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I had originally written this on FanFiction, so those who have seen this on there, this version is less clean.

Sanzo sat perched on the edge of his bed, staring at the sunlight that filtered in through the half closed blinds. His pale violet eyes were half-closed as he blew smoke out of his nostrils, thoughts reflecting on the strange and horrible town that had caused so much pain for his friends…
The jeep hurtled to a stop, sending up a cloud of dust and causing the passengers in the back seat to slide into each other. The driver smiled slightly as he said, “Sorry about that, I didn’t mean to stop so suddenly,” but his voice was drowned out by a yell from the back seat.

“Watch it, monkey!” the crimson haired man shouted, shoving the boy who had slid into him when Hakkai had stopped the jeep. His crimson eyes flashed in the afternoon sunlight giving him a sinister look.

“Bite me, horny hippie!” the brown haired boy retorted, kicking the man in the shins, trying to pass it off as an accident from trying to move to the other side of the jeep.
“Eat a banana and die!” Gojyo snapped, smacking the younger boy on the back of the head for kicking him in the shins.

“Take a pickle and shove it, you cross-dressing whore!” Goku twined his fingers in Gojyo’s long hair and yanking on it roughly.

“Why you little--,” Gojyo was cut off by the passenger in the front seat whirling around and pulling out his gun.

“Shut the fuck up, both of you!” the priest snarled, giving the man and boy a cold stare. “I will shoot nine-ways to hell if you don’t.”

Gojyo glared at Sanzo, rubbing his head with his fingers when Goku let go. The boy sat back and smiled, obviously enamored with the priest.

“Put up your gun. We don’t want to scare the residents,” Hakkai said as he stepped out of the jeep and shut the door gently. “Stay here Hakaryu.”

“Yay! Now we can get some food! Maybe some bananas…”Goku said happily, leaping lightly out of the jeep. He landed smoothly with a grin.

“I’ve got your banana right here,” Gojyo snarled, grabbing his crotch as he stood up and stepped out of the jeep. He landed lightly on the dirt road, brushing off his clothing. He smiled at Hakkai when he saw the man roll his eyes. “You know that was cool.”

Hakkai rolled his eyes with a slight laugh. He reached into the backseat and pulled out a black bag that contained their supplies. They were running low and would have to pick some up before they left the next morning. He reminded himself that they would all have to get new clothes because theirs kept getting blood stains on them. Once he was ready, the group of four proceeded to walk into the town.

The town consisted of one main street that had large and small buildings surrounding it. It gave that it was calm and serene, except that brightly colored streamers and bells were laced from building to building and the people were dressed in brightly colored clothing.

“Wonder what’s going on...”Goku whispered, looking around at the people and streamers. His hunger was momentarily forgotten due to the festival-like atmosphere.

“Probably a festival,” Hakkai answered, startling the boy slightly with his uncanny knack of guessing someone’s thoughts.

“OoOo…there’s a pretty lady,” Gojyo said all of a sudden, eyeing a slender woman in a red dress. Her hair was pinned up in a bun of curls and she was bent over as she looked at something on the table in front of her.

“I don’t think--,” Hakkai began, but his friend had already walked off towards the woman.

“Hello, pretty lady. I’m new here; would you know where I could find a place to stay?” Gojyo asked, leaning against one of the poles that held up the tents roof. He was smiling slightly, seductively as he eyed the woman appreciatively.

The woman stood and turned to face Gojyo, smiling at the man’s widened eyes. The woman wasn’t a woman, but a slim man with high cheekbones. His dark blue eyes surveyed Gojyo with interest.
“Sure, handsome. My place is always free,” the man said with a slight wink, placing a hand on his hip and twirling a loose strand of hair with a finger.

“I’m sorry, but he already has a place to stay,” Hakkai said as he walked over to where Gojyo and the man were. He slipped an arm loosely around the waist, resting his head on Gojyo’s shoulder.

“He’s such a flirt. Aren’t you, love?” Hakkai asked, giving the man a gentle smile. He laughed softly at Gojyo’s loss of words and stiff posture. He felt kind of bad for the man, but he had asked for it.

Gojyo paled slightly, sweat breaking out on his brow. How could this have happened? Damn hormones… “I...uh...I...”

“Oh, by the way; I’m Hakkai and this is my fiancé, Gojyo,” Hakkai said, holding out his hand to the other man in the dress.

“I’m Ryu.” The man shook Hakkai’s hand briefly, smiling at Hakkai’s attitude “You’ve got yourself a handsome one and a polite one. You’re lucky.”

“I know! I couldn’t be happier!” Hakkai answered with an unusual cheeriness. He nuzzled Gojyo lightly on the neck, smiling inwardly. The taller man appeared to be frozen with shock.

