his computers.

         L gasped when he realized that those distracting thoughts did nothing to actually distract him; Mello was still milking him for all he was worth quite literally. And if he didn’t stop soon, Mello would have a mouthful of something that (for once) wasn’t chocolate. Quickly, he pulled the boy’s head up—taking a second to catch his own breath, “Too much.” he managed to get out. His breaths settled some as he regained his composure. This time, it was L’s turn to smirk. It was a subtle smirk as he pulled the boy up and placed a kiss on his lips which he broke off with an almost uncharacteristic growl. Oh, the brat was getting it.

         He yanked the beautiful boy up by his lithe arms, pinning him below himself this time. He knew the blond wouldn’t be shocked or scared. No, he expected another catty smirk—which he was rewarded with seconds later; for someone his age, Mello was quite the little slut sometimes... Mello ran his smaller hands on L’s shoulders, practically purring, “Did I almost make you come? L...” he asked teasingly as he wetted his bottom lip with his perky pink tongue, “You should return the favor. Come on.” He motioned to L to do the same to him, expecting it.

         The raven haired man blinked at Mello’s command—ah, the boy was obviously use to having most of the control in bed, wasn’t he? Matt would probably pamper the spoiled prima donna without much of a fight. Such a laid back person as Matt would and he L knew he did; L could deduce that by the pouty, yet cute look Mello gave L. However, L knew a comment that would put a dent in that attitude: “I am not Matt, Mello.” He said, watching a very slight flush spread across Mello’s pale cheeks at that, “Yes, I know you and Matt do things to each other. I haven’t seen it personally but I have a feeling you do. Considering your talents a few moments ago; I know that wasn’t beginners luck.”

         Mello glared at L for guessing so easily as to how he learned his skills in the bedroom. Then again, he expected nothing less from the genius detective. Yet, as with anyone, he didn’t want to lose to said detective. Losing in this case would be letting L embarrass him and have control of the situation, of course. And he wouldn’t have that. He drew his legs up to his chest as best as he could and kicked L off of him. The boney man fell to the floor with a small, pained breath of air. Mello regained his control of the situation and sat on his lap. Once more, straddling his lips, he leaned down across his chest, teasing the other man’s erection by rubbing his bare stomach against it, “You’re right. You’re not Matt. He gives me what I want.”

         “Does he now?” L asked, watching Mello writhe against his arousal. Oh, the boy knew what he was doing. He knew what he was doing far too well. L looked up at the ambitious little blond as he suddenly stood up on his knees and began pushing his cotton pants down his hips. L decided to help, reaching his cold, now quavering hands up to help. Mello allowed him, watching the older man shimmy the pants down his slim hips before Mello lifted one leg and the other so that they were off.

         Mello moaned at the caress of the cool air against his private area, watching L’s hands also descend there. His larger, more firm hands began to stroke him and Mello could help but almost mewl at the touch. L’s hands were like ice, yet at the same time they seemed to burn him. Mello watched as L pulled him forward until he was almost seated on the other man’s chest, his hands down moving to Mello’s bottom. He scooted the boy forward until his cock was within mouth’s reach. Soon, L’s tongue was poking out and Mello took the hint and leaned forward onto his hands, letting his length slide into the detective’s hot cavern of a mouth. It was too good. Almost as good as when Matt did it. He felt L’s tongue lapping at him, treating him like a popsicle almost as he allowed Mello to move his hips slowly up and down.

         The teen’s eyes were soon rolling back into his head and his arms were giving out. Oh, this was torture. And it became even more unbearable when L decided to add a finger to the equation and poked one up Mello’s unprepared bottom. Mello clenched around the digit, much like the little whore he tended to be, before pulling himself away from L’s lips and settling back onto his lap.

         Mello took in shallow, quick breaths as he tried to maintain his composure. Oh, L was putting up a fight, wasn’t he? He was. Mello smirked as the detective sat up, bending his legs some so Mello had to adjust some. This time, L kissed him, his hands on his cheeks and neck and collarbone as Mello’s smaller hands tangled in his hair.

