Sayonara Reinbach's Virginity

BY : Broken Phantom
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"And... done," she said, scraping the last of the dirty grass from the corner of the tiger's paddock, "No thanks to you Reinbach. I think you popped some of my stitches with that tackle."

The tiger tried to look abashed... or at least, Abiru liked to think he was. Honestly, it wasn't his fault, the big baby had been raised in captivity here in the zoo; never had been anywhere near the wild. Abiru had been taking care of him for a couple of years now, since a few weeks after she first volunteered here at the zoo. She'd trained under his previous caretaker, an older woman and veterinarian, at the time. She'd been getting up in years, however, and was unable to take care of the tiger anymore, and finally retired last year. While he was certainly a sweetheart, he simply didn't realize his own strength most of the time, he acted more like a domestic cat than a tiger. That's why had to be isolated from the rest of the big cats in his own paddock at night for his own safety.

"Well then Reinbach," Abiru said, unfolding her map of the Zoo and flopping down to lean against the tiger, "Let's see where we should go this evening."

Poring over the map, she took note of the animal paddocks, each marked with her own tail-grading system based on softness, flex, catchability, and response attacks. "Hmm... I haven't been by the ring-tailed lemurs for several weeks, so I'll probably stop there first," she muttered, looking over the map, "They've just finished the new kangaroo paddock, so I might take a look over there, see if they've been put out early. I figure after that, just hit the reptile house for the chameleon exhibit on the way out." Abiru sighed dreamily, "Ah, I wonder what a kangaroo's tail feels like..."

She was roused from her daydream by a voice from the hallway. Startled, she scrambled and fumbled with the map, finally wadding it up and sticking in behind her back. "Here, Director."

The Zoo's director unlocked the paddock, and entered. "There you are, Abiru-chan," he said smiling, "Finished already?"

"Yes," she said, "I've cleaned the cat paddocks and put out food for the others for the night. I have a few things to finish up still in the caretaker's room, but after that I'll be going." She could feel Reinbach shift behind her, and she hoped he hadn't accidentally pushed the paper out into the open.

"All right then," he said, "I think the rest of the caretakers are on their way out now. Make sure to let the night-guard know when you've finished."

"Of course, director," Abiru replied, "Good night."

"Good night, Abiru-chan," the zoo's director said, exiting the paddock and locking it behind him.

Abiru sighed, leaning back against Reinbach's warm fur. She decided to give the director a few minutes to clear out before she headed off for the lemurs. Reinbach stirred again, and she could feel his tail in the small of her back. A sly grin crossed her face as she reached back with both hands, encircling it and giving it a good, firm squeeze.

"Odd," she thought, rubbing up and down on the warm length in her hands, "His tail feels different today."

Abiru felt a warm tickling on her shoulder, which she brushed away with her cheek, continuing her exploration of Reinbach. The tickling returned, and she turned her head to look. "Oh, that's your tail there," she said, "Well then what exactly do... I... "

Her face turning increasing shades of red, Abiru craned her neck to see that Reinbach's shifting had left his exposed belly towards her back, which meant that thing she was gripping so soundly was indeed...

"EEEEEW!" she cried, letting go of Reinbach even as she scrambled across the floor of the paddock. Reinbach turned and looked at her even as she sat against the far wall panting. "That was so... well, it was... actually," she said to herself, thinking back, "That was.. interesting... it doesn't feel so very different," she thought, "To a tail."

She looked at her hands. They were clean and dry, she had apparently been stroking the sheath, rather than touching the actual penis. Slowly, experimentally, she brought her hands up to her face, taking a brief sniff. There was a musk there, certainly... it was strong, but not overpowering. She longer breath, taking in the scent. It was warm and earthy, but it was still Reinbach's scent, the same smell she got rolling around the paddock with him, or laying across his back, holding his tail and steering him like a motorboat.