“He’s a bit shy, isn’t he?”

“Mmhmm...Do you have anyone?”

Ryu smiled. “Yes, but he’s not like yours. He’s a little more rugged and less polite.”

“Oh...where is he?” Hakkai feigned interest by standing up on his tiptoes to look around.

Ryu turned slightly and whistled before shouting, “Kono mi, come here!”

A tall man with short cropped hair gray eyes slowly walked over. He wore tight leather pants and no shirt or shoes. Chains dangled off of him and he wore a pair of handcuffs on each wrist, making him jingle with every step. “Yes?” he asked gruffly.

“This is Hakkai and his fiancé Gojyo,” Ryu said happily, hooking an arm through Kono mi’s arm and giving it a loving squeeze.

Kono mi smiled. “It’s good to meet outsiders that don’t frown on us!”

Hakkai smiled and squeezed Gojyo gently. “It’s finally good to be in a place that welcomes us!”

“Hakkai!” Goku called, stepping into the inn. “Come on!”

“Oh, dear! The host must need me!” Hakkai kissed Gojyo briefly on the cheek and walked off, laughing silently on the inside as he added a little sway to his hips. He was amused by Gojyo’s reaction and this had been the most fun he had had since…well…in a long time.

“Come by tonight for dinner!” Ryu called after.

“Will do!” Hakkai answered, entering the inn and waving over his shoulder.

Ryu turned to Gojyo, arching an eyebrow slightly with worry. “Are you ok?”

Gojyo nodded numbly, pale faced. “I-uh-I need to go to the shop,” he whispered, turning a slowly walking away.

“See you at seven!”

“Uh-ok,” Gojyo muttered, never looking back. What the hell was going on? He entered the quiet of the inn, hoping to forget everything that had just gone on.
Gojyo slammed a fist angrily on Hakkai’s door, crimson eyes flashing. “Open up, you cross-dressing whore!” he snarled, hitting the door again with anger. The bastard had set him up! He had not even bothered to tell him that that guy had not even been female!

“Just a minute,” Hakkai’s soft voice drifted out from behind the door followed by the sounds of shuffling and murmured words of frustration.

Shortly the kappa heard the locks being undone and the door swung inward slowly to reveal Hakkai.

“What in the hell is that?!” Gojyo gasped in shock, eyes running up and down Hakkai’s body. He managed to not turn as red as his hair as he felt a pleasant warmth creep down his belly.

“Do you like?” Hakkai asked, placing a hand on his hip as he leaned against the door frame. His dark black skirt hugged his body until his mid-thigh, where it gave way to dark green fishnets that ran into a dark black pair of slightly heeled boots. The spaghetti strapped top that hugged every curve of his chest and waist was a dark black with emerald stripes criss-crossing it, straps holding it in place. Beneath the top was a fishnet top that matched his eyes and there was a green studded collar around his throat.

“You look like a...whore,” Gojyo said before he could stop himself, but it was true…though that did not stop the thankfully-private-thoughts that ran through his head.

Hakkai stopped smiling and gave Gojyo a flat stare that indicated he was not amused. “I like it, too,” he said, putting as much hurt as he could manage into the four syllables.

“Hakkai…don’t take it like that…”

“Take it like what? I was just insulted. How should I take it?” Hakkai answered, straightening and cross his arms in front of his chest which caused a deep blush to rise in Gojyo’s cheeks.

“I’m sorry,” Gojyo said, stepping forward to hide the blush. “It’s just that you-uh- you surprised me.”

“You’re such a bad liar, Gojyo,” Hakkai answered, smiling slightly as he noted Gojyo’s red cheeks.

Gojyo smiled back and stepped into the room, shutting the door behind him. “I’m not lying.”

Hakkai smiled as he stepped away from Gojyo, leading the man further into the room. “I’ve got something for you,” he said softly as he turned and walked over to the bedside table on which was a wooden basket with clothing in it. He leaned over and began to rummage through the basket, blissfully unaware that his skirt had risen higher. He listened to Gojyo shuffle his feet slightly, apparently embarrassed by all of this. He smiled slightly and then his eyes widened when he felt Gojyo come up behind him and wrap his arms around his waist.

“And I’ve got something for you,” Gojyo whispered softly in Hakkai’s ear as bent over and pulled the smaller man closer to him.

Hakkai whirled around at that and leaned back against the bedside table, watching Gojyo intently. He had always suspected, but never had proof until now that Gojyo was…like this. Then again, he never bothered to ask what went on behind Gojyo’s doors, not really caring to know.
Gojyo smiled slightly and pressed his body against Hakkai, effectively pinning the man against the table. He leaned close and smiled wider when he saw the blush creeping into Hakkai’s face.

