Scandalous Affairs: The Story of a Mad Grieving...

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Disclaimer: I don't own Sailor Moon (though i wish i did), but any other character outside of the Sailor Moon manga and anime are my own creation! Story is from my own imagination! i made the story! I MAKE NO PROFIT/MONEY OUT OF THIS STORY. I like to share my st

Scandalous Affairs: The Story of a Mad Grieving Woman

This story is very different from all my other stories, so don't judge my other stories until you read them because you think they might all be like this.
This story will start out odd with lots of sexual involvement, but that will lead to the main story. All that sexual things is necessary to understand the full plot of this story. It may not make sense now but I promise you by the end of the story everything will be clear.

Of course this story will get on the nerves of many Serena and Darien's fans but this story IS a Darien and Serena story even though in the beginning it might not look it.
Summary: Used, taken advantaged off, emotionally abuse, and physically scarred but all this changed when a moment's insanity gave her the will to fight back. Now she is taking a step and she will stop at nothing until she has taken her pound of flesh.
The Truths within the Darkness
Chapter 1
Serena’s Pov

“Where are you going?”
“Where else? I have another appointment!” I replied with enthusiasm. He growled as his eyes darkened dangerously. Why should I care that he doesn’t like what I am doing?
“What the hell do you mean you have another appointment!? We are married you know! If you need to have sex that badly I am your husband!” oohhhhh he is mad. Gotta make my escape.
“Look Honey.” I loved it when he growled at my sarcastic sneers. “My life is my own. Married or not, I am a girl who knows what I want and it certainly isn’t you. However if you want to go sleep with other women, hey that’s your business. Butt out of mine. Ciao!” I said and left out the door. Oh God, I loved being free!

Now who will be my next sex partner? Mmm…Alan would be good today. I sat in my sleek Mercedes Bens and took of into town. Now I know you are wondering about a lot of things. Like why is it that a married woman is going about sleeping with other men when her husband who could satisfy her has been begging her to do it with him. well that is simple. I could give you the reason but right now I don’t feel like taking a trip down memory lane and being all depress so I won’t tell you right this minute. However if you are patient, just keep on reading and enjoy the ride with me. I mean many of you women out there are so tightly bind to men that you can’t cheat on them. My policy is that cheating is hiding the affair, if you let it out for the whole world to see, there is no cheating in that is there? My husband knows my affairs, his families are aware of it as well. Let me rephrase that, the whole of Japan knows of my affairs, if they didn’t I wouldn’t be known as the scandalous hunter. And I got to say, I actually quite enjoy the title. I screw men as often as I here songs on the radio and believe me, I listen to a lot of them. And I have no preference in men really; I screw them whether married or single. The best ones are the married couples; I get to see their women fuming yet the men are still on my side. But understand this; I am not cheap to sell sex. I take no money as payment, what I take is the enjoyment of the act itself, the humiliation of my husband and his wrath knowing that he could not have me even though he was the closest thing to me. Isn’t this all nice, well I think so anyways. If you are the faithful kind, don’t just stop reading this story, you might want to here the end or why I am as I am. And like I said, I will explain all that in due time. Right now, Alan is waiting for me. I did give him a call after all, and he is in his office.

Ok so I lied, I do have preference to which I screw, they have to be rich and good looking. Why? I don’t know, I just prefer them types. Speaking of types, that guy passing by is definitely my type. So sad, I already have Alan waiting at the edge of his seat. I can’t disappoint him now can I? Oh, I wonder how Ann will react to this! It is bound to kill her and she is pregnant too. Normally I would care but this new me cares about no one and nothing. Life is much more fun that way. And there is no law out there that sends a woman who sleeps around into prison. Of course you are asking why my husband doesn’t just divorce me aren’t you? Ha! Darien couldn’t divorce me if he was given the whole world as payment. You see, when someone is mellowing in guilt and self pity, until they are relieved from it, they aren’t able to make long lasting decisions. I mean divorce? He knows when I am gone there is no coming back, to let me go he has to accept that fact. But he still thinks he can change me back to the little girl he controlled with iron fists. Wrong, I am anything like my old self.

Now see what you have made me do. Thinking of the past has me depress, time to work out on Alan and forget it all.

