Playing With An Angel

BY : Bloodysyren
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Sugino and Haruka were lounging on the roof, underneath the comfortable sky. As they sipped sake and talked about the summer moon, a curious conversation started between them.

“I still think that you should give up Kantarou. He’s just a lousy human being who can’t do anything right. Why don’t you leave him behind?“ the white goblin pondered. Suddenly Haruka turned and grasped Sugino’s chin in his long fingers, moving his face close to the other man’s.

“And make you my plaything, Sugino-san?” Haruka whispered, his lips only a few inches from the other goblin’s. Sugino blushed a deep red and tried to avert his eyes. Haruka gazed unmoving into the ebony-haired man’s eyes, forcing him to meet his dark gaze. Sugino’s eyes went wide when Haruka gently pressed his lips to his, melting instantly under the other man’s touch.

When the demon-eater moved down his neck and began licking and nipping the pale flesh beneath his lips, Sugino clutched at the dark fabric covering Haruka’s shoulders, little mewling noises escaping his swollen, pinking lips. The dark Tengu let his warm breath settle along the curve of Sugino’s collarbones and pulled at the fabric a little, exposing more moonlit skin.

The white Tengu tried to deter him, “What’s gotten into you, Haruka? I think you drank too much sake-eee-ahhhh!” Sugino writhed beneath Haruka’s touch, now exploring beneath the saintly white robes. The very touch of the demon-eater’s fingers on his now aching flesh caused the younger man to arch in pleasure as his breath was torn from him in great heaving gasps.

“Oh, Haruka, please…more!” Sugino panted, digging his fingers into Haruka’s coat again. The dark goblin gradually lightened his kisses and touches, eventually standing to his feet and wrenching Sugino up and across his shoulders. The white goblin’s eyes went wide as Haruka spread his wings proudly and leapt off the roof, soaring into his bedroom window. He gently put Sugino down and felt a hot pain across his cheek as the white Tengu slapped him with a hint of playfulness.

“At least warn me first, idiot!” Sugino chided. Haruka only smiled and placed a hand to his cheek comfortingly. He wrapped his other arm around Sugino’s waist and pulled him close, their bodies pressed together and now, the white goblin’s robe slipping from one shoulder created a very tempting picture to the demon-eater.

“Take it off.” Haruka ordered.


“I said take it off,” Haruka replied, slipping his coat off his shoulders and loosening his tie, tossing both to the floor, “I want to see you.” He whispered, sliding the white robe from Sugino’s shoulders, revealing a pale, broad chest, shapely waist and well-defined stomach, curving down to sharp hip-bones and a nest of dark curls surrounding his impressive member, half standing at attention due to the previous excitement.

Haruka unbuttoned his shirt and threw it aside, all the while watching Sugino, who was no longer embarrassed about his own nakedness in front of his old friend, but drinking in every inch of flesh that was revealed to him as Haruka undressed slowly, purely for the effect it has on his new lover.

As the white Tengu caught himself staring, the demon-eater raised Sugino’s hand and placed it on the top of his pants. Sugino, a little bolder now, drew close to Haruka and, gazing down, realized how sinfully low Haruka’s pants were on his hips, nearly revealing not only the trail to the treasure, but the treasure itself. As Sugino’s fingers curled against the hem of Haruka’s pants, his fingertips brushed against the jutting shaft of Haruka’s member.

Sugino blushed a little and moved his fingers again, this time catching more flesh under his fingertips and making the dark goblin moan. Haruka pressed their bodies together once again and devoured Sugino’s pink lips, pushing his tongue inside for easy access to that sweet cavern. He felt swift, greedy hands undoing his belt and sliding the zipper down to claim the hard prize beneath the fabric.

The white Tengu gasped as he realized that his friend was going commando and an evil smile spread across his face when he pushed Haruka’s pants down over his hips to the waiting floor. Haruka stepped out of his pants and, kicking them aside, claimed Sugino’s mouth again, finally feeling the warmth of the beautiful man wrapped in his arms. As they moved together for a moment, the white goblin moaned at the contact of their hard bodies. Haruka took Sugino’s chin in his fingers again and kissed him sweetly.

“I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.” He said.

“But, Haruka, we’re already…ooooh.” Sugino saw the answer to his question as powerful black wings emerged from Haruka’s back. He kissed the demon eater fiercely and he pushed his wings out as well, stretching them proudly. The white Tengu stroked the dark feathers that met Haruka’s back and felt his lover shudder beneath his touch. Nudging Haruka’s jaw with his chin, nipping and biting along his neck, Sugino reached between them to stroke their erections together. Haruka let his head fall back and gasped, moaning low in his throat when he felt the Tengu’s delicate fingers wrap strong around both of them.

