A Jealous God

BY : aeotae
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A Jealous God (oneshot drabble)

Warning: Implies possible sexual tension and misuses catholic icons.

He imagined Near kneeling before the alter. He saw him lighting the candles according to the Fibonacci sequence and then being struck down by God for failing to respect the sanctity of the saints. Sometimes, it would be through the candles. They would blaze up in an awesome inferno and lick at his skin with their blue tongues before swallowing him whole. Other times, the statues would animate with the Holy Spirit and tear him piece from piece. Most of the time, he would just be struck dead, a pure white lamb of logic and science sacrificed at the altar of True Power. In those daydreams, the sequential flames were reflected in Near's large dead eyes and seemed bright enough to burn the thoughts from Mello's brain.

He always knelt and dreamed before the icon of Saint Sebastian, the statue with the most blood painted on its alabaster skin, blood which streamed down onto the parishioner below. He'd only light one candle or all of them. He'd fall onto his knees and pray, pray, pray- for divine intervention, for blessings, for sanctification, for forgiveness, for death. His, Near's. Kira's. He'd pray until his thoughts stopped fizzing in his brain-the ones about white puzzles and special investigation personnel and love triangle competitions (Mello against Near against Kira against L), the ones about the slow blinks of large eyes always looking elsewhere. He prayed until the Holy Light boiled them all out and then poured itself into the empty vacuums.

He'd throw back his head and stare into the ancient rafters, designed to send up his prayers to God. He let himself drown in the Spirit, the candle light, and the reverent silence. He inhales the sacred dead air. He waited until the Light danced across his skin and burnt away his sins. It left him raw and primed for the lover's touch of the crucifix on his chest, made it caress his flesh and send sparks through his blood which dances with the flames. They teased and flirted through his layers of matter until he was buzzing with divinity.

He'd rise up to his feet, driven by a higher purpose (higher than the shinigami, higher than L, higher than Near). It urged him to go forth and conquer. First, Kira (for thou shall have no gods before me). Then, Near (for his was a jealous God).

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