“Hello Mrs. Shields.”
“Hi Katrina, how are you?” Kate is the receptionist at the company Alan is president off. Since I visit Alan often, she and I have become somewhat of friends though she knows my reputation and what I do with her boss. She has walked in on us plenty of times and has learned to close her eyes. I ain’t about to stop my pleasure just because of some girl who was also crushing on her own boss. Look I am not that different from all you women out there. The only difference between me and you all is that I don’t lock up my fantasies and desires like you do because you want to be ‘faithful’ to your men. In the same instant I haven’t restricted Darien’s fantasies. He has the freedom to do as he pleases, he just can’t do it. He doesn’t have the balls for it.
“I’m fine. President Alan is expecting you.”
“Of course. Ciao.” I said, leaned up and gave her a kiss before walking away. I know she was blushing to the roots of her hair but hey, I love to tease too. Oh and I don’t only screw men, girls are good too. They are softer actually.
The elevator opened to let me in and look who I bumped into.

“Oh Ann, how are you.”
“What the hell are you doing here?” she screamed at me. she knew that I screw her man but had never actually see us in the act. Wouldn’t it be fun to have her sitting there watching us?
“Oh darling calm down. Screaming isn’t good for the baby.’
“Answer me you bitch!” I sighed dramatically. These women and their dramatics when it concerns their men. Why can’t women accept the fact that men are beasts, how long could you eat one food everyday and not get tired of it? Eventually when you see something else, you will want a try at it.
“I have business with your husband.”
“Stay the hell away from him and from my family!”
“Oh darling, where is the fun in that. You know, if you want I could show you something really good.”
“Like what?” she asked stupidly. I took out my cell phone and dialed Alan’s number.
“Your wife is interrupting me coming to you. Give me thirty minutes will you.”
“Sure.” He answered and I caught the phone call. I pressed the second floor button. There was.
“Where are you taking me?” she asked suspiciously. Really, was it that hard to figure out considering my reputation? Oh one more thing, a warning for you straight girls out there. I am straight, I have no preference of women but when they get in y way, I take them out as I do men. So right now, if you are straight, skip the next paragraph to the next one after. But I assure you, it’s gonna go kind of fast. Actually I will space it with a bar so you can skip the words within the bars, but I warn you…you are going to miss something rather exciting.

Now begins the play. The elevator stopped at the second floor and I walked out. no need to tell her to follow me, she would come even if I told her to turn back. That is how curious she is. Remember, every body has a curiosity bone in them, just prick it and you will have them doing whatever you want them to do. At the end of the hall way I opened a particular door that could only be locked from the inside. It was dark and I didn’t bother to turn on the light. She followed me in blindly as was expect. I walked behind her, pushed my foot a little in front of her. Without seeing it, she tripped and from the back I held her up.

“Careful.” I breathed softly in her ears and gently settled her on the floor. Luckily for me, her pregnancy wasn’t showing much. I walked in front of her and squatted down.
“Are you alright?” I asked with false concern. Learning to act comes with these kinds of games, don’t try it other wise. Actually only I have the rights to play them so don’t play it yourself.
“Where the hell are we and why is it so dark!?” she demanded. Gosh this bitch really had that aristocratic ego of demanding things and answers. Well, she w as going to get one in the most intimate of ways.
“Ann, tell me…are you happy?” I began the game.
“What the hell do you mean?!” I sighed with drama.
“Are you happy with Alan is what I mean.”
“It’s none of your business!”

“Sweetie, listen to me. I know you and I have never gotten along, but I saw Alan with that red haired bimbo Beryl. That is why I started hanging around Alan, to keep him in check. Ask him if I didn’t warn him to not hurt you. You are pregnant, take it easy and stop snapping all the time, it’s not good for the baby.” I said sympathetically. First of all, Ann and Beryl were mortal enemies. I heard it had something to do with their years in school and one betrayed the other. Personally I think they are both fools but Beryl was definitely the greater bitch.

“She is hanging around my man again! I can’t accept this!”
“I know darling, but if you do something so strenuous, you might be causing the baby some complications. I promise you, everything will be fine.” On that line I leaned a lit t forward for my elbow to lightly touch her breast. I lowered my voice into a husky drawl that had never failed to make people wet.
“I will take care of you, make you forget all your unpleasant thoughts…it’s ok.” At this I breathed at her mouth as I half leaned on her. my hand was already inside her skirt and had maneuvered it way in between her wet sweetness as my lips gingerly teased hers with feathery kisses.

“Serena stop it!” her voice was strong, which meant she wasn’t totally at my command. Time to heat things up. Gingerly I let a finger of mine rub against her wetness.

