A Journal tells no lies.

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My name is Lee, I am 16 years old, and in my first year of high school. I have red hair and blue eyes, I also live alone in the forest. I like being alone, but I hate it at the same time.

I don't mind it though, my father is very cruel, and I'm glad I ran away... of course, I doubt he noticed I was missing yet, too drunk or too high to really give a flying shit about me I bet. I've lived out here in the forest for nearly a full four months, and while the summer months were easy, these up coming months will be difficult.

I live in a small, two person tent. I have my ice chest above my head when I sleep, and my dirty clothes are in a pile beyond that. My clean clothes are down along the right side of my tent, and I sleep in the middle. I have one photo of when my family was whole, it was the only one left in the house.

I stand in the middle, with a baby on my hip. The baby is Kailana, while her twin is being held by my dad, back before the drugs and alcohol started up. The two babies don't look alike, even though they are twins, Kai is very different from his screaming sister, he looks content, Kailana never did.

Mom is sitting in a chair, with Dad behind her and me to the right. In front of mom, by her feet are the other two twins, Piper and Dario, another boy and girl, but the problem with the seven year olds is they looked so much alike, we cut who we thought was Dario's hair short, but it was really Piper's hair...who wasn't happy with us at all.

I was the oldest of all of them, and I miss them a lot.

My dad's apart of a famous band, he's the lead guitarist and the secondary singer, so he has girls over a lot, and it broke mom's heart. She left, and took everyone but me with her... she told me I was a lost cause, too much like my dad already.

I didn't care though, really I didn't... I could have started my own band a while ago, I can sing in a heaven sent voice...or as one of my friends at school told me 'You're singing is like sex on a stick'. It's an American saying, so I don't really understand the concept, who would want sex on a stick?

But the fall and winter months are coming... my only goal is to keep safe, warm, and protected. Unless I get a miracle, I'll still be here when it snows, bathing in the creek, and doing all my laundry in this one little creek... it's sad really, everything's so beautiful out here...who knew it could be so deadly?

I did. The moment I left I knew it was going to be hard... I had enough for food supplies and junk for a few weeks... but I did get a job. I work at a diner as a waitress, and then I clean up after the store closes for an extra 500 yen a day...it adds up pretty fast.

I'm not loaded, or else I'd be in a hotel somewhere, or my own apartment...but I'm not too badly off either. I'm trying, and I'm surviving.. but I feel alone, completely and utterly alone other then the occasional chirping bird, or mischievous fox in the area who will steal a scrap or two of my meat from my cooler... but still, I find myself wishing...just maybe... I could start over again, with good people, who need my help.

--- Future lead vocalist for a hit band... Akari....Akari Stonehege.

The red hair was ready to be washed, as she got up and did just that, went to take a quick bath in the brisk stream. She wasn't a short, weak looking girl, she looked like she could handle herself or that she was at least used to handling herself.

She slid into the water after a long moment, completely bare as the day she was born, shivering at the brisk chill of the cool waters. Soon, she was sitting down, a small wooden ladle at her side as she used it to pour a good half gallon of water over her head as she sat on a smooth rock..

"Why'd I waste money on a journal? The only thing they're good for is exposing people...who knows...maybe I am really just that lonely." She huffed and ran a hand though her hair as she looked at the sky, not noticing the dark eyes watching her from one section of the forest..

That night, the perverted writer decided... he was tired of watching a girl with such a wonderful, well toned body...he wanted a slave, a good slave to teach and break... she would be perfect. The next pet of the cursed ones of the Zodiac...

Akito would be thrilled... a new toy to break...

A/N: Yes, the Sohma family is evil in this one...leave it alone if you don't like it...everyone whose cursed is going to have the good and bad of their Zodiac, to an extreme, so enjoy! Read and Review!

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