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L should have never un-cuffed himself from Light. He should have never allowed the Kira suspect to return home to his family. He should have never agreed to Watari going to England for the week. If he hadn’t Light would be at his side right now. He wouldn’t have to worry about the teen not answering his cell phone. The expensive encrypted cell phone that had cost him three new X-Box games. The one that Light had failed to answer even after forty-two messages. He wouldn’t have had to drive himself all the way to the Yagami house, in the pouring rain he might add. Just to check up on him, and share his new lead on the Kira case. He wouldn’t be knocking on the door to only to find it opened be the one person he hoped to never see face to face, Sayu Yagami.

“Yes? May I help you?” She asked him, jumping a bit as thunder clapped in the background.

L fought the burn he felt coming to his cheeks. The girl was adorable, even more so in person. “Ah yes, I’m a friend of Lights’ is he here? I need to speak with him.” He asked, trying to avoid her gaze.

“No he’s not here right now, you should try his cell phone.” Sayu answered while looking him up and down. She had no idea her brother had such good looking friends.

He rolled his eyes. “Yes I’ve tried that, he isn’t answering it and this is quite important. Is your Father home by any chance? Perhaps I could speak with him instead.”

Sayu sighed, this man was taking up precious time with her show. No matter how cute this guy was she was getting impatient. “No, it’s my his and my Mother’s anniversary tomorrow, they’ve gone away for the weekend.”

Yes now that he thought of it L did remember Soichiro mentioning something about that. “Do you know when Light will be returning home?”

“No I don’t. He’s on a date with Misa, so it could be awhile.” She was missing Ryuuga Hideki being all sexy on the tv. “Listen, if you’d like to come in and wait for Light you can.”

Bad idea, very bad idea, L told himself. “I’m not sure if I should.” But he really did need to speak to Light, well yell at him, and perhaps put the handcuffs back on. “It’s not really proper, you being a young girl all alone and all.” And he would feel very awkward after what had happened. Although he was the only one who knew about it. And he was sure that he could control himself for awhile, that was a one time slip up.

“A gentleman wouldn’t want to leave a young girl all alone,” she told him. “as you can see my brother isn’t one. Now either come in or leave, your making me miss my show.”

“I guess I could come for a bit and wait.” L gave in, stepping over the threshold and removing his wet and ratty tennis shoes. “You may call me Ryuuzaki by the way.”

Sayu turned a bit red. “Oh yeah, I’m Sayu, but I’m sure Light as told you that already.” She lead him into the living room. “I’ll make some tea for us during the next commercial.”

L nodded, and took a seat as far away from the girl as possible. “Yes that would be lovely, thank you.” He assumed his normal stance on the chair he had chosen.

Sayu eyed her brothers’ friend, finding the way he sat to be very odd. She wondered why he and Light were friends, they seemed so different. “How is it that you know my brother again?” She asked.

L turned his attention from the boring program playing on the tv. “You could say that we work together.” He tried to ignore how cute her questioning eyes were.

“Ah, that would explain how you know my father too.” Sayu said, as she stared intently at the drama on the tv. The rain was really starting to come down outside, she hoped the power wouldn’t go out. She shivered a bit at the thought, and curled her knees up to her chest.

L watched the girl go from relaxed to tense in a matter of seconds. At first he thought that his presence might be making her uncomfortable, but she was the one who invited him in. Then he remembered the storm raging outside. She’s afraid that the power will go out.

A commercial broke on the program, Sayu could really care less about it now as long as the power didn’t go out. She stood to go to the kitchen and make tea for herself and her guest. “Do you take sugar?” She asked him.