”Do you really want me to stop. I can make you feel so alive in ways Alan can never.” I said softly and gently pushed her to the floor and stuck into her womanhood the length of a full finger. She gasped in delicious shock and my lips moved over her face to distract her.
“Se..rena…this isn’t right.” She gasped out; moaning at the pleasure my tiny little finger was giving her. I have learned the act of true sex, and I can bring it out of anyone. There is a certain way to hold the groin or to twist your fingers into a woman’s warmth that would make them drunk with pleasure and desire. Lightly I twisted my hand a little all the while moving it in up and down.

I sighed.

“I could stop, do you want me to stop?” I asked her, watching in pleasure as her bottom half balked toward my hand and she gripped the carpet on the floor. Moans and whimpering desires left her mouth like a waterfall and her balking became faster and quick in her urgency for release or for greater pleasure. Who was I to deny her that? Ruffling her skirt up, I pumped my finger into her faster and faster as her breathing became quicker and heavier. I listened with satisfaction as she moaned my name over and over, begging for more. Finally, she cummed, tired and released from the hold of drunken desire. She sighed in contentment as her eyes closed In rest, unaware of where she was as a peaceful calm took over he mind. Satisfied with the result, I closed the cell phone I had used to record the whole fiasco and left her in the room for the greater meat that was Alan.

Now if you decided to skip that whole show, then here is where to start reading from. Unless of course you want to skip this lemony part as well.
As I expected, Alan waited for me at the edge of his seat. I had barely finished knocking when he opened the door, his face an open book of relief and excitement, and a little annoyance.
“What took you so long!?’ he demanded. I see the autocracy was not in Ann’s blood alone.

“I had to deal with your wife.” I answered as I sat on his working desk and dropped my purse. He had a huge office with couches, a desk with computer on it with a chair behind it. And the back of that chair was a glass wall. It was high up, but anyone in that level on another building could see what was inside the office. Unless of course the curtains were drawn but then what fun would that be?

“Oh, how did you exactly deal with Ann?” he asked as he moved closer to me, his groin standing straight through his pants. Oh dear.
“That’s my secret, now come here and let me take care of you.” he came as fast as a child who have seen his favorite ice cream track pulled over. Men, so very predictable and useless.

We could have had sex on the couch but today I wanted something different, more daring. I sat him the chair and stripped his pants and boxes down. Now I don’t do the whole lick the dick with the tongue nonsense. It’s gross to me. However I did hold his long and bold erection and it felt good. He had one of those long big and strong ones. I massaged it expertly, watching with amusement as his breathing quickened. This guy was already dying to put his stick in a flesh so there was no need to play with him. Drawing down my short mini jean skirt and my lacy underway, I sat on his lap with my front facing his front.

“Want me that bad do you.”

“Oh yes.” He groaned desperately and I chuckled. This is what I loved, the power to have people under my control.

“Take my top of.” I ordered as I rubbed my womanhood softly against his groin and held in a giggle as he tried to forcefully shove himself in me. I was the one in control, not him. Quickly with fumbling hands, he took my body fitting blouse off followed by my lacy bra and began sucking on my right breast as his other hand massaged the left. God it felt good! You see, I was not blessed with a family or riches or even education. What I was blessed with was every woman’s envy and secret weapon, a big butt, huge boobs and sparking azure eyes that mesmerized men and women alike. Long legs that went on for miles, smooth and soft alabaster complexion that begged to be touch and lips of vibrant pink that drew attention as moth are drawn to fire. Let’s not forget my extremely long blond silky curls that people love to run their fingers through. With all of this, who would want me?

Alan began humping against me, his groin needed immediate attention. Slowly from the tip of his erection I sank myself into him and we both let out a groin. Man, he was so big and felt so good. His groin touched the very back of my cage.

“God you feel so good.” He gasped out s he started to pump. Suddenly all I knew was that I needed some strong and wild sex. I began pounding on him, wild and fast while my hands moved around his hair and head and around his neck. The fever roused to unexpected heights and together we rode and thrashed madly as if we couldn’t get enough of it. He fucked me as I fucked him, my lips and tongues plundering into his mouth in a wild goose chase. When we had humped to the point of exhaustion, we rested a little which gave me the time to switch the cat sex to something else. I roused up and with swinging hips went and stood before the glass door knowing perfectly well that at least one person or more could see me. With my fingers I beckoned him to me as I smiled seductively. Letting someone see me with him having sex was a very huge risk for him. One, it would be obvious he was cheating on his wife. Two, he would loose much respect from the community and three, last and most important reason was that Darien would most likely kill him. I didn’t care what consequences he faced, I just needed my fantasies filled. With a gulp, he came at my call. Turning my back to him with my hands plastered against the glass wall, I pulled out my ass to him. He held my waist as he began launching into me faster, completely forgetting the danger of the position we were in to him. We went like that for ten minutes before we slid to the floor and the wildness begun again.

