It's Exactly What It Looks Like

BY : Broken Phantom
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Tossing her things haphazardly at her bag, Oukusa Manami struggled to get everything in the duffle. She was going to be late for her store-girl gig if she didn't get a move on.

"I really hate this," she muttered under her breath. It was bad enough having to work full time on top of going to school to keep her marriage together, but for all the hard work she put in they may as well not even BE married as little time as they got to spend together.

Manami groaned, slapping the duffle closed and sinking down onto the bench beside the lockers. She had been looking forward to spending some intimate time with her husband tonight for the first time in... had it really been months? But he got called away on business he said... so she'd volunteered for overtime.

The only thing she hadn't accounted for was just how much her body had been anticipating those tender moments. She had been so horny all day long she could barely contain it. She blushed remembering how her nipples had peaked through even the thick cotton cloth of her PE uniform, tingling at the sensation of the shirt rubbing the sensitive flesh through her bra.

Manami huffed a deep breath, unconsciously stroking a gentle circle on her stomach with her right hand as the remembered that prickling sensation fondly. "On top of that," she said to herself, shifting in her seat as a slow heat spread through between her legs, "Kino-kun and Haga-kun playing grabbass to one side in PE didn't help matters either... I'd swear they were doing it if it wasn't for the things Ai-chan tells me about her and Kino-kun... in detail, the little tramp." Biting her lip softly, Manami spread her legs slightly in the empty changing room as her hand wandered lower.

Gripping the wooden bench with her left hand, Manami leaned back, rubbing slow circles across her mound through the cotton bloomers of her PE uniform. She didn't care about being late now, she needed a release and fast. Half-formed fantasies drifted the periphery of her lust-glazed vision, and she increased the pace of her stroking hand, briefly considering asking Harumi if she'd ever thought about doing drawings of the people in her class.

The loud clatter of locker doors startled poor Manami so badly she slid backward off the bench, slamming into the lockers behind her. "I-I-I-It's not what it looks like, I swear!" she wailed, scrambling to untangle herself from her gymbag which had taken a tumble with her.

Frantically fighting her way to her feet, she looked around for the source of the noise. "Um... Hello? Is there... is there anyone there?" she called, but heard no response. Waiting a few moments, she breathed a deep sigh of relief, but remained flush and breathing heavily. Either it was a locker popping loose on its own, or whoever it was didn't stick around to answer her call. Her cheeks burned with the thought of someone seeing her doing that in school of all places; she might have to stop off and take care of herself on the way to work, but she couldn't continue in a public changing room.

Snatching up her duffle and bookbag, she hustled for the door. Turning the corner around a row of lockers she barely caught sight of the other girl before colliding into her with quite a bit of force, knocking both of them backward from the impact.

"Oww," Manami cried, catching herself on the side of a locker. "Oh, I'm so sorry... I'm in a hurry though," she said, bowing perfunctorily and trying to move on in case this was who was spying on her earlier. "I'm late, and I've got to get moving, please, excuse me."

She only got a few steps before a surprisingly firm hand gripped her upper arm just below the shoulder, halting Manami in her tracks. Looking back over her shoulder, Manami met the icy stare of Mitama Mayo, who's steely grip on her arm never wavered.

"Oh, M-mayo-san," Manami stammered, a surge of fear stabbing through her chest as she resisted the urge to yank her arm away. "I'm... I'm sorry, Mayo-san. I didn't mean to run into you... I was running late."

Mayo said nothing, merely stared straight at Manami who turned her flush face away, struggling to push down the surge of fear in her mind. 'Idiot,' she thought to herself, trying to stay calm, 'She's not that angry. It's just how she looks. I'm sure she just wants to make sure I'm all...' Manami's train of thought, however, was derailed as Mayo's grip on her arm tightened painfully, yanking the startled girl hard to one side, and slamming her back into the lockers behind her.

Manami's yelp of pain was sharp bark that echoed through the empty changing room. The metal latches of the locker behind her dug deeply into her shoulder as the tiny spark of fear in the back of her mind flared alive. Her legs trembled slightly as she watched Mayo, who's unnerving cold gaze pierced her to the core.

"M-M-Mayo-san," Manami whimpered, watching the cold girls expressionless face, "Please... I'm sorry, I didn't mean to..."

Mayo slammed her left hand against the locker beside Manami's head, forcing a terrified squeal from her as the hollow steel retort reverberated through the room. Mayo stepped close the cowering girl, their faces inches apart.