“Are you alright, Hakkai?” he asked, lightly running a finger up and down Hakkai’s arm.
Hakkai’s blush deepened and he nodded, not seeming to be able to find his breath. He was not sure what to do, never having been this close to a man before. Or a man like Gojyo. He looked up into Gojyo’s dark eyes that were watching him through the dim light.

“You ‘ve never done this before, have you?” Gojyo asked suddenly, picking up on the nervousness of the other man.

“I thought you never had, either,” Hakkai answered, holding the edge of the stand tightly. He was waiting to be denied, not knowing if the moment had just been broken.

“What I say and what I do are two entirely different things, my love,” Gojyo answered silkily as he leaned in closer and softly kissed Hakkai on the corner of the mouth before kissing the other corner, enjoying Hakkai’s slowly-speeding up breath. He then softly kissed Hakkai on the lips, but the other man did not want to remain so and deepened the kiss farther.

Hakkai arched his back up and slipped his arms around Gojyo’s neck and pulled the man closer. He moaned softly, eyes shutting, as he felt Gojyo’s tongue slip into his mouth. He sucked lightly on Gojyo’s tongue out of reflex and was rewarded by Gojyo thrusting his hips forward automatically. He felt Gojyo pull him closer and then he was being pushed onto the bed on his back, the kiss never breaking. He gasped as Gojyo broke the kiss and ran his fingers up Hakkai’s thigh, lightly stroking.

Gojyo slipped his hand up Hakkai’s skirt and grabbed the top of the fish net stockings and yanked them down, letting his fingers lightly brush against Hakkai’s already erect shaft. He smiled inwardly at Hakkai’s inhale, trying hard to take his time, but he soon grew frustrated with the layers of clothing Hakkai had on and began to pull them off in a frenzy. Shortly, the two of them were unclothed and were panting heavily just from the exertion of getting the clothes off.

Hakkai watched Gojyo, trailing a finger lightly along the red-haired man’s jaw line, a slightly smile playing on his lips. He had no idea what to do next so he leaned up and pulled the other man into a kiss. He gasped softly when Gojyo ran a hand up his thighs, raking his nails lightly against his skin. His green eyes shut half-way as Gojyo forced his tongue into his mouth, bringing back the sweet taste of tobacco. He ran his tongue across Gojyo’s, lost in the deliciousness of the taste and feel of the man’s tongue. So much that he had not realized his hips had been tilted upwards until he felt Gojyo thrust into him slowly. His body tensed at the unexpected pain that lurched through his body and his nails dug into Gojyo’s shoulders. His back arched and he broke off the kiss with a slight moan of pain, the pleasure just under the surface.

“Hakkai…relax a little…”Gojyo whispered, stopping his thrust for the moment as he felt Hakkai tighten around him. He lightly brushed a tear that had leaked out from the corner of Hakkai’s eye, his own eyes worried. “…or we can stop…”

Hakkai shook his head and kissed Gojyo once more, forcing his body to relax. In that second, Gojyo thrust forward all the way. Hakkai inhaled deeply at that with pain before the gasp turned to pleasure as Gojyo slipped a hand down his body and to his softening member. His eyes shut and his back arched as Gojyo began the slow rhythm, thrusting in and out. Gojyo’s hand matched the pace, squeezing and loosening in perfect rhythm.

“Oh, gods, Gojyo…”he moaned, nails digging further into Gojyo’s shoulder. His breathing was fast and shallow with the ecstasy of everything going on.

Gojyo lightly nibbled Hakkai’s collar bone. He was having a hard time keeping a steady pace, but knew he would eventually lose control completely. It felt too damn good with Hakkai. With that thought, his body lost it and his thrusts became deeper and faster. He heard Hakkai’s ragged breathing in his ear mixed with moans and gasps of ecstasy. The sounds were getting higher pitched, up towards screams of pure pleasure. This made him harder and his pace faster. He went back to stroking Hakkai as well, feeling the man grow harder and more swollen. He smiled slightly when he felt Hakkai arch underneath him and his sticky warm fluid came out in a burst, coating his hand. Gojyo shuddered as he felt the heat building in his lower belly and his balls tightening as his body released itself in a rush. He used the semen as lubricate and rode Hakkai throughout the orgasm, causing Hakkai to scream with mere pleasure, the pain completely forgotten.

Spent, Gojyo slowed to a stop and softly kissed Hakkai once more, as he pulled out, which was not too hard since he was already becoming soft again. He crooked a knee over the man’s thigh as he laid half on and half off the man, feeling Hakkai’s chest heaving from the activities.


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