An hour later we laid on the office floor in exhaustion. He and I were completely satiated but I had another appointment with some girlfriend of mine. We were going to some dancing club; hopefully there would be an interesting guy to feast upon there. Rising, I watched Alan as his chest roused up and down. He stared at me with all the gratitude and adoration of a love sick puppy. Alan had loved me since the first day he saw me. Even though married, he couldn’t stop his feelings for me. Now that I come to him on regular basis, it has him totally and irrevocably in love with me. Poor Ann, she might be having his baby, but I held his heart in the very palm of my hand or the tunnel in between my legs.

“I have to leave you now.” I said as I sat up from the floor.
“No, please don’t leave me yet.” He begged like a kid. One thing I can’t stand about these men is that when you sleep with them, they think you’ve got something going on.

“Alan.” I said in a warning tone. I had told him before that he must never whine when I need to leave after we had had our fun or there would never be any more fun times for him and I. over the past three or something years we’ve been going at this, he had learned to restrain himself for asking more of me than I am willing to give.

“I know.” He sighed. I flipped on my side, kissed his cheeks and roused to my feet. Looking for my clothes I put it on, letting him watch me from my nakedness to my dress up but then there weren’t that much clothing on me anyway. He groaned.

“Gosh, we’ve been going at it for an hour now and already I want you again.” He confessed, his erection standing straight up to prove his point. This guy had a big appetite. I walked in between his legs, pulled my skirt up and my panties down. Like I had done on the chair, I slowly sat myself on him, his manhood slowly filling up inside me. For another thirty minutes I gave him all the pleasure he wanted, before rising and clothing myself again. Grabbing my bag, I pecked him on the lips and left him satisfied on the floor. I never did half jobs.

As I drove through town, my phone rung. Looking at the ID I saw a familiar name and smiled.

“Hey girl.” I said cheerfully.

“Are we still on for the night?” my friend Molly asked. Molly was a red shoulder length haired woman with a very funny ascent but she was sweet. Completely unlike me. She had a husband who was a banker and she was a most frightful wife, well most of the time anyway. She and I do tend to have some fun on our own, but other than me only her husband had ever touched touch her. She already had two kids, one a girl and the other a boy at the ages of 5 and 2, the boy being the oldest.

“Definitely. In fact I am heading your way as we speak. Meet you there in ten.”
“kay.” She and I hanged up and I drove with a happy smile on my face. Really, today had been a really good day. And it was going to get even better.
20 minutes later found me at the door step of my friend’s house, waiting for her to open. I heard the soft approaching footsteps that belonged to no one else but molly. The door opened and I greeted her wit ha wide grin as she threw herself in my arms for big hug.

“I missed you.” she said, holding me tightly as if I might disappear on her.
“It’s only been a day.” I said laughingly. Molly was a human being with a very big heart and a vibrant personality.
“Yeah but it felt like eternity.” She said breathlessly. We pulled back a little and I ran my fingers down her cheek gently, drawing a blush on her cheeks.

“I missed you too.” I said knowing that the drawl in my voice would give voice to the parts of her I missed the most. As was her reaction every time I did something like that to her, her knees started to buckle.

“Lets go inside.” She said softly, her eyes glazing over. We had an hour to ourselves before the arrival of her kids. I entered first through the door and she followed me. As she turned her back on me to lock the door, I sneaked my hand around her from behind, bent into the same position she was in as she tried to lock the lower doors. Molly was always paranoid about buglers and rapists so she had her husband put more locks on the door. I pressed my thighs against her as my hand reached for her breast and began to massage. As was expected, her body shot up straighter and I had the moment to push her front face against the door. The stroke of my hand on her breast grew insistent as her breathing grew heavier and came in gasps. My other hand wound around her waist and to the front of her jeans and unzipped the jeans. Quickly I pulled it down along with her red panties and ran my hand down the curves of her waist.
“Serena please. In the room.” She gasped. I understood her need to have this rendezvous done in the room. The last time it had been done where we stood now, the baby sitter had brought her children; it had been hell trying to pick up all thrown clothes.