Manami's head swam with fear as she felt the heavy warmth that seemed to radiate from her attacker's body all across her own. Electric tension arced between them as Manami's body tightened, anticipating Mayo's angry fist or kick. Manami began to wonder as neither came whether she had mistaken Mayo's actions somehow...

Seizing the moment, Manami turned to try and run but was snatched up by the shoulder again, and slammed forcefully back into the lockers, moaning as pain flared once more in her bruised shoulder. Tears streaming down her face, she again met the cold gaze of Mayo, who's subtle head-shake told her all she needed to know... she wasn't going anywhere until Mayo said so.

Anxiety hung thick in the air between them as Mayo toyed with her cornered prey, her body looming close to the frightened girl but never touching her. She let her gaze travel down the trembling girls form, lingering on the nipples which were still visible through Manami's top.

Manami bit her lip in frustration as her body betrayed her; starved for attention she felt her arousal surge against her will. The erotic heat she built up earlier returned and she shivered, the hair on her arms and legs standing as she fought her sexual urges.

Manami gasped as she felt Mayo's right hand near her thigh. Rather than touching her, however, Mayo followed the subtle curve of her body, her hand less than an inch from Manami's skin. Manami nearly moaned at the sensation a Mayo's hand traveled up her body, a mix of anticipation and heat followed it as she traced Manami's side, the nails ever so slightly brushing the fabric of her PE uniform.

Mayo brought her hand up, the fingers skimming the whisper-thin hair along the nape of Manani's neck, who shuddered again, turning her head to one side as Mayo began to barely stroke her hair with gentle fingertips.

Manami gasped and shied away as best she could, pressing her head backward against the cold steel lockers as Mayo leaned in close. Hot, humid breath settled across Manami's jaw, sliding languidly down her neck as she cowered under Mayo's presence. Mayo brought her hand down along Manami's face, knuckles drifting softly against her cheek. Softly, Mayo caressed the curve of her cheekbone down to Manami's chin. Seizing Manami's jaw sharply, Mayo forced the girl to meet her cold gaze again, staring the frightened girl down silently. Trying to turn to either side earned Manami a disapproving hiss as Mayo turned her head forcefully back to face her, slamming it backward against the lockers with a dull crack.

Cold fear and erotic fire warred in Manami's belly, her body aching to be touched even as she yearned to break free and run as far and fast as her legs could carry her. The trembling pulse between her thighs told her, though, that wouldn't be very far. Mayo's teasing was stoking the embers of a lusty fire deep in Manami's core that the young girl hadn't felt in months.

Satisfied that her frightened morsel wasn't going to shy away again Mayo locked her gaze with Manami, teasing Manami's throat and eliciting a shiver of fear. Pressing her palm flat against Manami's breastbone Mayo savoured the pounding heartbeat surging just below her hand as she watched Manami's reaction.

Manami nearly moaned at Mayo's touch, her chest tightening, anticipating Mayo's caress. Mayo never moved her hand, however, keeping it resolutely pressed against Manami's breastbone. Manami squirmed despite herself, her breasts were painfully inflamed now, and Mayo's teasing touch so close them was driving her crazy.

Feeling desperate and defeated, she fidgeted under Mayo's cold eyes. "P.... Please, Mayo-san," she choked, shamefaced, "Y-Y-Your hand... Please move your hand."

Mayo obliged silently, lifting her hand off of Manami's chest letting her fingertips linger slightly as she did. Manami leaned forward unconsciously as the hand left, crying "No, don't...."

Mayo's eyebrows quirked and she sneered faintly, while Manami collapsed backward against the lockers, embarrassed tears running down her face. Her pussy was heating up now, a burning ache forming deeply in it as she flooded her panties. Defeated, Manami sobbed once, softly, "Please, Mayo-san... I... I want you to t-t-touch me," turning her tear-streaked face back to meet Mayo's impassive gaze, she sniffed once, "I n-need it, Mayo-san...."

The faint hint of a sinister grin passed over Mayo's face, and she seized the front of Manami's uniform, gathering a wad of cotton cloth and brassier in her fist, pulling them painfully taught around Manami's chest. She slammed Manami back for the third time pressing her whole body against Manami's aching form.