Stroking teasingly, Sugino was just twisting the wire within the demon-eater and sooner or later, it would snap, and snap dangerously hard. The white Tengu felt strong hands grip his ass and squeeze hard enough to bruise. He leaned his head back and his strokes became rougher now, feeling the lust build between them. With every stroke, Haruka’s wings would flex a little, the pleasure rippling through even the feathers on the ends.

He loved that feeling, the gentle rustle of their feathers when he touched himself. The dark goblin would display them proudly whenever he played, even if there was no one to watch but him. He would always place the mirror at the foot of his bed so he could watch as his climax washed over him and they stretched out proudly from his sides. But there was a different pleasure to attend to now: he wanted to ravish the pure angel in front of him, he ached so badly, he could hardly stand it.

Stepping against Sugino, Haruka pushed him back against the bed and fell between the white goblin’s legs, his hands touching everywhere, caressing, pinching, rubbing, tearing needy gasps and sinfully pleading words from those perfect lips. He wanted to hear his name. Not in the way everyone else said it, or even the way Sugino would say it when he was whining, no, none of those sounds. He wanted to hear the throaty growl of his name on those kiss-bruised lips. He wanted to hear his dirty angel begging for more, the way he had on the roof earlier.

Haruka soon got his wish as he slid a lubed finger into the tight, almost virginal entrance. Sugino moaned, greedy for more. He writhed and cried out, bucking his hips and pleading for the dark Tengu not to stop, never to stop. Haruka inserted a second finger and Sugino’s eyes shot open, arching beneath him as he scissored his fingers and wiggled them deeper. As he slid them in and out in a slow rhythm, the white wings flexed and stretched sharply, relaxing when Haruka slid his fingers out.

“Can I add another, Sugino-san?” The goblin asked, wanting to make sure that he didn’t harm his prize. All he received was a groan of loss and then a loud gasp when he shoved in the three digits. As they searched up inside, Sugino cried out Haruka’s name and bucked his hips again, telling get him to delve deeper.

Haruka slowly removed the fingers and added more lube to his already slick palm, coating his shaft liberally and smearing the rest between the already shuddering thighs. As the dark-eyed goblin positioned himself, he gazed down into Sugino’s nearly neon green orbs, taking note of the flushed cheeks and parted lips, silently begging for release. Pushing in slowly, he heard the sigh of pleasure from the devilish angel beneath him and only when the white Tengu rocked back on his hard shaft, causing him to cry out, did he start up his true pace.

Sugino pulled Haruka down against him, burying his hands in the soft feathers on his lover’s back, clawing at the pale shoulders and sucking greedily at his neck. The dark-eyed goblin returned the favours and left a mark the was almost deep enough to draw blood and only made the beauty beneath him squeeze all of his muscles more earnestly. Haruka panted with the added pressure surrounding his throbbing cock and ran his hands along the strong outline of the white wings spread across his bed.

The white goblin wrapped his legs tighter around his dark lover’s back and Haruka picked up the pace, feeling the feathers of his and Sugino’s wings shudder in unison. He smiled evilly and wrenched the goblin’s knees up higher and continued to pound into the tight cavern that threatened to swallow him whole. As Haruka thrust strong the final time, he wrapped his thin fingers around Sugino’s long neglected erection and felt it twitch violently at the same time he saw those pure white wings flex.

He saw them flex just as he felt his own wings stretching out across his back, pulling like taught wires as he spilled his hot essence into his lover’s body. The sticky fluid shot from the naughty goblin below him as well, coating their stomachs liberally with his much-needed release. Haruka slumped onto Sugino’s flushed body and kissed him passionately, relishing in the fresh taste of his mouth. Sugino ran his fingers shakily through the black-eyed man’s wings, separating the feathers with gentle pressure. Haruka almost purred, relaxing completely. The white Tengu broke the silence.

“Does this mean that you’ll finally ditch Kantarou and come live with me?”

“Not a chance, besides, I’m bound to him for life, I’m not allowed to leave his side. Unless you’d like to join us, Sugino-san. I have some great threesome ideas in mind.” Haruka whispered huskily as he sucked on a pink nipple, causing the mountain god to moan heavily again, his strong wings flexing with renewed pleasure.

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