“Ok.” I said with a feathery kiss on her left ear and her body shuddered deliciously. I removed my hand and began walking into the direction of the guest bedroom. She and I had a condition, I could screw her however I want, but never in their bedroom and I did not have the permission to screw her husband. Being that she was my friend, I agreed to the condition. And anyways, her husband was not the type of men I went for. He was the geeky nerd and them types did little good in bed pleasure wise. No wonder Molly always sought my wild play of sex, it fed her fantasies that she could not do with her husband. And a long as she was happy, then that was all that mattered. Now I remember I said I didn’t care for anyone, well technically that is true. If it came down to it I would screw Molly’s husband if I wanted to but Molly had grown on me and I loved her. She was the only one besides Lita that I actually cared for her happiness.

Entering the bedroom ahead of her, I stripped down and turned to face her. She stood staring enviously at the blessed body that was mine, molly was never jealous of it but all the same she wished God had been that merciful to her. She had little chest and but, however over the period I began massaging the breast and buttocks, there had been a significant improvement in those areas and she loved me all the more for it. I walked toward her and saw from the corner of my eyes that the door was locked. She let the jeans she was holding up fall down and fell into my arms gently. Taking off her shirt and bra, I began to kiss her all over except in her moist hole. We moved toward the bed and fumbled on it with me on top of her. She played with my boobs as I did hers before gently sliding a finger into her. She stopped her play and became stiff for a minute before her body started reacting violently to that small pleasure I had induced in her. Really, Melvin, which was her husband’s name, didn’t do that good a job for his wife. Seeing the desperate need in her eyes, I began pumping harder and faster with two fingers and watched her bulk and moan. With every stroke her lower half met me halfway. Wanting to give me the same pleasure, she slicked her finger into me and begun pumping inside.

Together we pushed each other into a distant horizon before drawing back into the reality of how far the two of us can go being of the same sex. The look on my face told her the question I wanted to ask her and she pointed a finger on the lamp table where the dildo laid. I stretched my hand to it‘s full extension before I could reach the object of my desire. It was a two piece dildo. I placed one tip into mine and the other tip into her and with a mad urgency for release, we humped and humped, taking turns pushing each other down and squeezing our asses. Our mouths danced to the beating of our hearts in its mad ecstasy, fumbling on each other as our tongues stroked our inner cheeks and provoked new sensations.

The first to cum was Molly and with a cry of victory she climaxed, but I had to go on for some minutes before I could follow her into that victorious realm. With our moist dripping over us, we huddled together, our thighs in between our legs, hour breasts mating at our chest, our hands tightly woven around each other as we locked our lips into a passionate battle of want and need. In between the tongue tug war, we would slick our fingers into each other for more moments of pleasure until we were both so exhausted. Ten minutes before the arrival of her kids, we took a shower together, doing more of the nasty before finally dressing and spraying the room with some clean good old fabreez. It always did the trick.

Now satisfied with the wants of my body, I sat on a chair in her dinning room as she served me some food.

“You should have waited and married me.” I said jokingly.

“Then I wouldn’t have those two spores to raise.” She replied with a fake sigh of regret. Her children were adorable but had too much energy for her naturally calm self. Though with me she was anything but calm.

Like I said, I didn’t dig girls but when they got in my way I took care of them the say way I did men. As for molly, there was a time when I had come to visit her when she was sick. Her husband had stepped out to buy some medicine and we were watching a movie. Everything had been going fine until suddenly she became silent, distracted and I could see her legs shaking. On the TV there was a couple having good old sex and I knew it was what was affecting her. Her husband wasn’t there and with me in her house they couldn’t exactly go into their room to fuck each other now could they? So I told her to lie down on the couch. At first she had been confused and I didn’t giver her the chance to back out. I quickly slipped a finger into her and soon this sex play became a normal thing between us. I thought her ways to pleasure her husband abundantly and happily she had told me it worked and now he was hooked on it, wanting it practically every night. But unfortunately for her, he couldn’t give her the same pleasure she gave him. After a taste of the kind of ecstasy I gave her, his was no longer enough to satisfy her. She began calling me over to her house and hanging out as to get more pleasure though I pretended I didn’t know what she sought. A week later, after she could not stand the hold up, she begged me to help her.

At first I had done it all for fun but as I saw the true appreciation in her eyes; I decided to cherish those moments I was with her doing our thing. There have been times she had tried to put a stop to it, but she could never stay away from me long and she would be back to begging for more release. I told her to let me sleep with her husband so I could teach him the real way to pleasure a woman but she refused, and now knowing that only I could unwind her when her hormones were demanding release, she calls me almost like every day and I make time in my busy schedule of screwing the primes of our days for her. Now aren’t I a good person or at least a good friend?