Mayo brought her face to Manami's neck, her lips just brushing the exposed white skin and making the girl shiver and squirm against Mayo's body. Releasing Manami's uniform, Mayo pressed her palm against her chest again, running her hand across to the shoulder, pressing hard but only just skirting the top of Manami's breast, never caressing it directly. Manami whined softly in frustration as Mayo's hand circled back to the center of her chest and down, between the valley of her ignored breasts, pulling the shirt tight across Manami's erect nipples as she went.

Manami whimpered, her back arching against the lockers as she strove to press herself into Mayo's form. Mayo, however, slid her hand down to Manami's side pressing her back against the lockers. Manami's soft cries of frustration echoed in the empty room as she struggled for release.

Mayo continued to tease Manami, nibbling on her ear softly as her hand caressed Manami's belly and hip under her PE shirt, fingertips dancing softly across the inflamed skin as Manami bit her lip. Mayo seemed content to toy with Manami forever, but Manami was at her limit. "Mayo-san!" she whined, "I can't... I need more Mayo-san."

Icy golden eyes never wavering from Manami's teary vision, Mayo continued to tease Manami, caressing her hips and almost cupping her buttock, before letting her hands travel up to the small of Manami's back, sparking a startled whimper as her nails traced across Manami's delicate skin.

"Ah... no..." Manami sniveled, "No, Mayo-san I can't stand it... Please," she croaked, "Please c-c-caress my b-breasts..." finished in a whisper, crimson shame flaring in her cheeks and spreading down below her collar.

Mayo chuckled darkly, but her hand traced an agonizingly slow trail up Manami's side, under her arm briefly, making the tortured girl shudder, until Mayo's fingertips rested at the top of Manami's breast. Spreading her hand, Mayo encircled the soft orb, turning her wrist and tracing a sweet circle around the rip of Manami's breast before bringing her hand up, grinding her knuckles across the nipple dragging a low, animal moan from Manami's throat.

Mayo's hand continued its delicate torment, caressing her breasts softly through the material of her blouse, just barely brushing across Manami's nipple at random, making the girl gasp. Manami's pussy ached, and she felt her panties and bloomer starting to become damp from her arousal... and yet, this was even worse than Mayo's earlier teasing, and only served to inflame her nipples further; she could see them visible beneath her blouse, her whole chest twitching with every sharp breath as Mayo's fingernails circled the shrouded nubs.

"Mayo-san~" Manami whined, "I want... i want you to... I want more..." Manami whimpered, unable to put her perverted thoughts to words. Mayo, grabbed Manami's shirt the shoulder, shaking the girl and snarled "Well then, SAY IT!"

Shocked, both, at the vehemence of Mayo's outburst and the fact it was probably the first time she'd heard the girl speak, Manami wailed "I want you to grab my tits! Squeeze them, fondle them, whatever you want, just do it!"

With a low growl, Mayo's hands snaked under Manami's blouse, grabbing either cup of her blouse and jerking it down, shredding cotton as she unleashed Manami's tender mounds. Dropping the bra and letting it slither out from under the blouse, Mayo grabbed both of Manami's nipples between her fingers, pinching the inflamed tips and twisting them cruelly.

Manami nearly screamed, her knees buckling as the burning ache in her nipples shot through her body. Sagging forward, Mayo opened her left hand, Palming Manami's breast and crushing it cruelly, twisting the orb in her hand as she tugged and pinched Manami's other nipple. Brought to the edge of reason already by Mayo's teasing, Manami moaned as pleasure and pain lanced along her spine. Her pussy flooded in response to the intense sensations and a visible, dark stain spread across the front of her bloomers.

He breath ragged, Manami clung to Mayo's cruel caress, the icy needles of pain from her abused breasts turned to warm pleasure somewhere in her belly and she longed for more. "Mayo-san, please... I want you to.... m-m-my vag.... My vag...."

Mayo sneered, leaning against Manami and biting her earlobe, pinching it between her teeth.

"Yesss," Manami hissed, too overcome to push aside her feelings anymore, "I want you in my pussy!" she growled, "I want it now, Mayo-san!"

Mayo's hand was quick, seizing a rough fistful of Manami's panties at the pink satin bow and yanking up viciously, making Manami wail as she sawed the cotton strip into the fold of her pussy. Knees weak, Manami clung to Mayo as her panties rasped against her, abrading her swollen clit with each jerk.

Manami embraced Mayo, tangling her hand in the shorter girls hair. "Please, Mayo-san," she begged, "I need your fingers inside me... I can't take this..."