“Yes, but you may as well bring the dish out here with the tea as I take a lot of it.” L told her, placing his thumb to his mouth. He watched her give him a strange look and make her way in the direction that he knew the kitchen was. He found himself staring at her rather nice butt. It must run in the family, Light has a nice ass too. He mentally slapped himself, he couldn’t be having these thoughts about Sayu. L bit hard on his thumb, he shouldn’t have come into the house to wait for Light. All he could see every time he looked at her was her pale legs glistening with sweat. When she spoke all he could hear was her breathy little moans. He could feel once again how turned on he had been at the time, and how turned on he was getting now. He could feel, oh god he had to get out of there before his body got too far ahead of his brain an he threw the poor girl to the floor and had his way with her.

L stood up, it was precisely eighty three and a half steps to the door. All he had to do was make it there before Sayu was done in the kitchen and he’d never have to see her ever again. The girl would just assume that her brothers’ friend was strange and go back to her boring drama. Sixty five, only eighteen and a half steps to go and he would be free of his impure thoughts about the young girl. Seventy two, nearly there and the kettle wasn’t even whistling yet. Then a crash came from outside and L’s luck ran out, just as the power went out. A loud shriek then the breaking of china could be heard coming from the kitchen. It was then that he realized there must be some evil force in the world at work against him. A force more evil then even Kira, a force that seemed to like to torture him with the scared and attractive sister of his best friend. He turned on his heel and went to the kitchen to comfort the poor girl like any other polite, abet slightly perverted gentleman would.

Sayu sank instantly to the floor when the lights went out, the pain in her freshly cut hand was horrible but nothing out weighed her fear of the dark. When she was younger Light would sometimes come and sit with her during storms until the lights came back on. He would make her forget about her fears by telling her stories. But those days were over, he never came to her aid anymore, most of the time he was too wrapped up in himself to even talk to her. Sayu started to cry, for being stuck in the dark, for the pain in her hand, and for the brother who no longer felt like her brother. She cried until she felt someone pick her up off the floor and place her on her feet again.

“Are you alright?” He asked, while holding her by the shoulders awkwardly.

She had almost forgotten who she had been making tea for in the first place. “I cut my hand on the pot when I dropped it.” Not to mention not being able to see more than a foot in front of her was driving Sayu nuts.

“Yes so it seems. Let me get a flashlight and then we will inspect the damage.” He told her as he let go of her tiny shoulders.

“Ok, there’s one in the..” Sayu trailed off when she heard a click and the kitchen was flooded in a small light. She wondered how he had been able to find where they kept the flashlight when he had never been here before. “How did you know where to look?” She asked him wearily.

“I’ve found that the drawer next to the stove is the most common place to keep a flashlight.” L lied. Actually he had seen Mrs. Yagami pull it out of said drawer on several occasions during the surveillance of the house. “Now that we have some light let me have a look at your hand.”

Nodding she held here hand out to the young man so he could look it over. It wasn’t bleeding as much as she had thought it was but it still stung like crazy. And Ryuuzaki poking at it wasn’t helping matters much.

“It dose not seem to require sutures, a bandage should do just fine on it.” L reassured her.


A short time latter the two sat in the small living room side by side. Sayu was inspecting her newly wrapped hand, all the while still a tad scared since the candles they had found did little to light the dark room. Although Ryuuzaki had seemed to enjoy the knowledge that Light had an array of girly scented candles hidden in his room.

L sat stiffly next to the girl who was curled up at his side. From her body language he could tell that she was still a bit frightened and looking for comfort, but her being so close was making him anything but. He could feel the curve of her small hip resting against him, and every time she exhaled warm breath would run across his neck. The combination of the two was giving him a rather large problem in his lower regions, he just hoped she was too scared to notice. He had a sudden mental image of Misa calling him a pervert and wondered briefly if she was right.

“Ryuuzaki?” Sayu questioned.

L shook himself from his thoughts. “Yes?”

“Could you tell me a story?” She blushed at the odd look he gave her. “It’s just when Light and I were younger and I’d get scared of the dark he would tell me stories until the power came back on. And, well he’s not here and you are, so I thought that maybe you could tell me one.” She looked at him hopefully, praying he didn’t think she was acting like a little kid.

