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Near slowly raised his eyelids and groaned as he rolled over to his other side. He immediately covered himself with his arms and shivered, freezing. Why on earth was it so damn cold? Was the air conditioner malfunctioning again? He picked himself up and was shocked to find himself dressed in a short pleated skirt and a thin tank top that must have been one size too small.

"What is..." Near pulled at his skirt and fingered the cloth, soon realizing that he was no longer wearing his boxers either. He peeked under his skirt wondering if this was some kind of dream.

For a moment, he waited for it to end. Nothing happened. Perhaps this wasn't a dream after all...

Near left the bed and walked up towards the window to investigate. He hadn't recognized this place and alarm was slowly starting to creep up on him.

Once he reached the window, a pair of hands groped his bottom. Near jumped and immediately turn around to be confronted with a smothering kiss. His body seized and his eyes darted back and forth, quickly trying to assess the situation.
Quick to respond but not yet calm, Near jerked away with all his strength , however, his small arms were pulled towards the sloppy tongue. He tried to close his mouth and turn his head but earned a quick slap for each attempt.

Finally, the stranger pulled away from his lips and Near was able to break free before bumping into a group of four or so men, all with strange, filthy gazes.
Near took a few steps back and turned around, soon to find his arms grabbed from behind and his legs pulled up so that he struggled in mid-air. He tried to kick and claw but it was futile. One man held his left leg and another, the right. Together they spread Near's legs as another man buried his face between Near's legs and inhaled. Embarrassed, Near cursed and protested, intensifying only when the man ran his tongue up and down Near's panties, soaking them. "St-top this right now-- fuckheads!"
"I can't wait to fuck his boy-pussy."
"He's already hard!"
Each lick and lewd comment filled Near with immense shame and weakened his spirit. The man was now practically devouring the boys clothed erection. Near's body shivered and he felt like he was going to melt as the hot and moist sensation threatened to steal his focus. Never had he ever felt this way in his life.
However, he would never let himself give in so easily, so he continued to resist with random ,violent tremors of protest and loud, stinging curse words.
The man pulled aside Near's panties and dipped his tongue into his ass, thrusting in as much as he could and greedily licking and slurping. Near felt sick to his stomach. He tried his hardest to keep his shallow breaths to himself and to keep his hips from tossing. His slender frame trembled at the suppression. "Ughhh..."

This was a nightmare. Finally, the man finished licking him and began jerking off, aiming for Near's chest. Within moments, his stained Near's skirt and top with cum. The boy closed his eyes and shivered in disgust, "Shithead!"

Near tried to relax his body, but another man, holding a camera, pulled Near's panties aside and filmed himself fingering Near's asshole with two fingers, gradually widening with each thrust.
He cursed some more and tried to shake off the man, "You d-disgusting bastard! Dont touch me!" The cameraman quickened his pace and violently fucked the boy. Near's body could barely take it anymore.
Once he felt the man's fingers leave his body, he sighed in short-lived relief only to be alarmed by a loud buzzing noise. He glanced up and felt absolute horror wash over him once he saw that one of the men was holding a large vibrating dildo. "Let's see if this fits in his pussy."
"I bet he'll love it. He's practically overflowing after I fucked him with my fingers."

Near cursed some more and summoned the last of his strength, struggling as hard he could.
And, by some miracle, he was dropped to the floor. He quickly picked himself up and tried to run but was caught by the waist and pressed against the wall. His captor's erection snuck under his skirt and pressed against his panties. He glared at the man in the meanest way he could muster, "Do you have ANY human deceny at all?!"

The man stared at him for a moment, "...You're pretty cute when you're mad." Before Near could respond he lavished Near with a mad, obsessive kiss. His tongue tasting every single little secret dip and curve in the boy's mouth.

Near tried to resist but his own body coursed with passion. Feeling trapped , he allowed the man kiss him and hoped that it would end soon. It didn't help matters that his admirer was grinding against his panties.

When the kiss was over, the man took Near over to the bed and pushed him on his back. The boy closed his eyes and, though tired, still tried to think of ways of escaping.

He felt his panties being slipped down his thighs and onto the floor while wandering hands caressed his legs and fingered his sack and hole. He shut his eyes and made a displeased sound as the dildo, now off, was pressed against his entrance. Finally, he arched his back and cried as his asshole swallowed the dildo. "G-Gahh!"
"Did you see how he swallowed it?"
"Greedy little whore."
Hes starving for cock."
"Turn it on. I want to see him squirm. That always gets me really hard."