Golden eyes flashing, Mayo worked her hand under the elastic of Manami's panties, abandoning teasing or pretense and roughly shoving her middle pair of fingers deep into Manami in one swift thrust.

"Yes," Manami moaned, her hips twitching as she rode Mayo's hand. Mayo's stroke was crude and she drilled her fingers into Manami's cunt, burying them to the knuckle on each stroke while her thumb worked the sobbing girl's clit as Manami's juice ran visibly down her leg.

This sudden rush of sensations was overwhelming, and Manami soon forgot about anything but working her wracked body to it's denied release. Sweat rolled down her face and neck weaving its way down the valley of her breasts, across the swell of her shoulder, it shadowed the angle and swoop of her shoulderblade and pooled in the small of her back as she panted into Mayo's neck softly begging for more.

Mayo's other hand worked at Manami's breasts still, and she rolled Manami's throbbing nipple between her fingers, now and again snatching it taught and pulling Manami's breast out painfully making her huffing breath catch in the back of her throat before letting it drop and moving to the other breast.

Mayo seemed to be enjoying herself, and she added a third finger, spearing them deep into Manami's pussy. Manami bit down on Mayo's shoulder to keep from screaming as Mayo drove her toward her climax with a brutish efficiency, making Manami's hips thrust against her hand with each stroke.

Electric blue haze swam through Manami's vision as she thrust her sex against Mayo's hand, each jab punctuated by Mayo's sotto voce grunt and Manami's thready gasp. A feeble voice of reason wailed in the back of her mind, rebelling against her surrendering herself to this violation, but the roar of blood in her ears from her racing heart drowned it out.

Manami's hands clenched wildly, one scrabbling wildly into Mayo's hair still as her muscles strained to hold her up. "Oh... oh yes, Mayo," Manami sobbed, "I can feel it coming."

Mayo could tell too, and watched as Manami's body tensed for release, muscles stretched taut creating hollows in the curve of her arm, and along the spread of her thigh. Mayo sneered, unseen by Manami, waiting until the shaking girl was nearly her breaking point when she simply stopped, whipping her hand free from Manami's panties dripping with accumulated fluid.

"NO~" Manami wailed, desperately trying to find release. She struggled to try and thrust against Mayo, to grind her sex to release against her tormentor's leg but Mayo just shoved her back laughing. She seized Manami's hands when she moved to stroke herself, and she still laughed as Manami collapsed to her knees crying in pain and shame.

"Why... why would you do that to me..." she wailed, her thighs desperately clenched as she tried to find purchase enough to stimulate herself. Mayo's cold disdain was clear on her face as she brought Manami's hands together, clasping them over Manami's head with one hand as unhooked the edge of her own skirt with the other.

Manami's eyes widened in shock, sobering much of the haze of lust from her mind as the realty of her situation came flooding back. Mayo's skirt fell to the side, revealing a pair of white cotton panties not too different from her own.

Mayo lunged forward, surprising Manami who crashed backward into the lockers. Mayo quickly pinned Manami's shoulders to the locker with her knees on either side, leaving the damp triangle of her panties framed squarely in Manami's vision. Speaking again, Mayo's words were a single, deathly quiet command.


Trembling, frightened, and ashamed, Manami hesitated, but only briefly as Mayo pressed her full weight against Manami's shoulder. Manami whined softly at the pain, the awkward angle of her arm making the joint throb painfully. Tearfully, she lowered her face to Mayo's crotch.

She could smell Mayo's arousal thick in the air confined around her pussy, and Manami shuddered as she thought about what she about to do. She clenched her eyes shut, extending her tongue and licking the juice-slick fabric of Mayo's panties. The bland tingle of fabric and the salty tang of sex mingled in Manami's mouth as she blindly licked at Mayo's pussy.

Mayo growled impatiently, seizing a knot of Manami's hair and yanking her face into her pussy, pressing her mouth against the outline of her labia. Manami tried to gasp, but damp cloth and soft skin pressed close, and what stale air she inhaled only served to inflame her lungs more. She coughed and gulped for air as her face was mashed into Mayo's cunt.

Mayo's gaze was cruel as she wallowed Manami's face into her crotch. She loved smearing her juice across her cheeks and the sight of burying the trapped girls mouth and nose in the flaps of her pussy and just holding her there, making her struggle for breath.

Mayo released Manami's hair and reached down, pulling the gusset of her panties to one side as far as it would go exposing her hairy mound. Manami saw pearls of bitter juice glitter in the forest of dense hair as Mayo seized her hair again, yanking her face first into her cunt with a snarl.

