Sympathy for the devil

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AN: I've wanted to write this story for a long time. When I was younger I read a book called The Pain and the Great One which was about how a brother and a sister both think that their parents love the other one more then them, well I wanted to apply the same principle with Mello and Near. I will eventually get around to writing Near's part, but I love writing Mello so much I just had to write this first.
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Sympathy for the Devil

Part 1

Melloís POV

Donít get me wrong, I understand why Roger would want Near and I to get along like brothers, but seriously, does the man smoke crack? In what universe do I and that freak get along? None, thatís where.

I donít understand him. All I know is that there is something seriously wrong with that kid. Iím sick of being the one constantly monitored and treated like a child because Iím loud and get into trouble when every one knows that itís always the quiet ones who snap. If thatís the case then Near should have been put in the loony bin long ago.

Itís not just because heís quiet that I hate him. I need more than that to truly despise someone. No, when it comes down to it, itís because he thinks heís better then me. Always prancing around like heís the greatestÖ okay so he doesnít pranceÖ. Come to think of it Iíve never even seen him walk, but the point remains that he has this air of arrogance to him that pisses me right the fuck off. I mean seriously, he thinks that just because he gets better grades then me heís so fucking special. God, he is SUCH a prick.

You wanna know how we first met? It was after I had been at Wammyís for over a year. Somehow, probably because of the age difference between us, Near and I had never met. Well the top 15 students of the school were summoned to an awards assembly, but the two top students would get to meet the one and only L. I had read up on him and thought he was just about the coolest person on the face of the planet. As it was, Quillish Wammy himself was there to read of the names, and that was awesome in of itself. The suspense was killing me, and I gripped my rosary and prayed that I was one of the two. Finally Wammy read off the two names, Near and Mello.

I jumped up and yelled at no one in particularly, and I think I punched the hell out of Matt too. I ran up to the front, a shit-eating grin on my face; I was going to meet L. I looked around for that other kid to show up, but there was no movement in the audience; there wasnít even a sound, well other then Matt yelling profanities at me for punching him. My grin grew as I bit into my chocolate happily. ďThat kid picked a really bad day to sleep in,Ē I thought to myself, ďOh well, at least now I get to talk to L by myself.Ē

I was directed to the back room were to my surprise there sat two hunched figures. One had black hair and was eating a donut, completing a puzzle. I knew immediately that it was L. I didnít even glance at the other figure, I didnít even care. ďWell itís about time I got to meet you, L. I think your methods are-ď I was going to continue talking to him, when suddenly the other figure turned to look at me.

Iíll admit that when his hollow onyx eyes locked onto mine a chill went down my spine. He was dressed in white and his hair matched his outfit. I think thatís what made his eyes stand out so much. He stared me down, twirling his hair before he said in an eerie, soulless voice, ďWe are completing a puzzle. Please talk to us some other time.Ē

At hearing those words I became so angry I bit into my chocolate violently, my face morphed into an ugly scowl. Whether Near ever acknowledged it or not, it was that sentence that forever changed my life. How dare he! He had turned my accomplishments and turned what could have been one of the best days of my life into one of hatred.

No matter how many times I see him, Iím filled with rage every time I see his hunched figure. But every time I lock eyes with him I get goose bumps, which pisses me off. Itís not like Iím scared of him, thereís no reason for me to ever be afraid of that freak. They say that the eyes are the gateway to the soul, but if thatís true than Near has no soul. There are no emotions in those eyes, just cold hard calculations. I guess thatís what frightens me about him, the fact that he is so emotionless. I donít mean that heís apathetic or stoic, I mean that he is emotionless, and yet is motivated at the same time. It was the day that I first locked eyes with that albino that I made it my goal in life to surpass him as Lís successor. I was two years older than him goddammit, so why the hell was he still better than me at everything?!

The rest of my time at Wammyís I spent trying to surpass him, but it was in vain. There was no way I could catch up to him. And I know why too. Itís because he can look at a situation so calculatingly that he make the most efficient choice. Emotions donít hinder him like they constrain me. In many ways, they are my prison, and he is free of that.

Even when L died, the closest thing to a role model that he had, he showed no emotions. I guess thatís what made me snap that day. Not only was L dead, but that asshole was going to show no emotion towards it. He would just continue moving forward as if nothing happened. Thatís why I left Wammyís. It wasnít because I wanted to avenge Lís deathÖ okay it was partly because of that, but mostly because I had to get away from that freak. I had to immerse myself in a world that Near would never touch, that Near couldnít penetrate even if he wanted to.

While people like Matt and myself, and even L put their lives on the line to gather valuable information, Near sits in his ivory tower using various government agencies to gather information. Even in this world, Near held power over me. When it comes down to it, he is a commander, while I am a foot soldier. Sure, I go out into the real world and get information that he could only dream of, but he directs people to gather information while he strategizes and comes to the conclusions. It doesnít matter that I have the same job combined with putting my ass on the line and reach pretty much the same conclusions because he is a detective while I am a vigilante.

I know in my heart though, that as much as I strive to be like him I would never want to live like he does. My emotions chain me down and act as a hindrance, but they make me feel alive. I think that they are a pseudo-sixth sense through which we see our world. They have put my life at risk or saved my life. They are at my side constantly, a loyal dog that will guide me either by showing me the way or biting me.

Near doesnít have this. Near is calculating and sees things in terms of cost-benefit analysis, not through desire. He only wants what furthers his career and to achieve it will take the path of least resistance. I on the other hand will bulldoze straight into enemy fire, guns blazing to gather the information we need or to achieve my goal. It may put my life in jepordy, but at least then I know that Iím actually alive, not an empty shell. For that, I almost feel sorry for Near, however I donít have time to spend giving him sympathy, Iím too busy trying to surpass him, the new ďwhite devil.Ē

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