“So what are you going to do about your kids this evening?” I asked her as I began eating the delicious dish of rice, fried eggs and vegetables she had cooked.

“Alice needs money for something, I told her if she could baby sit for me I will give her the money she needs. She will be here about six and we can leave.” She said with only half excitement and I could tell she was thinking of changing her mind about the clubbing.

“How is that little girl doing?” I asked to distract her.
“Still causing trouble for my parents. I just can’t understand how she could be given everything she wants and still cause so much trouble.”

“Wait, your parents are not giving her the money she needs?” I asked with surprise. Molly’s little sister was treated like royalty! She was a spoiled 18 year old brat who got everything she wanted yet she loved causing trouble. She had had two abortions, always hanging with thugs and gangs and involving the police on several occasions.

“Well mom and dad had had enough with her so they got her an apartment to live on her own, pay for it herself and finance herself. She just got fired from her McDonald job and she needs some money badly to pay for her rent.” Molly explained and I could see how proud she was of her parents to have made such a decision.

“Well at least that will teach her some responsibilities.”
“If that doesn’t, then nothing else will.”
The baby sitter arrived.
“The devils are here!” I said and the two of us laughed before she got up to open the door before the doorbell had been pressed.
“Hi Joy. Thanks for looking after my kids for me.”
“Sure thing. No problem.” The preppy voice of a once popular cheerleader answered. I could tell from the stretching of her neck she was trying to see who was inside the house as she had guessed a visitor was inside since the door mat was covered with more than one pair of shoes. I lifted my head up and made sure she saw me. Her eyes widened in shock. There was no one in the city who didn’t know my reputation. But what was I doing at Molly’s house was the real question I saw in her eyes.

“I will see you later then.”
“Ah yeah.” She said, casting one last look into the house. I smirked and winked and I could tell as she shuddered in fear. Quickly she left and Molly ushered in her children.
“Aunty Serena!” they yelled as they ran on their little feet to me. I stood away from the chair I was sitting on and bent on one knee. I opened my arms as they got closer to me and in one attack the two crashed into my open embrace.
“Hey my dears. How are you?”
“We’re fine aunty.” They said.
“You seem so energetic today. Did something good happen?”
“Mama said we could have ice cream today!” Bridget, the girl said excitedly.
“Ok now, go to your rooms and change before sitting for food.” Molly ordered kindly.
“Yes mama!”
“I will race you!” John, the boy said and they rushed of in speed.
“Molly, please let me sleep for a while. Wake me up when its time to go. I feel way too tired right now.” I said as things swarm before my eyes. I had been sleeping badly these past couple of weeks. I get restless, stay out late return home early in the morning for an hour of disturbed sleep then go back to my daily job of screwing around.
“Are you ok?” she asked worriedly.
“Yeah, just a bit dizzy.”
“Oh no, go sleep in guest room. We have two hours before the club opens anyway.”
“Thanks.” I returned to the bedroom where we had sex and in seconds I was out of it.
I felt someone shaking my shoulders and I woke up to see the face of Alice peering down on me. She had on some short tights and a small piece tank top with half her breast hanging over. It seems what Molly lacked in looks, she had it in abundance though she was no where near mine, but what Alice lacked in knowledge, Molly had it in abundance. A perfect fit those two were.
“Hello Alice.” I said as I roused up in a sitting position. As I rubbed my eyes, I saw from the corner of my eyes her blushing face. I had always known that the girl either wanted me badly or admired me too much but the suggestive look in her eyes told me it was the former.

“H…hey…Serena. Big sister said to wake you up.”
“Oh, what time is it?”
“It’s 6 O’clock.”
“Oh, time for me to wake up.” I said as I pulled aside the blanket and stood up. I stretched my waist and hands; still she stood staring at me, her eyes traveling with the movements of my breasts. Suddenly and idea formed in my head. I could do something for Molly and her parents. I could make this girl responsible.
“I heard you live by yourself in an apartment.” She scowled.
“My parent’s idea.”
“I think it is a marvelous idea. One of these days I should come visit you, you know to see where you live.” I said nonchalantly.
“Oh yes! If you don’t mind, I am home tomorrow!” she said excitedly. I looked over my shoulder with a light smile.
“Well then, why don’t you give me your address? I will come see you when I have the time.”
“Sure!” she quickly ran to the drawer, pulled out a pen and some paper and quickly jotted out her information for me.
“Thanks, see you tomorrow.” I said and she nodded before rushing of in happiness. That girl was in for a huge surprise.