         The kiss soon vanished and Mello was panting again, kissing at anything he could get his mouth on as he let L push him back onto the floor again. There was a perfectly nice bed there and he was still using the floor? Mello almost laughed, or he would have laughed had he cared. He greedily spread his legs and let L reach up to his bedside desk to get whatever it was he was getting. His hand returned, having been dipped in what looked to be whipped cream and something else. Mello had little time to ponder what it was; L had two fingers inside him within seconds. Mello tensed only momentarily at the intrusion, letting L’s finger slide in and out of him. He was happy he’d let Matt fuck him as much as he had; he didn’t want to feel too much pain when L finally entered him which he knew would be soon. Or at least he hoped it would be soon.

         “Fuck, just do it. Now. God, I’m not a virgin!” Mello glared as L kept the pace up with his fingers, seeming to reward his patience with little love bite on his ear and neck, “Fuck me.” Mello rasped, wishing the detective would take the hint and just do it already. But L didn’t. No, he smirked and plucked the fingers from Mello’s bottom with a look that made Mello whine.

         “I know you’re not a virgin, Mello. That much is obvious. ” L stated as he finally managed to kick his jeans off, “I suppose I just enjoy seeing you squirm, perhaps? Matt spoils you too much.” He said, amused as he positioned and the thrust himself into Mello in one fluid motion. He gave the boy no real warning which made Mello gasp. Had Mello not done this many times before, he might have screamed. Instead, he just groaned at the fact that L was a little bigger than Matt. Oh, it felt wonderful though. There was a slight burn but it was all worth it to have the detective inside him as he was. Mello linked his heels around L’s waist as the paler man began a slow, painful pace, “I assume that since you’ve done this before, yes? Can—”

         “Yes, yes. As hard as you can.” Mello nearly shouted and that was more than enough of a cue for L to pick up the rhythm. L began pounding the boy into the floor without too much regard—Mello was making sounds that said he didn’t care anyhow. No, if anything, he was asking for it harder, faster, deeper. And L was happy to oblige his requests, slamming himself in and out of the beautiful writhing form beneath him. Mello gasped, and screamed—it hurt, god it fucking hurt but it felt so incredible at the same time. Sure, his hips and lower back were being repeatedly shoved into the hard wood floor, but L somehow seemed to find that glorious gland inside him that made him see stars. Mello was happy these floors were polished—if they weren’t, he’d probably have an array of splinters on his ass with the way things were going.

         The pace was soon stopped as L pulled out of Mello, causing the younger boy to scream before he was turned over onto his stomach and L was back inside him again. This actually felt a lot better; Mello gladly moved back against the man as best he could, sliding his cock between his stomach and the flooring. He was surprised Roger or Watari hadn’t come in with all the noises. The sounds of their skin slapping, the previous pounding on the wood floors, Mello’s screams and whines, L’s gasps and moans... They were making an awful racket.

         Mello didn’t know how long he would last with the way things were going, with the way L was fucking him so expertly as he knew he would... He’d never had sex this rough before or sex that was purely passionate, raw, and carnal as this was. Mello, as much as he adored L, knew that he didn’t love him; that emotion was saved for someone else. It was more of a respect for the man than anything along with a weird attraction. And he knew without a doubt that L was not in love with him; this was for pleasure and years of pent of sexual frustration probably. The fact that Mello had offered himself to L hadn’t helped their situation either.

         Mello was happy that he had though. L was as genius in bed as he was in real life.

         Surprising to the blond, L was still fucking him several minutes later—Mello’s mouth was wide open in a silent scream as he his eyes came to a cloc in the room and he realized that he’d been getting it for around ten straight minutes. His hips were burning and he was sure there would be chaffing from all the damn friction between them. L was getting close though. Mello could feel him trying to grasp onto what little control he had left as they both made the decadent descended toward climax.

