Chang-an University

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Disclaimer: I do not own Saiyuki or any of the characters, they belong to Kazuya Minekura, I do not make money for writing this.

Disclaimer: I do not own Saiyuki or any of the characters. If I did, who knows what would happen ^^

A/N: This is my first fic in a few years, and I’m not sure how it’s gonna be, but R&R… thanks!!! (thought processes are in italics). It’s from Sanzo’s POV
Warnings: AU, Slightly OOC, Yaoi, Lemon (in the later chapters)

The sweltering heat, the lots packed full of cars, parents and students dragging bags full of belongings from the car to the dorm.

“Jien, stop! I’m not 5 years old. Sheesh! You’re already gonna kill my chance with the ladies, and I haven’t even been here for an hour yet” A certain red haired kappa complained.

It was the first day of college… move in day.

“I’ve been here for less than 20 minutes and I already know who I’m going to be avoiding at this school” I lugged my bags from my car to my dorm, building 2, room 453. I finally got into my room and dropped all of my stuff in the middle of the room.

“Ow! That hurt asshole, watch where you’re dropping your shit” a voice complained.
“Fuck off idiot, this is my dorm”

“It’s mine too!” Gojyo screamed back.

“No it’s definitely not, I have a single”

“Not anymore, the residential life office messed up, so now I have to live with you” Gojyo explained.

“Fuck” I then proceeded to move my luggage out of the way to see his new roommate. “Ugh”

“What do you mean ‘ugh’, you don’t even know me, how can you not like me already?” Gojyo remarked.

“I heard enough from your conversation with your brother”

“Huh? What conversation?” Gojyo asked, confused.

“Shut up” Sanzo demanded. There was NO WAY that this immature bastard was his roommate for the rest of the year. Maybe he could get a switch, maybe he could move out.

“If you’re thinking of switching or moving out, there’s a housing freeze for the first 2 weeks of school. You can’t do anything for another 2 weeks.” Gojyo explained.

Fuck, now what? And how did he know what I was thinking. I guess I’ll just have to deal with the asshole for the next 2 weeks. “OK, don’t even think about touching my stuff or moving onto my side of the room. Got it? If I find anything out of place I’ll fucking kill you. I have to deal with you for the next 2 weeks, but after that I never want to see you again. Now I’m going to talk to the RA about it.”

I can’t believe this, I paid extra money to get a single, and now I’m stuck with this asshole. Whatever, I’m going to talk to the RA, what’s his name again? Hakkai?
Hakkai happened to live right across the hall which was lucky for me; I didn’t have to walk far. I knocked on the door and it didn’t take long for him to answer.

“Hello and welcome to Chang-an University! I hope you’ve had an easy time moving in!” Hakkai said, cheerfully.

“Hn, if you call an easy time having to deal with some pervert asshole, then yeah. So I’m here because I paid extra money to get a single room, and today as I bring my things up to my room I find out that I’m being forced to live in a room with some idiot. I want him out. NOW.”

“Now, now. I’m sure you can deal with him for 2 weeks. As soon as the housing freeze is up, then we’ll find you a new room, preferable alone.” Hakkai explained, “Now, what’s your major?”

“None of your business.”

“Heh, you’re a very private person aren’t you? My major happens to be criminal justice, but I can tell that you don’t care much. Well, if you need any help in classes or if you need to talk about anything I’m always here.”


Thank god that’s over, I’ll just head back to my room. Shit, that stupid cockroach was right. I need my own fucking space, I’m NOT living with his ass for the next 2 weeks. Fuck. What was my room number again, oh right, 453, here it is. Just gotta get into the room; what the fuck?! That stupid fucking kappa. He fucking took over the fucking room. Where the fuck did he go, I’ll kill him. The room is covered in hentai pictures and it reeks of bad cigarettes. Speaking of cigarettes, I need one right now.
Sanzo then started to unpack his belongings, fuming, waiting for Gojyo to come back. As he was unpacking he started to think about how he was going to kill Gojyo.
Ugh, too bad I can’t have my Smith and Wesson here, it would be just perfect.


Gojyo picked this as the perfect time to walk into the room with some tall blonde bimbo.

“Hey man, this is Mizuki. She lives downstairs, and she’s pretty cool. Aren’t you gonna say hi?” Gojyo asked.

“Does it look like I care?” I snapped back.

“Whatever man, your loss.” Gojyo shrugged and walked out the door.

How can he find that stupid bimbo attractive? Whatever.

Sanzo couldn’t help but notice that Gojyo had a very shapely and attractive ass as he walked out the door.

Wha-? I did NOT just think that did I? I’m not fucking gay, what the fuck is wrong with me? Whatever, I’ll just finish unpacking and then go to sleep early tonight.

Sanzo finished unpacking all of his stuff, and then he organized it. He went outside to smoke because he wasn’t allowed to inside, then came in a brushed his teeth, and crawled into bed to go to sleep. It was around midnight at this point, and Gojyo proceeded to come back totally shitfaced right when Sanzo was going to lay down in his bed.

“Hi Sanzo my man, how’s it going up there? Aceahnjaenuaceaan, acjnaulek! I fucking love this place! You’re really a dick, but I bet you have a nice dick. I wanna see, let me see Sanzo! Sanzoooooooooo!!!! I’m so fucking horny right now. Acanlue lua.” Gojyo slurred as he came stumbling in the room. Gojyo then went over to Sanzo’s bed and started trying to pull the blanket off.

“Get the fuck off of me you drunk bastard!” I yelled at him.

“Nooooooooo! You have to let me see! I wanna fuck you so bad man. You don’t understand!” Gojyo continued to slur.

“What the fuck do I have to do to get you off of me?”

“Fuck me. For a looooongggggg time, and don’t let it stop! My dick is so hard right now, you have to fucking touch it, you have to fuck me.”

“Didn’t you get enough fucking action from Miyuki, Mizuki whatever the hell her name is?”

“No man, I wanted to but she’s, she’s a fucking lesbian. Would you believe that? A LESBIAN! How the hell am I supposed to get with a lesbian?”

“How the fuck am I supposed to know? Now GET OFF ME!”

This is ridiculous, there’s nothing I can do right now. He weighs more than me and I don’t have the energy to fight him right now. He needs to sober up and then go to sleep. Why the fuck do I always get stuck with the irresponsible assholes?

“Listen to me Gojyo. Go to sleep, get the fuck off me, I’m NOT going to fuck you. You’re not going to remember a thing about this in the morning and I’m not fucking gay. GO TO SLEEP!”

Great, now he looks fucking miserable. Fuck I know that face, he better not fucking throw up on me.

“Gojyo get your ass to the bathroom and throw up in there, if you fucking throw up on me I’m going to fucking kick your ass! I don’t care if your drunk or not!”

Gojyo ran down the hallway into the bathroom and stayed there for a good hour or so.

Fuck, now what? I don’t want the asshole to die, but I’m not his fucking mother. What the fuck do I do? Ugh fuck this, I’ll go check on him and if he seems fine I’ll just go to sleep.

Sanzo walked down the hall and into the bathroom to find Gojyo hanging over the toilet.

“Oi. You. Asshole”

“What?” Gojyo slurred.

“Are you done, can I go to sleep?”

Ew, the whole fucking bathroom smells like fucking puke.

“Yeah, thanks man. I’ll be back in when I know I’m ok.” Gojyo stated.


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