I went out of the room and passed by the kitchen where Molly was arguing with her sister and her children looking on curiously. I went outside the house and into my car to grab my partying outfit and returned to the room without anyone seeing me. I changed into the pink soft pants with pick feathery top. And with a pink hair tie pulled my hair up in a high ponytail. On my feet I wore some high up high heels and checked myself up in the long standing mirror on the door. The top of my breasts were left to show a little, as an invitation. With a wink, I left out the door and went to the kitchen.

“Aunt Serena!” Bridget who was the first to see me said happily. She was sitting on a chair around the dinning table swinging her leg eating ice cream. The two older girls looked up at me, Molly gulping at what I was wearing though Alice eyes light up in appreciation. Molly was dressed in a red suit, the fake disguise she used often when she didn’t want people to know we were going clubbing. I mean who would think a business looking woman was heading to a dancing; scratch that, a stripping club? Of course my attire was a true testimony of where we were going but since there wasn’t anyone other than Alice around to see me in it, Molly’s secret was safe. At clubbing, Molly only danced; she never drank nor stripped and returned home when she was completely satisfied. We took our individual cars and went opposite ways so not to make any one suspicious and she changed her suit into her party outfit.

“Oh Serena. I am leaving for some emergency meeting. You should stay and eat something. I will call you as soon as I can.” She said and I nodded.
“Have fun.” I said with a knowing look in my eyes that earned my ears some giggles.
“Ok. Now listen Alice, I don’t want you to let my kids stay up too late and don’t over feed them!” she said seriously.
“This isn’t the first time I have looked after your children for you if you care to remember!” Alice snapped. She hated people talking down at her.
“Yeah and every time I have to rush one or both of them into the ER!” This Alice had no reply. It w as true, she was terrible about taking care of the kids. She would be so engrossed in herself that she forgets to do what she was being paid or asked to do.
“It’s alright Molly. I am sure she is now capable of taking care of them.” I said softly.
“No but, it’s too late to call anyone else.” She sighed, seeing the logic in my reasoning.
“Alice, just be careful this time ok?” she said softly.
“Get going before you are late.” I said to her as I leaned against the door frame.
“Yeah sure. Bye guys. Bridget and John, both of you be good ok?”
“Yes mama.” The said.
“See you later Serena, Alice take care.”
“Bye.” I waved a little and she walked out and away. I watched as her car vanished from the parking lot and retreated in the hall to follow out.
“Um…Serena?” Alice called after me. I turned around and waited for her to catch up.
“What is it?”
“Are you leaving?” she asked, and I saw the disappointment clearly etched into her face.
“I have an appointment myself. Alice, do a good job of taking care of the kids and I might reward you.” I said seductively and ran my hand down her cheek. I felt her heart speed up.
“I will do my best.” She said and I slowly drew my hand down her neck and over her breast, feeling her body vibrate in excitement. I closed my face around her cheek.
“Good.” I whispered in her ears and kissed her lightly on her cheek.

“See you tomorrow.” I called over my shoulders and exited the house. I chuckled lightly to myself. Alice was really cute, her red her like her sisters was long with vibrant hazel eyes and a well shaped body. I knew if I were to bed her, she would be more interesting and entertaining than Molly. And besides I can see the same wildness in her that was in me. Passing several minty breathe gum in my mouth, I turned on some hype music and shook my head to the tune of the music all the way to the dance club. As soon as I stepped out of my car, Molly was by my side, dressed in a min skirt with short leggings and a hot halter top.
“Ready?” she asked.

“I was born ready.” I said, bent a little and kissed her on the mouth. “Let’s roll.”

We walked into the club and as always, all eyes fell on us. Molly was still getting used to the whole staring thing but I loved the attention. I looked after dace to face and sighed. There weren’t any real fresh meat out tonight. I looked at Molly, rolling her eyes at the guys who looked suggestively her way and mine and grinned. If there was no one to screw today, I could always do her. Molly was just too cute when she blushed to the root of her being and even more so cute when I am the one who makes her blush. We went to the bar tender and sat up on a stool.

“Hey Serena, Gina. What can I get you today?” he asked us. Whenever we went clubbing, Molly disguise herself with a wig and contacts. And of course her stage name was Gina. We could not have her husband know that his wife partied at a stripping club. I looked around as the working ladies stripped for their audience though most eyes were on me. I turned around a little and pulled the top of my shirt down. I could practically see them salivating over my creamy flesh.