“I don’t think that I’d be very good at telling you a story.” He frowned. “Actually I’ve only ever told one person a story, and he told me that I wasn’t any good at it and went back to playing with his dice.”

“Dice?” She asked.

L chuckled a bit. “Never mind, is there anything else that I could do to make you feel better?”

“Well,” Sayu blushed deeply this time. “sometimes he would hold me until I felt better. But you don’t have to if you don’t want to!” She added quickly.

L nearly bit the tip of his thumb off. She wanted him to hold her? Not him, anyone, she just needed comfort. His mind went wild with all the ways he could comfort her. No, he told himself firmly, I will not take advantage of the situation. But I suppose that it wouldn’t hurt to just give her a small hug, he reasoned. “Alright.” He told her and lifted his arm from his shaking knee and placed it around her small shoulders.

Sayu immediately cuddled up to her brother’s friend finding his warmth inviting. She soon found herself relaxing into him and resting her head on his chest. The soft and steady beat of his heart was hypnotizing and she started thinking less than pure thoughts about the man. She was glad that he couldn’t see her face or the blush she wore would have been a dead give away as to what she was thinking of. For some reason he made her feel very at ease, and she swore that he smelled of baked goods which she found odd for a guy.

“You smell good.” She sighed, not really meaning to say it out loud.

L mentally shook. He smelled good? Why would she say that? No one had ever told him that before. Well in all honesty he had hardly ever received any complements in his whole life that didn’t concern his intelligence. “Thank you?” He answered, unsure how to respond.

She snuggled closer to him, pressing more of her body to him. “Your welcome, it’s a sweet smell, like cake.” Sayu wondered briefly if he tasted as sweet as he smelled.

He was losing his resolve and found that he had snuggled closer to her as well. “Well I do like cake, a lot.” He told her, cracking a small smile.

“Mmm, me too.” Sayu whispered as she brought her face up higher, taking in more of his scent. She soon found her mouth only inches from his pale neck and she couldn’t help it, consequences be damned she pressed her mouth against him.

L gasped at the contact and pulled back slightly while still keeping his arm around her. “Sayu, this isn’t appropriate at all.”

“I know,” she frowned and looked down at her lap. “I just couldn’t help it. I know someone like you wouldn’t want anything to do with me, I’m just Light‘s younger sister.” She rested her head on his shoulder and hugged him. “But, thank you for making me feel better.” She leaned up and placed a small kiss between his cheek and lips.

Her lips lingered and L felt bad. She thinks that I want nothing to do with her? How wrong she was, how wrong this whole situation was. And even knowing that it was wrong he still moved his head towards hers until their lips were touching.

She was shocked at first but quickly pressed back into him as her eyes closed. Sugar, he tastes like sugar. It wasn’t her first kiss and it was still only lips touching, but it was better then any kiss she had ever had.

Control was now a thing of the distant past to L, it had probably left him the minuet he entered the house, but he was now sure it wouldn’t be returning anytime soon. Every thought, percentage, and deduction left his mind when she started moving her lips against his. And when he slipped his tongue out from between his lips only to find hers in search of the same thing he became frantic. His hands were everywhere trying to touch all of her at the same time and pulling her into his lap.

Sayu exhaled hard when he pulled her to him, she could feel every bit of his hidden muscles pressed to her. She could also feel just how much he was enjoying their kiss pressed to her. Her pulse raced, Sayu had never felt this way with the boys she had kissed at school.

“I want to..” Sayu murmured between kisses. “I want to do it.”

“Do what?” L asked her threw a haze.

She giggled. “You know, silly, it.”

His eyes widened in realization, she wanted him to, with her. L frowned, he knew that he couldn’t take advantage of her to that level. “No Sayu, we can’t, I can’t.” Your Father would kill me if he ever found out.

She pushed back from him. “Why not?” She couldn’t understand, he seemed so into it a moment ago.