Curious, she crawled back to Reinbach. As if sensing her intention, Reinbach lolled further over on his side, exposing his belly completely to Abiru. Smiling reassuringly, Abiru rubbed his chest and abdomen, ruffling the fur. She leaned over, petting his muzzle with her other hand as she took in the animal smell of him; the deep baritone rumble of his purring filled the paddock as she began to stroke his belly lower and lower. Eventually, she move herself about midway down his chest, laying her fact against his ribs as her hand moved closer and closer to object of her curiosity.

A strange sort of electricity was in the air as Abiru continued moving further and further towards Reinbach's sheath... Abiru knew, that she still had time to stop. To just pat Reinbach on the head and walk away... and yet, that feeling compelled her, the thought of gripping a creature's very sexual essence, so very like a tail, excited her and drive her on until, taking a deep breath, she moved her hand deliberately down onto Reinbach's sheathed member.

Abiru gasped, feeling the heat radiating through her hand even though the softly furred sheath. Reinbach gave no signal that what she was doing was anything more than her normal friendly rubdown, so she continued, gripping the sheath and caressing it downward over his still hidden penis. Reinbach stirred beneath her, but made no protest, even as she felt the folds of sheath parting to the shifting muscle beneath.

Abiru turned her head, watching with fascination as the tip of Reinbach's slowly extending member began to peak from the folds of sheath. Crawling closer, she brought her other hand to bare, teasing the tip with brief, soft pinches as it peaked from Reinbach's folds even as she continued to grip and coax it from it's hidden recess.

Starry-eyed, she was rapt as Reinbach's rapidly stiffening pink member extended from the sheath. It didn't look at all like she thought it would... subconsciously, she vaguely expected it to look like the penises she saw in Harumi's comics... which it sort of did. Pink and throbbing, it tapered, though, to something like a point at the tip, and was marked by a placement of small bumps. Hesitantly at first, Abiru grasped Reinbach's now exposed penis fully in her hands for the first time. Reinbach shifted underneath her, a low sort of growl in the back of his throat, and Abiru gasped.

"Ow," she exclaimed, taking her hand off of Reinbach's member, "Are those spines?!" Looking more closely, she could see a series of short, spiky hairs growing backward down the collar at the base of his shaft. Bringing her hand to her face, she sucked the uncomfortable prickle in the heal of her hand for a few seconds before realizing where her hand had just been. Her eyes widened in partial shock, but she didn't remove her hand. Breathing in, she was overpowered by Reinbach's musk, and was surprised to find herself becoming more and more excited. She doubted it was the scent; rather, she thought, it was what she was about to do...

Reaching back, she gripped Reinbach's penis at the top and stroked downward with the direction of the hairs, She was rewarded with a shudder and another deep growl from Reinbach, she gripped and stroked again, savouring the feel of the hot, swollen member under her care. Reaching over with her left hand, she cupped base of Reinbach's sheath with her inner fingers and thumb, gently caressing it through the folds of skin as she continued to stroke downward with her right hand, rhythmically massaging Reinbach's penis.

Abiru soon found herself thrusting her hips, grinding herself against the material of her work pants in time with her strokes of Reinbach's quickly reddening penis. She wondered, briefly, if she would be brave enough to try and take him into her mouth. Bringing her face closer to his penis, she was utterly surprised when, with a throaty yowl, Reinbach thrust his hips forward in her hands and came.

The first jet of ejaculate caught her full in the face, and in her shock she let go of his penis, reaching up to wipe her face. The next two spurts splattered across her shirt, finally ending in a trickle that rand down across his fur. Murring contentedly, Reinbach rolled around on his back playfully, whipping his tail back and forth.

Abiru sat in shock, surprised that he had come so quickly. She turned her hand over and looked at the semen gathered in it. She brought her hand to her face, wrinkling her nose at the smell of it. She touched her tongue to it for a moment, then spat. "Ugh," she said, "Oh, that's awful, what was I thinking..."

Wiping the cum on her already ruined shirt, she looked over at Reinbach. He was napping contentedly in the corner as though nothing had happened. Slightly dazed by the turn of events, Abiru folded up the wadded up map, and started walking down the corridor to the caretaker's facility to get cleaned up, smiling faintly to herself. She wondered if she's be able to get more time alone with Reinbach in the future....

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