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Dark. It was so utterly dark that Kyou thought he could taste it, maybe if he opened his mouth and inhaled the darkness would wrap itself around his lungs and suffocate him. And yet he kept his mouth closed, he was too much of a coward to even try to kill himself, how pathetic was that? Feeling moisture upon his face his closed his eyes, he couldn’t wipe the tears away because his hands were bound tightly behind him but he would be damned if he’d let the bastard know that he was scared! Fuck Akito and his stupid childish tantrums! He’d do whatever the fuck he wanted! Wasn’t it enough for him knowing Kyou was the black sheep of the family? The cursed cat, the disgusting monster? What more did he want? Why did they hate him so much? Everyone he loved left, everyone he respected turned away; his father, his mother, Tohru and Yuki. Akito. Snapping his eyes open he stared into the darkness that curled around him, he’d been in here for hours now and he was tired of being the tough guy, he was so tired of putting up a front to not let people know that they hurt him. As the tears soaked his shirt he sobbed quietly leaning his head back against the wall. He was just wanted them to see him, not the cat and not the creature he became when his beads were removed he just wanted them to see Kyou Sohma. He just wanted him to see him. He just wanted to be loved. With the thought in his head he slipped in the first sleep he had had in days.

Akito smashed the vase against the wall as he listened to the sobs from the room next to his quiet. It was so fucking wrong! All he had wanted was to tell the boy one thing and it had turned into a disaster! Slipping to the floor he glared at the journal he had confiscated from Kyou’s room.


Akito glared at the human girl from across the room, Tohru Honda, disgusting name for a disgusting creature. She chirped about smiling and giggling like some godforsaken hummingbird and it was getting on his nerves! How could one person be so happy or was she just completely stupid, did she not know whose presence she was in?

“Ne, Akito-san to what do we owe the pleasure of your presence?” Shigure sighed over dramatising again

Akito repressed a groan at the Inu’s behaviour, at least Ayame wasn’t here because only Kami knew what he would do if both of them started their stupid flirting, especially in the state he was in today. The entire family already knew about Shigure and Hatori, what with the fucking way the Inu screamed when he was having a supposed doctor’s check up. Heh check up, it was sad really did they really think he hadn’t noticed? Well since the person he really wanted to see wasn’t there yet he might as well have some fun at the others expense.

“So Shigure when was the last time you had a check up?” he asked keeping his face bland even when he noticed Hatori freeze on the other side of the room where he had been talking to Tohru.

“Uhm what do you mean Akito-san?” Shigure whispered his face pale as he kept his eyes glued to the floor

“These frequent examinations you seem to need,” Akito mused “one would think you were seriously ill, so what is it pup prostate cancer?”

“I-I,” the dog stuttered going even paler when Akito begun to chuckle before it turned into full blown laughter.

Sighing he gazed at Hatori before looking back at Shigure

“Don’t worry I have no objection to your little relationship, as long as it doesn’t become a ménage trios,” frowning at the mental image that created he shuddered “It is just the two of you I assume, but please if the snake is involved I do not wish to know. I have had enough of Ayame’s sexual escapades to last me more than twice my lifetime,”

“Akito-san are you feeling well?” Hatori whispered shocked at the head’s erratic behaviour

“Quite well indeed Hatori, you could say I have had an epiphany of sorts,” he stated before returning to glaring at the human girl.

What was so fascinating about her? Why the hell did the others like her? Well if he was to be dreadfully honest with himself he could not name anything that was uniquely wrong with the girl so maybe she could be likeable. Too bad for her Akito was not a fan of being honest with himself and thereby he had decided that until further notice he was quite content hating her.

Turning his attention from the thing, okay the human he instead begun glaring at the door, how long did it take the others to come home? They had recently started college but he had expected nothing but the best from Yuki being tardy shouldn’t even be in the rat’s vocabulary, Kyou he wasn’t so shocked about though.

Standing he strode out into the garden ignoring his cousins’ puzzled gazes, wandering about he remembered the book he had found and the revelation that had come with it,

“Each generation of Sohma shall have a Head and a cursed one: the cat. The head shall make the cat’s place apparent to all other members of the family and it shall be regarded as an outcast. But the cat will not be the only one graced with a burden for similarly as the cat fears the time it becomes the creature, the head will fear the short expanse of his life. Two ends of the spectrum bound together in agony and yet kept apart by obligation. But if by circumstances these two ever fall in love with each other they will consequently cancel each others additional curse. The head will be granted longevity and the cat will be accepted back into the zodiac. But the love must be freely given by both parties and most be proven to be true love in and off itself.”

Akito knew what he felt for Kyou at the moment was not necessarily love, if anything it was more of an obsession. He wanted the boy to know who he belonged to, he wanted to be the only one to touch that beautiful tan skin, to see those blood red eyes glazed over in lust. He wanted to see the boy’s orange hair spread out on his pillow as he thrust into the beautifully lithe body, wanted to hear Kyou scream his name. Kyou was his!

Hearing voices from the house he turned and re entered only to stop as the fury in his mind clouded his vision for a second. Yuki and Kyou had come home but that was not the problem here. The girl-thing was all but draped over Kyou or as close as she could get without making him transform and Kyou, his Kyou was smiling at her!

Growling Akito advanced upon the two barely registering the look of shock on the faces of the others in the room grabbing Kyou’s wrist in his grip he yanked the younger man out of the room and up the stairs. Throwing the door to the youth’s room open he threw him unto the bed.

“Wh-what are you doing?” Kyou growled but the small falter in his voice and the way his eyes kept darting towards the door gave away his fear

Without answering the cat Akito straddled him on the bed and pinned both his hands above his head.

“Who do you belong to little monster?” he whispered silkily

“Fuck you I belong to no one,” Kyou growled

Ripping off the boy’s tie he twisted them around his wrist before securing them to the headboard, then grasping his pants he yanked them down with his boxers in on swift motion

“Stop it!” Kyou cried twisting his body beneath him “Get off me Akito fucking stop it!”

“Who do you belong to?” Akito whispered as he gazed down at the boy’s partially nude form before reaching down to grasp his semi-hard member squeezing it painfully he watched as tears flooded and blurred the red of Kyou’s eyes.

“Please stop please,” The boy begged

Suddenly he could hear pounding at the door

“Akito-san please let him go!” Shigure cried from beyond the locked door

Smirking Akito leaned forward until his lips were brushing Kyou’s ear

“Do you want me to let them know how weak you really are?” he growled “Do you want your little girlfriend to know?”

As Kyou’s eyes flew to his face he chuckled and used his knees to spread the boy’s thighs as he slid a hand between them rubbing his index finger against the boy’s entrance the look of terror in Kyou’s eyes sent a pang of guilt through him but the rage at the thought that Kyou wanted the human girl squashed the emotion

“Don’t Please Akito I’ll say it please not like this,” Kyou cried as tears streamed down his face

“Say it,” Akito growled “Who do you belong to?”

“I belong to you Akito-san,” he whispered

“And I am going to make certain you know that,” he responded smiling viciously as he yanked the boys pants back up “You will be staying with me at the main house for a while, now come.” Standing he watched as the boy shuffled from the bed keeping as far from his as he could. As Kyou opened the door and left the room he heard the others questioning him but the youth remained silent. Glancing at a book on the table he picked it up as it fell open on the last entry he froze in shock.

“But no matter how much Akito-san hates me. I will always love him, me the cursed monster of the family.”

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