“You’re too young for that, with anyone.” And I’m too young to die a painful death by your Father. “I respect you more than that.”

Sayu pouted. “Fine, I guess I understand.” She didn’t really understand but she was mature enough to not make a big deal out of it.

L felt bad for upsetting her, this whole situation was his fault, in a way. But there was no way he could take things as far as she wanted them to go. No matter how much he wanted to. He supposed though that it was just as wrong to get her all worked up and then just leave her unsatisfied. If I just give, and receive nothing, then it’s not quite as bad. And I won’t feel so bad either. “Come here.” He told her.

Sayu looked a bit lost, but slid back in closer to him none the less. He just kept looking right in her eyes, a bit creepy really. She was about to ask him what he was doing when she felt his hand at the top of her shorts. She felt her stomach tighten and her breath quicken as he worked to unbutton them. He slowly pulled the zipper down and rested his hand just above her panties, then stopped.

L changed the look on his face from one of lust to one of seriousness. “We will not be having intercourse.” He told her. “Do you understand?”

Sayu bit her lip and nodded.

“Good.” With that he pushed his hand inside of her panties and ran it across her clit. Her resulting moan and buck of her hips was nearly enough to make him come in his pants. He brushed the tip of his thumb against her again causing her to throw her head forward and rest it on his shoulder. L repeated the action several more times, each time her moans growing louder.

“Please, I, I just.” She whispered in his ear.

L slid his two fingers down and slipped them inside of her. Slowly he began to move them in and out of her and she thrust herself against him. All the while still rubbing his thumb against her clit.
Her hips were driving him crazy, she just kept slamming them into him, it was taking all his focus to not join in with her moaning. She was so close, he could feel her tightening around his fingers and her speech became more incoherent.

Sayu couldn’t see straight, having someone else touch her was so much better then doing it herself. Ryuuzaki was enjoying it too, he was trying to hide it but she could tell. Every time she would trust forward he would raise his hips up to meet her. She couldn’t understand why he would want to hide his enjoyment, but she was far too occupied to worry about it. He pressed his thumb against her harder and harder until she finally snapped and went crashing over the edge with a small breathy moan.
She watched several emotions cross Ryuuzaki’s face at once before it went blank once more. The most obvious one being disappointment. It didn’t take a genius to figure out what he was disappointed about and it took even less time for her to decide what she was going to do about it. She grabbed his wrist and moved his hand out of her shorts before slowly lowering herself to the floor.

L knew what she was doing, he could tell right away. And he wanted to stop her, well halfway anyway. But she gave him a look that made him believe that stubbornness ran in the family, and he decided not to protest. He watched as her little fingers undid his jeans and pulled him out of them.

She was nervous, she had never done anything like this before. Sayu was very thankful that he wasn’t huge, he seemed to be what she would assume to be average. She bent down and licked the tip slightly to see how he would react. He took a deep breath and grabbed at the couch. She smiled, and slowly put more of her mouth over him.

L was trying very hard to keep himself composed but was having a hard time. She was new to it and sloppy, but she was giving it everything she had. After a few minutes of sucking on the head she wrapped her hand around his shaft and started to move it up and down with her mouth. He couldn’t help it the sight of her head in his lap moving up and down had him coming withing seconds. And without warning her.

“Oh, I’m, I’m sorry.” He told her, as she spit onto his leg. “I wasn’t thinking.”

Sayu coughed and shook her head. “No it’s okay, I was just surprised. I’ve never done that before.” She stood up and crawled back into his lap. “Your not going to tell my brother about this right?”

L placed his thumb in his mouth and his free arm around her. “Of course not, he’d kill me.” If there was anything left after your Father got through with me.

“Good.” She laid her head on his shoulder. “But you will come and see me again, right?”

He sighed, things were more complicated then she could ever know. “I’ll try.” He told her.
When Light got back however, the handcuffs were going back on.

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