“I will have nothing except water if you have one.” ‘Gina’ said and I rolled my eyes. Seriously, Molly didn’t know how to have fun.
“Give me the strongest you have.” I said.

“Coming right up.” Rubeus said. He was a cute guy really with red hair and all. I had done it several time s with him so whenever I came he gave me free drinks. There are perks to being a whore you know.
Molly turned a little on the stool to watch the display. Today was rather dull. Sigh.

“Please, tell me things are going to pick up.” Molly said. And I turned to her.
“If it doesn’t we could always have a party of our own.” I winked at her and she blushed. Her stool was just right next to mine. I scooted close to her and ran my bad down her thighs.
“Serena.” She begged, I could make her so wet that she wouldn’t mind doing it in in front of everyone.
“Don’t worry, just enjoy.” I said to her. Rubeus came back with our orders.
“Thanks Rub. What’s with business tonight? It so dull!” I said indignantly.
“Yeah, a new club was opened today down town. My customers decided to visit there first. They will be back.”
“I see. So how have you been? I haven’t been here in a week.” I asked him.
“I’ve been good. Just missed your face is all.” he said flirtatiously and from the corner of my eyes I saw Molly scowl a little.
“Oh yeah, I need too talk to you. got a minute?” I asked him.
“Yeah. Business hasn’t picked up. Come to the back.” I nodded and downed my wine.
“Be back soon Gina.” I winked at her and she nodded.
“Don’t take too long.” I walked into the back room and found him sitting on the long couch.
“So, what did you want to talk about?” he asked. Really, was it that hard to figure it out?
“I heard you were getting married to Birdie.” I said and he sighed.
“She managed to get pregnant. Her father threatened to kill me if I don’t take responsibility for it. And his explanation of responsibility is marrying her and being a father to the child.”
“It’s a nightmare.” He groaned.
“Well just tell me if there is anything I can do for you.” I said and made to leave.
“Serena wait.” He said and walked to me. He pulled me into his arms tightly as if he was afraid to let me go. “I’ve missed you.” he breathed.
“So what do you want?”
“Take me.” he said and a broad grin formed on my mouth. I knew he had wanted me since I entered the club; I just loved hearing men admit they wanted me.
“Since I’m in a good mood I will help you.” I winked. I pulled his neck down and met his lips in a passionate kiss
The bell rung.
“Bartender!” someone screamed and we both groaned.

“Later.” I whispered to him and he nodded before leaving. Composing myself, I returned back to the club room and found it filled with people. Looking at the area of the stool, I saw a familiar mop of silver hair trying to make a pass at a reluctant Molly.

“Diamond.” I said seductively as I closed the distance between me and them.
“Serena Princess. I have missed you.” he said as he came up to me and folded me in an embrace.
“Been a while.” I said to him after we finished hugging.
“Yes. I returned today from my trip abroad. I called your house but your husband was not at all happy to hear from me and when I called your cell it didn’t go through.” he explained.

“Yeah, I have had my phone off all day.” As soon as I said that, Molly’s phone rung. As I she moved to back where the noise was softer to talk on the phone. I turned my attention back to Diamond as he placed his hand around my waist and stared down at me. Diamond an I had meet a while back, in all honesty Diamond and I made a greater couple but then, we had never been one. I ran my hand up his arms and circled it around his neck.

“Can we go somewhere tonight?” he asked and I knew what he wanted.
“I’m ready to take you now.” Truthfully I had missed him. he was a great sex partner.
“Serena.” Molly said from behind me. I turned to her and saw the worried frown on her face.
“What is it?”
“Melvin is coming home!” she said.
“How long have we got?”
“About 30 minutes.”
“Then go.” I said and she nodded. I hugged her quickly and she was gone.
“Melvin?” Diamond asked.
“Her husband.”
“Ah. Married people have no fun.”
“You and I are married darling.”
“Yeah but we are different from normal people. Shall we go?”
“Yeah, I have to be home by midnight.”
“You have a curfew now?”
“Not really, but I still prefer to be home that early tonight.”
“Well then we will get there in plenty of time. Right now I’ve got to feel your tight ass.”
“It’s the only thing you missed when you left.”
“No, I really did miss you Serena. Not the sex but you.”
“I don’t know. You and I are much alike. With you I feel free. But yes, I do admit I missed the sex part of it too.”
“That goes for the both of us.”
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