Near grabbed the sheets on the bed and braced for the coming sensation. He shut his eyes tightly and jolted a bit when it was turned on, but it was just a murmur. The lack of sensation both surprised and relieved Near.

Near's breath, without him realizing, began to escalate into shallow pants and his hips began to move. The dildo was slowly turned up and Near was soon moaning and carelessly tossing his hips. He opened his eyes slightly and saw the men touching themselves as they watched. His admirer was thrusting the dildo in and out and Near couldn't help but follow the movements, "AHhh! Hahhh! MMMHhh!" God, it felt so good.

He was going to come at any moment. Damn it... Near's moans quickened and heightened. His admirer gave him a filthy kiss as he came. In the midst of the kiss, Near felt pure ecstasy and in a fit of passion, kissed the admirer back with the same amount of vigor, their mouths battling in unison.

When the kiss ended, Near collapsed onto the bed, breathless and closed his eyes. He couldn't dare look at the men.

Soon he felt the weight of the bed shift and his cheeks grabbed as a cock dripping with precum, smeared his lips. He looked up and stopped at the shoulders, having lost the courage to look the men directly in the eye. Near reluctantly opened his mouth, allowing the man to jam his cock inside. The man immediately began to fuck his mouth and Near wanted to gag at the smell and the taste. But, it was all over quickly over and a warm torrent of cum overflowed inside his mouth. He accidentally swallowed some and felt slightly nauseous.

"Swallow it."

Near paused for a moment, gathering what remained of his coherency. He couldn't bear the thought of swallowing it and spit it back out.

Immediately, a man pressed him against the bed and bombarded him with kisses while vigorously rubbing his cock. "Ahh-ahhhh..." God he hated this. It felt so good: the messy exchange of saliva, the curious yet passionate tongue; this man _really_ wanted him. He wanted so bad to lose himself but....
"Mmhh..hhh.." The kiss left his lips and Near gasped for air.

He suddenly felt a whole bunch of steaming cum adorn his face. "Agh..." Near wiped his face and sat up, his cock erect and leaking.

He felt another man grab his chin and kiss him deeply and intensely while another's hands wandered his body, squeezing and pinching. This kiss was so eager to consume him he could barely breath. Then that kiss ended and another lusty kiss devoured him. This one greedy and messy.
Near gently received each kiss, slowly returning affection. Immense relief washed over him as he gave in. He kissed the next man deeply, letting himself savor the temperature and taste.

Once that ended, Near wiped his mouth and looked down at his cum-stained skirt below. He lifted his top up above the nipples and arched back as two of the men pulled and licked at them. Near moaned and threw his head back a little. He shivered and he felt so good, all the way to his fingertips and toes. "Ahhh... Mmmhh, y-yes... hahhh..." He licked his lips and rubbed his own cock, watching the two mouths devour his nipples. Once they finished, Near received another round of kisses while quietly fingering the tip of his cock.

Suddenly, a man grabbed Near and lifted up his small body. Near widened his eyes a bit, but he quickly gave in, whimpering as he felt the erection tease his puckering entrance --eager to fuck him senseless.
Finally, his little body was lowered onto the cock and Near arched his back, immediately responding and thrusting his hips as the cock completely filled him. He cursed and licked his lips, tossing his ass up and down, "Unghh.. Ahhh oh.... f-fu--ahhh! Feels so good..." The man quickly climaxed.
Near was placed on the bed once more when a different pair of hands pushed him down and lifted his legs. The boy deeply gasped as he was entered into a second time. This time he grabbed the sheets and shamelessly thrust and moaned as he was fucked. "Ahhh! Haaah, Ahhh, Hyaaahh haahh f-fuck me! Mhhhh...."
After that man came, Near immediately felt another cock enter him.
Near rolled his hips and looked at the man who turned out to be his admirer.
"Make me cum," Near commanded.
The admirer lifted up Near's hips and pumped hard and fast causing the boy to helplessly cry and whine. His small waist hovered, inches above the bed, while his admirer senselessly fucked him harder and harder and harder, emitting loud, thick slaps and reddening Near's bottom with sheer intensity. Near dug his nails into his back and curled his toes, yelping and moaning shallowly until he finally climaxed. "Mhh..." The man exploded inside of him. Hot, sticky cum overflowed.

After a few more fucks, Near was dropped onto the bed and semen practically poured out of his entrance. His face was flush and his cock, satisfied. His chest rose up and down quickly. The men left and Near curled up, exhausted and fell asleep.

A/N - Sorry for being so mean to you in this one, Near ;_;

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