Manami was overcome by the strength of the scent and flavour as her mouth and nose were engulfed in the folds of Mayo's raw pussy. Struggling for breath, Manami gasped in a snively voice muffled by the flaps of Mayo's sex. Mayo simply laughed, jerking her hips and bearing down on Manami's tear-stained face, grinding her clit against Manami's nose as nether lips twined Manami's in an obscene mockery of a kiss.

Locked in immoral embrace, Mayo held no pretense of affection for Manami. She used her like furniture, grinding her pussy against Manami's face. Manami's resistance waned one thrust at a time as Mayo abused her face, laughing darkly as her tawny eyes glittered.

Bruised and miserable and still desperate for her own release, Manami just wanted her ordeal over. Choking on her pride, and a mouthful of Mayo's juice, she tentatively extended her tongue, flicking it along the inner wall of Mayo's pussy. Mayo rewarded her with a condescending laugh, easing up on her hair, but still firmly holding her head in place at her mound.

Mayo shuddered, pushing down her shame as she began to thrust her tongue into Mayo's canal, spearing into Mayo as deeply as she could. Mayo began to roll her hips, matching Manami's rhythm, fucking herself against Manami's probing tongue and panting lips.

Groaning in appreciation, Mayo tossed her head, arching her back and grinding her sex against Manami's face reveling as much in the sensations from the girl's tongue as from breaking her in.

Still crying, but desperate for her freedom, Manami continued to lick at Mayo's pussy, invading her folds with her tongue. She tried using her lips, her teeth, anything she could, teasing Mayo with her mouth as streamers of juice and wasted saliva ran from the corners of her mouth, dribbling down her neck.

Not satisfied with Manami's tepid tempo, Mayo let go of her hands and pulled her away from the lockers briefly, hooking her leg over Manami's left shoulder. Using her improved leverage, Mayo snarled and thrust her hips, driving Manami's head back into the lockers and pounding her cunt against Manami's face.

Mayo fumbled, finally steadying herself by grabbing a hanging lock with her left hand all the while grinding her cunt into Manami's face, slamming her into the lockers again and again with wild abandon.

Manami whimpered, buffeted by the assault. Her back and shoulders, numbed before, sang sweet whispers of new pain as she Mayo savaged her. Through the shock, the pain, and the humiliation Manami, her hands freed, began to finger her cunt, adding new tender the banked embers of her lust.

Animal grunts, wild but low, sounded in the gym as she drove her self toward her own climax with Manami's help. Dull metal rattled and banged, hollow sounding in the empty gym as Mayo impaled herself on the normally shy girl's lancing tongue thrusting again and again into Manami's face.

Manami frigged herself furiously, her climax building quickly again. She felt as though she'd been denied her release for days, but she wasn't even sure it was minutes since Mayo first approached her... more than anything else, even her freedom from Mayo, she longed for that interrupted bliss.

Manami felt it approaching quickly, and she could sense Mayo's as well, both girls heaving and panting as they sought their climax. Mayo broke through hers first, her pussy spasming as she cried out, seizing Manami's head and pressing it so hard against herself that Manami's air was cut off.

As she struggled, Mayo sized the back of her head and yanked, pulling her mouth open. Mayo groaned, a second wild climax overtaking her as she unleashed her bladder. Yellow piss bubbled into Manami's mouth, spilling over into her face as Mayo came, spraying everything into Manami.

Shocked, Manami bucked wildly, hot piss forcing it's way down her throat, filling her mouth and running out the corners of her mouth. Mortified, she crested the rise of her own climax, her scream bubbled up through the piss in her throat and she choked, spraying Mayo's urine from her mouth and nose. Manami retched, collapsing numbly to the floor as Mayo, her body wracked and trembling, continued to piss into Manami's face, the pale yellow spray fading to a thin trickle.

Shock and exhaustion left Manami at the verge of passing out, only dimly aware of Mayo removing her piss-stained panties and wiping down her own legs and pussy. Taking the stained garment, she crammed into Manami's mouth. Reaching into Manami's duffle, she withdrew her clean pair and pulled them on, patting the pink satin bow as she crouched down over Manami's trembling form.

"If you ever want to trade back, you know where to find me," she hissed, patting the barely conscious girl on the cheek before pulling on her skirt and walking out of the gym.

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