         Mello couldn’t hold on any longer when L’s hand found his swollen cock and began tugging on it. He came with a shout, clamping himself on the older detective. Unexpectedly, though, L kept thrusting, going harder and harder and more erratically before he released inside of him a few minutes later with a sexy groan of Mello’s name. Mello felt the other‘s hips jerk several times, feeling the warmth of L’s semen inside him which soon overflowed and dripped down his legs to the floor. When he finally finished, L collapsed on top of Mello, kissing his back and neck...

         “I can’t breathe...” Mello muttered, feeling the larger frame withdraw himself from his entrance before collapsing next to him. He moaned and flipped onto his back, pulling the older detective over and kissing him in a sloppy fashion as he settled into the pillows with him...

         Mello’s eyes snapped open at that. Wait. They hadn’t screwed each other senseless on pillows. They had done it on the hard floor.

         Mello broke the kiss off and noticed that it wasn’t L in his arms but rather Matt. The red head appeared to be satisfied with a blissful, mindless expression on his attractive face. Mello smacked his friend across that beautiful face however, “You—You asshole! You took advantage of him! You fucking pervert! I should cut your damn dick off and feed it to you raw!” He was embarrassed, thoroughly fucking embarrassed. What had he said? What had Matt heard?!

         Matt took the hit, his head merely turning back to Mello with the threat that he knew would never happen, “What? I came in. You were moaning like a bitch in heat so I checked on you and you jumped me. It’s not my fault you’re a tramp in your sleep too.” He said, with a tone that sounded bored, “Shit, though. Remind me to fuck you while you’re sleeping more often. You bitch less.” Matt smirked as he saw Mello attempt to sit up. He quickly laid back down, cursing as he glared over at Matt and then pointed to the door, “Yeah, yeah, I’ll leave.”          “No.” Mello said, sighing some as he seemed to relax a little; sex calmed Mello in wondrous ways that Matt learned to appreciate. There were only two ways to make the blond happy and calm and those were sex and chocolate. Matt had a feeling the brat would want the latter now, “Get me chocolate.” Matt knew that was coming, “And then get back here.”

         Matt smiled at his friend—his lover, actually—and quietly got up without a word. Mello watched him with a soft smile of his own before pulling the covers up on himself. He wondered if Matt realized what he’d been thinking of—who he’d been thinking of in his dreams. If he did, Mello knew that Matt would never say anything. The handsome redhead was kind enough and of course knew Mello well enough to know that whatever he’d been dreaming of had nothing to do with their current relationship. A relationship that Matt knew Mello treasure above all others.

         The redhead had soon returned with the chocolate bar but, surprisingly, Mello didn’t feel like it. He took it, shrugged and placed it on the table. Matt arched an eyebrow at the action when Mello pulled him back onto the bed and kissed him. It was a gentle kiss, meant to bestow affection more so than anything carnal. Matt returned it with surprise, breaking it off gingerly, “Thank you.” Mello muttered into his mouth, cuddling himself into Matt’s chest when the other boy got under the covers with him.

         As was purely Matt, he let Mello do as he liked. Mello’s eyes were at half-mast as he thought on the matter now and what that dream had been. Yes, he missed L and wished that something like that might have happened. Sadly, though, L was gone and he wouldn’t get the chance. He admired L, wished the man had won over Kira, and above all, he missed him. All the same, Mello wasn’t stupid enough to overlook the few things in his life he still had. One of them being the person he was currently attached to, of course. Mello did hope, however, that he would be able to see L again. That he would see him in the afterlife and tell him all that had happened and how he’d solved the Kira case and apprehend the slimy bastard...

         For now though, he would rest. Somehow, he knew L would have it that way.

         “So, Mells,” Matt’s voice woke him from his almost tender thoughts. Mello looked up at his best friend, kissing him again just because he was feeling warm and happy at the moment. That mood was soon to be broken when Matt ended the kiss off and smirked, “So, Mello, when did L start becoming your wet dream fodder?”






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